Real Name (Nickname): You may call me Gabe but I answer to Ash or Asherah just as fast
Other Info: Eh I don't feel the need to throw my age and what not out there... But I will say a bit about myself. I'm a total fantasy book freak. I read The Blue Sword back in middle school which started an obsession that hasn't been stopped since. I like to write and RP though Frankly I'm probably not that great at it, but I have fun and that is all that matters right? I also really like to draw, though I seem to suck at anything that doesn't have hooves. ;) Or maybe that's just my fav subject. :) Anywhoo back to RPing!


Name: Ailith, Lith for short
Gender: Mare
Age: A youngish mare, only 7
Species: Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The plains mostly but she doesn't like to stay in one place long, she could turn up anywhere
Abilities: She has the slightest touch of Dreaming sight, usually it is vague and generally even she does not know what to make of the little she sees
Family: Her sire is unknown (she was the result of a gather) Her dam died when she was young, Her name was Armarath. Mate: Racharkin Foals: Loki, Flowertail (deceased)
Other Relations: She knows of no other Unicorns related to her, and for the moment she is not a part of any band. Was raised for a time by Tsornin
Description: Ailith is very tall (more leg than anything) and long. Her frame is very lean (she loves to run) and her movements graceful. She seems dainty, like a glass doll. She is a beautiful shade of dusty yellow, like straw standing in the fields at the start of winter.She has moderate sabino markings, including the trade mark belly spot of sabino's as well as a few splashes of white on her sides. Her face is baldAilith is very tall (more leg than anything) and long. Her frame is long and slender except for her belly which has never regained her pre-pregnancy shape. She walks about now looking somewhat like a beach ball perched atop slender stilts. Her movements are graceful. She seems dainty, like a glass doll and is only made to seem more so by her protruding belly. She is a beautiful shade of dusty yellow, like straw standing in the fields at the start of winter.She has moderate sabino markings, including the trade mark belly spot of sabino's as well as a few splashes of white on her sides. Her face is bald with pink around her nose and eyes. Her eyes are perhaps her best feature they are clear sky blue and stand out dramatically from her white face. Beard, ear tufts and horn are a lovely shade of light purple and she has a splash of darker purple on her left front foot. Mane and Tail are a glossy black. with pink around her nose and eyes. Her eyes are perhaps her best feature they are clear sky blue and stand out dramatically from her white face. Beard, ear tufts and horn are a lovely shade of light purple and she has a splash of darker purple on her left front foot. Mane and Tail are a glossy black.
Personality: Ailith is Elegant and always polite. She would rather die than offend someone. She is very gentle and abhors violence. Usually she is quite serious and seems almost afraid to laugh in social situations.Her habit it to dip her head and hide her face in her mane if she laughs or smiles. She has always been a bit of a loner and is more comfortable on her own or in a band of only two or three than larger gatherings of Unicorns. Perhaps because there are so few on the plains, she is very fond of trees. Especially great older trees. Ailith is quite content to spend several days under the wide spread branches of an ancient tree.
Background: Ailith has been wandering around for most of her life. Her mother Armarath died when she was young. It was no attack or accident, she was simply old and followed the way of nature. She stayed with a small band for a time and eventually met a Stallion named Tsornin. He took care of her and they set out on their own much like father and daughter. Eventually she fell in love with the older stallion. It did not end well. Ailith's love quickly turned to obsession and tor could not deal with it. Ailith ended up alone on the plains still not fully grown. She survived and after some time got over her obsession with Tsornin. she now wanders the plains, in general avoiding other unicorns. She has been known to join small bands for short periods of time but in general prefers to be on her own.


Name: De [True name: Dekkja, meaning darkness](nickname: Dark Bird)
Species:Plains Dweller/Vale Dweller cross
Most Likely Found: Grew up in the Vale, but has been journeying abroad lately.
Abilities: Dancer/lay singer with the slightest touch of Dreaming site. So small is her ability that it could be said that she did not have it at all.
Family: 3/4 brother is Racharkin (they share the same sire, their Dam's were sisters) Sire: Makin (strong) Dam: Satinka (scared Dancer) [dead] Sati is the sister of Zitkalasa, Racharkin's dam. Satinka died early in De's life and De was raised by Zitkalasa (with Rach) to her majority.
Other Relations: Shoulder Friend: Ketu
Description:She's a steel blue roan with jagged spots all across her body in the "leopard" pattern. Her mane, tail, and beard all fade to her lighter base blue color at the tips. Her eyes are the same color as her head. She has the long legs common to plains dwellers but is heavily muscled and powerfully built. Her neck is extremely arched and she carries it to her best advantage.
Personality: De is very outgoing and opinionated. She is not so much loud as she is possessed of a strong and bold personality. (though don't put it past her to loudly state her opinions) She has been much spoiled and can be self centered but she has a soft and loving heart. She is very much of a trixter and a joker. Nothing malicious or mean. She likes to laugh and laugh often and all the better if there's someone to laugh with her.
Background: The non identical Twin sisters Sati and Zitka were unseperable from birth. Unusual for plains dwellers they stayed together all of their adult lives. While wandering the plains they met a beautiful vale dweller who called himself "Mak". Zitkalasa immediatly fell "victim" to Makin's "manly charms". They were together for some time with Satinka following dutifully behind. Zitka became pregnant and within a year birthed a most beautifully and unusually marked colt, they named him Racharkin. Some months later Zitka and Mak had a falling out and Mak and Sati ended up spending an evening together. This put great strain on the sisters relationship. Zitka might have forgiven Sati but Sati could not forgive herself enough to speak with her sister especially after finding that the misspent night left her in foal to her sisters love.
> The months passed and while Sati never told her sister that she was pregnant it became painfully obvious. Then the night of the foaling came and Sati wandered away on her own to bare her foal. In the darkness of a moonless night Sati bore a foal marked like the night sky. Her Coat was a deep blue black that shown like the twinkling stars and faded into dark night on her face and legs. Like her sire she wore dark leopard splotches on her shimmering coat though far more than Mak could own too.
The night should have been a happy one, but with the fillies markings there was no way to deny her sire and even more dire the smell of blood and afterbirth drew a predator. In her weakened state Sati had no chance to defend herself and her newborn from the Pard that found them that fateful night. Makin heard her screams and raced to her side, but not in time to save Sati from the killing blow. He struck the predator with his sharp hooves and stomped the life from it. He went to Sati but found her lifeblood spilling uncontrolably onto the loamy earth. Sati spoke her last words "She is Darkness" and breathed her last. Only then did Mak see the tiny dark foal huddled in the tall grass. Gently he coaxed his dark daughter to her feet and led her to the anxiously waiting Zitka. Zitka stood in front of young Rach, guarding against the unseen foe. As Mak brought her the filly he said. "Meet your new daughter, Dekkja, named for the Darkness that gave birth to her."
Zitka knew then of her sisters fate and selflessly took in the tiny filly and raised her with Rach as her own. Mak took his family back to live in the safety of the Vale. De grew up there. She knows that her dam is dead, that Zitka is not her real dam and that Mak is her sire. She does not know that her real dam was Zitka sister or the turmoil surrounding her birth.
Rach knows something of it, as adult remember their childhood, if he could remember. De has not seen him in several years, since he left the vale. She has no idea that Rach has no memory.
She and Rach were very close and though she did not approve she supported him through his "wild" days. She was devastated when he left with out a word to her and since he has not yet returned (as she has hoped he would) she has set out from the vale to bring him home.


Name:Void (Truename: Voi'dalati)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 13
Species:Plains unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Plains
Abilities: None
Family:Sire: Androshan. Dam: Unknown, Void was found by the elderly mare Mera -and raised- when he was only a few months old. He has no memory of those early days or his parents. Sister: Gladfly
Other Relations: .
Description:Void is a Dark Blue green color with Dark ) points on his legs, muzzle, around his eye and on the crown of his head, extending over his ears to blow his horn. His mane tail ear tufts (um I have somehow managed to forget them (again) in the pic I have been working on) beard and feather are all a vibrant shade of icy Blue. He is crisscrossed by zebra like markings which are a deep red in color, like a fine wine. Sharply contrasting his dark coloring is a large white spot, covering both sides of his belly and part of his back. His hooves and horn are metallic silver and his eyes are a creamy brown color, like coffee with milk stirred in it
Personality: Void is a very selfish and introverted stallion. He's not much of a talker but once he does start to talk he can often go off on rambling or completely unrelated subjects. Most peculiarly he has absolutely no sense of right and wrong, good and evil. There are only actions and consequences to those actions. He has no notion that it might not the the right or wrong thing to do. He just does or says whatever he feels like. He is aware that there are consequences to the things he does, but there is no morality to them or to the act from which they resulted from. Where he human he would lack the nessesary empathy for the human condition that is so large apart of ones humanity. He does feel emotions but often they are not the approperiate response to a situation and can be confused by the emotional responses of others
Background:Void was found wandering the plains when he was about 3 months old by the elderly mare Mera. She had just lost her own foal and happily took Void as her own and named him Voi'dalati. Through the years it became apparent that the foal lacked something essential to every sentiant beings personality. Whither inheriently or as a result of his traumatic foal hood is unknown but, Void had no moral values to guide him as most do. Mera did her best but it became apparent that the dark foal cared for nothing and no one beyond himself. Half as a joke she dubbed him Void, for he was devoid of anything resembling a personality or ethics. She had no idea how right she was. The name stuck and not long after Mera died in her sleep, apparently taking the natural course of nature... Though some unicorns have suspicions otherwise.


Name: Thesi (True Name: Penthesilea) Means: "Compelling Men to Mourn"
Gender: Mare
Age: 15
Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale or Hallow Hills, She journeys between each
Abilities: Extremely Skilled warrior. Excels at stalking and tracking and is nothing short of deadly on the field of battle. Her favorite tactic is to lay in wait for her “prey” much like a modern day sniper/assassian. She has done nothing since age 5 except train for war. (Ringdancer)
Family: Dam: Thia (true name: Orithia) Sire: Oric (True Name: Doric) (Brother to Alala) Sister: Ly (truename: Olyta) (deceased) Cousin: Aia (truename: Alkaia) Aunt: Ala (truename: Alala )
Other Relations:
Description: Thesi has never been what one would call a beautiful or lovely mare though she was at one time, possessed of a beautiful, caring and gentle nature that made one overlook the turn of her face. Her bone structure has always been bolder and lacking the particular daintiness common to females. She appears much more in shape and build like a stallion than the mare that she is.
In her younger years she tended toward a heaviness that bordered on pudgy though since her sister’s death the pudginess has been replaced by heavy and honed muscles. There is not an ounce of fat on her toned body, yet her musculature can leave no claim to slimness of build.
While her features themselves are not striking her colors and markings (though not bold) are eye catching. They are, by a wide margin, undoubtedly her best feature. Her general body color is that of a tannish brown. It is accented by brown appaloosa markings on her hind quarters her ears are capped in the same brown as well as the stockings on her feet. The brown continues in a splash around her eyes and stripes down her back and a singular one rising from her belly. Just above her hooves is a dark gray band of color and her belly, chest and nose are accented by a dusty yellow color. Her mane, tail beard and interestingly her horn are pure white in color. Her eyes are an extremely pale blue color. At birth she was presumed blind (though she is nothing of the sort) because of their wan color.
Personality: As a young mare she was very sweet and sensitive, free and loving life, shortly following her sister’s death everything changed. Indeed she seemed to be an entirely different mare. She became reserved and prideful to a fault. She is calculating of her every move and everything she does is for some purpose or another.
Background: Thesi is the daughter of the Warrior of the Ring Oric and the healer Thia, Thesi seemed destine to follow in her mother’s footsteps (while her older sister, whom Thesi idolized, had already gone the way of their sire and begun warrior training). Her gentle and caring nature made her a perfect candidate for a healer and she had an almost insatiable desire to learn anything and everything. Her mother began teaching her early when she was barely out of her infancy. Thesi took to it like a bird to the wind. She had been in training for over a year by the time she turned five and her warrior sister took violently ill with a deadly high fever. Their dam was at the time away and there was no other healer at the time to attend to Ly. Both Thesi and Oric feared that Ly would not last the night. Thesi moreover feared that if her sister did that the prolonged high fever would have a heavy affect on her mental state. In desperation her father sent her out to find something to bring the fever down until Thia could be called home. It was early spring and while the snows had gone year had not yet progress enough that many remedies were available. The early unseasonable warmth and damp had brought forth a profusion of mushrooms though and Thesi found a particular one that was well known to alleviate fever. Hastily she snatched as many as she could carry and raced back to her sister Gently she urged her sister to eat the pile (a fair amount were required to restore health) and her sister a bit delirious asked if her sister knew at all what she were doing. Thesi then said the words that would echo in her heart for the rest of her days. "Of course I’m sure...YES stop nagging and eat so that you can get better. Momma did teach me right you know!"
However Thesi in her haste had forgotten to make sure that the mushrooms she had gathered consisted of none of the posionious viariety that often grew in close proximity to their edable cousins… In her panic she had snatched up several of the posionious variety along with the healing ones. Their effects were not immediately felt. Ly’s fever did dissipate and for several hours she did seem better. Then severe stomach pain set in and lasted for days. Some hours afterward the onset of her sister’s sympthoms, Theis was also similarly affected as she had swallowed some small bits of the mushrooms while carrying them. After several days both sisters seemed recovered but in hours Ly fell into a deep sleep and then died. Thesi escaped this last by only a hairs breath and when their dam returned she was horrified to find that one daughter had effectively murdered the other with her carelessness. Thia has been unable to forgive Thesi for her hand in her sister’s death but her sire Oric has been more forgiving. The conflict though has torn the family apart. Oric and Thia still live together as mates but have hardly spoken to each other since. Thia refuses to speak to Thesi at all except to blame her for the loss of Ly.
Perhaps in supplication to her mother Thesi then threw herself into warrior training forsaking everything she had held dear in her former life. She trained with a singular all consuming passion that left room for nothing else. It was as is Thesi were sacrificing her own life by trying to take on her sisters. It has been 10 years since her sister’s death and Thesi has since become an esteemed warrior.
She also journeyed fourth to Ending Fire at the side of her father. Unlike her cousin Aia, she did not lose her father or her mother (who tended the wounded) though she was deeply grieved for the loss of her Aunt and Uncle. Since she has been living in the vale and it has slowly become apparent that tensions are running high between the gryphons and Unicorns in residence there.


Name: Thia (Truename: Orithia)
Gender: Mare
Species:Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found:The Vale or Pan Woods, she seldom Journeys very far anymore
Family: Mate: Oric (Truename: Doric) Dam:Coming Sire: Coming Sister: Spots for Siblings are open! Brother:Spots for Siblings are open! Niece: Aia (truename: Alkaia) Daughter: Ly (Truename: Olyta, Deceased age 7) Daughter: Thesi (Truename: Penthesilea)
Other Relations:
Description: Thai is a beautiful dark red chestnut in color, Her body is crossed by creamy off white Tobiano like markings. her face is nearly all white except for a small patch of her chestnut color which encircles her eye and runs on down to her chin. She carries gray stripes on her shoulders neck and just behind her leg on her belly as well as gray striping on her legs. Her tail is by majority tan, but it also carries the off white color of her spots and the gray of her stripes where her coloration's meet her mane. She has a short white sock on her right hind foot. The left front and back both carry cornet bands in black and tan. The right front has a black cornet band. She has bright blue eyes and gray horn and hooves.
Personality: Thai is quite vain and prides herself on her beauty - a trait given to her by her mother, who always praised her much more for her beauty than any skill she ever gained-, which is the major down fall of her character... One of many I might add. The beauty on the outside does not match the inside. Thai puts great store in physical beauty and has been known to ignore those she considers lesser than herself. She is bitter and has carried a hateful grudge against her daughter and mate for the last 10 years. She has little patience for those she considers fools and a has quick temper and a biting tongue.
To her credit she is a remarkably good healer and is careful and considerate of those she tends.
Background:Thai grew up under the tutelage of a mother who had nothing on her mind besides how best to suit herself and a sire that she rarely ever saw. She learned very early on to prize physical beauty above everything else. She was headed for a life of useless self serving but a young stallion caught her eye around the time she was 8 years old. Doric, while not overly dramatic in coloration, was a magnificent physical specimen. He was very stoic and dedicated to his warrior training and had little time for a "silly little filly" as he deemed her then. Determined to have him, Thai went about making herself useful. She began to look into the healing arts and in time found that she actually enjoyed the work. Things between Thai and Doric went as they usually do among the young and unattached and the summer she was 12 (Oric was 13) they journeyed together to the Summer Sea and pledged to one another.
The next year their union produced the beautiful Ly
Ly was a lovely filly, while she was not dainty - as was her dam- she was well proportioned and beautifully put together, like her sire. Her markings were Bold and eye catching as well. Thai was especially pleased since the filly retained some of Thai's own markings. In short, in Thai's eyes there could be no fault found in Ly.
Thai then became pregnant again and she had high hopes for this new foal but she was to be disappointed. This second filly -Thesi - Thai produced was not so physically beautiful as her sister. She was of heavier build and carried more weight than dam or sister ever did. In comparison to Ly, Thesi's markings were drab and dull to add insult to injury the only physical trait in Thesi that could been seen of her mother were her dark cornet bands.
Where Thai loved and fawned upon Ly, Thesi was all but shunned (though seeing her dams neglect Oric paid careful attention to his youngest daughter) After some serious despair about Thesi's future Thai resolutely began to teach her the healing arts while Ly followed her sires Warrior path. The story comes to a sad climax here, Thesi disparate to save her beloved sister while Thai was gone on a trip to the Pan woods (though Thai shunned Thesi, Ly and Thesi had a strong loving relationship) from a fever accidentally dosed herself and her sister with deadly poisonous mushrooms. Thesi having ingested less of the toxic mushrooms survived, Ly did not. Thai was devestaed by the loss of her favorite daughter and vehemently denounced Thesi as a murderess. Though Thesi continued to live with her sire and dam for nearly 10 years, Thai has not spoken a word to her daughter other than to harp her about the death of Ly. She has also detached herself from her mate Doric, when he sympathized with Thesi and effectively took her side by forgiving her. As it stands now she has not seen Thesi in nearly a year and she is rarely with her mate since she cannot bare the sight of him. She has been rather unfaithful to her mate.... and it is suspected that after the incident with Thesi she has been consuming a particular plant that either prevents or removes a pregnancy.

Name: Adroushan (means "temple of fire worship") Call name: Rou
Gender: Stallion
Species:Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Far Plains
Abilities:none, unless charming mares counts.
Family:Void, Stallion; Gladfly, mare Other Random foals are possible :)
Other Relations:
Description:Rou's is a powerfully built stallion, somewhat odd for the plains but it is said that his dam hailed from the Vale before she found her way on to the plains. He is quite handsome and well preprotioned except for an unfortunate roman nose. He is fantastically colored with a beautiful Flame colored body, with light points - like the rising sun - on his belly and neck. His red coloring is crisscrossed at various points by by pink Zebra stripes. On any other stallion the Pink would be comical, but not Rou.
Personality:Four Words "Alma's Gift to Mares" (haha Void's apple doesn't fall far from the tree) He's got a good deal of rogue to him and more than enough charm to make up for it. There are few situations (and few mares hearts) that he can't smoothly talk is way into or out of. Despite his size he's not one to fight quickly (we don't want to scar that pretty hide now do we?;)) he'd much rather charm his way out of the situation. He's not at all sentimental and rarely can be brought to care about situations that don't concern himself. Rou is numero uno, one and only thing that matters in his book.
Background: Well haven't had time to really think about it. It should generally consist of roaming about Alma's back wooing mares and leaving quite a wake of broken hearts and fatherless foals behind him.
He met Voids real Dam, Thala though she gave her name only as Shallow Sea, when he was just hitting his full growth. She was the loveliest Pied Green and Grey mare. She had only just fled the Vale in search of something better and had no knowledge of the world outside. Rou, true to himself took advantage of her naivety and after a nights tryst left her alone on the open plains to fend for herself and her unborn foal. She did not do well and foaled early, though the foal - who would come to be known as Void - did survive. She did the best she could but by the time Void was just into his third month Shallow Sea died. She had simply been unable to go on and thrive in an environment so different from the one she had grown up in alone. As it happened Rou, passed by only hours after Shallow Sea passed on and found the foal that was undeniably his. Now he did not feel particularly inclined to rear the colt, even it was his own offspring but he did feel a sort of parental regard for the foal. The colt would need milk if it were to survive and being a stallion Rou, obviously could not supply that need... Luck However, was with Void, Rou had meet with a small band only a day before with a mare who had only just lost her foal. There had not yet been time fore the mares milk to dry. Coaxing the foal along with him he soon found the mare, now alone, and with a firm nudge sent the foal in her direction. Then he turned his back on his son and walked out of his but new blossomed life, forever, for all that Rou cared.

Ever Green

Name: Truename - Ever Green Callname - Ever
Gender: Mare
Age: 4
Species: Vale Unicorn/Dayan
Most Likely Found: Near Plains, Alma’s Heart
Abilities:Talking without stopping to take a breath
Family:Lark Yellow, Rose Red, Storm Blue, Berry Violet, Snow White
Other Relations:Open
Description:Ever is a gorgeous light green buckskin – three dark legs one white - with a splash of sabino white along her belly and hind legs. Her face is bald and the white extends down into her otherwise dark beard. Her mane,except for a hint of white in her forelock, tail and tufts are black with a hint of green shine while her hooves and horn shine like emeralds. Despite being the next youngest ever, is a bit larger and heavier than her other siblings. She’s not fat, just has a larger build.
Personality:Ever is well known for the fact that she’s always running, wither it be her feet or her mouth she just can’t seem to calm down and keep still. She’s full of energy and impish wit. She can be a bit childish (she is only 4 after all) and spoiled and has been known to be a bit of a drama queen in order to get her way, but that is often the way of the young and inexperienced.
Background: The second youngest of the Rainbow sisters. Their dam died before Ever was truly weaned and she remembers little of the brownish colored mare, other than vague memories of warmth and comfort. Berry Violet was the only “mother” she really remembered. She grew up splitting her time with her siblings when she could find them and has always cherished the moments she’s had. It’s given her a bit of an odd outlook on family and love, but she’s made that oh so important realization that familys come in many forms and that Love, real true love, is forever.


Gender: Mare
Age: 15
Species:Plain Unicorn x Dayan Unicorn (sire was Half Da half Unicorn)
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: None
Family: Family: Sire: Buckgold (buckgold's sire: Wild Wind (full Da, turned Dayan unicorn) buckgold's dam: Summer Rose (plains unicorn)), Dam: Cinnamon Sniff (cinnamon sniff's sire: Cloud Spire (Plains unicorn) Cinnamon Sniff's dam: Prairie Rain (plains unicorn)), Siblings: Open, 1 Brother: Sunset (deceased), Foals: Leaf Fleet (5 years old, sired by Bramble)
Other Relations: (open)
Description:Sunny is a very uniquely colored mare, her coloration begins with a bronzy yellow that travels up over her head and down to her shoulders where it merges with her bright orange belly and then onto her hot pink hips. She has a very appaloosa type purple spots on her hips. Her mane is hot pink, as well as her tassel and beard. Her good eye is green and her horn and hooves a deep purple. Aside from her eye jarring coloration (which is probably the first thing one would notice about her) the next thing that the eye is drawn to are inevitably her scars. Her right eye is blind and white scars run down that side of her face and over her eye. She is missing part of the right ear and her tail is almost completely docked. One leg (her left) is somewhat crooked at the knee, giving her an odd gait and a slightly offset appearance.
Personality:Despite her early trauma sunny has grown into a happy mare. Her personality could be described as gentle. Everything about her is quiet and laid back. While she’s not much of a talker and doesn’t force herself on everyone else, she’s not a frightened little mouse either. Sunny just usually prefers to think about what she is going to say before she speaks.
Background: Sunwraith was born as one half of a pair of twins to Plains dweller parents, Cinnamon Sniff (so named for her preference for rubbing herself on wild cinnamon trees for the smell) a reddish orange mare with blanket appaloosa markings and Buckgold a Golden and crimson maned unicorn with Dayan heritage. She remembers little of her brother Sunset – though her dam tells her he was a little spitfire of a thing, even more brazenly marked than sunny, with shades of red that faded into deep purple and then black.
Sunny’s story starts with her dam’s desire to see the Sea on which her foal’s ancestor found his way to freedom. Buckgold agreed and led his small family to the shores of the summer sea early one spring just as the last snows started to melt. Life was good for several days as the twins frolicked in the chill waves and dined upon delicious salty kelp. That all changed one morning as the twins wandered off on their own to play. A gryphon raiding party descended upon the two foals, snatching up both to feed their hungry chicks. Talons dug deeply into Sunwraiths back, and when she struggled and errant seeming swipe of the Wingcats claws took her ear and blinded her right eye. Still with courage beyond one so young Sunny struggled on, fighting against the pain and her captor. Somehow the managed to free herself from the Tercal’s strong grasp. Unfortunately they were high into the air by this time. She plummeted toward the roaring waves and then felt a sudden hitch and burning pain as the gryphon caught her by the tail and subsequently snapped through it like a twig with his sharp beak. Into the Sea she went, striking a rock and knocking herself unconscious. Luckily for her the gryphon chose the loss of a meal over getting his feathers wet. She washed up onto the beach and into the loving arms of her parent’s soon after –who had come searching for their foals after hearing all the commotion- Sunset however does not appear to have been so lucky. They searched the beach as long as they could but Sunset was not to be found and Sunwraith was badly in need of a healer, they could not stay. Sunny was no longer a twin.
Sunwraith remembers little of the events of that dark morning –thankfully for her - but she has ever after associated the sound of flapping wings with terror.


Name:Loki (Meaning: The Mischief Maker)
Species:Plains Unicorn x Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: In the general vicinity of his sire and Dam
Abilities: Unknown as of yet
Family:Family: Sire: Racharkin Dam: Alith Siblings: Flowertail Aunt: Dekkja
Other Relations:
Description:Loki is quite a colorful fellow. He takes after his sire with a dual toned general body hue but instead of fiery red and cool blue Loki is a dark blue on the bottom half with a bright yellow on top.All Four legs are white and he has a bald face with white running all the way down to his chest. He is covered in large, nearly black spots and even has one encircling his eye and running down to his chin. His mane and tail (as well as tufts and beard) are a deep crimson color and his horn is a light crystal blue. His eyes are dark pur
Personality:Loki is over anxious excitement and good humored mischievousness incarnate. Though plains born he dreams of being a warrior ( a gift from his aunt, who fills his head with inspiring tales of heroism from the Vale)
Background:Born in the Pan woods, Loki was the second born twin of Ailith. Though he was a twin he and his sister (flowertail) did not share the same sire, luckily for him since his sister's sire carried a genetic mutation that was passed down to her. She did not live long after her birth. Loki and his sire and dam journeyed the short distance from the Pan Woods to the Vale in an effort to help the filly but it was to no avail. They spent some time there, getting to know Loki's grand parents. During that time, Loki managed to name himself. He met a young filly named Ka, and during their short play period he caught onto the one word she uttered most often, "Lookie". Loki being so young could not pronounce it right and manage several variations before settling on Loki. For some reason he seemed to respond when that name was called and eventually Rach and lith settled on Loki as the colts name. He has since left the Vale with his parents and now wanders with them upon Alma's back.


Species:Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found:The Vale or Hallow Hills
Family:Dam: Ri'ti Sire: Nantang Brother: Na’vi Half sister: Tari
Other Relations:open
Description:: A celadon mare with mint tender points and feathers. She has similar striping to her brother, and half-sister, in a bright emerald bordered in persian green. Her mane and tail are a beige, which sounds like a fairly bland color, but is creamy next to her body. Framing her stripes are sporadic off white speckles that also grace her hip. Her horn is a pale jade green, and her eye is a darker violet magenta.
Though a warrior she is by no means a large mare. She is tall, slim of frame and finely boned. Nothing in her features indicates strength – except perhaps something in her expression indicating strength of will - and indeed were she to vie with another in terms of strength alone Pa’li would most defiantly loose. Her strengths lie in her agility and quickness. While other lumbering brutes are still turning to meet her first strike she has already flitted about and drawn blood.
Personality: Proud and regal would be two very fitting words to describe Pa’li. She has a bit of a reserved nature about her and an air that lends her the bearing of a Queen. Really when one sees her it might seem that she’s got her nose in the air, but she speaks with warmth and heart and cares deeply for her friends and family. While her siblings have always been a bit on the wild side, Pa’li is more of a conformist. She likes to play by the rules and is fond of order and having things done just so – which by the by is always the way she wants it! She is not unlike Tari in that respect. What Pa’li wants she gets, though she does not resort to her younger sisters irritating habit of throwing tantrums.
Background:Since an early age Pa’li has been conscious of the fact that her birth was the catalyst of her mother’s demise. Though she has rarely spoken about it, it has been a driving force behind her. Always calling her to do her best, as she knew her Dam would have wanted. Perhaps it is also a contributing factor of her reserved nature.
Though only slightly older than Tari, Pa’li often tended to be somewhat overbearing to the filly. She would endeavor to check the purple mare’s more frolicsome tendencies and as a result Tari more often played with Na’vi than her sister who was closer in age. In fact most of Pa’li’s foal hood was spent playing by herself. She didn’t really play games as other foals did and they seemed to find her to serious and reserved… or perhaps it was that she found them to capricious and wild for her taste. Whatever it was Pa’li more often was to be found watching a group of foals play while she practiced her fighting forms or sat in quite contemplation of the world around her. Pa’li has always been the calmer one, and as such her life has not been filled with such adventure as her siblings have sought. She has spent most of her time in the hills since they have been reclaimed.
At one time, she made the journey to the Summer Sea, as was the tradition of her people. She went with Anu, a stallion as blue as the summer sky, with splashed white markings that made him look as if he floated on clouds. As a foal he had often sought her out in her solitary ways and would coax her into the world. Over time they became fast friends and Pa’li trusted no one more, not even her sibs. When she looked at him, it was with love in her eyes, though he was blind to it. They continued in this way, with her quietly adoring the blue stallion and he with comradely affection, until one day he asked her to come with him to the Sea. They made the journey, together, and the whole way Pa’li expected that they were to pledge once they reached its sacred sands. Anu meant to pledge as well, but it was not Pa’li who he had in mind.
Late one night, after much dancing and cavorting in the waves, he called Pa’li to his side and led her into the darkness. She went, trembling with anticipation – for surely now he would declare his love- only to find bitter disappointment when he attested to his passion for another and begged to know of her happiness for him. He had pledged to the mare of his dreams only hours ago and wished his shoulder friend to be the first to know the grand tidings.
Never, until he watched her face crumble and saw the agony which his words caused her, did he suspect that her love for him went deeper than friendship. He could only stand amazed, stuttering out hollow words of comfort- for why should he ever have suspected that his best friend loved him? Pa’li could not bear to hear the words. She fled from his side, over the plains and back to the Hallow Hills, away from the love that spurned her. She has never been able to face him again and Anu, understanding her wishes has never ventured to speak to her again. A clean break was best and heals the quickest.
She drew into herself even deeper after that. If he who knew her best could not love her, then who would? It was not as if she had the beauty of her sister, or the liveliness of her brother. She worked and trained harder, but has found herself to be very much alone.
As she’s grown older she has begun to sense the separation between herself and her siblings. A wide gulf stretches between them and her. Na’vi and Tari have an easy, loving relationship –as easy and loving as a friendship between strong willed siblings can be - while Pa’li is not really close to either. She would like to be however and has determined to get to know her siblings better.


Name:Card (also is known by: Cardinal, Red Wing, Dark Step, Fleck, Crimson)
Species:Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Upon the sweet rolling fields of Alma’s Back
Abilities:Dreamer with a small ability with magic, however the only visions he can conjure in still pools are of a particular stallion
Family:Half Sister: Asherah (npc) otherwise open
Other Relations:open
Description:Card is a deep red moderate sabino with bay points. He has four white socks and two belly spots as well as numerous spots on his neck. He has a large blaze that covers one side of his face and curls up onto the lip on the other side. His mane and tail are only a slightly deeper red than his body. His horn is black as well as his beard. His eyes are two different colors the left being a bright yellow and the right a deep blue.
Personality:Sardonic and witty, but with a mysterious twist. Card is adept to show up (or disappear at any moment) he’s not really prone to telling about himself or his history but he quite enjoys listening to others tail their stories. There is an air about him of calmness and understanding. He passes no judgment and expects the same in return. He is wise beyond his years, likely a result of having nightly visions since he was a young foal.
Card would not consider himself to be called gay, straight, or Bi. He has saved himself and searched his entire life for his soul mate (the one whom his visions show is meant for him.) and has thought not at all about whether or not that soul mate is male or female. Gender means very little to him, he hardly notices it. It is what is on the inside that matters to Card, a creatures immortal soul, not their immaterial physical body.
Background:Card was born on the plains within the shadow of the smoking mountains. His dam always rather thought that their presence (or good or ill) had some sort of effect on her foal. Card was a strange one as a youngster, often staring into puddles and still pools –what he saw there his dam never knew. And he always had a sort of grown up wisdom about him and ancient eyes. He was old before his time, though that did not make the foal any less fun loving. But by Alma it was odd to see her colt stop in mid jump, turn to her in a perfectly calm way and say something profound in a voice as eloquent and sophisticated as her own. His manners did not change much as he grew older, though it did seem that he searched for something. What that was… we have yet to find out, though Card has known all along.

Tsornin - retired

Name: Tsornin, Tor for short
Gender: Stallion
Age: 20
Species: Lost Desert/plains dweller Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Anywhere, he is a great wanderer, most recently in the Vale though he will be starting a journey through the plains soon.
Abilities: Warrior
Family: none left living, Dam Masuri ( a plains dweller that wandered into the salt flats and promptly got lost) Sire: Ikilori (Lost Desert dweller who had been living on the edges of the salt flats and Far plains since Leaving the Lost Desert)
Other Relations: Watched over Ailith for a time when she was young after her mother died.
Description: Tor is a strikingly marked stallion. He is a striking blue roan with dark points. His shoulders covered with Black brindle stripes. His coloring is set off by a maroon Tobiano marking coming down from his hips and splashing across his belly and onto his shoulder and neck. The same color adorns his ear tufts, feathering, Beard, mane and tail. Hooves and horn are gold, making a lovely contrast to the rest of his coloring. He has a whiet streak bridging his nose and running under his eye. He has very little feathering on his legs . It is light and whispy and more like the long hair of a horses winter coat than actual feathering. He is extremely tall and long legged. Everything about him bespeaks of his desert ancestory. While he is a competent warrior everything about him indicates speed and agility rather than strength. His muscles are well honed but have a more snewey qualtiy rather than bulk. He has a deep chest, extended rib cage, wider nostrils and is more slim in build than the general plains dweller or vale unicorn. He was very obviously different... The Vale Dweller - and the plains dwellers for that matter- Had more of a bulk about them. Not necessarily that the unicorns were more heavily muscled (though many, especially in the vale, were) but there was a more compacted perportionality about them. Their muscles fit with their body, their legs of suitable length and build for their bodies. Tor on the other hand looked something akin to a desert Gazell. His legs seemed far to long and slender to hold the weight of his body. His neck was graceful and slim, though in proportion to his slender body, and his head, while exquisitly dished, looked to large for his neck. His ears were larger than the norm and his tufts and feathering were meager things compared to most other unicorns. He was the very essence of desert adaptation, no matter his half plains heritage.
Personality: He is very bold and outspoken. Noble and proud. Few things frighten him and he rarely backs down from a challenge. He has a very strong pride in himself but he manages not to carry it into arragonace. He has lost much in his life and it has made him tend to hold on very stubornly to the things he has and the ones he loves. As such he is very tender and caring with those that he loves. He can be a bit touchy about his coloration as it isn't exactly a masculine color. He refuses to call it anything but red even though it is obviously not.
Background: Tor's Dam was a plains dweller who found herself lost on the salt flats and was rescued by his sire. His sire was a Lost Desert Unicorn who's been living on the edges of the salt flats. He found Masuri half dead wandering around deep in the salt flats. She stayed with him in a semi nomadic life style and with in a year found herself pregnant. She died in birth though Tsornin survived. He spent his entire childhood and several years of his adult life at his fathers side learning to survive in the arid salt flats and the sparse plains near them. He is particularly careful with water as there was very little where he grew up and has an almost innate ability to forecast the weather. At around 15 he moved out onto the actual plains where he found a small band with a young motherless filly named Ailith with it. Having never known his mother he felt a particular kinship with the filly and took her under his wing. He watched her grow and with time came to love her. However the love was not the same as one should feel toward someone who was young enough to be his daughter, one that he was taking care of to boot. He often found himself thinking that when the filly grew up she would make a good mate. He began to dispise himself for his thoughts and when the filly finally revealed her unnatural obsession with him he fled, terrified of what he might do if he were to stay with the love struck youngling. He fled across the plains and eventually ended up in the vale. He has been living there for the past years but is unhappy. The arid unforgiving salt flats are in his bones, it is his home, he is not whole so far away from anything familiar.