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Name: Cirrus Aureolin
Gender: Mare
Age: 8.5
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Far Plains
Abilities: Sociable
Family: Dua-Dam
Other Relations:
Description: Svelte. She is slightly taller than most females. Her eyes are powder violet. She is a yellow-orange roan mare with a mane of mixed flaxen and gold, looking much like haycorn in late summer. Her hooves and horn are red.
Personality: Cheerful, highly optimistic, bubbly. She always tries to see the lighter side of things and always looks for the silver lining. Cirrus doesn't very often become angry or feel rage, but when she does she tries to distance herself from whatever is causing it. And if distancing herself is not possible she tries to resolve the problem brightly and intelligently, but if it all seems too impossible she has a tendency to become bossy and pigheaded, venomous, and will take on a 'holier than thou' stance thinking that her way of friendliness and peace is the only way and that those who oppose are warmongering and belligerent.
Background: undisclosed


Name: Bibble
Gender: Mare
Age: 20
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Healer
Family: Foals- Urutan, Creekgold, Sweetone, Raindark, Flintheel, Luckspark, Moonhoof, Solstice.
Other Relations: Mates- Ataraxe, Verhanacht, Bumble, Slowgrown, Dustera, Fireflood, Eversong, Neo.
Description: Bibble is a smallish mare and light boned, having been born of the vale. Her body is white with black stockings, a dorsal stripe, and a patch over her muzzle. She has green paint markings, and green fading into white from the black stockings and either side of her dorsal stripe. Green horn, blue eyes.
Personality: Bibble is shrewd but practical, traditional, and organized. She is very athletic and lacks interest in theory or abstraction unless she can see the practical application. She has clear visions of the way things should be. Loyal and hard working, she also likes to be in charge. She is exceptionally capable in organizing and running activities and is the all around "Good citizen" who values security and peaceful living. Bibble is very flirtatious and loves life. She has no qualms about sharing her love for people with any gender and age. Because she puts a lot of weight in her own beliefs, it's important that she try to remember to value other people's input and opinions.
Background: Bibble was born in the vale and grew up close to a pair of fillies her age. The trio grew like typical foals do, becoming fine mares. When she was five she stayed on the plains with the younger unicorns and stayed just long enough to hear of the battle's end. Then she left the safety of the valley homeland to course the plains. She met her first mate well before her first longdance and birthed to him a filly, Ehis, later to become Urutan. After raising her she went to another Longdance and met Verhanacht and conceived another filly, CreekGold. Before the filly was ready to set off on her own, Bibble met Bumble and took him as a traveling companion and later a mate. She and Bumble attempted to have a foal, but nothing came from their tryst. A few years later she met a slow growing stallion who claimed to be older than he was, a vale dweller. She and he had a love affair which resulted in the birth of another daughter, Sweetone. Exhilarated with her foal after such a long period without one, Bibble found herself at another longdance a year later where she met a half dayan half unicorn stallion, Dustera. From this union her first son was born, Raindark. Sooner than she would have liked, Bibble met and fell hard for a fire colored romeo, Fireflood. She bore him twins, two sons named Flintheel and Luckspark. With her hooves full weaning one foal and feeding two others, she felt extremely content, but abstained from any contact with stallions for two years until all three colts were properly weaned, or close to weaning. She made her way to another longdance and again found herself beside a stallion named Eversong and a mare named Freewood. To him she birthed a son, Moonhoof. An agreement was made that Bibble would carry the foal to term and then the couple could raise the foal. With three colts of her own, Bibble emotionally allowed for the stallion and mare (who could not conceive) to take Moonhoof as their own. Her most recent mate, Neo, was met at a longdance and she is currently in foal. Lastly she is a healer and uses quite imaginative methods of healing that other unicorns and healers have not quite accepted or used.


Name: Snowdrop
Gender: Mare
Age: Young Adult
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Other Relations:
Description: Colored like a dusty, sunny day Snowdrop is a palomino with a white mane and tail tassel. On her neck and shoulder and under her tail there are two jagged paint markings. Her knees, hocks, and pasterns are darkened to a dusky brown that match her front hooves. Her back hooves are white and she has two white stockings on her hind legs and a snip. Her horn and ear tassels are pale cream and on her belly and flanks she is dappled.
Personality: Snowdrop is adventures with a welcoming and friendly personality. She isn't one to jabber or talk someone's ear off but she is in no way shy or reserved. She is an athletic mare and very active in her search for quests and fun and games. She likes to have fun.
Background: Snowdrop was born in a valley with a band of unicorns and she left that life and their culture during a game and never returned, swearing to never return. Her sorrows for the life left behind washed away in the care of her uncle that lived on the plains and soon she started to discover the world around her from lays and stories she heard.


Name: Smallbird
Gender: Mare
Age: 6
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Hallow Hills
Abilities: Donder-Sire, MallowWind-Dam, Akra-Sib
Family: Aiony-Shoulderfriend
Other Relations:
Description: Dark brown with white mane, three stocking, and a wide blaze. Her horn and hooves are pink. Her points lighten to a golden coppery shade.
Personality: She is supportive when she needs to be and can be very gentle with a lot of different types of unicorns, though her loyalty to them is weak at best. However, once her friend she has unwavering loyalty and will stick to the end. She's a good friend and a good ally and can and will help others tackle their problems, or she will face the problems for her friends. With others she doesn't know she is quick to form judgments and even quicker to pass judgment and label most unicorns for their actions. Attempts to show off are lost on her by most stallions and she becomes bored of show offs very easily. The mare is mostly a giving mare, and very shy around strangers. Through her faults she tries to do good things to make the others around her happy and safe. She can be possessive and selfish in the ways of romance and love, even perhaps in friendships, but she is above all, considerate. She tries, always, to maintain her manners and rarely lets her anger bubble over. However, when she does become enraged everyone knows about it. Her anger is furious and when she fights, sometimes she will aim to hurt the other emotionally, or simply shell up during fights and let the anger stew. That brings up her negative personality traits. She is an incredibly jealous unicorn, and somewhat vindictive to those who just don't follow rules. She hates drama and despises foals that don't act their age and show little to no respect to adults. She also despises thieves.
Background:Smallbird had a normal foal hood and enjoyed the company of her dearest shoulder-friend and a group of young fillies. Freshly turned half-grown, Smallbird has left her parent's flanks to seek her own adventure and pursue her own life in the big, crazy, old world


Name: Urutan, she was born with the name Ehis, but changed it.
Gender: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: At the Vale of the unicorns.
Abilities:Stamina, Seer, Tracking, Herbs
Family:Bibble- Dam, Ataraxe- Sire, Goldcreek- Halfsib
Other Relations:
Description: Urutan is a silvery grulla tobiano. Her mane is white as are her hooves and horn and her tail tassel is a dark gray fading to darker gray near the tips. A white streak runs through the center of her tail tassel. Her eyes are a soft blue color, sharply accented from the sooty color of the patches on her face. Urutan's body type is spidery, with long legs and sharp points. Her neck is not thickly arched, but slender and almost sickly looking. Her sides are filly-slim, but her ribs dont show, nor do the hipbones that make up her daintily small hips and rump. Her mane falls from her neck like a ragged wind ripped flag and her horn is quite slim. For all her svelte appearance, she is comprised of harsh, sharp angles that are not attractive.
Personality: Urutan is a very opinionated mare. She can be bullheaded and dictatorial and quite strong willed. She is a strong mare, and her strength comes from some unknown well inside her. She can be demanding and ruthlessly protective but more often than not she can be seen spouting her biased opinions at anyone, daring them to start a row with her. On that note, Urutan is very bad about controlling her anger. She is quick to become defensive and she will fight until the other backs down. Her anger is explosive and it only escalates in intensity the longer she is exposed to whatever made her angry. She is sensitive to what others think of her, though, and because of their opinions she could become hurt and defensive which could lead her to become extremely harsh and mean. Her rage starts off as a verbal torrent and after a short time she will become physically violent.
Background: Urutan grew up at her mother's side, the first born and fiercely protected. Her dam, Bibble, raised her partially as she herself was raised (valeborn) and partially as a plainsdweller. Urutan learned of the traditions of the vale folk early on and her favorite stories were the ones her mother would tell her of the warriors of the ring and the story of Jan, battleprince of the unicorns. The stories of the not so famous warriors also caught her attention and as soon as she was able to make the journey through the pan woods herself, Urutan headed for the vale of the unicorns to embark on her own life and live the life she'd heard about since foalhood. She has been in the vale for a year now and spare for her controversial trek to the mere of the moon and initiation into the ranks of warrior she has lived a pretty uneventful life.


Name: Riverdark
Gender: Stallion
Age: 9
Most Likely Found: There's no keeping tabs on him
Abilities: Tracking, Fighting
Family:Paleblossom-Mate, Bluebrook-Mate, Whitewater-Foal, Ashcreek-Foal
Other Relations:
Description:River is a wild type blue bay. His coat is dark blue with a sooty frosting across his back. His knees, muzzle, ear tips, and fetlocks are darkened as well. River's tail tassel and mane are a dark steel blue, as are his eyes. His hooves and horn are a very dark steel blue. His belly and tender points pale in color.
Personality:Riverdark is a large stallion with a quiet and brooding nature. He prefers his solitude, but will not complain while in the company of others. He is bold and brave and more of a follower than a leader, but most likely to do things on his own.
Background: "Quite a bit of his colthood was spent traveling with his sire, as his dam died in foaling, and though his father loved him, he was never openly affectionate." (D_V, The First Adventure of Alma's Stars)

Meghoon - retired

Name: Meghoon Hotheel, but goes by Goon, will also go by Egon or Moog. To those he has just met he gives the name Eon.
Gender: Stallion
Age: 13
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: Sand-Stalker (warrior when he leaves the Valley of Amaha)
Family: Mate(s): Ski'tahaz Darkveil and Kwallard Blueback
Other Relations:
Description: He is a sooty-dapple buckskin with dark brown burning down from his top line and back to the tops of his shoulders, around his barrel and over his hips. His tender points are creamy and pale and he matches well with the sandy dunes of the Lost Desert, where he originates from. His coat darkens at the points, fading from brown to black. He has three white markings on his legs; two stockings on his front legs and a sock on his left rear leg. His right rear leg is unmarked and black. He has a blaze that is narrow at the base of his horn and widens to the outside of his nostrils and ends on his upper lip. The hair and pigment around his eye and muzzle is darker than the rest of his face. His ears and ear tufts are also darker. He has a dark brown mane and tail tassel, both with black tips, and his beard is dual toned fading from dark to light brown. He has a very dark brown horn, and three pale cream hooves, the other being black. His eyes are green.
Personality: The bad - Shy upon initial contact, Goon is very selective of his friends. He has a tendency to judge any given situation quickly and dispassionately. Goon puts those he cares about before others, almost predictably. He can be ruthless and heartless, often hurting others for one common goal. He can become obsessive, and very clingy, but his most dangerous flaw would be his possessive jealousy. Anyone posing a threat to something he sees as his, or that he belongs to will see the skill of his warrior training.
The Good - Goon is unfailingly loyal and very loving to those he's close to. He has a creative and quick mind, and superb intuition, and he almost always puts others before himself. He has a desire to make everyone around him happy and personally assure that they are safe. He is witty, smart-mouthed, with a quick and eloquent sense of humor that can quickly turn perverse. He is mischievous in an unthreatening way, and his humor can be somewhat slapstick. He can be caring and gentle when no one is looking, and has a great sense of well-being for others. He is responsible and respectful as well as self-disciplined.
Background: A Lost Desert native, Goon was born to a couple who had relatively good fertility and grew up blessed and loved. Early on he was taken to be a Sand-Stalker, but would skip duty to be with his friends, which would warrant disciplinary actions from his authorities. He believes very deeply in Amaha. When he was eight he killed his first sand-boar, which was honored and gave great social acknowledgement to his skills and family. It was around this time and the celebratory dance of the sand-boar slaughter that he realized his love for Skitz and deep loathing at the thought of leaving Kwak behind, should he have chosen to take her as a mate. While he did not proclaim his love it was later announced, several years down the road, that it had been quite obvious.
After the three-way realization that none could leave another behind, the three were united in matrimony after much grief and lived happily for some time mastering their professions and growing even more deeply connected. But one cold evening he dreamed a dream so worrisome that he felt compelled to share it with Kwallard. Not too long later, Ski'tahaz had a dream very close to his own, and it was interpreted that the valley could no longer be their home. The three left their families and friends and struck out across the harsh land of their homes, keeping hope from the stories of Kwallard; of a land far far away.

Barix - retired

Name: Barix
Gender: Mare
Age: 8
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: Warrior
Other Relations:
Description: Barix is strong in build but fleet and somewhat long of leg with strong canons. She is tawny and is a paint. Her belly is white and fades up into the fawn of her body. Her white paint splotches are tinged and lined with black close to her back. Barix has white stockings which have black atop them. Her face has a wide blaze that fades onto her cheek which is thickly lined with black so much so that is covers her eye. She has a black mane and tail tassel, above which there is a band of black and white after the tawny. Her hooves are black, beard if white, and horn is bright red with gold lancing through the base and up the shaft. Her eyes are silver.
Personality: Barix is heavily influenced by her sister Ciss. She is dark with a mean streak that runs through her, much due to her sister's anger at her family for not taking charge. She, unlike her dam and sire and much like her older sib, is a take charge kind of mare who would make an excellent leader. She is a good follower as well because she tends to follow orders very well and will go the extra mile to succeed. She has a clear mind and a skill level that is naturally attained in combat. Barix is brilliant at looking at the picture as a whole and inspecting every aspect and almost always chooses a path that she feels will be a solution to the problem. She has a brilliant mind for fighting and strategy and an excellent eye and almost spot on intuition.
Background: She left the vale of the unicorns right after her initiation due to her belief that the problems between unicorns and gryphons are entirely on the shoulder of the unicorns and she refuses to contribute to the problem by staying there.