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Name: Shik (Rashik Dovesong)
Gender: Mare
Age: 12
Species: Dayan Unicorn x Unicorn
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: She sometimes has a warrior mindset, but she is equally talented at singing lays
Family: Winter Storm (twin - deceased)
Other Relations: Skandranon (gryphon/somewhat of a lover), Tanis (friend), Idrial (friend)
Description: Her mane body color is silvery blue along with her mane and tail. She has gold bands or stripes running up her legs and gold flecks all through her body. The tips of her mane, tail, and beard are gold. Her eyes are sea blue. Her horn and hooves are glass like with streaks of gold in them. She is a Da/ Unicorn Cross so she has a full tail and no ear tassels but everything else is unicorn like.
Personality: She is very nice and kind to everyone, be it unicorn, gryphon, etc. She is high spirited and likes to run over the Plains and be free. She has a very deep mean streak, though, but this only comes out when others insult her or her friends. She is very protective of those she cares for and will stand up for them no matter what. She is also very determined when she sets her mind to things, so even though she is high spirited and likes to 'play' she can be serious when need be.
Background: She grew up in The Vale with her mother who was also a Vale dweller. She was born with a twin - Winter Storm, but she has not seen nor heard of her during most of her life. Her father was a Plains Dweller and after she left The Vale she befriended Skandranon the gryphon who is what we would call her 'best friend'. Their relationship is sort of odd, because Skandranon really loves Rashik but he is a gryphon and that is where it gets sort of tricky. Since then she was attacked by pards and lost her memory when she found Idrial and befriended her. After a long journey she regained most of her memory and also met a young Da foal named Tanis. She left off in the Pan Woods because they were on a trip to the Vale to heal Idrial's bad knees as well as wounds Tanis had when they found him. There she was attacked by a "shadow monster" which tore out her throat and she "died". Idrial fled and she hasn't seen her since. As a side note Skandranon gave her the plains name of Dovesong.


Name: Skan (Skandranon)
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Species: Gryphon
Most Likely Found: He is always with Rashik
Abilities: Warrior and Protector
Family: Rashik (even though she is a unicorn he considers her family)
Other Relations: Tanis (friend), Idrial (friend)
Description: He is rather large for a male gryphon. His feathers are dark green and his wing feathers have silver tips. His ears also have silver tips. His pard body is dark amber with a silver tasseled tail. His front legs and beak are a darker gold and his eyes are amber colored.
Personality: He is sort of quiet around anyone but Rashik because he knows that most unicorns don't like gryphons. He is generally very kind even to those who hate him, but he will not stand when others try to attack him or Rashik. He sort of took on the 'role' of her protector and will die for her. He is very strong, but usually does not need to use his strength.
Background: He was born with the other gryphon's but was kicked out as a young fledgling because of his like for unicorns. He wandered a long time on the Plains and nearly starved to death several times. He was found when he first learned to fly by the mare, Rashik, and that is how they became inseparable. When he grew to know her he gave her the second name of Dovesong because when she sings he finds it the most beautiful voice and he is probably not far from it. He has been with Rashik ever since.


Name: Wyn (Annwn)
Gender: Mare
Age: 7
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: A dancer and dreamer.
Family: Unknown to her - Scaratani (sire), Winter Storm (dam-deceased)
Other Relations: Flicker (friend/love interest)
Description: A beautiful mare with a base color of sky blue with a slight aqua tint. Her mane, tail, ear tassels, and beard are a deep lavender color. Her horn and hooves are a pale opalescent hue. Then a big blanket of white spreads across her rump and a patch over the arch of her neck both white patches hold dark blue spots. Her eyes are a similar pale blue as the spots dotting her blanket, but it is a slightly lighter color. She looks similar to an Andalusian horse, beautiful but strongly built.
Personality: Very sweet although a bit hesitant to trust others right away. This could be because she has spent most of her time alone. She is sort of shy, but then again when the need arises she does not hesitate long.
Background: She lived in the Vale, but her free nature tore her away from their traditions and she ran to the Plains. There she became a loner doing what she please as she pleased it. She hadn't seen another unicorn since her time in the Vale, though she would steal glimpses of others if she happened to see them along the Plains but she always ducked out of their sight so she wouldn't be approached. Since she had abandoned living in the Vale she met a stallion by the name of Flicker and she grew very fond of him.


Name: Axel Firemane
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: Warrior, but he is a decent healer as well (even though he might not admit it)
Family: None
Other Relations: Sebastian (friend)
Description: -Body: He is an inverted dun. His body is a dark dark charcoal gray - almost black. His legs are a light creamy peach color that fades into the gray past his knees. Then the rest of the way up he has primitive leg stripe markings. He has a dorsal stripe of the same creamy peach color with more primitive striping across his withers. His face has a very bold blaze that curls down around his muzzle and fades right after his chin - this is also the same color as his legs. Then below both eyes he has small triangles that are a pale purple-gray color so that the base of the triangle is towards his eye and the point is away. His eyes are a bright sea green color.
-Mane and Tail: They are bright "fire-engine" red though there is a slight orange tint to it with a darker red-orange for the highlights. His mane and tail are also rather on the spiky side, but not like a Da's mane. His ear tassels are also red-orange and he has no beard.
-Hooves and Fetlocks: His hooves are the same gray as his body and his fetlocks are the peach color, however on his two hind legs the fetlocks have red-orange streaks through them like the color of his main and tail.
-Appearance: He is tall and very well muscled. His body type is close to a Warmblood. Also he is typically called a Full Unicorn, however either through genetic chance or some Dayan ancestry he has never developed a beard.
Personality: He is a very powerful being. He is not afraid of fighting and can be on the mean side. He would probably rather be mean then nice if he can help it. Though, if he happens to make a friend or other relationship he is very trustworthy and loyal. He may do things to make them believe he isn't, but in the end it is obvious that he does care about them.
Background: While traveling the Plains he has met several different unicorns, some that he has even helped that were wounded. But the only one who has stuck with him is the stallion by the name of Sebastian. Axel has grown oddly fond of him and perhaps he is the only true "friend" Axel has. Also, Sebastian was the one who gave Axel a Plain's name which is Firemane.

Scaratani- Retired

Name: True Name: Atani (Scaratani)
Common Name: Jack (Pumpkin Jack)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Pan Woods or the outskirts of the Vale
Abilities: Vale warrior/ loner
Family: Winter Storm (mate-deceased), Unknown child that he never got to meet
Other Relations: He doesn't consider anyone as a friend
Description: He is a pumpkin color leaning more towards chestnut then bright orange. He has four cream colored socks and a cream colored blaze. His mane, tasseled tail, ear tuffs, beard, horn, and hooves are all a deep charcoal color. His eyes are a slightly lighter gray color then the rest of the charcoal. He is strongly built and is fairly tall for being a full blooded unicorn.
Personality: He is a strong fighter and would probably rather fight you then talk to you. And after the death of his mate he has become a bit more bitter and resentful. He can be kind if he really really gets to know someone, but that takes a long time and a lot of trust on his part.
Background: Well his mate died during Korr's winter and he was banished. But after the war he didn't feel like living on the Plains, which is odd because he is sort of a loner. And he definitely didn't fit in among the new Hallow Hill dwellers. So he trekked back to his original home in the Vale. He pretty much keeps to himself there and besides growing bitterer he has partially taken the life of a hermit. His old grotto was still empty when he returned so he stays in there and when he's not in there he is scouting Pan Woods for unknown reasons. He occasionally is reminded of his foal that he was never able to see due to his banishment and that is another thing weighing on his warrior mind. As for his double name his True Name was given to him by his mother in the traditional form. But as a young colt when he first met the filly, Winter Storm (that would later become his mate), she had renamed him altogether as an affectionate playmate sort of name. Thus he aquired the name Pumpkin Jack. She was the only one to ever use the name Pumpkin, but he never stopped using Jack. Since she has died he only goes by the name Jack in a remembrance of her.

Swiftrain- Retired

Name: Rain (Swiftrain)
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: In the Vale
Abilities: Vale warrior
Family: Oakhart (mate), Two fillies with Oakhart (who are as of yet nameless) and one on the way.
Other Relations: None
Description: She is a darker cyan blue with green-gold highlights (like a sheen). Her mane and tail are a bit lighter then the rest of her body and her eyes are an ice colored version of the cyan. She is a Full Unicorn. Physically she is tall and strong, but staying on the lean side - the perfect body type for a warrior and a runner.
Personality: he is strong willed with a nasty streak. Sometimes you can't be sure if she wants to just snap you in two or talk to you and play nice. Mostly she keeps a very good mask on and the only part anyone would know is she is very strong willed. She is a bit nicer on the inside once you get to know her and not everyone is subjected to her more cruel side. Though, very few have gained this kind of respect from her, but once they do her love or loyalty is undying.
Background: She was involved in the alternate reality RP and hadn't developed a decent background yet.

Kondroek- Retired

Name: Kon (Kondroek)
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Hollow Hills
Abilities: Warrior type with some Healer knowledge
Family: None
Other Relations: None
Description: He is a sooty/smutty buckskin full unicorn with chocolate brown eyes.
Personality: He is very kind and welcoming to others, but against enemies he is fierce and will die for what he believes in. He is also very smart and thinks logically when others sometimes don't.
Background: He lives in the Hallow Hills where he is generally a loner. His colt-hood was not very pleasant and he grew up pretty much alone. He was born in the group of mares and foals that weren't able to fight in the battle and was raised with them for a short time until the battle had ended. When he and his dam were lead towards the Hallow Hills, their new and final home, she happened to catch sight of the strong stallion she had been mated to. His sire was in the battle against the wyverns and had gotten stung by their poison. His dam and sire were "soul mates" some might say and his dam was completely devastated. He was loved very much by his dam, but she was unable to go on without her other half, as she called his sire. She died about a month later and left Kondroek to live on his own. He brought himself up fairly well and learned fast to be able to stand up for himself, which has helped him to become a better warrior.

Winter Storm- Deceased

Name: Winter Storm (Winter Storm Swansong)
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Species: Dayan Unicorn x Unicorn
Most Likely Found: In the Vale
Abilities: Lay Singer and Dreamer
Family: Scaratani (mate), A filly (she died before she could name her), Rashik (twin sister)
Other Relations: None
Description: Her main body color is a silver lavender color along with her mane and full tail. She has gold bands running up her legs and gold speckles flecked across the rest of her body. The tips of her mane, beard, and tail are the same color of gold. Her horn and round hooves are glass like with gold streaks running through them. She is a Da/Unicorn cross whish is why her ears have no tuffs, her hooves are round, and she has a full tail.
Personality: he was very kind and passionate about her beliefs. She was very much in love with her mate even though it would seem they were not suited for each other. She cared very much about those around her even when they did not care for her. She dabbled here and there with healing, but was never cut out to be a full healer. She would have been a great mother if she had survived the cold, foodless, winter.
Background: She gave birth to her only filly and died about a week later due to the terrible winter and starvation during Korr's insanity. She tried to be strong, but her mate had been banished and she was weak after giving birth to the rather large filly. She was never able to fully recover. She has a living twin though, Rashik. The last time they saw each other was when they were foals playing in the Vale. She was terribly lonely when Rashik left and it was soon after that she became shoulder friends with Jack. Once grown, they traveled to the Summer Sea and the rest is history. Also, she received the addition to her name, Swansong, from Jack because (like her sister) she had a beautiful voice for singing stories.

Dalmara- Retired

Name: Mara (Dalmara)
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: Healer
Family: None
Other Relations: None
Description: She is a light dapple gray. Her mane, tail, beard, tassels, and eyes are all a light silver color. Her hooves and horn are a light bronze color. She is a full unicorn.
Personality: She is very motherly. She is gentle and sweet when need be and yet she is very quick when need be. She helps the sick and weak and yet scolds them when they are wrong, much like a mother would. When she heals she is very precise about it and if the one being healed tries to go against something she says she will correct them with force but not anger.
Background: She is currently not being played, but I plan on changing that soon. She lives on the Far Plains where she occasionally meets others, but she is usually alone. She doesn't have any close friends yet.