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Location: Somewhere on a planet
Other Info: Not your average teen. I play many instruments and love music. I also ride my horse and write books.

Name: Illuminati (Nickname= Lumin)
Age:7 1/2
Most Likely Found:Far Plains
Abilities:Lay Singer, has very vivid dreams and memories, and is a warrior as well
Family: Her older cousin Conleth is her only remaining relative
Other Relations:Kind of friends with Kokopelli
Description:Her body is a light cream with a silver mane. Her lower legs are dark brown, as though they are spattered with mud. She is lean and sinewy, on account of fighting to live since she was two. She is built for speed, with long legs and slim build. She is graceful on her feet, a dancer if you've ever seen one. Everything about her speaks of silver, and her voice is no exception. It could charm the wildest beast or stallion. Although she is very pretty, she doesn't have time to be vain and, as a result, is not at all conceited. Her violet eyes sparkle with an inward joy, for she has hope at all times.
Personality: lluminati is quiet and wise. Although she may not speak often, when she does it is usually quite wise to listen. She is more of a loner, and her ways may make it seem like she's aloof. She's really just afraid of being hurt again......
Background:The grey and white stallion smiled, "Little Lumin. How big you have grown, and how smart. We'll make a great scout of you yet!" Lumin shook her fuzzy silver mane, "I'm only two. How can I be great?" The stallion looked deep into her eyes and said, "Age does not matter Lumin. You can be great if you want to be. No one needs to tell you what you will be, only you must decide. Follow your heart and Alma, and one day you will be great." The young filly tried to understand him, but it was so hard. He was just so wise sounding. It was her last happy memory, for what happened next would change her young life.

The stallion's head shot up. "I smell the stink of haunts. And blood..." His eyes widened, showing their whites. "Don't follow me Lumin! If I encounter what I think I will, you do not want to be in it!" He turned and raced back toward the west, toward camp. Lumin shivered, frightened of being alone. Suddenly she heard a howl, than another. She bolted toward the only safe place she knew. Back toward her family.

She galloped into their campsite just in time to see her father get bitten by a mangy creature. What did Alesk call them.. Haunts or pards? She squealed in fright and the creature turn it's shaggy head around. It was almost as big as Lumin and it wanted an easy dinner. It's powerful muscles rippled underneath the shaggy hide. It turned from her father and to her. Baring long white fangs, the shaggy grey creature bounded toward her, ready for a kill. A blue horn sliced through the wolf like a dagger, piercing it's heart. She looked up into her father's worried amber eyes. "Daddy... I'm scared..." Her father sighed, "You should be. Haunts are not a laughing matter. Stay with your mother in the cave and you will be fine. Go now!"

Lumin raced into the cave they had found. It was more like a hollow than anything else. She blinked, eyes adjusting to the darkness. Then she saw it. Another shaggy creature bent over a carcass. Not just any carcass, her mother's body. Lumin leaped at it, lunging at its chest. Her silver horn just barely pierced the hide, but it was enough to get the creature's attention. Its yellow eyes turned to her and it snarled. Suddenly Lumin was aware of dozens of eyes glinting in the soft light streaming in through the entrance. She bolted, trying to get out. A searing pain rushed through her as a snapping mouth bit deep into her rump.

She whinnied in terror, she could never get out! Suddenly a blue and pale form raced in. Her father bellowed out a war-cry and leapt at the haunts, driving them back. "Run Lumin! Run to the plains and safety!" Lumin ran out, her father behind. Dozens of grey shapes raced out of the cave at their heels. Her father turned, using his horn to drive them back. He bellowed again and an answering bellow came from the plains. Lumin looked up to see a orange and black stallion gallop to her father like one of the birds that flew above over the plains. He hit the creatures like a bolt of fire sent by Alma. "Corinth!" her father wheezed, "Thank Alma you came!" Corinth didn't answer, but ran two creatures through.

Lumin's father and Corinth kept fighting. Lumin watched on horrid fascination. wanting to look away, but unable to... A haunt leaped for her father, clawing and biting. Corinth, the stallion of firey hues, tried to spear it, but if his aim was off, he would kill her father. The haunt bit deeper into her father's spine. Finally her father was overcome as more and more haunts jumped onto him. He fell, flesh being torn open by their greedy jaws.

Suddenly Lumin's tongue was loosed. She cried out, "Father!" A huge grey and shaggy haunt lifted its head and barked. Lumin's eyes widened as a few haunts broke off from the rest of the bunch and started running for her. She screamed in terror and started running like never before. She had always been fast, beating all the other foals she raced, but now she was like a whirlwind. Her long, but frail legs beat the earth as she ran into the coal-black night.

But she still heard baying behind her. She sped up, trying to see in the darkness. She tripped, falling down hard on her front left leg. She was done for. The haunts were coming closer and closer. But with a battle cry, a flaming stallion raced up, horn lowered. He killed half of the haunts with one stroke of his horn and kick from his powerful hind legs. The rest ran, singing their strange song. The stallion lowered his head to look at Lumin, "Hail little one. I am Conleth, your cousin." With that strange introduction he galloped off, heading the way Lumin came. Lumin curled up, crying fr her family and friends. All dead. She was alone. Utterly alone on this stormy night.


Most Likely Found:The Near Plains
Abilities: He's a Warrior mainly, but can sing a little. His voice can enchant some.
Family: Father is Corinth, Mother is Windsong, Cousin is Illuminati
Other Relations: None
Description: He is a dark chestnut stallion. His legs and face are a dark reddish color. He has some very pale dappling that is barely even visible. He has a very dark red mane and even darker hooves and horn. His eyes are a very pale blue and sometimes seem to see into your heart. He has very long legs and has a darker muzzle. He has a sock on his left front leg.
Personality: He has an inner fire that is sometimes very hard to sense. He is very unpredictable, sometimes flaring up, other times mellow. He has a hero's heart, and would let none suffer, preferring to suffer himself. Sometimes very quiet, then seeming to open up. While he doesn't always make good choices, usually he has good intentions.
Background: He lived with his father and a few other stallions after his mother died. They lived in peace until one night, when hoofbeats broke into the stillness of the night. It was the second watch of the night, and he was the scout. His father, Corinth, led a small band of unicorns, and he was elected above all others to stand watch that night. A haggard grey mare ran in, blood streaming from many wounds. "Corinth! Your brother's band is being attacked by... by haunts.." she gasped out. His father left for his uncle's encampment on the other side of the plain with his finest warriors. Conleth wanted to go, but he was left behind. But little did they know, for he followed them through the plains.
When they arrived at camp all was blood. Bodies were thrown everywhere, even in the lone tree in the middle. His uncle, however, was fighting the haunts still. His father raged into battle beside his brother, hewing the creatures from where they stood. His rage was akin to that of a firebolt from Alma, only more swift and terrible. So terrible was it that Conleth did not recognize his father, so fierce was his rage. He was a terrible storm, and all who looked on him that day still feel the marrow in their bones grow cold at the mere mention of Corinth. His uncle's anger was akin to Corinth's, only more sly. He would surprise them by creeping behind them and stabbing them through, and so they died by his horn as well. Unbeknown to them, Conleth fought next to them. His rage was no where even close to theirs. He killed, but not like they did.
Finally, his uncle received one too many blows and he fell. Corinth was overpowered by the vermin, and so he died by his brother's side. From that moment on Conleth can only remember in red. He had screamed a cry of hate into the stormy air, and thrown himself at them. He could not be stopped, and a fire burned in him that he has not felt for many a year. He struck out and doled out death to the haunts, finally scaring them away. Then he collapsed with exhaustion, and could remember no more.


Name: Truename - Maltiri (Nickname - Tiri)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species:Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found:The plains
Family: None yet
Other Relations: None that still breathes
Description: His coat shines in the sun, all a-sparkle with bronze and golden tints. His face darkens to an almost copper color which contrasts with his sky-blue eyes. His legs are long, with socks on every leg except for the left-hind. His legs fade into the same color as his face. He has a scattering of spots on his barrel that intensifies towards his rump. His mane is long and golden, as is his tail.
Personality:He is slow to anger, but when you anger him watch out! He is strong and fearless when provoked, but you wouldn't imagine it to see him when he is calm. A more mild-mannered stallion there has never been. He is loyal to you, even if you are in the wrong. He hates being oppressed by any, and is a natural-born leader. He is VERY dramatic and feels things very deeply.
Background: A long time ago, I lived with my father and mother. My mother's heart was poisoned against my father, and the only reason she still stayed with him was me." He sighed, "Most don't know how it feels... Knowing that you caused suffering, even just by being there... Instead of loving me, she despised me. Her name was Dellhūg, or horror wyvern. At least, that's what I'd call her. She would come home every night with a different stallion when my father wasn't home.

She'd go off and romp with him, singing and dancing. She thought I'd tell father, so she kicked me. It was so hard, I thought my bones would snap. I had fallen, and the stallion had walked over to me. 'Mara, you shouldn't hit the poor lad', he had said, then nuzzled me. He had said some kind things to me over the weeks, but never like this. He apologized for mom's actions, and said he was sorry father was dead.

I almost died just then. The thought that father was gone almost broke my heart. Almost like the beating that I got when I asked mom why she had told the nice stallion that father was dead. It was then, when I ran, that I met Tarsa. She calmed the raging dragon and came searching for me.

Aye, I can still remember Tarsa's golden eyes and soft speech that charmed all. She had such a pretty voice... I haven't heard one like it ever. But so seductive and laced with honey that you will forget the poison and drink it greedily, hungry for more. Even if you die because of it.

Young fool that I was, I fell head over hooves in love for the filly. We were together constantly. One day my father rebuked me, saying that Tarsa was just like my mother. And would be so if I would take her as my mate. I struck out in anger and fear, because these things had been brooding in my heart. I hurt my poor father and ran. As I ran I passed Tarsa. She was singing to another stallion. She looked at me and in that instant I knew that Father was right.

Words cannot say how I felt. My heart ripped, and I have been wandering the plains ever since.


Name: Truename: Alusalka Nickname: Salka
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Plains Unicorns
Most Likely Found: The Plains
Abilities: Warrior, Lay-singer
Family:Sire-Tsu Dam-?? Halfbrother-Alucalypto
Other Relations: Unknown
Description:She is a fading gray-cyan that looks kind of like a dark sea-foam, darkest along her spine and fading to the palest color, which is practically white. Her mane, tail, and beard are all pale pale gray-cyan (the color of her knees) with dark roots. Her eyes are also the color of her knees. She has dark speckles on both shoulders and her foreleft ankle.
Personality: She is witty, and a little on the sarcastic side. Although she is very stand-offish at first, once you are her friend she would die for you. She is NOT someone to be tampered with, because you would die if you messed with her. She is loyal to a fault, and will not back down, even if it means losing face. She follows her heart, which often gets her in LOTS of trouble. A bit of a flirt when she wants to be, but she has a good heart. She has a hot temper and will strike out even at those she most loves if pushed hard enough.
Background: (I'm doing this a little different this time) Salka walked slower, growing weary as the night grew darker. The grass whipped at her legs and she lay down sighing, glad for a quick rest. She looked into the sky, gazing enraptured at the stars that shimmered overhead. I wonder if someday I will be like the stars, bright and free.. she thought, laying her head on the soft earth. Her mind wandered back to a time when she was anything but free.. Salka lifted her head, ears rotating to pick up every spoken word. Her father was shouting at the best warrior again. She knew why. He loved her, and was not afraid to show it. But she was a young mare, and not ready to become anyone's mate. Nevertheless, he kept bothering her until she finally had to go to her father. Her freedom-loving spirit loathed it, but she had to.
Now the words came in a sharper tone and her father half-reared. The other stallion did not shrink back, brace fool that he was. Salka knew what was coming, and she dashed over, blocking her father. "No! Do not hurt him!" she cried out, for her father was about to kill the stallion. "Salka, do not stand between us! I have a score to settle with him! He cannot press you like this!" A single tear flowed down Salka's cheek, but she did not move. "Father, if you love me at all, spare his life!" Her father's eyes were hard, like chips of ice. "Leave me."
Salka gasped, surely he wouldn't..... "Leave these lands forever, Salka!!" he father shouted. She stamped her hoof, "Spare his life, and I will go willingly!" Her father stepped away, and she turned and galloped away. If she had looked back she would have seen the tear run down his cheek as he watched her go... Memories still flashed across her mind. The beautiful and gentle mother she hardly knew, the sweet and fun new mother she had gotten. Alucalypto, her little brother. She remembered the night her father came to her and said, "I'd like you to meet my new friend..." She had gazed up into the mare's liquid gold eyes and loving face. She remembered all the fun times they had when she was a half-grown. And the birth of her little brother. She remembered the heartbreak after the previous foals were born dead, then the joy of little Alu being born. He was her best friend through the years, and she loved him dearly. But fate had one more trick to pull.
Her father raged at her new mother. Salka had kicked him and screamed at him. She had been thrown away by her angry father. Her mother took Alu and fled. She tried to follow, but her father held her back. She still raged, screaming that all her father ever did was take away what was dearest to her. He had snapped that it was her that took everything he loved. First her mother and now the pretty Vale mare whom everyone loved. It would have hurt less if he had kicked her in the head. The pain clouded her vision, even now...
Salka slept fitfully, dreaming of many more things. Bitter and sweet alike, the memories came. Salka could not remember them all, but they nevertheless haunted her weary road. Her burden was heavy and pain filled her every footfall and thought. Would the anguish ever leave?


Name: Solosduin (called Duin. His name means Riversurf)
Gender: Male
Age: Full-grown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Warrior
Family: Mate: Vanima (deceased), Foal: Naurmori
Other Relations: None yet...
Description: His coat is a teal-seafoam color with dark splatters along his barrel, as if shadowed by leaves. His coat darkens along his neck, tail, and legs. White covers all of his legs up to the knee, and the hind legs have a thin white patch running between them. Duin's mane is a flaxen-gold color and crests like waves of liquid gold when he runs.
Personality: Duin is kind, modest, and overall a really nice stallion. Although he fights as rarely as he possibly can, when he does it's a bloodbath. Yet he has a heart of peace which affects how he fights. He tries to knock out opponents rather than kill them, yet if he does ill them he tries to do it with as little pain as possible.

Another thing that you first notice about Duin is his loyalty. He is, if possible, loyal to a fault. He will sacrifice much, even his own life, for a friend. Even more if you are a loved one. He is stubborn, so don't even try to tell him to save himself. He will stand by you, no matter what.

You could spend hours talking to Duin because even if he doesn't know much about something, he just sounds so wise you just want to catch every drop of wisdom. His manner of speech makes him seem wiser than any other and his rich, yet gruff, deep voice enchants all who listen.
Background: The orange flames licked greedily at the dry grasses of the plains. Duin stood, a silent sentinel over his mate. She cried out in pain as his son finally came out. Duin nuzzled her, "It will be okay... We can still run..." She looked at him, her face shining with sweat, "But Duin, I cannot move. I'm too weak... Leave me behind." Duin shook his head stubbornly, "NO!!" She looked up at him, pale mint eyes shining with worry, "My love, if we all stay, we all die. If I stay alone and you and our son run, then only I die." A tear slid down Duin's face, "But I cannot let you go!" She smiled, "I will never be gone, Duin. Our love is too strong for that. When the wind blows on a summer's night, it is me dancing beside you. When the hills and valleys seem to sing, it is I singing to you. I will never leave you Duin. I will always watch out for you and love you, until we are together again. Now go, quickly, before the fire is here."

Duin shook his head, "I will not leave you!" His mate sighed, she would soon be too weak for words. "Solosduin, do you know how selfish you are being? Your son has a right to live, even if I do not. He needs a father and mentor to keep him safe, for I can sense that he is of strong will and strong limb. You need to watch over him Duin once I'm gone, for I'm fading fast..." Duin nuzzled her, his tears dampening her already wet brow, "I cannot leave you..." She looked up at him with adoring eyes and said, "For once I will be the strong one and face my foes alone. You must go, for you have a future ahead of you. I will never leave you, my Duin. I can never leave you." With that her light green eyes closed for the last time. Duin looked at the foal trying to rise on his wobbly legs.

Duin felt the heat, more intense even than before, wash over him. The fire was too close for comfort. Duin looked at his son. How could he carry him? He nudged him up and steadied him. The foal tentatively took a step. Then another. Duin heard a crackle as the fire lapped up a nearby tree, "RUN!!!!!" He nudged his son, who caught the idea and ran as fast as his spindly legs would carry him. But he was not fast enough, for Duin felt the fire lick at his legs as the ran, foal in front, Duin in the rear. He gritten his teeth and galloped on. His son's legs wore out, so Duin hoisted him on a sheer rock and leaped up himself. The fire was all around them now, eating grasses as if they were it's food and not Duin's. Duin lay close to his son, who was now dozing off. Protecting him as he wished he could have protected his mate.


Name: Chris'verya (meaning bold one)
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Species: Ringdancer Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale or Plains
Abilities: None
Family: Father-Talanter, Brother-Raikan
Other Relations: Shoulder friends- Teddy, Vern, Gordie
Description: He is tall and lean. Striking in his appearance. Dark blue runs from his head to tail in a line. His legs are dark blue, the color of the deep sea. His coat is grey, but dappled as if by winter snow. His hair is as golden as the sands by the sea.
Personality: Chris is smart, wise beyond his years. He is about as mature as most stallions two summers older than him, if not older. A leader born, but not bred. He is always trying, maybe always failing, to go beyond his father's reputation. Trying to become someone known not as 'That Stallion's son'. Most do not listen to him, believe that he can go beyond his failed family. He is somewhat of a ladies' man, but values his friends more than he could ever love any filly he's met so far.
Background: Chris' story really begins with his father. His father, Talanter, was given Wildweed as a young stallion to ease the pain of a wound. Little did the administrator of this 'cure' know what it would do to the stallion. He became dependent on the weed, sneaking out at night to eat it. Soon, others started noticing the side effects. He had become more aggressive and mean. All he wanted was the plant.
Soon, his mate bore him another son, dying so that the small Chris could live. It was her, in her last breath, that named him Chris'varya. Bold one. Bold indeed would he need to be to live, for his father was becoming nastier by the day. Chris was beaten, often horribly. That is, until he decided to run away...


Name: Undomecartel (Undome for short)
Gender: Female
Age: 10 (half-grown)
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains, Vale, or anywhere else.
Family: None as of yet...
Other Relations:
Description: She is lithe and sinewy, a dancer by both heart and body. Her legs are longer than usually seen on a unicorn. She has a long silky violet mane that flows like liquid when she dances. She also has very large stormy blue eyes and long eyelashes. Her coat is a vivid plum roan with a white belly marking.
Personality: She is shy, but alluring in her own way. She is silent almost always around others, preferring to talk to herself. She always finds a ready and willing listener in all of her "friends" and herself. When she does speak to others it is almost always poetic. She has an extremely vivid imagination, and a bit of a temper that manifests itself best when she is most lonely.
Background: Her sire left when she was very young. Her dam says he loved her, but Undome doesn't really think he did. If he did he never would have left. To fill the void his abandonment created, she made up friends to cheer her when she was a mere foal. She still has a colorful imagination to this day. Undome, in her loneliness, made herself a new father. Someone who wouldn't ever leave. Her mother often wearied of Undome's antics, even though they were all well-meant. She found a soothing comfort in another stallion, and soon Undome had a new father and a baby half-sister. He hated her, poisoning her mother's mind against Undome. She left her family then, better to leave first than be left eventually. She misses her dam awfully but cannot return to her because of the wyrm-toungued mate she now has.