Name: Greanleef
Gender: Stallion
Age: 11
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:The Plains, running amok with Riverdark and Gwarmli.
Abilities:Sharp eyed, he makes for an excellent scout. He’s also a fierce warrior, despite a relatively peaceful air.
Family: Sire: Thranul, Dam: Silaya (Decd), Sister: Dawnfire (Decd), Grand-Sire: Orohen (Decd)
Other Relations: Shoulder-friends: Riverdark, Gwarmli, Galdrim, Shaysie, Thaw, Theogrin.
Description: Greanleef is a long and lithe stallion, leggy and built well for Plain's Life despite his beginnings in the Vale. He is a buckskin chrome tovero stallion. He has emerald colored eyes, and a long, free flowing, silky blonde mane.
Personality:He is pensive, and observant, preferring to study and learn much of the time as to speaking. He has a very cool, muted air about him and maintains a somewhat dreamy distance from most – as if he is from another world entirely. He relies deeply on instinct and intuition, and he has a keen sense of both that he couples with superstitions taught to him by his sire, and his sire’s sire. He is proud, and loyal. His friendship with Riverdark comes above most everything else, and his dedication to the other stallion stems from a deep respect, and admiration for the rough wanderer. He also seems to take a little delight in aggravating his sire, though he would never outright admit this to anyone. Those who know him best know how he truly feels.
Background: Born in the Vale to a highly regarded family, Greenleaf was raised to be a very different unicorn, but higher powers had better plans for him. His family was cool and disjointed, and following the tragic loss of his ill sister, Greenleaf abandoned his home, his family and all of the plans his sire had for him and took to venturing the plains with Riverdark.
Since striking out with Riverdark, Greenleaf has had a great many adventures, and made even more friends. He has not returned home in a great deal of time, and he has not had a mate in all of his time adventuring with the slightly younger stallion..


Name: Blackwater
Gender: Stallion
Age: 27
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:The Plains
Abilities:A great fighter and tracker, highly combative, very strong. Very good with reading the weather.
Family: Sire: Stormbird, Dam: Narcina Quickborn, Siblings: Northern Fire (North), Ivylegs, Hawk, Sandcat(Decd), Throne, Drought.
Other Relations:Cousin: Snowdrop
Description: A well built, though rangy stallion he is long in the leg and body, with a wide sturdy chest and thick sloping neck to fit his body. He has an elegantly curved roman face, with wide dark eyes and a long horn that ever so slightly curves downward. He is a dapple grey stallion, colored powder blue at his points, burning to black at his elbows and throat latch. He has a thick, white corded mane, and his tail tassel fades from black into white. He has three dark indigo hooves, and one bright pink - his hind left and he also has a sock on this leg. He has an intermittent stripe down his face, and a set of bright mahogany red eyes.
Personality: Savage, high strung, intense and very conceited. He has a black and white view of the world, and a violent outlook on life. He was brought up in an environment where his own survival was more important than that of his peers and there was no such thing as peace. He is very stubborn, almost insane at times and compared to those who live among the plains or vale, he very well might be considered insane. He's a doer, more of a blunt instrument than a thinker. He is very observant and suspicious, he believes deeply in Alma and nature - he's almost tribal, in a sense.
Background:Raised in a herd on the far expanses of the plains where unicorns gathered together for safety and company, there were many in the band who had been outlawed from the Vale, and survivors from the desert. Many were warriors, with the mind of ring-dancers and their militant ideals or the clever skill and tactical nature of desert sand-stalkers. This band carried on their combative ideals and combined tactics; raising all of their get as fighters and making their lives to revolve around war.
Blackwater was prized among his family, large and extremely healthy despite a heritage of inbreeding that came from a desire to breed for strength and family lines. He was well loved, and well sought after, though his eyes quickly became focused on one other alone – his fair, young cousin, Snowdrop. When Snowdrop, adventurous and of a more loving nature than most of the family, ventured from their home, obsessive Blackwater pursued her and has been since, following her across the plains in an attempt to take her as a mate.


Name: Tesserae Moonbow
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10
Most Likely Found:
Family: Offspring: Owl Moonfoot, River-Reed Paleface
Other Relations:
Description: Tesser is a beautiful stallion, just now grown out of his gangly limbs and taking up the appearance of a typical plainsdweller. He is tall and lithe, yet retains a certain amount of muscle around his hind-end, forequarters and chest that make him appear a bit more bulky. He's a heliotrope reverse dun, colored powder blue at his tender points with royal blue and turquoise spattered throughout his coat and mane and tail. He has a jagged, irregular white blaze and one white sock above his one magenta hoof. The remainder of his hooves are all a bright blue, and his horn fades from magenta into a dark, dull blue.
Personality: Tesser is less of a thinker, and more of a doer. His strengths lie more in the physical, and despite his habit of being rather slow he is an excellent leader when pushed into the position. He has extreme faith in others, and tends to be something of a follower unless put under stress enough to bring out the leader in him. He is more about the here and the now, though he does dwell quite often on the band of fillies and foals he romped with one evening during a long dance in his foalhood. He looks forward to seeing the gathering of the band once again.


Name: Juju, True Name: Ju’Judam
Gender: Stallion
Age: Full grown
Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Abilities: He knows herbs well, he’s very fast and has an extreme stamina.
Family: Dam – Rah’kera (Deceased) Sire – Eptryust
Other Relations: Shoulder Friends – Aquarus, Har’lan and Danaet.
Description: His base coat is a dusty, dark, frozen river kind of blue, lightening up across his belly and chest. From his topline clear from between his ears to his croup he is run down with black, as if Alma dumped shadows down him and let them bleed. There is run off, quick, small streaks of the black down his thick neck and barrel, and streaks run down his almost painfully straight face. His muzzle grays to white around his lips, and there are several thick rivers of white that stream up from that paling around his lips. He is mottled with a few white bird catcher spots spread over his neck and shoulders. All four hooves are a deep ebony, and black spirals and winds up from his hooves, burning his canons black and weaving up around his knees and hocks, into his elbows and his sensitive points. His mane, tail and beard are all black, horn the same blue that lays under the black bled over him, and his eyes are a very clear, vibrant blue-green. He is long in the leg, impressively tall with a thick neck and set of shoulders, muscular hind quarters and legs.
Personality: Flamboyant, obnoxious and almost unbearable. Juju takes it upon himself to be the bane of most everyone’s existence, and delights in wreaking havoc on those around him. He is outgoing to a fault, flirty and charismatic with quite the track record. He’s quick to anger, slightly volatile and very unpredictable. He rebels in every aspect of life that he can, and always has. He is very crass and tends to offend most he speaks to, typically on purpose, sometimes on accident. He has little regard for those around them and their feelings, and is very dark and twisted in his personality and humor. He has matured over the years, though he is still rather childish and most dislike him. To true friends he is loyal to a fault, defending and fighting with them even if they are on the wrong side, but his true friends are rare.
Background: Juju was born in the Vale to a set of very loving parents, his dam Rah’kera and his sire Eptryust were both well established and proud warriors for the ring. In his early years he was a very normal young foal, a very sweet little thing even whom most tended to like quite well. He was rambunctious and loud as any colt should be, but he was polite and loving to nearly everyone he encountered, and was close to both of his parents but primarily to his dam. His dam was killed when he was young, and through a series of events Juju was turned from the lovable, docile little colt he had been raised and into an aggravating, annoying, dirty, mean monstrous little thing. When he was an adolescent, he spent some time out on the plains, adapted happily to that free way of life and remaining transient for a while before returning back to the Vale and trying to impose himself on anyone and everyone.


Name: Swallow, True Name: Sweet-Voiced-Swallow
Gender: Filly
Age: 4
Species: Plains Born
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Abilities: Air-head
Family: As of yet undiscovered.
Other Relations: Sire – Moonfollow, Dam – Winterstorm, Half-Sibs – Tarnache, Hollowfoot, Gracefell
Description: Swallow is still awkward in appearance, a young thing she’s got a lot of growing to do in a short amount of time and does not realize that she will not always look as she does now. She is stocky, thickly built and a little portly for her build, with thick knees and hocks and obnoxiously long ears. She’s all over a very drab, muted, dark gray with a very plain white blaze. She’s got one high white stocking on her left front leg and a black stocking on her right rear. She’s got a black sock on her right front leg. All four of her hooves are a light purple, as well as her horn. She’s already begun to sprout her beard despite her youth, and she’s got quite a healthy amount of hair running from her chest and down her belly. Her mane and tail, both incredibly thick and prone to tangling up are tri-colored, streaked through with white, cream and baby blue.
Personality: Swallow is an awkward little thing – greatly sheltered by her Sire, Moonfollow and a bit reluctant to branch out because of the funny looks she’s gotten in the past and some of the teasing that she gets because of her awkward build and her ample amount of fur. She sticks to those she knows, though she feigns a good amount of confidence when forced outside of her comfort zone. She’s very friendly, but very, very, very unsure of herself. She assumes the worst of everyone in that they are thinking only about her faults, and perhaps in this she draws further attention to her faults. She is a dreamer, always thinking about what she wants and feels she can never have – the attention of handsome stallions and good friends who will not judge her, adventure beyond things that she is capable of in places that she will never see.
Background: Sweet-Voiced-Swallow was named by her sire, not her dam – who just so happened to be a brand new mother. Moonfollow, an aged, well experienced father stuck with Winterstorm to help her raise Swallow, but when the responsibility proved to be too much for the youngster she abandoned Moonfollow and Swallow late one evening. Without any other idea as for what to do with the just weaned youngster, Moonfollow retreated to the Vale with her where he raised her for quite some time. Moonfollow and the sire of a dear friend of Swallow's recently decided however to move to the Hills, and Swallow has adjusted quite well.


Name: Dancer, True Name: Ebondancer
Gender: Mare
Age: 8 Summers
Species: Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Plains
Abilities: She could rally the dead, were the task ever given to her. Not charming, per say, but offhandedly inspiring.
Family: Sire – Nightcloud, Dam – Ashendance, Older Sib - Smokestep
Other Relations: Alma’s Stars, and something of an enemy in a stallion named White-Shoulders.
Description: A pale rose coat which fades to pale cream, or bone white, on the underbelly. Her mane, tail, horn, legs, muzzle, etc. (all her dark points) are ebony. She has a pretty dancer's frame, though quite lithe from running across the plains. There is a small, crescent scar upon her front left cannon, a memory of days long passed.
Personality: Dancer is a unique mare. She is very intelligent and enjoys listening to others and offering aid to others when it comes to solving problems or settling disputes. She has an excellent mind and ear for those in need, and a bleeding heart for those who need her help. She is a giving, generous soul and her self-sacrifice for those around her knows few bounds. Despite her self-lessness, she is not one to be used nor walked upon. She knows well her limits and her boundaries, and she is not afraid to tell those who would take advantage of her kindness just where to take it.

She has developed and grown into a mare that will not show fear, or allow it to direct her life, perhaps because of the fated meeting with the grass-cat. Whatever the case, Dancer has taken the idea of fear and used it to her advantage. She faces the things that she fears the most, and in developing this bold faced habit she has developed an intelligence and intuition that has served her well in her life despite her youth, and plays excellently into the advice and counsel she gives to others.

She is confident in herself through the manipulation of her fear, and she will stand up for what she believes is right though she will not force her ideals on anyone. She is a pacifist, given the gift of a firm backbone and unbending moral code. She is comfortable in her own being, a rare and valuable gift among those her age and one she does not often realize.
Background: When she was four and a half, Dancer left her dam and older sister, Smokestep, to travel alongside her sire, Nightcloud. The two pale look-a-likes have since gone their seperate ways, though they occasionally see each other. She has placed her sire in high regards, and remains very close to him despite the distance and the few times she has seen him since their split. Dancer has traveled to the Hallow Hills a few times in the past to visit with a few good friends she made on the plains and keep a lasting relationship with them, but they haven't seen each other in 2 years.


Name: Danaet, True Name: Danatial
Gender: Stallion
Age: Full Grown
Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Abilities: He could sleep through a hurricane, if the Vale were a bit closer to the coast.
Family: Sire - Hirashel, Dam - Ayan, Twin Sib - Dayucan, Other sibs - Trisan, Dayosun
Other Relations: Shoulder Friends - Glitter, Juju, Webb(NPC)
Description: A long, tall, bulky thing Danaet and his twin Dayucan have overshadowed their sire dramatically, and all others in their family. He’s a big unicorn, he moves slow and relatively gracefully despite the fact he looks so bulky. He’s a vibrant dappled orange bay unicorn, with white spattering his roman nose and across his forehead and ears. He’s got a black mane and tail, while his beard is a white to match the spattering on his face. He’s got four white socks of varying sizes, white hooves and a slightly curved horn of that vibrant orange that themes his body. His eyes are clear, bright, sincere blue.
Personality: Danaet is a romantic first and foremost. He’s lazy, laid back, gentle and kind hearted. It takes a heck of a lot to get this big guy upset, and even when he’s upset he’s a pussy cat. He’s comfortable in his own pelt, to the point there’s rarely anything that anyone can say about him to get him riled. He’s considered quite boring by some, though he’s a steadfast friend and a dedicated lover.

A little bit lazy, and very quiet Danaet can be a little bland at first, but get to know him and you’ll see in him a passion matched by few others.
Background: Danaet and his twin brother Dayucan were born after their parents first trip to the summer sea, a set of healthy, strong babies they grew at an alarming rate and were raised by a pair of ultra-traditional unicorns. Roughly two years after they were born their parents had another set of twins, relatively early in the birth. They were both small and in the beginning of their lives they were relatively sickly and much attention was focused on Trisan and Dayosun, leaving Danaet and Dayucan to their own devices. The two got to running with a crowd of youngsters that their damn would not have liked to see them with at all, but it did not come to her attention until late that Danaet and Dayucan were paling around with the likes of Juju and his gang of misfit hellions.

Despite running with a rather wild crowd, Danaet remained calm and laid back, and even relatively naive in the face of the way Juju and his friends lived. He made his first trip to the Summer Sea only because his dam woke him up in time to get moving. For seasons after that he missed the trip, and in the years that he did make it he never found himself a mate. He’s living the life of a bachelor, though he has had his eyes on one mare in particular – though unfortunately he slept through the last trip to the Sea, and Glitter was mated to Juju on this trip.


Name: Amanas
Gender: Stallion
Species: Vale-Dweller
Most Likely Found:The Plains
Abilities: He's a decent healer, an excellent fighter, quick witted and clever, he's got extreme endurance and he's fairly sure footed.
Family: Sire - Amina (decd) Dam - Shyantha, Ket - Sister, Teya - Daughter
Other Relations:Shoulder-friend: Luckspark
Description: Blood Roan Minimal pinto, with a terribly knotted, matted mane, giving him the appearance of dreadlocks.
Personality: Edgy and intense, Amanas is a wild, restless spirit. Constantly on the edge, either pushed their by his own hunger for a rush or by the world itself he's an adventurer. He's gone far and wide across the Plains, venturing everywhere his feet can take him and dreaming of those places that he can't go. He is a gypsy of sorts, a plains dweller in most every sense of the word. He cannot stay stationary for long, it wears at him and tires him, he grows restless and lethargic, he must be moving and he must be challenged. He can be pushy, and a bit overbearing at times with a wild, hot anger and little patience for anything or anyone.
Background: Following the Battle of Endingfire and all of the radical changes that took place, Amanas, who did fight in the Battle returned to the Vale and Ket and Teya, but he did not remain in the Vale long. Curiosity got the better of him and he took to the plains, and he was lost to them. He changed a bit, and he embraced the changes in himself and in his lifestyle. He has traveled as far as he can, venturing everywhere that he can, and he has returned to the Vale several times to visit with Ket and Teya, but he has not taken another mate, and he does not observe the ways of free love - his heart remains tied to one mare, and no one else and he abhors the flirtatious attention of mares.

Diffetto- Retired

Name: Diffetto
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10 summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Family: Parents deceased, one brother, Oropinus Felan (NPC for now, I may bring him into play at a later time.)
Other Relations:
Description: Diffetto is mostly a rich, bold crimson, spare for the four golden socks on his legs, the sock on his left hind leg traveling up to his flank. Half of his face is ebony, the other half the bold crimson that covers most of his body, and his neck is collared in that same ebony on either side, from his jaw to his shoulders, spilling down his breast and ending in a sharp V just between his forelegs. His mane and tail are a bright orange, while the beard on his chin is a bright yellow, matching the gold that spills down his legs and that feathers off of them. His horn is ebony, and all of his hooves are ebony, spare for the hoof belonging to the leg that is completely yellow, and that hoof is the same fiery orange of his mane and tail. He is built well, thick muscled and sturdy of bone, he would be an intimidating force to tangle with.
Personality: Diffetto is a quiet, cranky and constantly brooding soul. He is grumpy for no apparent reason, and would appear to be someone that one wouldnt like to befriend, as he can be cruel, and obviously holds others emotions quite carelessly, or it would seem. He does not frolic, nor does he prance. He is serious, and does not say much, and when he does its only if speaking is severely needed, or in the instance he is so perturbed with someone or something that he must voice it before violently nipping the flanks of whomever brought his wrath upon themselves. He is ferociously loyal to anyone whom can put up with his cruelty long enough to earn his friendship, and he can be quite sweet, and sometimes even fun if he is comfortable enough with a soul, or his emotions run high enough to put him in such a state.
Background: Diffetto wandered for much of his childhood with his brother, Felan, after their dam was killed by a wild dog upon the plains while they were grazing one hot, humid day. His sire, whom he never knew, supposedly looked amazingly like him, and was killed in a battle with another plains dweller. His mother told he and Felan that his sire fought to protect them, and died heroically. Though the reasonings may have been a bit.. embellished by the devoted and love struck mare. Diffetto keeps the reasoning to himself, and has never told a soul of his past, though it plagues him at times. He became mean spirited and fool hardy as he roamed with his little brother, until the day came that a fought split the two up, and each went opposite directions. Diffetto has neither seen nor heard anything of Felan since, and is not bothered by the absence of his brother, though he sometimes does wonder about the young stallion. Any other knowledge on Diffettos past will have to be acquired directly from the stallion.