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Arazulo - hiatus

Name: Arazulo
Gender: Stallion
Age: 16
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Warrior and messenger
Family: Mate: Alanaria
Children: Xaeral
Other Relations:
Description: Razu's brilliant, shimmering azure pelt deepens to navy in his hardened long-distance runner's hooves, adorned with mahogany fetlocks. His eyes sparkle with a lighter blue, a gleaming cyan that reflects his inner mischief. His mane and tail tassel are a similar hue, and his spiralled horn defies the sun in its brilliant golden tint.
Personality:Although Razu does portray a certain amount of mischief, he is kind at heart and would give anything to protect a friend or a loved one, as was proven by a certain deed he has not the blessing to recall. For this azure stallion suffers amnesia and cannot bring himself to remember anything past awakening on a battlefield, alone, cold, and with a pounding headache. He is noble, but oft vengeful, and will not rest if one who hurt him or his friends has not suffered for his or her crime.
Background: Having amnesia, he had no idea that Alanaria and Xaeral even existed save for a single memory of Nari standing on a hillock and looking at him, Xae prancing gleefully about her in the tall plains grasses he knows no more as home ... This one memory was eventually joined by another of chasing Nari away from the Longdance. From this, he learnt her name. With the help of his new friends Cocoro and Gearran, Razu was recently reunited with his lost beloved and is being tutored concerning his forgotten past.

Alanaria - hiatus

Name: Alanaria
Gender: Mare
Age: 14
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Plains
Abilities: Singer sometimes, but otherwise just a normal plainsdweller.
Family: Mate: Arazulo
Children: Xaeral
Other Relations:
Description: Once known by Razu as "my rosy love," Nari is just that - with the pink blush pelt of a rose, her grace is seemingly unparalleled when one looks upon her for the first time. A red blanket of spots on her rump and two splotches of a similar ruby hue adorn this innocent tint, along with an eye-catching striped cherry-and-azure mane and full tail. She also has four blue stockings with regular lemony stripes along her cannons.
Personality: Though she was once a conceited, flirtatious piece of work, meeting and falling in love with Razu fixed her up tremendously. She's a sweetheart as well as graceful, and it takes an awful lot to get on her bad side (lots more than it takes to anger her mate), but she's adopted Razu's sense of vengeance.
Background: She has a phobia of and a hate for gryphons of all shapes and sizes thanks to Arazulo's unfortunate encounter. Whilst on the search for her mate, she became depressed and constantly woeful, altogether not very much fun to be around at all. Very recently, she improved somewhat, and was rewarded by the ultimate success.

Xaeral - hiatus

Name: Xaeral
Gender: Mare
Age: 4
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Plains
Abilities: Decent Fighter
Family: Sire - Arazulo, Dam - Alanaria
Other Relations:
Description: Xae is pied shining gold like her sire's horn and lemony yellow parallel to her dam's leg striping, with a colorful combination of her parents' mane and tail as well - Her mane and tail tassel (she looks pure unicorn despite being 1/4 Da) are cyan mimicking Razu's with the cherry striping of Nari. Her hooves gleam with an eye-catching and surprising lilac, and her eyes are a ghost-like silver.
Personality: Though she is far less vengeful than either parent and more openly accepting of plainsdwellers, valedwellers, hilldwellers, gryphons and pans alike, it is because of an inherent cynicism towards all sentient creatures. She doesn't truly believe in happy endings thanks to so long spent on an apparent wild goose chase, and even after finding her long-lost father retains constant skepticism.
Background: She is very rapidly becoming a hormonal teenager and it is obvious in her mannerisms and the intensification of the pessimistic nature which was already present in her personality


Name: Roxanne
Gender: Mare
Age: Full-grown; even she's not really sure of the exact number
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Anywhere on the plains, and never ever again in the Pan Woods
Abilities: Seductress
Family:Sire - Hathan
Dam - Chixa
Mate: Many different victims. To name a few for historical purposes: Trett, Cinderhoof, Nargent.
Siblings by Chixa - Tarx, Dex, Vixet to name a few
Siblings by Hathan - Makan, Ailis
Children: Several
Other Relations:
Description: Her body is dusty blue with a slightly paler belly and darker topline, where her blue flirts with black. The very tip of her tail, her jaw, her knees and the fur at hte base of her horn are darker blue as well. Behind her elbows and in front of her haunches on her belly are scatterings of dapples and there are trails of small navy spots that circles under her amber eyes and extend a few inches down her face. Her muzzle fades to white (and a little pink) and a short stripe extends out from the white about halfway to her horn, which is dark blue at the base and near-white at the tip. Her ear tassels are dark blue, her legs are white and her tail tassel is white. Her mane is a mix of very dark blue, dusty blue and white, and her beard is divided into three parts: dark blue closest to her neck, middle blue and then white.
Personality: Roxie is a coy, arrogant, conceited, flirtatious, selfish, mean, commitment-phobic, materialistic, superficial, manipulative piece of work. She has spent her life wandering, finding young bachelors to seduce them for the pleasures of being doted upon by lovestruck colts. In this way she has developed a warped sense of lifestyle, much like the courtisanes of Bohemian-Revolution-era Paris. In essence, Roxanne is not a nice mare.
Background: As she grew from foal to adult, Roxanne noticed the scope of the influence she had on the opposite sex. As any intelligent mare with her innate personality might, she proceeded to ruthlessly exploit this influence for personal profit. (Here's where I'd love for anyone to pop in - former conquests and children; both are welcome!) Her latest victim, a naive youth by the name of Nargent (Gent, to be NPC-ed), spent a few months with Roxie before she gave him the slip. He remained so enthralled with her that his romantic blindness led him to believe that she had been kidnapped, and he took to following her trail. Roxie has become intensely annoyed with Gent and plans to find a new, preferably large and handsome, conquest in order to drive her stalker away for good. What if she breaks his heart? To tell the truth, she couldn't care less. Her dam is a dove grey mare named Chixa and she has a half-brother (same mother) who is a monstrous silver bay named Tarx, who in turn is the half-brother (same sire) of Bloodkiss, the deceased father of Alibi.


Name: Hepaphroditus
Gender: Stallion
Age:17 summers
Species:Full-blooded Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities:Dancing, flirting, a bit of storytelling
Family: Mate: here must have been a hundred casual encounters by now, most recently Kahain. Currently with Irridence.
Children: Many, most of which he has never seen.
Other Relations:
Description: Hepaph is a dark, rich, and warmly colored chocolate dun tobiano stallion, with a wide blaze on his face and kind, amber eyes. His horn is somewhat unevenly colored brown, and his white markings stray randomly about his body, flowing seamlessly into his mane and tail tassel. His beard is also dually colored, the front part snowy white and the rear mimicking his pelt. Dun as he is, the tips of his mane and tail tassel are pitch black, and he sports dark primitive markings on his back, neck, shoulder, and legs where they aren't cut off by variably high stocking markings tipped with silver hooves.
Personality: This particular stallion has an incurable interest in the girls, and is uncannily good at wooing those he truly finds to be beautiful. He's been like this all his life, and it gets him into a certain amount of trouble, but he's just so nice that no one really has the heart to punish him thoroughly, so he just goes out and does it again.
Background: As a colt in the Vale, Hepaph was never suited to the warrior future his parents wanted him to have. He was initiated like any other young stallion, but when he looked in the Mere of the Moon he saw death on a battlefield... and fled. Since, he has roamed the Plains largely alone, although he occasionally runs with a herd if he takes a liking to any particular young mare. For those of the female persuasion have become his solace; never has he truly loved outside his family (and that bond was strained at best), but there is no Longdance that does not know his presence.


Name: Tarx (nicknames: Monster, Big Guy, Wow That Colt Is Huge, etc. Roxie gets away with calling him Dolt)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Born on the Plains and rarely leaves it
Abilities: Enormous size and impressive strength
Family: Family: Dam-Chixa; Sire-Unknown; Half-siblings by Chixa-Roxanne, Vixet, Dex, to name a few.
Other Relations: N/A
Description: Completely enormous. Tarx is what a tank might look like if it was a unicorn instead of a tank. However, he's not built bulkily like a draft; more like a very tall and thick thoroughbred or sport horse. He's the colour of chestnuts, with a paler yellowish underbelly and dark reddish topline. Soft yellow-gold spots cover his hindquarters and part of his flanks on both sides, and his tail fades to black before the tassel roots begin. His knees are black but his legs fade back out to white. His ear tufts and mane are also white, and his beard is tri-coloured: white in front, chestnut in the middle and darker brown in back. He also has a white muzzle swooping up to a stripe that ends halfway up his face, and his horn starts the same chestnut brown as his body but fades to black as if it was charred. In short, he's powerful and handsome, in a very big kind of way.
Personality: Kind and boisterous, with a sense of humour that allows him to laugh at people as much as with them. However, he tends to get away with it since many of his jokes are at his own expense, as well. Tarx just tends to find the world in general pretty entertaining. He's also far nicer than any who connect the dots with his half-sister Roxanne might expect, and does a lot of favours. Particularly for said half-sister, who uses him as a deterrent for former conquests looking to get back in. Tarx finds this hilarious.
Background: Tarx hasn't had many adventures, and doesn't envy those who have. He's danced the longdance to its end a fair few times but never found any one mare worth settling down with; most are in awe at the beauty and grace he inevitably inherited from his dam and leave him before he leaves them anyway. Those are just the type of mares he tends to attract. It does bother him on occasions, but then something's funny and he goes on enjoying himself.


Name: Nargent
Age: Barely full-grown
Species:Full-blooded unicorn
Most Likely Found:Born in the Vale, raised in the Hills, but now spends much of his time on the Plains
Abilities: Relatively prolific warrior, though most of his grace is used for dance
Family: N/A - open to suggestions? =D
Other Relations:Roxanne, former lover
Description: Nargent's physical presence is not formidable, although he has some height and certainly is nice to look at. Everything about him is long, elegant lines and lean muscle rather than heavy strength, and it is with nimble feet and horn that he could best a great deal of opponents at sparring. He is a steely grey in colour, with a pale silver back and head. His legs, mane, tail, ear tufts, beard and horn are a muddy golden brown, while his eyes are bright, pale sea green. One uneven stocking decorates his left hind leg, and a blaze runs down his face from the base of his horn to his chin.
Personality:Mentally unstable at best, Nargent has been raised on romantic ideals which would be expected to inspire many. Unfortunately in his mind they have festered and grown, becoming gnarled and twisted and blown hugely out of proportion as his subconscious manipulates them. As a result, he is loving to the point of fixation; loyal to the point of obsession; brave to the point of suicide.
Background:Nargent's single mother migrated with him to the Hallow Hills when he was very young, all the while feeding him romantic stories of Jan and Tek and the dragons and the wyverns, as well as her own fables meant to reinforce strong moral values in a young foal she hoped would grow to be a good soul. And yet, despite the honourable intent, the silver colt was not made of the same mould as other unicorns, and his poor unsteady mind took his mother's words too far. He overreacts to everything, takes everything one step further than it should be taken. And when Nargent took to the Plains in the hopes of playing the hero, he stumbled across a longdance and there, a glorious mare named Roxanne. He danced with her, and traveled with her, and fell in love with her as only Nargent can fall: too hard. As she attempted to wean him off of her, he constantly dragged her back, convinced another stallion was trying to steal her from him, never considering for an instant she might have tired of his affections. She has finally wrested herself from him, but he has taken it upon himself to comb the Longdances, where he is sure he will find her with another, and bring her back to him.


Age: 11
Species:Pure-blooded unicorn
Most Likely Found:Plains, although he's more likely to wander into the Vale or the Hills than his siblings.
Abilities:If unicorns had IQ tests, he would beat them.
Family:Dam--Chixa, Sire--Sneek, Half-siblings by Chixa--Roxie, Tarx, Vixet, etc.
Other Relations: Um... open? 8D
Description:Dex is robust and compact without being too short, and his colour and personality make him appear bigger than he is. Brilliant fire orange is his base colour, which darkens and reddens at his topline and grows paler and yellower at his belly. His knees, mane, tail and ears are a rich, deep wine red and his legs below the knee are the typical X family white. His shoulders are dappled with the same yellow-gold as his belly, his eyes are tawny gold and his horn is orange at the root and darkens to deep, near-black red at the tip. His muzzle is white, and stains the front portion of his otherwise orange beard.
Personality: Always the brains of the family, Dex's personality dominated by his intellect. He is incessantly logical and thorough, and can be almost overwhelmingly profound; and like most geniuses, he gets bored a lot. Unfortunately for those around him, he also inherited his sire's silly, bizarre sense of humour--this combined with intelligence and boredom usually result in the reason why boisterously good-humoured younger brother Tarx thoroughly enjoys his fire-coloured sibling's company. From pranks to storytelling and blistering wit, Dex is entertainment at its finest, so long as you're not the butt of the joke.
Background:Dex was the only one of the younger trio of Chixa's children to have known Roxanne in his earliest years, though he remembers very little of her from that time. Mostly, he remembers Tarx and, later, Vixet, and then of course their time as a foursome, when they called themselves the X Band in honour of their mysterious grandsire. In that time, he was the brains of the band, while Roxie was the charm and sarcasm, Tarx the good humour, and Vixet the rampant emotion. Besides the adventures of youth, the years traipsing the plains from dance to dance, Dex has had little adventure in his life, but would certainly relish one. It would occupy his rampant mind.


Name: Sunfrost (or Solelada, sometimes Lela)
Gender: Mare
Age: Full-grown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: Plainsdweller (Vale runaway)
Family:Mate: Vialadd (Griffinheart) - deceased - and, later, Jakar
Children: Vialada (Icebird) by Vialadd - thought to be dead - and Secretheart by Jakar
Other Relations:
Description: Sunfrost is dove gray across most of her pelt, cut on her rump by four stripes resembling lightning bolts. Her legs are an almost lilac blue, as are her hooves, her horn is lemony gold, and her eyes are warm brown. Her mane, tail, beard, and ear tassels are black, but there is a distinct blue glow to them in the right light.
Personality: Sunfrost's personality shifts with the weather. When it is warm, so is she. When the cold hits, her heart hardens and hibernates. No matter what the season, however, there are a few traits which can be counted on. The first and most obvious is her occasionally frustratingly one-track mind. It does sometimes come in handy, as it gives her tremendous willpower, but in everyday situations it's just annoying to those around her.
Background: Her personality is as it is for three reasons, the first being that her mother died during Korr's winter. She could have forgiven that alone, but her lover, her beloved Vialadd (whom she called Griffinheart), also died during a winter, albeit a later one. She never fully recovered from this second loss, and to make matters worse, she gave birth to his filly and lost her in yet another winter. She ran away from her home in the Vale afer this, makin a new home and a new name for herself on the plains. She changed her title to Sunfrost, for it was the meaning of her truename, Solelada. She has few friends, byt many acquantances, and no longer dares to love anyone; not even the father of her second daughter. She is currently wandering the plains with him, their progeny, and Trouble.


Name: Teig'kangara aka Teigra
Gender: Mare
Age: 11 winters
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: dreamer and modest singer
Other Relations:
Description: Mustard gold covers the majority of her body, fading to brilliant lilac on her legs and deep, brassy mahogany on her elegant face, which sports the mark of an azure stripe and eye-spot. Her horn and hooves share the same burnt orange hue as the seven perfect stripes on her hindquarters, and her mane, beard, and ear tassels are emerald green. The tassel of her tail begins the same grassy hue, but fades out to perfect, snowy white. She is slim, and short for her breed at around fourteen hands, but is perfectly proportionnate, save for her startlingly long tail.
Personality: Exceptionally timid, Teigra warms up to friendly folk quite easily, but any who insult or mistreat her will end up having a hard time becoming friends with her. She is a hopeless romantic, proven in part by her favorite lay: the magical story of Calydor and Ses.
Background: Her romanticism may be fulfilled! She danced the longdance to its end with the handsome Ewan, though this has now filled her with fear as well as joy: what will her sire, Titus, say of her pairing with a Renegade?