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Other Info: A hyper and likable sort. Friendly round the clock and always up for a chat with energy to spare and ideas to share.


Name: Alucalypto; known as Alu
Gender: Stallion
Age: Seven years
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: On the Plain's and The Pan Woods.
Abilities: None that has yet to be discovered
Family: Sire- Tsu, Dam-Calee, Older halfsister- Alusalka
Other Relations: Newly met – Morgain and Sundew
Description: A mildly-muscled youth, Alu is a dark bay overo with patches of blue that start light and end dark. He has a thin white streak on the left side of his face that runs across the side and starts toward the end of his muzzle and runs somewhat straight, keeping above his eye and ending a the tip of his fetlock.
Personality: Alu is a light-hearted character. He’s gentle by nature and quite down to earth, though details often slip past his mind so he often forgets things. His way of thinking is modest, so he never boasts and maintains his manners; however, he becomes a problem when the chain of command is enforced as he dislikes being told what to do. When faced with new situations, He tries to face it with an open heart but is hesitant to trust his own judgment, not to mention awkward moments kill his confidence. All-in-all this young stallion doesn’t find it hard to be himself and is a comfort to everyone he meets and will stand next to his friends through thick-and-thin.
Background: Alu was among the first few foals born in the Hallow Hills after it was won back from the Wyverns. His dam was a Warrior-of-the-Ring who’d found love in a curious Plainsdweller. Alu spent the first few years of his life in the Hill till his mother grew homesick (or so he thinks) and moved into the Vale where he has spent the reminder of his life till now within it, awaiting the day when he may become A warrior of the ring and return to the Hills.


Name:Glint of Silver Water, Or Glint Silverwater
Age: Full grown, but youthful
Most Likely Found: On the Plains, though dares to wander close to the Hallow Hills from time to time.
Abilities:Fancies herself a singer, as do others. She can change her voice to whatever is needed to express the song fairly well, though generally has a soft, clear voice that some can find ominous with it's clarity.
Family:Dam: Filleelilah Sire: Barknose
Other Relations:Springcloud - Half-brother
Description:Glint is a mild metallic silver with muti-colored spots running the length of her body, mostly on her rump and torso. She has three white shanks and one black point that fades into lighter greys before turning white above the knee. There are few lightning-like paint markings on her : One that runs from her shoulder to her girth and a a small one on her neck where her mane is white. She also has a bizarre facial marking that is white that extends over the side of her face rather then the flat of it, tracing her nose, maw and left eye. Her mane and tail are a medium flaxen, as are her hooves, and her horn is a light flaxen while her eyes are a goldenrod yellow.
As for Glint's body structure, the mare is lithe as most plainsdwellers are with a slight arabian curve in her head. Her neck is long, narrow-like but proportional, as are her longs which carry her smoothly across the ground in greater strides, making her a great sprinter, though some may call her gangly for it. With her catching coat and body, it's unsurprising that stallions may be caught in awe of her.
Personality:Glint is a mare who seems confidante in herself and is not likely to be pushed around by others. She is kind-hearted and tempered, with a sense for survival and humor that makes her a most gracious ally. And while she is energetic, friendly, one who goes with the flow and fights for the good times as well as, at times, naive, don't think to for moment she can be fooled and wooed easily. Behind her facade is a ruthless spirit, ferocity, and cunning that could deceive the most dexterous of hunters. Every rose has it's thorns...
Background: Not much can really be said on Glint's behalf. Her life has been as average as a leaf on a plant. While they may differ in shape and size, they are green and follow the same method of converting sunlight and thus unextrorindinary. So, in a way, her life begins now. Having left the comfort of her parents side some years ago, Glint has at last grown into her own legs and casts about the Plains fearlessly alongside her brother Springcloud from time to time, awaiting whatever and wherever the winds take her.


Name:Truename: Cinngaran
Age: Full grown, about 16 years of age
Most Likely Found: In the Hallow Hills
Abilities: Moderate ability as a Warrior
Family:Family: Dam: Di'shaa Sire: Rhdairo Younger sister: Calee
Other Relations:Alucalypto~ Nephew-by-Law
Description:Garan is basically a golden pinto with orange coloring along his belly, face and legs that deepens into a true red. His mane,tail and beard are of the same uniform red while his horn is the same golden yellow, if not a tint or two lighter then his base coat. He has one white sock on his left forefoot and cornets on the rest and a small streak of white on his brow. His paint markings are vaugely star shaped and are spread far and few on his body.
Personality: As is trait with is family, Garan is a curious and free-spirited guy with a sense for the eccentric. He trustworthy and has earned a fair keep of life-long friends with his loyalty and kind despotion, but don't think Garan is just a cool rock. While his temper isn't what it used to be Garan is fiercely defensive over his friends and his own freedom and therefore tends to defy any intrication given to him, be it through manner or in good humor.
There is a part of his nature that is aloof and sometimes it can be difficult to tell when he is jesting or being sincere about what he is saying. Or he may seem a little to comfortable with someone he had only just met. For times like this he usually a shoulder friend around him to buffer away the awkwardness, but not always.
Being energetic, Garan is almost always game for a mock battle or a game of sorts, especially racing. Though he is rather bad at it Garan enjoys playing a few tricks now and then on his fellow friends should the day prove unfruitful to his liking. Yet, despite his love for excerise, he finds nothing wrong with a lazy day.
Background:Born during Korr's reign as prince, Garan was raised into a family that was traditional, normal. Other then facing the traumatic events of Korr's Winter, in which he lost both his sire and dam, Garan's life was as normal as anyone who lived under both Korr's and Jan's reign and fought in the Battle of Endingfire. Today Garan dwells within the Hallow Hills, praising Alma for each day he lives.