Name: Keahi (truename: A'keihit, meaning flames)
Gender: Mare
Age: Halfgrown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Wandering the Plains
Abilities: A skilled warrior
Family: At one point she was mated to Teraff, but they have long sense become estranged from one another. She is the mother of twins, a filly and foal, named Bandele and Souk. Keahi is the only daughter of Calia (deceased) and Isbin, she has two older brothers Kyros (deceased) and Keelii, who is mated to Ulina and has a daughter named Leiko. She also has an aunt, Isbin's sister Ryoka, and a cousin the same age as her.
Other Relations: She has spent the past two years traveling with her shoulderfriend Riverswift and her son Frolic.
Description: A striking red roan, her coat is a pale red with berry stained points and hazel eyes. A tall, leggy mare, she is built slender and lean yet still manages to maintain an overall athletic, muscular appearance.
Personality: Although generally playful and fun loving, she can be very hotheaded and impulsive, with a sharp temper. She in known to be proud, confident, headstrong, and independent. Keahi is extremely loyal to those she cares about, and very protective of her offspring.
Background: She was one of the last foals born upon the Vale before the Battle for the Hills. Although she was not weaned, her mother, Calia, was not about to be left out of the fight, and so Keahi was left with her sire's sister, Ryoka, who had a foal her age, while the rest of her family (including her two older brothers Kyros and Keelii) went to fight. Keahi never saw her mother or her oldest brother, again. Raised then by her sire, aunt and her brother's family, she departed with them shortly after Ending Fire to return to the Vale. After her initiation she became quite the wanderer, and while traveling across the Plains she met the foreign stallion Teraff. They pledged at the Summer Seas and soon after she found herself in foal. The two traveled back to the Hallow Hills so Teraff could join Ring of Warriors, but the night before his initiation Keahi, heavily pregnant by this time, left their grotto to get a drink of water. She was attacked by a hillcat and, although she managed to defend herself and save her life, hit her head which caused her to loose her memory. She roamed the Hills with her twin, newborn foals for some time until they accidentally stumbled into Teraff. Terrified by the large stallion, and not remembering that he was at one time her mate, she fled to the Plains where she was later attacked by two halfgrown stallions (young warriors of the slave herd who were on patrol and trying to prove themselves). Being much more of a seasoned warrior she managed to kill one and scare the other off, although she was heavily wounded in the processes. She then fell in with an elder Plains mare, who helped to heal her wounds and gradually aided her in gaining back her memory - although parts of her past are still a bit scattered. Some time after departing the elder mare's company she fell in with a pregnant Plainsdweller named Riverswift and the two have been traveling together since. While she mourns the loss of her mate, Keahi accepts it as Alma's will.

Bandele Lostrose

Name: Bandele Lostrose (truename: Tebandelaet, meaning born away from home)
Gender: Filly
Age: weanling
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Wandering the Plains with her dam and twin brother
Abilities: Nothing developed yet
Family: The daughter of Teraff and Kaehi, she also has a twin brother named Souk. Her maternal grandparents are Isbin and Calia (deceased), and her aunts and uncles consist of Keelii, Ulina, Kyros (deceased), and Tifaya. She also has a cousin named Leiko.
Other Relations: Having grown up relatively separate from other unicorns, she knows only her dam's shoulderfriend Riverswift, who has a son a year younger than the twins named Frolic.
Description: Her coat is a beautiful rose shade that darkens into maroon dun points and is laced with brindles; her eyes are amber. Because of her sire's lineage, she is not only taller than other fillies her age but she is also built a lot heavier with more muscle and bone density. Yet she still manages to retain some of her mother's more refined features, and as she ages she is slowly blossoming into a young beauty - even if she still a bit clumsy.
Personality: Very cheerful and full of life, Bandele is very boisterous and often just plain silly. She has a hard time being serious in any type of situation, and is usually looking to get into some sort of mischief. She is only the youngest sibling by a few minutes, but she is very much the baby sister and usually looks to her brother not only for protection, but also to get her out of trouble. Although she was raised well away from most other unicorns, she is very friendly and open, having little reservations towards strangers.
Background: see Keahi

Souk Soulkin

Name: Souk Soulkin (truename: Rasouk, meaning guardian)
Gender: Stallion
Age: weanling
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Wandering the Plains with his dam and sister
Abilities: Nothing developed yet
Family: The son of Teraff and Kaehi, he has a twin sister named Bandele. His maternal grandparents are Isbin and Calia (deceased), and his aunts and uncles consist of Keelii, Ulina, Kyros (deceased), and Tifaya. He also has a cousin named Leiko.
Other Relations: Having grown up relatively separate from other unicorns, he knows only his dam's shoulderfriend Riverswift, who has a son a year younger than the twins named Frolic.
Description: A handsome bay roan, his coat is a rich mixture of earthen brown and black hairs, as opposed to the white of traditional roans. His points darken into true black, and his eyes are amber. Due to his sire's lineage, Souk is easily taller and heavier than most colts his age. He is solid in build, and rather stout, with a heavily muscled, powerful frame.
Personality: Generally very reserved and stoic, he has a calm, watchful demeanor that makes him appear twice his age. Souk is much more cautious and untrusting than his sister, and he does not open up easily to strangers. Bull headed and defiant, he is usually the twin to breaks the rules and paired with his extreme stubbornness he often butts heads with his dam. He is very protective of his loved ones, even at a young age, and he will do anything to protect them and keep them from harm.
Background: see Keahi


Name: Caspia (truename: means misty, she was known as 'Cas' on the Hallow Hills)
Gender: Mare
Age: Young halfgrown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: Renegade, and a bit of laysinger
Family: The daughter of Zen and Isa, two highly respected warriors, she has an older brother named Amaryn. She is currently heavily in foal.
Other Relations: Gearran, a dear shoulderfriend who she danced one night with and who is the sire of her unborn foal.
Description: A sky blue brindle, she has pale silver brindling that is concentrated mostly on her neck, shoulders, barrel and flanks, leaving her head and legs solid. Her mane, tassel, beard, and horn are pale silver and her eyes are green. She is visibly young, with barely a beard on her chin. Average height for a mare, she is still has much of the gangliness of a filly, yet she is well built and will mature with a good amount of heft and muscle.
Personality: Very sweet spoken and mild mannered, one would never guess she is from a family of prominent warriors. Very friendly and open-hearted, it takes a lot to get a rise out of her as she does her best to be diplomatic and keep a civil head. She forgives easily, and not one for holding grudges. Very unsure of herself, she can often come across as being shy and she is clearly nervous around strangers. She looks to her companions for guidance and she gets uncomfortable when she thinks she is being judged.
Background: One of the first foals to be conceived and born on the Hallow Hills, she is the youngest child of two well respected warriors but her gentle nature always seemed to keep her in the shadows. The night before her initiation into the Ring of Warriors she fled to the Plains and since then she has been traveling across the Mare's Back. For a while she fell in with a band of other young halfgrowns, but after dancing the Long Dance with one of her companions she left them and has since been on her own.


Name: Rhys (truename: A'rhysu, meaning golden)
Gender: Stallion
Age: Adult, roughly 20
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: in the Vale, standing sentry and teaching would-be initiates battle lore
Abilities: Warrior, trainer of initiates
Family: The son of Ree and Esura, who are now herd elders, he had a younger sister named Hadiya, who was killed by a formel when she was a nursling.
Other Relations: He has formed a close bond with the scarlet mare Cam.
Description: A vibrant saffron, he is covered in bone-white spots that solidify around his legs to make four socks and around his muzzle to leave it white. His mane and tail tassel are a two-tone mix on bone and gold. A handsomely made stallion, he is both tall and muscular. Well built with a broad chest and deep girth, although he is a bit on the portly side. He has a jagged scar that begins at the base of his right ear and traces through his eye and all the way down his face where it crosses his muzzle and stops on the left side of his mouth. His left eye is aqua, while his right eye is missing.
Personality: A strong, prideful stallion, he has a charismatic air that draws others to him. Friendly and approachable, he is very warm and welcoming towards strangers. It is easy to tell that he has a love of foals and enjoys teaching halfgrowns, although he will fiercely deny such accusations. He does have a stern side to him, and can be firm when need be. He has a sharp temper that while rarely present is dangerous when it surfaces. He hates gryphons with a passion and distrusts their kind, remaining civil only for the queen's sake.
Background: He was raised his entire life to be a warrior, and after accomplishing that feat he strove to be the best. His nursling sister fell prey to a formel the year of his initiation, something he has never forgotten. He never took a mate, although it is well known among the older unicorns that as a halfgrown he vigorously courted Tek before she pledged to Jan. His parents were both fiercely loyal to the king and old ways, and both were Companions during Korr's Winter. Although he never understood the cause of the king's hatred towards Tek, and didn't believe her to be wrong (after all, he had been there on the courting seas) he never raised his voice in opposition, something he still regrets to this day. He was severely wounded during the battle of Ending Fire, after being ambushed by two wyverns, and the end result caused him to loose his left eye. He has since traveled back to the Vale where he has settled and been training halfgrowns in the ways of the Ring and warfare.


Name: Amaryn (truename: Amarynthus, meaning immortal)
Gender: Stallion
Age: Fullgrown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: the Hallow Hills
Abilities: A warrior and a runner
Family: The son of Zen and Isa, two highly respected warriors, he also has a younger sister named Caspia.
Other Relations: none
Description: Amaryn is a very handsome stallion, the image of a warrior. At 16' hands at the shoulder he is average height, and has a muscular and stout build with a broad chest, thick neck, and powerful hindquarters while his head is refined with a straight profile and large checks. Yet for all his heft he is still slim waisted and long limbed. The spitting image of his sire, his coat is that of a rich, steel blue brindle, paling around his tender areas while darkening at his legs, mane, beard, and tail tassel. His brindles are a very pale, silvery blue and are concentrated on his neck, shoulders and barrel and flanks, leaving his face and legs solid. His eyes are green.
Personality: Born in the depths of a race at war, Amaryn has the personality that one might expect by one that raised in a warrior culture that had not known peace for four hundred years. He has a very stern, overbearing persona that often irritates others. He can most easily be described as pompous; Amaryn knows he is great, he knows what he has accomplished and he fully understands what he is capable of doing. Yet despite this he still manages to remain polite to his fellows and never is intentionally rude. As self-centered as he is full of himself, he is mostly concerned with himself, yet he still manages to maintain a fierce loyalty towards his people and family, and he has a strong sense of honor and duty. He is both passionate and stubborn in his ideals, and his courage and pride are very evident. His temper is well known, because it is short and terrible, often lending to long-term grudges when he is unable to unleash it.
Background: Born in the darkest years of the unicorn history, Amaryn's earliest memories are cowering in his parents' grotto while his parents battled off the gryphon pairs that were hunting foals. When he was a young colt of three, princeling Jan, and his shoulder friends Tek and Dagg defeated the wyvern queen, and upon hearing the tales Amaryn's sole purpose in life was to become a warrior, something he accomplished as quickly as he could and swifter than many of his year mates. He was freshly pledged and spending his first season by the Summer Seas when the gryphons' attacked the courting band and Jan was lost, plunging Korr into a madness during one of the worst known winters in Vale history. Amaryn, outraged by the clear act of war, followed Korr blindly that winter although he was eyed by many to be too young to become a companion (his opinion of the king did shift after that Equinox, and he does feel guilt about his blind anger). The unspoken treaty between the gryphon and unicorn tribes nettled him, although he never spoke of this to anyone, he had become a warrior to do battle and here he was doing little else but idling! Amaryn thrust himself wholeheartedly into preparing for the battle for the Hallow Hills, his thoughts on little else. He was seven during Ending Fire, and he battled alongside his parents, making a name for himself among many of the warriors that day. Since the unicorn victory he has spent the past several years in the Hallow Hills, and he growing anxious with the whispers of impending war with the gryphons.

Kaelin- On Hiatus

Name: Kaelin (truename: means waterfall, he went by Blue Falls as a colt)
Gender: Stallion
Age: Halfgrown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Anywhere and everywhere, with the sole exception of the Vale
Abilities: A very gifted dancer, he was once told he had the laysinger's art but he has never tried to hone this skill
Family: Born to the Plainsdwelling mare Moonshade, he was told his sire's name is Stormheart although they have never met, and he is aware of at least one aunt, his dam's half-sister Watermane
Other Relations: His closest shoulderfriend and dearest companion Tash, who has become like a brother to him
Description: His coat is a rich navy color, complete with silver stockings that are splashed up his leg and a matching silver mane, tail tassel, and horn. His eyes are warm chocolate. He has a handful of reddish brown hawk feathers in his mane, and one blue formal feather. Lithe and lean, he is a bit on the tall side and is clearly more of a runner and a dancer than a warrior.
Personality: At times quiet and reserved, he can come off as stand-offish to strangers although he really quiet friendly. He is very polite and easy-spoken, and he enjoys being in large groups and the company of others, be they strangers of friends. He has been known to be mischievous, and he does like to laugh and jest. He loves lays, and could spend hours listening to a gifted singer. A deep thinker, he has been known to loose himself in his thoughts. He does however have a more secret side, and has some emotional wounds that have never really healed.
Background: He spent his early years on the plains with his dam, aunt and her stallion companion. Kaelin and his small family were some of the many unicorns that joined Calydor and meet the Moondancers at the oasis. Later on his mother volunteered to help the remaining Scouts cross the plains from the Smoking Hills and into their homeland. This is how Kaelin first met Tash. Later on, after leaving his mother's side, Kaelin found himself in the Hallow Hills where he was reintroduced to his colthood friend. The two have been inseparable since, and have been frequent travelers of Alma's world. During an extended stay in the Vale he met and fell in love with Alayha, yet she was called away, leaving behind a heartbroken Kaelin.

Tash- On Hiatus

Name: Tash (truename: Astashin, meaning sun rays)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Anywhere and everywhere, with the sole exception of the Vale
Abilities: Warrior, Scout of Halla
Family: The son of Gyros and Lola, he has an infant sister named Jara, whom he has actually never met.
Other Relations: His closest shoulderfriend and dearest companion Kaelin, who has become like a brother to him
Description: His coat is brighter than most of his people, as he is vibrant golden with highlighted red hairs. He has the traditional appearance of a Scout of Halla, short and stocky with a halfway upright mane. He isn't nearly as shaggy as his brethren, but this is probably do to living most of his life in a warm climate.
Personality: A troublemaker since birth, Tash was the thorn in his parent's side growing up. He loves to jest and play pranks, often at the expense of others although he never really means them harm. He has a tendency to put himself into prickly situations, and often has to be rescued by his shoulderfriend Kaelin. He loves to laugh, is rarely serious, and finds the humor behind almost any situation.
Background: Although he was a mere foal when Aljan came to the Smoking Hills, his most vivid memories of his childhood are of the Firebrand and the stories he sang over the course of a season. His sire joined Oro and the other warriors to fight in the battle of Ending Fire. While his dam and him were being escorted across the Plains towards the Hallow Hills, Tash became fast friends with the Plains colt Blue Falls (Kaelin). Years later, after his initiation, the two were reunited and have been inseparable since.

Kip- On Hiatus

Name: Kip (truename: Ikipa, meaning storm)
Gender: Mare
Age: Young fullgrown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: on the Hallow Hills, away from the main herd
Abilities: Warrior and laysinger
Family: She is the only child of Rys and Pani. Her mother has a brother named Keir, who is mated Saher and they have a daughter roughly the same age as Kip.
Other Relations: none, she tends to keep to herself after the death of her shoulderfriends Kie and Raeya.
Description: She is reverse dun - as in she lightens in places that true duns darken. Her coat is a stormy gray with pale silver, traditional dun markings such as zebra stripes, muzzle, dorsal and shoulder stripes, mane, horn and beard. She has bright, grass-green eyes. Not a very tall mare, she is compact and stout with a well muscled frame.
Personality: She is a bit aloof, and distant. Very quiet, she appears to almost be shy although that is not it at all. Uneasy around strangers, and it takes a while for her to warm up to others. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, and she is very watchful and a bit over protective. She gets jealous easily, and has a fierce temper that often makes her impulsive and hotheaded - although she doesn't speak her anger, rather, she broods for hours on end. Her silence and nervousness around others usually put them off her and makes her come across as being unfriendly, and sometimes even rude.
Background: Valeborn, she was three when Korr went mad and nearly destroyed the herd. Her sire was a companion, and so his family stayed wellfed, although her dam deemed the king mad. This caused a rift in their relationship, and as her parents argued with each other more and more Kip found herself ignored and alone. Almost forgotten by her parents, she sought company more and more from her two shoulderfreinds, the red foal Kie and the midnight dappled filly Raeya. Initiated the year before Ending Fire, she took place in the battle and from her position in the fray she witnessed the deaths of many, including Kie and Raeya, which left her alone, and haunted even years after.

Dajya-On Hiatus

Name: Dajya (meaning: wild, in Firekeeper tongue)
Gender: mare
Age: Young fullgrown
Species: Dayan
Most Likely Found: on the Plains
Abilities: nothing special
Family: all of her relatives in the City of Fire
Other Relations: none
Description: A very colorful mare, Dajya is a merle tobiano. The main part of her coat is a rich blend of slate blue and white hairs, with large black splotches scattered throughout. She has a wide blaze down her face that completely covers her muzzle, four stockings, and a splash of white that covers her shoulders and part of her neck. Her mane, horn, and tail are also white. She has one pale, ghostly blue eye and one dark umber one. Not a very tall mare, she is built as delicately as a doe. While over all she has a decent build, she is pigeon toed on the front end. A dayan unicorn, she lacks a beard, has round hooves and a full tail.
Personality: As wild as her name and coloring make her out to be, Dajya is a true free spirit. She doesn't like to be tied to anyone or told what to do. She is strong willed and sharp tongued, and will stand up for what she believes in. Hotheaded, she has been known to rush into a situation without knowing the full scale of things.
Background: Born in the City of Fire, she was first prized for her unusual colorings (she was born a blue roan tobiano). However as she grew older and stronger it soon became apparent that she was to much of a handful and her spirited, willful temperament was not desired in the blue blooded herd. She was given to a commoner to be used as a cart horse, but as soon as she felt the bonds of leather hold her she went wild, striking down her handler before bolting. She ran for some time, before coming to a beach. There she met wintering narwhals, some of whom were able to speak a language similar to her own tongue. They told her of unicorns who knew nothing of shelters and being confined by two foots, and much to her excitement they took her to the distant land. On the shores of the Summer Sea she met with a small band of Plainsdwellers who took her to the Mere of the Moon where she became a unicorn. She traveled with them for a time and has only recently departed their group to find her own destiny.