Real Name: Shep (Seriously, even my mom calls me Shep, go figure.)
Age: In dog years? *grin*
Location: Seattle
Other Info: I own a pet shop in Washington State; well, actually, my four Corgis run it, and I just work for their amusement. I share my house with a passle of Korats, and am apparently owned by Dusty, the wonder meep extrordinare. In my spare time I train my Paint Horse for Search and Rescue.


Name: Trebimir (Treb)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 14
Species: Desert Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Plains
Abilities: Tracker/Warrior (Sand-Stalker)
Family: Deceased.
Other Relations: None at the moment!
Description: Treb is of average build and size for the Desert People. Like all of them, he is lean (most would consider him a little lanky) and high on the leg. He has a slightly dished face, with narrow nostrils, and a dark muzzle shading back into pale grey. Beginning at his jawplates, the grey intermingles with a muted sand color that shades down his neck, darkening on his flanks and points. He is flecked all over with small chestnut fleabites. On his right shoulder, he has an irregular patch of mottled chestnut hair. His mane, tail and beard are a mix of grey, white, and brown, and the hair is very fine and tends to tangle very easily. Over his large brown eyes, a brown horn curves slightly back from his brow. His hooves are also dark brown, nearly black.
Personality: Treb is a warrior first and foremost, brave and selfless in his duty. He has spent his entire life knowing and understanding that he would be called into service as a Sand-Stalker. This position to him is one of honor and dignity, and to insult it with cowardice, fear, or rudeness would be unthinkable to him. He takes his service seriously, to both his Goddess and his Queen. He is polite, thoughtful, and soft-spoken. He can come off to some as slightly distant and a little aloof at times. Mostly because heís spent so long patrolling alone that heís sort of used to spending long days by himself in silence. Because of this, he sometimes gets overwhelmed by large groups.

Treb is incredibly chivalrous, and will never argue with any mare of any age, even over the silliest of things. Instead, he will attempt to gently extricate himself from the situation and find a polite, logical reason to be somewhere else. Preferably far, far away until she calms down.
Background: Treb was born and raised within the oasis of the Lost Desert. Foaled with the coloring that is prized by the Sand-Stalkers, his dam and sire knew that he would be joining their ranks from his first tottering steps. He was was on patrol, sent on a task to seek out and report back on the activities of a pack of sand-dogs that had been making frequent forays into the Valley. Unfortunately, as he was heading back, he was ambushed by a sounder of Sand Boars. He refused to lead them back into the Valley, and continued westward, mile after mile, unable to stop even long enough to do more than snatch a bite of a succulent. The sky changed in mid-day, even as he could sense the breath of the swine on his legs, and he could smell the threatening ozone. Spring sandstorm, and it came in fast after that point.

He doesnít remember too much of the next weeks after it struck, itís all a jumble of wind, roaring over across the dunes, slamming grains of sand past his tight nostrils into his throat and lungs. When it finally cleared, he realized he was on the edge of the salt flats. Water and bitter vegetation he could smell before him, but none behind. He knew that in the shape he was in, he would not likely survive the trek back. Best to rest, regain, and recover first, and then attempt the return home.

He now has been living on the Plains for a while now, roaming...


Name: Levkii (Ki)
Gender: Mare
Age: 7
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller X Scout of Halla.)
Most Likely Found: The Plains
Abilities: Surefooted, high endurance.
Family: Kiís sire is a Plainsdweller who calls himself Magpie, a dark blue and white minimal Overo. Fythirtao (Taos) is her dam, a bay roan Scout of Halla. She fought alongside the Valefolk in the battle to regain the Hallow Hills. She has a younger brother named Jericho.
Other Relations: None, at the moment...
Description: Ki is a roan minimal splash Overo. She is blue roan in her forehalf, and shades mid-belly into red roan for her flanks and hind end. Her mane and sparse beard are red roan, her tail, blue roan. She has white markings flashing along her belly. White markings also are well-defined on the right side of her face, and she has a white spot on her left cheek. She also has a white right fore sock and a left rear stocking. Her horn is dark charcoal grey, as are two of her hooves; the other two are pale cream tinted with brown. Kiís eyes are grey. She tends to grow a very thick coat in the winter and keep it longer in the spring before it sheds- however, she looks far more like her sire in body than her dam.
Personality: Pleasant and cheerful, polite and well-mannered. Ki seems to have a laugh for every rough moment, a joke for every bad day. Outgoing, open and friendly. Loves tales and stories and can listen to them for as long as someone wants to tell them. Spends a lot of time wandering the plain, enjoying where her hooves take her, and is an absolute, ardent nature watcher. However, she takes tasks given her seriously; sheís like her mother in that regard. Ki tends to enjoy each day as it comes, never letting herself be dragged down with looking too far forward in the future or too much behind her. She adores her parents and still spends much time with them and her younger brother.
Background: Levkii has led a very normal, happy upbringing as a Plainsdweller. The only things that some might find a little odd about her family is that her dam is a Scout and her sire a Plainsdweller, and they seem to have pledged for life. Ki's delight in the fauna, weather, and flora of the plains around her has been well known to the family ever since she was a foal.


Species: Plainsdweller Unicorn
Most Likely Found:The Plains
Abilities:Sprinting like heck for short distances. She honestly can be standing one second and into a dead gallop in a stride, but she has really no stamina past a half a mile. Dash is an excellent tracker by pure scent alone - she can tell you exactly what predator passed by here days ago, barring the weather. She tends to remember the scents of individual unicorns better than she remembers coat patterns or names.
Family:Both of her parents are deceased as of the previous winter. An uncle and few cousins perhaps scattered here and there, but she's never met them in person, and knows nothing really about them.
Other Relations: *pending, haha!*
Description: : Dash is a rather spidery-looking sort; high on the leg, narrow-chested and flanked, lanky and lean. Her base coat is a dull, dark iron grey. Her fur is prone to sunbleach; it turns almost rusty in large spots during high summer. There are a few paler grey dapples scattered across her hip, shoulders, belly and neck. She has rich lavender dun marks over her shoulders which go back to a dorsal stripe of the same color, and end in a lacy pattern over the top of her hips, which can only be seen from directly above.
All four of Dash's legs also have dun barring that shades from lavender to indigo and her left rear foot has a small white and lavender sock. Her ear tips are lavender, as is the top of her muzzle and a smattering of hair around her grey horn. Her mane is a pale grey and verges on silver in spots, as does her beard, but her tail is black with a few purple hairs mixed in at the top. Both eyes are pale blue. She has lines of heavy scarring over her withers and barrel on the right side, and a scattering of grey-roan hairs surround her right eye and zig-zag ;ike a lightning bolt across her jaw-plate. It's unclear if these markings are scars or simply a strange bit of overo pattern. She may have a tiny bit of a belly spot or two, but if she does, it's tucked in the wrinkles of her thigh and elbow.
Personality:Dash tends to give off the feeling that if a grass-stem snapped off the wrong way while she was eating, or a pard coughed in the distant mountains, she'd be bolting off in mid chew and likely forget to swallow until she was miles and miles away. She is always moving; a foot here, a tail there, a bob of her head, a twitch of ears, constantly sniffing. To some, the continual jitters of nervous motion she does can be rather disconcerting, to others it's utterly annoying. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to even realize that she's doing it. She has a bad tendency to rock back and forth in place from hoof to hoof when she's standing still for long periods of time, and it will often build up to an awkward weave and bob.
Surprisingly, she's polite, strangely patient and soft spoken towards most things and situations that don't involve spooking and bolting in the opposite direction. She can be a bit reserved towards strangers, but if someone takes the time to approach her and get to know her they'll find she's got a decent sense of humor.
Dash doesn't seem to want to talk much about her background, or her family. If pressed, she will avoid it like she avoids pards and every other predator; she just will dodge and keep trotting in another direction.
Dash is terrified of water past her chest. She will avoid swimming at all costs, going miles out of her way to cross a small stream. Can she swim? Yes. Will she? Absolutely not, unless driven into the water, and she'd probably panic and flail around until she likely drowned. For some reason, muddy banks around water sources also bother her, she will try to pick her way around it and if she can't, she'll forgo a drink and wait.
Background: Dash was born like most Plainsdwellers, and led a fairly loving and easygoing life with her mother and father both. The two of them were good friends, and drifted back and forth together often, and Dash was a very socialized and friendly little youngster. They moved quietly around the plains, never settling anywhere for too long, surviving easily, enjoying the freedom. She has lived a rather, ordinary, quiet life until last winter, when everything suddenly, abruptly shattered around her young self, and she became the spooky, nervous unicorn she now is...