Lady Rider
Real Name (Nickname): M&M
Age: 17
Location: "Some where, over the rainbow!"
Other Info: I'm a Horse nut, I love writing, reading, and art!


Name: Sikerra (It means Cherry Bloosom), Nickname: Kerra
Gender: Mare
Age: 6
Species: Da-Unicorn cross
Most Likely Found: The Plains
Abilities: Running. Her power is that of a Seer, She can see auoras around others that she meets and sometimes can see what their intentions might be. After all, the future is always changing. Sikerra cant control when she can see things or when she cant, it just happens
Family: N/A
Other Relations: N/A
Description: Sikerra is a slender built Horse, dished face, large dark purple and blue eyes. Cloven hooves for front feet and full hooves for the hing feet. "Feathers" cascade down her hind leg and covers her feet. like any traditinal Unicorn, she has hair on the back of her front legs.
Her hair is normal lenght and just the slightest bit wavy. Deep purple spots over a Greyish blue, on the left side of her face the spots stop leaving the Greyish blue. over her nostrels the spots come back and cover the bottom half of the right side of her face. Her hooves are a jet black. Tiger stripes and socks are on her hind legs. Mane and Tail are Jet black with a Blue Metalic sheen, Her coat also has the same Metalic Sheen.
Personality: Sikerra is a easy to be around Mare, but she has a hard side too. Do push her too much or you might just get bit!
Background: Sikerra does not know who her parents are, having no memory of her first two years of life. Once in a she will get glimpses, but it only adds to her confusion.
Sikerra had one friend, a bird named Rafa. He helped her figure out a few things of her past, but not enough to bring her full memory back. But after a horrible accident, Rafa disappeared. Sikerra blamed herself for the incident, exiling herself to the plains, where meeting anyone was far and few in between. She learned to live alone, to protect herself. But, cutting herself off from everyone was difficult, a part of her still yearned to find others of her kind.
Not knowing her past makes Sikerra edgy, she doesnt speak of it often choosing to deal with it herself. When the subject was broached, mental walls she has built go up hard and fast, making her hard and unreadable.


Name: Tikal
Gender: Stallion
Age: 9
Species: Dayan Unicorn
Most Likely Found: N/A
Abilities: A brilliant warrior, quick, strong, and level headed.
Family: Dam- Careenalee, Sire- Zephor
Other Relations: Would have been Mate - Mairana
Gyphon Friend - Mkalthin
Description: Tikal Is meduim in hight, With larger than most legs. His hooves are full, with feathers. He's coat looks like Yellow fire -- reason for his name -- with red "Sparks" over the yellow. He has two front socks, a light yellow in color. Mane is long, and most of the time unruly.His mane is Mostly white but shines yellow as well. When the sun hits his coat it looks like he had been engulffed in flames.
Personality: Tikal perfers to be quiet, and spends most of his time watching others. But, when need arise he speeks out, not shairing feeling. His comments can be harsh at times, but only when he sees need to say. He is some what tollorent of others, But when he goes off on his own he can be very annoyed if interubted
Background: His Parents were killed by a pard, and he vowed to never let one live if he happened into one. His Almost mate, Mairana, left him after a fight of cruel words on Tikals part, She dissipeared never to be seen again. He usually avoids Mares for that reason, and can be very harsh if pushed into friendship with one. Being a warrior, he is bent to the duty of protecting others when he comes in contact of a Gryphon, Mkalthin with the same duty. Being able to sence when someone is in danger, Mkalthin sends Tikal on missions to protect -- usually on his own, but sometimes she comes with.


Name: Mkalthin (Ma-Kal-thin), Nickname: Kal
Gender: Formel
Age: Fullgrown
Species: Gyphon
Most Likely Found: N/A
Abilities: Her power is more of a dream, only extening a distance of at least 100 miles or less, that is why she tarvels around so much. It is a comming and going thing, leaving her tired after ward - her tiredness depened on the strenght of the dream. Her dreams come and go, she has no way of knowing when a dream will happen. In some cases it has happened in flight, though she hasnt really been injured from it (She hasnt figured out why that is yet.).
Family: N/A
Other Relations:
Description: Kal's wings are dark blue on top, and light blue on bottom. Her head is also blue, going from dark blue to a lightish dark blue (If that makes sence). After being caught by a fire, Kal's left eye was burned shut, along with scars on her left front leg. Her eye(s) are different in they are Blue and red. Her Talons are a tan in color, with "Scratches" of Red.
Personality: Kal is very irate. She doesnt care if speaking her mind hurts peoples feelings. She is very smart, and can help almost anyone with their problems.
Background: Kal was cought in a fire trying to save her mate, thats why she has burns.


Name: Elen (Means Dark Star), Truename: Morielen
Gender: Mare
Age: 11
Species: Da-Unicorn cross
Most Likely Found: The Mere, Hallowed Hills, or the Near plains.
Abilities: She is a very skilled fighter, and a fast runner.
Family: Dam - Mora, Sire - Canjani
Other Relations:
Description: Elen takes after Her Dam in she is very large. Her coloring Is Black and Blue paint, Black socks and a white blaze. Her full Hooves are covered by feathers. She has a beard, and her Horn is metalic blue.
Personality: She is very quiet, and prefers to keep to herself. She doesn't often go around talking to everyone, but will talk. When she finds somethig she likes, she can go after it without thinking of others.
Background: Elen was born in the Hallowed Hills, rased in the Vale. Her parents live in the vale and she sees them from time to time. Elen has been a loner, She has never run into a Unicorn of her size and most Unicorns riduclued her for it. She wanders from place to place, never really feeling a concection to any one place.


Name: Chyev, Nickname: Ev
Gender: Mare
Age: 8
Species: Da
Most Likely Found: N/A
Abilities: N/A
Family: Sire- Agnj, Dam- Tanni
Other Relations:
Description: Ev Is a Deep brown to a dark brown (almost black), Mostly brown in winter and dark brown in summer. She always has black stockings and one small white stocking on her right back foot, sometimes very faint. And also black around her muzzle. She has a slim blaze, and a small scar on the right side of her face, and her left ear -- they are really hard to see. She has a black mane and tail, Her mane flops around like a dead fish, sometimes sticking up, sometimes sticking out. She is small with some what thick legs. She has a thick neck, wide barrel.
Personality: Chyev is a love to please girl, but also very stoborn. When pushed to do something she doesnt want, she will get very angry. She loves the Moon light, and gets very giddy when there is a full moon.
Background: Ev had a very bad up bringing, Her father was never there and her mother was always pushy and picking on everything she did. Ev ran away when she was 3, and has been living on her own sence then. She avoids all places that reminds her of her past.


Name: Corm, Truename: Agarcorm (Means Bleedingheart)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6
Species: Da-Unicorn cross
Most Likely Found: N/A
Family: Sire- Makni Dam- Nanlar
Other Relations:
Description: Corm is slender built, with a slightly dished face. His coat is Deep red in color, with black dapples and half moon sliver lining on the dapples. He has a hunter green blaze that move over his face as if the wind blew it on. He also had hunter green socks on his front feet. His eyes are red and green. He has a beard. the hair on his feet stop at his hoof line. He has a black mane and tail. Corm's horn is black.
Personality: Corm is very sensetive for a stallion. He listens to others problems, then gives advice.
Background: When Corm was one and a half, he was playing with his twin sister Sikerra (know to him as Slkenra) on the near plains. Corm accedently kiked her in the head, after going for help Corm and the others came back and Sikerra was gone. After Corm's parents died he started his search for Sikerra. He blames himself for her dissapearence.


Name: Kryptonite, Nickname Krypto
Gender: Stallion
Age: 11
Species: Da Unicorn cross
Most Likely Found: Far Plains
Family: Dam - Gia (Scylla's) Sir- Unknown, Half Sister - Lealta, Aunt - Sa’bine, Uncle - Nishanth, Coz's - Shaurya and Sa'jani' (Arushitomo's)
Other Relations:
Description: Krypto is a meduim built, Sloping chest and a longish neck. He is a Chestnut with Steel grey socks, ear tuffs, and a patch on his left eye. His mane and tail are Crisim and deep red. Inside of his nostrels are grey. He has a Deep red horn that fades to grey. His beard is Crisim, Deep red, and grey. He has bright blue eyes. He has full hooves.
Personality: **Just a warning, His personality will come out more as I play him!
He is a very confused Unicorn, he can switch from being concerned for you to angry in the swish of the tail.
Background: Krypto doesnt remember much of his first two years of life, Just two Unicorns one with a red hide and green on her face, and one he never remebers what looks like, just the angry voice.
For the years after that Krypto belived that Sa'jani's parents were his own, getting the truth at nine years of age. He went off on his own, in search of the Unicorns from his memories, though he hasnt found either.