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Name: Geist
Age: 10
Sex: Stallion
Coloration: Steel gray with teal appaloosa spotting (snowflake pattern) on his rump. Has two white stockings on his front legs that reach to up above his knees. Has a white, bald face that shifts to dark red as it reaches the bridge of his nose, and then the red continues into his beard. His mane is white and teal, while his tail tassle is only teal. His hooves are white, horn charcoal black, and he has dark red feathering on his legs. His eyes are a deep sapphire blue.
Mate (if any): Soon to be Aequus
Children (if any): None at the moment.
Role in Herd: He's a Plainsdweller and a fighter, but has no role in any herd.
Personality: Geist is very friendly, curious, and outgoing. He's only shy when uncertain, but quickly overcomes it. He can be a bit overbearing and impatient, but is a kind and good-natured stallion.
Anything other Info: Currently he travels the Plains with Aequus. He was a bit of a flirt in his younger days, but has never danced the longdance. Full blood unicorn.


Name: Armes
Age: 10
Sex: Mare
Coloration: Pale cream, with emerald green appaloosa spotting (blanket pattern) across her rump. Has gold mane, tail tassle, feathering and beard. Her hooves and horn are amethyst, while her eyes are a bright hawk-gold. Has one ring of emerald around her left eye.
Mate (if any): Del (deceased)
Children (if any): None.
Role in Herd: Seer and Warrior.
Personality: To those she does not know or trust, Armes is a bitter, haughty, self-righteous mare. To her few friends and allies, she is a valiant and loyal companion with a rarely seen sweetness.
Anything other Info: She has trust issues, especially with mares, due to a troubled childhood with her mother and sister. Full-blood unicorn.


Name: Basil
Age: 17
Sex: Stallion
Description: Buckskin Tobiano - White on legs, with a small snip on his nose. Tail is Black streaked with Gold that fades to White. Mane is same coloration, but no White. Large white patches on both sides that run together along his back, but do not touch his shoulders or chest. Left flank's white connects with the stocking on that leg. Violet eyes. Black hooves and horn.
Mate (if any): None
Children (if any): Possibly
Role in Herd: Veteran Warrior of the Ring
Personality: Basil is unpredictable. Some days he is friendly and the perfect gentleman - others, he is a grumpy, aggressive stallion who would sooner fight than talk. His actions are dependent on his stress level, and those around him. He's a bit bi-polar and can be set off by the smallest of triggers.
Any other Info: Valedweller who traveled the Plains after Ending Fire, but then decided to reside in the Hallow Hills. He is very secretive about the four years he wandered the Plains, and does not speak much of his time there. Is Armes's uncle.


Name: Loch
Age: 13
Sex: Stallion
Description: Buckskin base - Main body is a light/metallic slate blue, darkening at the points until it fades to black. Two white socks, one on each front leg. Sparse white appaloosa markings on top of rump and just before the flanks. Small white snip on nose. His horn and hooves are nearly black, but more of a slate grey in color. Mane and tail tassle are both black. Eyes are palest blue.
Mate: None
Children: None
Role in Herd: Plainsdweller, healer
Personality: Loch could be classified as the "silent brooding" type. He's almost always silent and lost in his own thoughts, and rarely, if ever, seeks out companionship. Ever the loner, he finds it hard to make friends and even harder to hold on to those he made in youth. He does, however, possess a sweet, kind nature that shows in his abhorence of bloodshed and when he is practicing his healing arts. Is a sensitive stallion, but not easily hurt.
Misc. Info: Born to an older mother, Loch was orphaned early in life. His father returned to care for him, and taught the youngling all he knew of the healing arts. The two never spoke of anything else, leaving Loch ill equiped to converse with others. While wandering near the Vale, he met the stallion Geist. The jade spattered stallion is Loch's oldest and closest friend, though they have not seen each other in many years. Loch spends his days traversing the plains, minding his own business, and aiding those who seek his medicinal knowledge.


Name: Gelu
Truename: Gelu-Harith
Gender: Stallion
Age: 13
Description: Gelu is a pale, smokey grey dun with black points. A black stripe runs diagonally across his left eye, and three of the same stripes (but larger) run down from his withers to slash across his left shoulder blade. His mane and is a fiery red-orange, as are his full tail and beard. His solid hooves are white, along with his horn. His forelegs are splashed with white socks to mid-cannon, as is his right hind. His eyes are a bright oak green. While not a massy stallion, he is very much a masculine unicorn. Built more like an Arabian, but extremely lithe and deceptively strong.
Mate: None.
Foals: None
Role in Herd: Tracker and warrior
Personality: Gelu seems to be the brooding type, when in reality he is just soft spoken and rather shy. Well versed in battle skills and tracking, Gelu is a scout for those who have need of his skills. His intimidating and sometimes frightening appearance causes many to distrust the gentle stallion, who is a kind hearted soul with a swift eye for justice. He would be the ideal Knight in Shining Armor.
Other Info: Gelu is a half Dayan. His mother hailed from the City of Fire, while his father was of the Plains.

Mira- Retired

Name: Mira
Age: 8
Sex: Mare
Coloration: Chocolate brown, with gold dapples and a golden sheen all along her body. Has gold stockings on each leg, a white mane, tail tassle, feathering, and beard. Her hooves and horn are gold, while her eyes are chestnut.
Mate (if any): None.
Children (if any): None.
Role in Herd: Warrior of the Vale, but barely initiated.
Personality: Mira is a warm and kind mare, with love enough to fill all of Alma's world. But she's been abandoned by almost everyone she gets attached to because she gets clingy. This has not made her bitter, but has worked to make her more cautious about deep attachments to others.
Anything other Info: None

Aubrey- Retired

Name: Aubrey (Aubrehyl)
Age: 6
Sex: Female
Description: Aubrey is a dusty rose color all over her body. She lightens to pale cream at her points and has cream hooves and horn. Her eyes are a bright, vibrant green. Aubrey’s mane and tail tassel start at a deep cherry red, then fade completely into deep plum. Her flanks are kissed lightly with cream dappling. Her build is very slight and delicate looking – a truth that does not hide her ill health.
Personality: Aubrey is a calm, quiet mare. She often keeps to herself, but is very friendly and slow to anger. Very feminine in her motions and looks, Aubrey is not a fighter or even a runner, preferring to talk herself out of tough situations that will not tax her. She is quick to accept others and always open to friendship, though very wary of anything romantic.
History: Aubrey's older brother died soon after birth - a fact that her kind, loving parents have never fully recovered from. When Aubrey survived her first year of life, they were overjoyed and vowed to protect her however they could. Raised in a loving and close knit family, she has known no bitterness or hardship other than her own poor health. Both of her parents are veterans of Ending Fire.
Misc. Info: Born prematurely, Aubrey never fully recovered from her illness. It stunted her growth, muscle devolvement and made her prone to coughing fits. Teki warned her parents that Aubrey would never be a warrior, and that extensive physical activity – including childbirth – could kill her. She declined the offer to sojourn with the other youngsters to the mere, instead keeping to herself and maintaining a peaceful, relaxed lifestyle

Elm- Retired

Name: Elmetia - "Elm"
Gender: Mare
Age: 20
Description: Elm is a Scout of Halla. Rather on the short side, she is built like a Welsh Mountain Pony. Her head is refined and pretty while the rest of her is more of a stocky, riding pony build. Elm is a deep, deep red-brown color, resembling the fiery earth from her homelands. Her hooves are a pale ashen grey that runs up and around her coronets on each leg, and up into her feathers to make them the same pale, ashen hue. Her mane, beard and tail tassel are deep black but fade to the ash grey at the ends. Her eyes are a deep, warm brown.
Personality: Elm is a quirky and intelligent mare. She is very gregarious and zealous in her attentions, making her passionate about everything she says and does. Sometimes overbearing in her speech, she is never ill-willed or unkind, merely outspoken and intuitive.
History: Born in the Smoking Hills before Ending Fire, Elm knew little of the outside world beyond the tales of the lay singers. Her mother died in childbirth - a trait that befalls most mares in Elm's lineage - and she was raised and named by her father. As a near full-grown, she joined her people in their call to duty in the Battle of Ending Fire, fighting alongside her father. Both survived, and Elm left him in the Hills to seek the Vale - the place she had oft' heard of and never before seen.