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Name: Shale
Gender: Mare
Age: 8 1/2
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Other Relations:
Description: Shale is a dark green bay mare, rangy in build, with a lavender underbelly and throat-latch. The same lavender graces the tips of her feathered ears and encircles goldenrod eyes. Her hooves and horn are crimson and one white sock adorns her left hind leg. A white patch interrupts her black mane, courtesy of some scarring on her right side, due to a fall at the Summer Sea. This same accident has left her blind on her right side.
Personality: Shale has not been around other unicorns for a long time, and enjoys her solitude. This does not mean, however, that she is shy or afraid of others. She is not afraid of many things, and will work diligently through a problem to solve it. Her humor tends to run on the dry and sarcastic side.
Background: Shale has been presumed dead by anyone that knew her. She and a young stallion had been courting at the Summer Sea, and in a love-induced haze of foolishness, they had gone climbing amongst the cliffs. A storm had come up, as they do, and the young lovers had paid the price. The stallion did not survive the fall, but Shale did. The others had not found her though, and it was presumed that both of them had been lost to the Sea. The fall left her blind on one eye, and both emotionally and physically scarred. Heartbroken, she refused to leave even once she was able, and for the few years that followed when the others came to court each other, she would slip from their sight. But she was ever watchful from afar, her heart aching for the one that fell.


Name: Vox
Gender: Stallion
Age: 12
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: Warrior
Family: He is the youngest of three. Parents and elder brother are deceased. His sister, the eldest, is long gone, well before he was born. He doesn't know if she lives or not.
Other Relations:
Description: Vox is a solidly built creamy tovero, with dusty blue markings. A medicine hat covers his ears, ear tassels and masks his eyes. A patch of the blue comes up under his belly, just in front of his sheath, and his right foreleg is blue as well, to just above the knee. The hoof on that leg is a darker blue, while his other hooves are a dusty rose. His horn is the same rose, darkening towards the tip. Mane and tail are rose as well, and his beard and forelock are a darker version of his blue markings color. Amber eyes look out from his mask.
Personality: Loyal to a fault, Vox is all warrior. In the wrong hands, he would be a deadly weapon. Having no interest in the frivolousness of games or romance, Vox lives, sleeps and breathes the soldier mentality. His humor is bone dry and very rarely shown. Not completely cold-hearted, he is sympathetic to the plight of others and will lend his support and help when its needed. Enjoying the company of his shoulder-companions, all fellow stallions and warriors, he hold mares in little regard, finding them to be a distraction and often "silly."
Background: Vox was born to an older pair of unicorns in the Vale, the last of three children. His father was an elder at this point, and an ex-warrior from Korr's reign. The eldest child, a mare, had fled years before Vox was born and he never even knew what she looked like or her name. His elder brother, Fax, was still in the Vale, and training to be a warrior. Where his father was all ice and stern lectures, his mother was warmth and sunshine. When his father passed away from age, his mother soon followed, too attached to her mate to be left alone. Fax, an almost carbon-copy of their father, kept his younger brother by his side, continuing his education as a warrior. The blue and cream tovero worshipped his brother, turning a blind eye to the cold cruelty Fax exhibited on occasion. As time passed and they grew older, Fax started courting a much younger mare. Growing uneasy with his brother's increasingly odd behaviors, Vox stayed behind when Fax made his trek to the Summer Sea, the emerald and amethyst mare of his interest kept close to his side and jealously guarded. It was the last time he saw either of them. After watching his mother fade away after his father's death, and losing his brother to the wiles of the mare, Vox believed love was a trap and a waste of time. Outwardly, he still misses his brother's presence, but deep inside, and not uttered to another soul, he can't help but think that his brother's disappearance is better for everyone around.


Name: Call
Gender: Stallion
Age: 7
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: Plainsdweller, minimal skills in healing, excellent tracker.
Family: Silence (mother), Giselle (adoptive aunt)
Other Relations:
Description: Call is a burgundy sabino with electric blue markings on his face, legs and right side. His muzzle fades to white. Mane, tail, beard and ear tassels are black, while his horn and hooves are a deep blue slate. His eyes are grey. He's built strong and lean, with long legs for running, and a graceful head.
Personality: Call is a warm and jovial character, always willing to make friends. He enjoys life to its fullest, always thankful for his existence. He's not one to hold a grudge, and always offers his help. He doesn't fear traveling on his own, but loves having company, whether it be a mare or stallion. His cheerfulness is contagious, and some have noticed, perhaps forced at times.
Background: Call was born on the plains, to a silent, but loving mare. Wounded young, his mother lost the use of her voice, but made up for it with her love and compassion. Though she was unable to speak, there was never any mis-communications between mare and son, and he always knew what she wanted or felt. A superb healer, she traveled always with another mare at her side, who he often referred to as his "mother's voice." This mare, too, was compassionate and loving, and the young colt was thus raised into the caring, giving, and well meaning stallion he is. He left his mother and "aunt" at the age of five and half to "see what there was to see" and has been traveling ever since.