Real Name (Nickname): Chels
Age: 17
Location: U.S.
Instant Messenger Information:

Species:Vale-born Plainsdweller
Most Likely Found:upon the Mare's Back
Family: Sire: Unknown, Dam: Unknown, Sibling: a dawn-colored foal. Nox was kidnapped by an old couple, Hark and Fern.
Other Relations:can be added to
Description: Dusk Appalossa; Body fades from deep violet to purple, then deep burgandy to raspberry. Four socks and a strip that expands to a snip the covers the full muzzle. Dark grey spots on rump, back and barrel, white blanket. Dark grey mane, tail, and jutting from her brow is a light grey horn. Her eyes and hooves are gold.
Personality: Just like the night, Nox is quiet and peaceful- rarely does she raise her voice higher than her calm, soothing tone. But, like the night, she can be dangerous as her hidden temper may flare when crossed.
Background:Never in her wildest dreams did Nox ever think that she had been foal-napped from her biological parents. Hark, a massive Plainsdweller and his mate, Fern, had visited the Vale fourteen years ago. The Vale people were welcoming, although some found their presence a disturbance, but little did the welcomers know that the ONLY reason the couple were there was to find a foal. It was Fern’s dastardly plan to foal-napped a youngling from their parents. Hark was a gentle giant, but he loved his mate too much to displease her.
The older couple had come at the perfect time- most of the foals were now being weaned from their mothers, so they were becoming more independent. It was perfect. Fern did not have to worry about providing for the stolen foal herself. They spent a few days in the Vale getting to know the proud parents of the weanlings that pranced about. One family had stuck out the most to the old couple. There were two foals, one the color of dawn and the other was the color of dusk. Since the couple had been beyond their years, they wanted a foal that was calmer than most - hopefully that temperament stayed with them through the years. They watched the family over those few days of their stay and the dusk-painted foal was always laying in the grass and not causing a lot of fuss. The other foal, the dawn foal, seemed too hyper at the time. So, Fern fell in love with the little dusk foal and devised a plan to take her back to the Plains. It was dusk, and the whole Vale was starting to bed down for the night, except for the two Plainsdwellers. It was going to be a long and difficult night for them- but with the help of bloodseed, a herb usually used to get a “high” (and occasionally to pull the truth out of someone or to make them relax), she believed they were able to complete the plan. Fern being the smaller and seemingly more friendlier of the two had decided she would coax the foal to her from her sleep. The filly woke up, eyes half closed. With soothing tones, she finally coaxed the filly into eating the leaves and the seeds. It was important that the seeds were ingested- they held the relaxant properties of the plant. The filly was given time to succumb to the plant and finally she was foal-napped.
It wasn’t until years later the older couple, on their death beds, had confessed their sin. For years Nox thought that these two were here biological parents- even if her coat resembled neither of theirs. She even thought she was an only child, but no! She had a sibling! The dusk-colored mare figured that it was time to find her family- or, if her parents had passed, her sibling. She was in no hurry, though, and traveled at her own pace. She knew one day her travels would lead her to the Vale and she’d gladly wait for that day, whenever it may come.

Desdemona - retired

Name: Desdemona ("Misery" in Greek)
Gender: Mare
Age: 13, full-grown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Lookout Knoll
Abilities: She's a very fluid dancer, and she is a marvelous lay singer, but she doesn't lay sing in public, only dance. Also, being from the Vale, she's a very avid warrior. She loves sparring with the stallions, and she thinks the other mares from the Vale are a bit too... prissy. She likes to get down and dirty, and the only way for her to do that is to spar and fight with stallions.
Family: Relations: Calix ("Very Handsome" in Greek)- Father (deceased), Aminta ("Defender" in Greek)- (alive and kickin' )
Other Relations:
Description: With a body like that of an Andalusian, she's a very fluid dancer. As she prances, her coat is not exactly flashy, and you would think so of a dancer. Des is a dark grey paint, with the ear tassels, hooves and horn a bright blood red. Her mane and tail are the color of light beach sand. Adorning her rump is color- the same red you can see on her afore mentioned extremities. The pattern is of random spots if different sizes, though when it reaches to the middle of her belly, the spots get smaller and fade.
Personality: Ah, my dear Desdemona. She's a very fiery, passionate, yet stubborn and iron-willed character. As mares usually are, she can be a little b-, I mean, grumpy But that does not go without saying that she can be very sweet and kind to another. Just keep yourself in check and don't get on her bad side.
Background:The beginning of Des's life is a sad one. She was born in her parent's grotto, overlooking the whole Vale. It was a pretty sight, and she would never forget it. Though, there is also another thing she won't forget. On the night of her birth, the moon was high in the sky, its rays almost illuminating her parent's small home, announcing the arrival of the newborn. Little did the couple know, a grass cat had "heard" of the new arrival, and he was starving, having not eaten for a week.
Sneakily, he looked down from a little hole above their grotto, his whiskers twitching with anticipation. The little foal looked tasty, and he figured he could get away with the murder. Aminta, the mother, was fast asleep, exhausted from the labor. The father, Calix, was outside the grotto entrance, guarding. He forgot of the hole above his mate and daughter, leaving it unguarded and an easy access. The cat, now shaking with hunger and excitement, took a step forward. Somehow, something came loose under his paws, and he came tumbling down with a yowl. Both Aminta and the foal jumped in surprise and fear. Aminta bellowed a distress call to her mate, who had heard the sudden crash. With his horn lowered, he cried a warning.
"Fine, then, you beast! I will tear you apart if you ever take one step toward my family!" At the same instant, both animals lunged at each other, a roar and a trumpeting warrior yell crying out. Somehow, in mid-lunge, the cat changed course and dove underneath the stallions legs, springing onto his back. The claws of the cat were plunged deep into the pelt, making Calix stagger with pain and the extra weight. In an instant, Calix dropped as quickly as he could, rolling around. The cat growled as his right paw was caught under the stallion, he couldn't have moved fast enough. With his free paw, claws out, he round-housed the stallions face, a claw catching the stallion's left cheek, eye and ear, ripping them. A cry of pain emitted from the stallion as blood raged from each wound.
Afraid for his family, he yelled to them, "Ami, lead our baby away from here! I do not want her, or you, to watch any of this...uhn," he was interrupted by the cat pulling his paw free and going for his throat. With blindness and deafness on his left side, he didn't notice how close the cat really was. He was too focused on watching his family escape.
As soon as his family was out of sight, he bellowed deeply, scaring the cat. He jumped a few inches back, enough to allow the stallion time to quickly get up. He was already weakening, the loss of blood was immense. He had energy for one last shot. The cat lunged once again, yet the stallion's horn was poised and ready. A sickening, piercing noise sounded as the horn gouged it's way into the chest of the cat. The weight of the dead animal brought Calix to his knees. He had no strength left in him, not even to get up and find his family.
His breathing grew heavier, fainter, his life hanging by a thread. His thoughts, though jumbled, were focused on his mate and daughter. He realized, with his life slipping away, he would not be able to witness his daughter's life. He would miss her inauguration, her finding a mate, her own get. Those thoughts raged through his mind, body, and soul. He started to cry, knowing that he couldn't even say goodbye.
His breathing started to slow, his eyes were closing. Faintly, his good ear picked up sounds of hooves on the grotto floor. It was Aminta and their foal. She had said something to him, an "I love you," or a "goodbye," but Calix couldn't make it out. He knew though, that she was crying. He motioned for her to lead their daughter where he could see her. He wanted one last look at his last and only get. With all of his strength, he raised his head, and huffed lovingly in her face, making her laugh. A smile reached across his face, and knew that it was his time to go. He looked up at Aminta, nickering a goodbye. She nickered back, knowing what was going to happen to her mate.

I can go peacefully now. I have seen my daughter. I have heard her laugh.
Now, I must leave. I will forever watch over you, my dear Aminta.
My darling little filly, I will guide you through your life, helping you along. I will be the breeze that whispers in your ear, the small little forest creature that reveals itself to you.
I will be the river and the grass that feeds you.
Don't worry, the both of you, I will not leave.

That night was filled with pain and misery, for both Aminta and her foal, though she didn't quite understand what happened. The filly was named the next day, Desdemona, which means misery, the same emotion they felt the night before. To this day, Des has felt her father's presence- his loving caress upon the wind, in the eyes of every little woodland creature. She knew he was there and for 13 years has felt safe.
Once she reached the correct year, following in her fathers footsteps, she became a warrior. She vowed that she would protect all that is precious to her, just like her father had the night of her birth. Since then, she has gained the respect of other avid warriors in the Vale. Most of her time is now spent at the famous Lookout Knoll, playing games with her shoulder-friends, sparring and racing.

Kysali - retired

Name: Kysali (nickname Kya)
Gender: Mare
Species: Plainsdweller
Most Likely Found: Longdances, all over, mostly the Plains.
Abilities: Dancer
Family: Viri- dam, Daka- sire, various aunts and uncles, cousins somewhere on Alma’s back. Possibly some half-siblings here and there. Two older sisters within the Vale- Dauj (sounds like “dodge“) and Neia, (“Neeya“).
Other Relations: None as yet
Description:Perlino Brindle:
Moving with grace due to her elegant stature of long legs and lithe body (TWH style ), her off-white, pale cream coat covered in light brindling dazzles the crowd. Her ruby eyes, occassionally covered by her light rusty forelock, look about flirtingly, her light pink muzzle curling in a dazzling smile. As she saunters about, her light rusty mane and tail catches the rays of the sun, creating some sort of marvelous lightshow, her ruby horn flashing brightly. The brindle mare begins to dance, lifting her light rust colored legs high to her chest, keeping her hind legs firmly planted. As if a pard was attacking, she trumpeted a call, her light gray hooves lashing out feverishly. Returning to all fours, she stopped and turned to her audience.
"Now that is how you give a show."
Personality: Being of the Plains, she doesn’t believe in one partner, therefore she is a big flirt and tries to get with any stallion she deems worthy. She’s sneaky, curious, devilish, childish at times- but, she can also be serious, calm, moody, down to earth. It depends on the situation at hand with this one. She’s forever on an emotional rollercoaster that never stops.
Background:Having parents of the Plains, of the Free People, was difficult to live with at times. Believing that one does not have to be tied down created a loss of one parent for Kysali. No, not death, but the absence of Kys’s father. He was never there for her and her mother. Not that she minded, she never needed a father figure and her mother was strong enough to be on her own, defending her filly. That was the way it was and has always been.
When she turned six, her mother decided that she was able to be on her own. Although she loved her mother, Kys wanted her own freedom. Once she got it, she knew she could do whatever she pleased. And she did. Stallions were her favorite past-times. Longdances left her feeling so alive- and she knew that stallions would be there, happy to dance and possibly finish the dance with her. She’d dance her way into their hearts- or sex appeal- and finish the dance with them. Of course, she wouldn’t tie herself to one stallion, so she would end up leaving them in the morning. She couldn’t care less how the stallion would feel. She just cared about herself.
She’s done this for two years, by herself. It gets lonely on the Plains… maybe she should be looking for a friend, or another stallion!

Reina - retired

Age: 12
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Near Plains
Family: Silvermist -mate (deceased), SwiftSilver- Son (in the Vale)
Other Relations:
Description: Strawberry roan mare- white face, four white socks. Hear beard is white and her mane and tail are a dark brown. Her ear tassels are the same color as her ears.
Personality: Reina is a soft spoken, yet excitable mare. She's very boisterous when with close friends. But, if she doesn't know you, she'll be quiet and somewhat close to secluded. She's strong, motherly, and very protective of the ones she loves.
Background:Reina hails from the Vale, born from the love of Gregor and Aalyah, whom are now both deceased. Her young life had been spent in the vale, but her pounding heart would lie in the valleys of the Far Plains beyond the comfort of the herd's protection. She would venture beyond her parents' boundaries, tough and unafraid of the dangers that lay ahead. Her shoulder friend, Lily, would accompany her on occasions, but never ventured further than her old friend. Darkwind, her older brother, was a wanderer and warned her of the dangers. She never listened- she was always a hard head. She loved her brother and always wanted to be with him. He never stayed in one place too long, so she never go a chance to. He had left, when she turned 3, following his own heart and traveled to parts unknown to Reina, but sends word from now and then. In her fourth and fifth years, she fell madly in love with a handsome silver stallion. He was known as SilverMist Kalim, or Silver for short. He dazzled her, sparring with random stallions in her company, trying to impress the beautiful, strong mare. She would watch him and smile, noting the efforts of his mock battles. A year later, he courted her. They left the vale together, searching for a place in the Far Plains to settle down. Hopefully, they would find a herd of their own.
A half-year had passed and they gathered a band together. The couple became Leads, but one fateful event ruined all of their efforts and parted them forever. Reina was with foal, due any moment. Silver had left the herd for a split second to tend to his love. Not a moment later, cries of pain sounded from the herd. The silver stallion returned to his herd, but only to find that they were dead, slaughtered. He returned with a grave face to Reina. He told her of the masacre, and both set off back to the Vale, agreeing that it wasn't safe for a mare in foal.
As they reached the vale, Gregor greeted them. Silver informed him of the sad news, and doing so cost him dearly. Gregor immediately decided that Silver could not take care of his daughter, and was soon banished from ever seeing her again. He was not vanished from the Vale, however, he took it upon himself to leave his home. He never looked back. Not even once. A week after he had left, the mare gave birth to a son, whom she,affectionately, called Thunder (later renamed Swiftsilver as he grew older). It's been 7 years since the departure of SilverMist and Reina has not forgotten. She hopes that one day she would be able to find SilverMist again, for her own benefit and for her son's as well.
Geronimo - retired

Name: Nio
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Family:Cilia- Mother, Kiros- Father, Kinya- Sister
Other Relations:
Description:Prussian Blue(think real life blueberries) Paint- His base coat is a dark grey with highlights of a greyish blue. Irregular white marking on his right side extending from the withers (white patch reaches over his withers onto the left slightly) to the middle of the chest and all the way down the right foreleg ( knee has a black "patch"). Also, a white patch reaches from the right side of the belly to the left side. His left foreleg is dipped in white from hoof to hock, though it gradually inclines toward the stifle. Adorning his face is a irregularly shaped marking around his blue left eye, with four dots surrounding the front of it above his cheek. A strap of white reaches from under the right side of his chin/lips, across the front and reaches up and around his left nostril.
His mane and tail are a dark grey at the roots and gradually fade from grey to brown, then end in light brown. The fetlocks (without the white) end in a light brown. The fetlocks dipped in white sport highlighter blue tips. His horn's base is the light brown in his mane, that darken to black toward the tip.
Personality: : Geronimo is a pretty wild and outgoing person who is full of life. He is a brave and headstrong stallion. Nio loves such things as freedom and racing others and having fun, of course. It's not easy to get him to be serious but it's possible. He makes friends easily. He respects the ones he really cares about and would never let anything bad happen to them.
Background: His Plainsdweller parents deserted him while visiting with old friends in the Vale. His mother gave birth to him and gave her son to an old mentor, Kiros and his mate, Cilia, who was by far younger and had also given birth. Her daughter, Kinya, was born around the same time as Nio. She had a twin brother, but he died in the womb. Thus leaving Cilia with an extra amount of milk for both foals.
After his birth, Nio lived under the watchful gaze of old Kiros, and once he turned two, he left the only home he had ever known. He's naturally adventurous and had always wanted to see more and more. One day realized that while he was searching for something greater and unseen, he might miss his whole life. He saw stallions his age falling in love and having foals. He wondered if he'll ever find happiness as those stallions had gained.
He became afraid that he would never find anyone and he felt something like that couldn't be found by searching. Anxiously, he wandered around half-searching and the other half was almost ready to give up. He still hopes to find love.
Aurielle - retired

Name: Aurielle Violas (Or-i-elle Vee-oh-las) - called Aurielle or Elle
Age: Halfgrown - 7
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:The Far Plains
Abilities: She can read unicorns emotions by studying their body language- very sensitive.
Family: All deceased (Biological parents)- Java (Adoptive mother -also deceased)
Other Relations:
Description: Elle is a purple roan of sorts, with Appy-like markings. Her points are yellow, instead of a deep purple, and on the outside of each knee and hock, is a dark purple star overlaid with a smaller, white star in the center. All legs have white markings: white stocking (right foreleg), white half stocking (left foreleg), and both back legs have socks. A dazzling mixture of bright yellow and dark purple stars form a blanket on her hind end. Smaller, brighter "sparkles" detail its edges. On both shoulders, there are two large "sparkles", one yellow over a dark purple. Small, white stars are placed randomly around and on top of the larger. Adorning her sunny face is a white blaze that extends all the way under her chin and down her beard, with two flares that extend from behind the nostril and one that extends below the eye (both sides of her face are mirror images). Also, a dark purple "sparkle" adorns her cheek. Mane, tail, and tassels are all white that end in yellow. Her eyes, hooves, and her horn are all a hot pink.
Personality: If you approach her, being it her first meeting with you, she will be a little stand-off-ish. Aurielle is spunky, flirty, bouncy and fun, but only when she knows you on personal bounds. She keeps you on your toes almost all of the time.
Background:Aurielle Violas was born into a small group of three plainsdwellers, those of which being her mother, father, and an old, Vale-born mare, Java. At a young age, too far back for her to remember, Elle's parents died and the reasons were unknown to her. The same day of their death, the old mare, Java, adopted young Aurielle and raised her. For seven years, Elle was raised on the Plains, exploring its depths at the side of Java. Questions were left unanswered about her parents' death as an unfortunate event took the life of Java, the keeper of her answer, and now Aurielle is left on her own to fend for herself.

Trill - retired

Name: Trill (truename Ilaera)
Gender: Mare
Age: Full-grown, 10 years
Height: Currently is 15 hh - should turn out to be at least 16 hh
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Young Warrior and Laysinger
Abilities: .
Other Relations:
Description:Despite being a full-grown, young Trill has yet to grow into her adult being. She is a copper appaloosa, starting at dark amber from her small head to middle of the body, fading from lighter amber into a light cream toward the fetlocks. Adorning her delicate face is a snip over the right nostril, and a small dot of white on the right of her upper lip.
Her eyes are slate blue, breath taking and eerie. Splatters of white in the form of a blanket glows bright against her amber body, seeming to look like mist beginning to evaporate in the morning light. The light cream found on her fetlocks also color her mane, beard, tail and ear tassels.
Her horn and hooves are a dark amber, but when the light hits them just right, they shine a lighter amber
Personality: Trill is a young, vibrant, smart, yet whiny individual who complains about the smallest thing life brings her. She is a particularly flirtatious creature who enjoys the company of the guys, and tends to stray from female friends. Her mindset is that of a halfgrown, which causes others to assume that she is one.
Naturally, almost everyone has a polar opposite character. Trill is one of many who has a side of them that she never reveals. When no one is around, she's sensible, open minded, and an absolutely different person. The only ones who have seen this side of her were close friends and family. Rarely does she ever express herself in ways that full-growns tend to do.
Background:Ilaera was born within the Vale to a couple of young age. She was born on the onset of winter, and being late had stunted her growth, making her smaller than foals born in the spring. Despite harsh winter conditions and the complications of birth, Ilaera grew up to be a great warrior and laysinger. None would have expected her success in being a warrior due to the fact that she was small for her age. Constantly, she would get challenged and insults were pelted her way, but she would throw them back in the faces of her taunters, defeating their challenges.
Her laysinging abilities were exceptional, though only a beginner. She first found her ability when she was by a pond, and began to retell a story to herself. A young male had told her this story, and didn't tell it very well. She manage to intertwine her own parts into the story, while keeping the events the same. It flowed out with great ease, and she told the story to her parents. They were amazed at how gifted their daughter was. They nicknamed her "Trill" because of the way she would tell her stories; her voice would go between two notes (and more) and would rise and fall along with the intensity of events.
But soon, as the peace had settled over the land, Young Trill decided it was time to see what lies beyond the Vale.