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Gender: Stallion
Age: 12 summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Vale
Abilities: Former plainsdweller, now settled in the Vale, also has slight laysinging ability
Family: Relations: Sire - Mafelu, Dam - Gaiara, Aunts - Tapiti & Leeha
Half Sisters - Vaiara & Vahara, Half-Brothers - Traian & Kaiao, Cousins - Tahar & Sahana
Mate - Twilight, Children: Son - Cirrioc, Daughter - Tanira
Other Relations: Friends - Scylla, Dace, Vari, Halla
Former bandmates - Kaiara, Ororn, Neraya
Description: Peach stallion with a salmon tint to his coat, salmon socks and fetlocks and beard with red-peach dapples over his shoulders, chest and neck, cornflower blue mane and tail, very pale blue clear crystalline horn, indigo blue hooves, light blue eyes.
Personality: sympathetic, caring, gentle stallion although tends to be on the shy, quiet side. Very loyal to his friends and mate though, and not afraid to stand up and defend himself, his mate, childrens and his friends fiercely if need be. He's also somewhat worry/guilt prone. This tends to centre around problems in his personal life - as welfare of his family and mate is of the utmost importance to him. As such, when things bother or worry him, he has a tendency to be reticent about it and repress his feelings, for fear of worrying his mate or disrupting his family's life.
Background: Born as the youngest of 5 children to the mare Gaiara, Rohar grew up on the plains in the company of his cousins Sahana and Tahar. His colthood was somewhat eventful, due to the legacy of a former mating of his mother. His dam, before pairing for life with Rohar's sire, Mafelu, had several courtings in the usual manner of the plains, that had resulted in his half siblings and the last of these, was with a domineering and abusive stallion called Shakata. Gaiara had eventually broken free of his control. However, Shakata had not taken her breaking free lightly, and secretly swore that he wouldn't rest til she was back under his control. Seeing an opportunity to do so when he knew of Rohar's birth, the stallion waited til a chance presented himself, then foal-napped Rohar, demanding Gaiara submit to his control once more if she wanted Rohar returned to her safely.
Gaiara rescued Rohar with the help of her sisters and Mafelu, but ever since she became fearful for his safety, smothering and refusing to let him much out of her sight, as his colthood. Given that his other cousins and friends were now venturing out on their own to an extent, this left the young colt rather lonely. Fortunately, he met up with a pair of young unicorns, Kaiara and her half brother Ororn, who kept him company. Finally, when Gaiara was persuaded that he should be allowed the freedom to leave by her sisters, Rohar left with his cousins, and a group of close friends, including Kaiara and Ororn, forming a close knit band. However, after a number of years of travel, Rohar was seperated from them when they were ambushed by pards, as the cats singled him out as their intended prey. Forced to run for his life to survive, Rohar was left lost and alone. However, he had the fortune to met up with a band of young southlanders, hailing from the vale, who had ventured out in search of adventure for a while.
When they returned to the vale, Rohar chose to go with them, not wanting to be left on his own. For a while, he settled in the vale, but eventually he began to miss his comrades, and fearing for what might have happened too, he choose to return to the plains in search. It was while doing so that he met with a plainsdwelling mare, Twilight, who was a healer. They quickly harboured a deep mutual attraction for each other, and fell in love. Rohar had been intending to stop off at the summer sea, to hear of how several of his friends had fared, and to possibly enlist their help in the his search. With Twilight accompanying him, she expressed a wish to be mated to him. Rohar was torn between wanting to seal their new found love with a pledge, and worry about what his bandmates would think, given he knew Twilight was hoping they'd settle down and start a family. However the matter was settled when the peach stallion was stung by sea-jells, and lapsed into a near-fatal coma which also resulted in a near death experience. When Twilight pulled him out of the coma and saved him from certain death, he realised how much she meant to him, and agreed to pledge to her. Shortly afterwards, his band, who had been diligently searching for him, and had heard news of his whereabouts, found him at the summer sea.
The ensuing reunion however, was not a particularly happy event. Rohar's band reacted with dismay and not some suscipion at the news that he was about to pledge. In particular, Kaiara, who he'd grown quite close to, had begun to nurse feelings for him, and things became emotionally heated and tense, when she learned of his intention to mate to Twilight. Eventually things were settled, with the help of his cousins, and Rohar and Twilight pledged and mated. Rohar then left his plainsmates once again on his cousins advice, when it became clear that emotions were too high for him and Twilight to travel with the band as a newly pledged couple, and that doing so would make things extremely uncomfortable. Having returned to the Vale as a result, he has been living there with Twilight ever since, along with their twin foals, Cirrioc and Tanira, who were born to them the spring after their pledging.

Name: Tahar
Gender: Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Age: 12 summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains or Alma's Heart
Abilities: Roaming adventurous plaindweller and warrior.
Family: Dam - Tapiti, Aunts - Gaiara, Leeha, Uncle - Mafelu, Cousins - Sahana, Rohar
Other Relations: Prospective Mate - Kaiara, Friends - Ororn, Neraya, Wolf, Coyote & Heaven
Description: Pied copper and black stallion, with particoloured copper and black mane with blue and green kite feathers tangled in it, copper red crystal horn, and copper tail and and mixed copper and onyx hooves, hazel brown eyes
Personality: Tahar has generally a kind, very caring personality, and loyal to his close friends, and loving to those he cares deeply about .... However he can be stubborn, finding it sometimes difficult to see other's point of view, and a bit clinging, somewhat demanding and possessive in relationships, possibly prone to jealousness and insecurity.
Background: After finally finding Rohar again at the Summer Sea, as a result of the split of their band after the dramatic and emotionally charged events there, Tahar returned to the plains, along with Kaiara, after they confessed feelings for each other, after discovering that Rohar, whom Kaiara had hoped to form a relationship with, was intending to pledge to Twilight. However their fledgling relationship has hit a hiatus, and currently disagreements and arguments have led to the pair parting company for the moment. Since then, he's remained in Alma's Heart and has been seeking the company and possible advice of others


Name: Ororn
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10 1/2 Summers
Species:Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found: Alma's Heart
Abilities: Wandering Plainsdweller.
Family: Kaiara (Half-Sister), Mariana (Half-Niece), Kaireeno (Half-Brother)
Other Relations:Friends - Tahar, Sahana, Neraya
Description: Ororn is an ivory dun, with a mauve head, hooves and horn and legs and amythest eyes, with typical dun striping of the same colour on neck and upper neck. His mane and tail start off orange, then shade to red in the middle and finally deep red at the tips, and he has a navy blue blaze.
Personality: Ororn has a fairly aimable temperment and is relatively friendly and easy to get on much of the time, although he can be a little shy of those he doesn't know at times. He's loyal and protective to those he cares about, especially his sister, and at times, he is prone to be hot-tempered and judgemental at times if he feels he or people he's close to have been hurt or wronged, although he has mellowed somewhat with age in the last year or two.
Background: Since splitting from his sister Kaiara and their plainsband after the highly emotionally charged events that ensued after their band had found Rohar and discovered that he was pledged to Twilight and intending to settle with her and start a family, Ororn has travelled on his own or with other plaindwellers while he reflected on matters and his actions and feelings relating to what happened at the summer sea. However he has now decided to reunite with his sister and has been searching for her ever since


Name: Satasria
Gender: Mare
Age: between 19 and 20 summers
Species:Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found:Somewhere on the Plains
Abilities:She is intutitive to the approach & onset of bad weather/storms, due to her accident.
Family: Dam - Moraisa, Half Sister - Leviasa, Sons - Sàilean, Catulian
Other Relations:Guri (former lover)
Description:Satasria is basically pied, but her colours are rather complex. The base colour of her coat is copper, with much of the middle of her sides and lower neck a pale copper which shades to a darker reddish copper, similar to her son's colouring, further up and down her sides and the middle of her neck, and finally shading to burgundy on her back and belly and also much of her head and muzzle. Her legs shade from burgundy, to darker red copper, to pale copper, and then to peach. She has various patches, which also have an intricate shading effect, starting off with a mid pale green, getting lighter til they shade to a pale lime, and then to a darker lime in the centre. Her mane and tail a re particoloured, with roughly even portions shading in the same pattern as her main body and patches. Her beard and horn shade from burgundy at the base, then copper and finally a mid-lime, while her hooves are burgundy. Her eyes are olive. Due to her accident when she was struck by lightning, she has two lines of silver-white scar streaks, one down each sides of her rump.
Personality:Satasria is a timid, nervous little mare. She hasn't got a lot of confidence in herself, orginating back from her childhood, although she is better than she was, in part due to the relationship she had with Guri. She's shy and is thereforemost comfortable either by herself or perhaps with a travelling with a trusted shoulder friend or two, rather than a large band . She tends to be a bit needy and dependent, becoming attached with those she develops close friendships with, especially with the few stallions she's had relationships, which doesn't always work well, especially in the case of her first lover. Due to her unfortunate accident, she is absolutely paranoid about thunderstorms, and even hints of bad weather and rainstorms make her nervous. She's also prone to erratic sleeping habits as well at times and is also somewhat hard of hearing.
Background:Satasria was born on the plains. She grew up alongside an older half-sister, who was very much the favoured child of their dam. As such, since she tended to be in the shadow of her sister, her already shy nature was increased, and she had little self-confidence as a filly. When she left her mother's side, as a young half grown, she was reclusive, tending to keep to herself to herself, shy socially at any gatherings and longdances she attended. Such was her lack of confidence and self-esteem, as well as a certain amount of awkwardness towards the way of life of the Free People of the Plains that she never managed to show enough confidence to attract and dance the longdance to it's end with a mate in her first few years as an adult mare, despite being reasonably pretty.
Then, one fateful evening, she was to meet the first real love of her life. It was a stormy night, with much heavy thunder and lightning. Satasria was sheltering as best she could under what cover she could find, when she heard the sound of the drumming of hooves, the signal of a band of unicorns approaching. When they were close enough to be seen, she realised that they were not plainsdwellers, and realised that they were Southlanders, hailing from the vale. This still being in the time before the days of Endingfire, when relationships between the valedwellers were still not on friendly terms, and Satasria had heard tales of the hostility and prejudice of valedwellers towards her kind. Timid and easily intimidated as she was, Satasria was frightened and alarmed at the thought of meeting them, and panicked, she fled from her shelter, out into the storm's rage.
Her headlong flight was brought to an abrupt halt as she was struck on her hindquarters by a bolt of lightning, causing severe burns and causing her to scream and cry out in pain before she was knocked out.
However, the little band of valedwellers had seen Satasria's figure before she disappeared into the horizon, and one of them, a stallion named Guri, had picked the faint sounds of her pained cry. He went to investigate, worried that whatever was that he had heard might signal danger. When he came upon Satasria, seeing her injured, his first thought was to move her to safety. It was at this point that she recovered just enough to awake, although she was still weak and only hazily concious. Guri managed to help her to move enough so that they could find appropriate shelter. When she regained enough awareness and realised who he was, she was at first scared, but Guri managed to calm and reassure her enough for to trust him. Puzzled as to why she would be so frightened he asked her what happened, and how she'd been out in the storm. When she answered telling of the tales she'd heard about Valedwellers and that the approach of his band had been reason for her leaving her shelter out of fear, Guri was shocked that a plainsdweller might view his and his people in such a way. Out of obligation and some considerable guilt, he felt responsible for Satasria's injury, and felt compelled to look after her.
With his help, they managed to make it as far as the Pan Woods, where Guri felt that if he was careful, he could continue to look in on her and check up on her, til she had recovered enough to return. In the weeks as Satasria healed, the two grew close and a bond began to form between the two. However Satasria, having never know a real relationship before this time, and the care and kindness Guri had shown, and also having become accustomed to Guri's company, she had become not a little dependent on him. Not wanting to return to being her own, she resolved to persuade him to return to the plains with her.
When at last the day came when she had healed enough to return to the plains, and Guri came, intending to bid her farewell, she made an impassioned plea for him to come with her, unaware that Guri in fact had a mate and family, telling him of the free lives of plainsdwellers, and entreating him to stay at her side. Guri was torn, but eventually, Satasria's arguments swayed him for the time being. For a day or two they travelled together, and then, word reached them of a gather. Satasria persuaded Guri to attend it with her, and that night, they danced the longdance to its end, mating.
But early in the following morning, Guri's conscience reasserted itself and he was filled with guilt at leaving his family to mate with Satasria. He left her while she was sleeping, and returned to the Vale. When Satasria woke to find herself alone, she was shocked and distressed that Guri had left her. Realising that he'd most likely returned to the Vale, she was torn between following after to find out, yet fearful to do so, knowing the vale was not a welcoming place for Plainsdwellers. But eventually, her need to know happened what gradually won out, and she journeyed back to the Pan Woods . By sheer luck once she reached the border between the woods and the vale, she caught a brief sight of Guri, but she hadn't taken more than a few steps into the Vale, when Guri's mate, Rhos, who was nearby, together with Guri's firstborn child, Mairead, spotted her, and moved to confront her. As timid a mare Satasria was, Rhos had barely spoken more than a few angry words, before Satasria fled, partly out of fear, but also out of guilt at having trying to lure Guri away from his family, since she had glimpsed Mairead at Rhos' side and now knew that he had a mate and a child.
A month or so later, Satasria found she was pregnant, and knew that the foal must be Guri's child. The discovery was bittersweet, for although she was certainly pleased at the prospect of a child to remember Guri by, she knew there could be little hope of ever being able to let Guri know of his child, given she was well aware of Rhos' hostility and anger towards her. She subsequently gave birth and raised the foal, a colt she named Sàilean. Since then, she has mated once more and had one other foal, also a colt who has left her recently. Now both her children have made their way out into the world, she often remembers and reflects on the past.with mixed feelings.


Age:1 1/2 years
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale, or anywhere his twin sister is
Abilities:Nothing much so far given he is young, although he is showing interest in lays, and aspiring to the laysinger's art
Family:Sire - Rohar, Dam - Twilight, Twin Sister - Tanira. First cousins, once removed - Tahar and Sahana, Uncles - Traian, Kaiao, Aunts - Vaiara, Vahara, Great Aunts - Tapiti, Leeha. Granddam - Gaiara, Grand-Sire - Mafelu
Other Relations:
Description: Cirrioc is pied silver and copper, with the silver as a base and the copper appearing in patches, botches and spots, with socks that shade from copper to the crimson of his father and a silver star and stripe in the middle of his copper face. Much of his mane shades from the silver of his dam at the base of the hairs , to the cornflower blue of his sire in the middle, and finally indigo-blue at the tops like his sister, although his forelock and the strands of mane around his poll are copper. His tail is similarly shaded to his mane, although there is no copper. He has silver hooves and cloudy blue eyes.
Personality: Cirrioc’s nature is much like his sister – a typical colt’s view of life, happy and playful generally. He’s loving, and loyal, caring and takes after his father in a deep thinker, pondering his actions and thinking carefully much of the time, although he also has inquisitive, curious and impulsive streak at times. As the elder brother of his sister Tanira, he’s protective and loving of her, although sometimes a little too much, so that he smothers her and annoys her. He is fond of the tales and lays, and possibly is showing signs of aspiring to the singer’s art. At the moment, Cirrioc is content to be in the vale, but his curiousness and inquisitive nature means that he is already starting to show hints of interest in a life outside the protective sanctuary of the vale, and of exploring the plains and the wider family he has there when he’s old enough to do so.
Background:Cirrioc was born the son of Rohar and Twilight a year and a half ago, along with his younger twin sister, Tanira. His first year or so of life has been spent in the vale under the watchful eyes of his sire and dam, exploring the world of the vale that he was born into together with his twin sister, who he is mostly seen in the company of. Like his sister, he has been told of his parent’s history and his sire’s former life on the plains, and is mixed about the choice they made in choosing the vale as a home and place to bring up a family – he very much respects and appreciates his parent’s decisions and Rohar’s selflessness in settling down in the vale for his and Tanira’s sake, but he feels also curious and inquisitive about the wider family that he and Tanira have on the plains, and wants to meet them and know his heritage better, and has occasionally expressed hints of slightly missing having a bigger family.


Name: Cocoro
Gender: Stallion
Age:8 summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Near Plains
Abilities: Has a bit of talent as a laysinger
Family: Birth Sire - Rovoro, Birth Dam - Lirina, Aunts - Lunara & Witherwill, Uncles - Neoro & Tindergrass, Cousins - Scylla, Pip
Other Relations:Adopted Sire - Arazulo, Adopted Dam - Alanaria, Adopted Sister - Xaeral. Former Shoulder Friend - Gearran.
Description: lemon yellow coat, dappled with soft light lime spots, with a mane, tail, beard and crystalline horn that is particoloured orange, lemon and light lime, with the colours running in stripes and alternating in the twists of the horn, while he has orange hooves and light lime eyes
Personality:Cocoro is usually energetic and friendly in nature, although he can be cautious at times, and of late, events have meant that he has been in a more somber and sorrowful mood since Gearran parted from him. Although he eagerly took up the Plaindwelling life at first, he's had misgivings about his decision as well as a result of Gearran leaving him. Relatively new to the ways of the free people of the plain as he is, having only taken up the life of a plainsdweller, and having lived all his life in the Hallow Hills, he still has a lot values of the Ringdancers at heart, and has sometimes found it hard to adjust to the lifestyle of the free folk. However, in recent months he has been getting more used to the ways and customs of the free folk new found foster parents and sister, and has been more like his normal cheerful self as a result.
Background: a young half grown and the cousin of Scylla, Cocoro used to live in the Hallow Hills with his sire and dam, but left his family to persue adventure and travel and adopt the ways of the free people, as he has a restless, irresistible urge to see the rest of the world. While on the plains he briefly met up with a group of young half growns, whom he travelled with for a while before they parted. He reunited with his closest shoulder friend from that group, Gearran. They were joined by another stallion, Arazulo, who had been searching for his mate, Alanaria and his daughter, Xaeral. They successfully found Arazulo's family, only for Gearran to abruptly leave to seek out his parents. Gearran's departure left Cocoro explaining the situation to Arazulo and Alanaria, along with Xaeral, who had been hoping to travel with the pair before Gearran had annouced his intention to part company with them both. In the aftermath, Arazulo and Alanaria proposed they all travel together, an offer which Cocoro gratefully accepted. However, adapting to the new situation wasn't easy, due to the fact that Xaeral was desperate to leave, which caused friction with both Alanaria, who was intent on making sure Arazulo got a chance to properly reunite with their daughter, and also tension with Cocoro, due to Xaeral feeling a bit hurt that he hadn't been more willing to support her in their initial discussion with Arazulo and Alanaria. However, over time, the hurts and tensions between the four of them eased, as Cocoro bonded with Xaeral, leading up to a point where Cocoro ultimately accepted Alanaria, Arazulo and Xaeral as a kind of second family. Since then Cocoro and Xaeral have now left together to seek their own adventures on the mares back, and have subsequently parted from each other and headed their separate ways.

Sàilean - Hiatus

Name: Sàilean
Gender: Stallion
Age: 8 1/2 summers
Most Likely Found:Near Plains or Alma's Heart
Family: Dam - Satasria, Sire - Guri Half-Brother: Catulian, Half Sister - Mairead
Other Relations: Friends - Kaetien, Jyoti, Coulea
Alma's Stars - Tesserae, Aspen, Glisterhoof, Smokestep, Storm, Ebondancer, Cirrus, Naveed, Lealta, Riverdark, Vertspire, Iris
Description: A handsome stallion, Sàilean has the build of a typical plainsdweller, being of medium height and build, although slightly on the lean side. His coat is striking to behold, being a glorious shimmering sea of blue-green teal, and floating it like fiery islands are it are patches,splashes and botches of metallic red lustrous copper. His tail and horn are also red copper, while his mane is particoloured like his coat.
Personality: Sàilean is of a shy, rather nervous disposition, and usually needs to be encouraged and befriended before he will feel enough at ease with other unicorns to make friends. He likes company to an extent, and making new friends but he is always nervous in strange company. He is also somewhat reclusive, preferring to travel with perhaps one or two companions rather being in a group of several, which he tends to find a bit daunting. However, once befriended, he is extremely trusting and loyal, although he can be a little over-sensitive at times.
Background: Raised as the first-born child of a timid, nervous, rather over protective dam, Sàilean was sheltered until relatively late as unicorns go, and it wasn't until his mother finally mated and conceived again, and also because the cajoling of friends, that she finally was persuaded that it was time for him to be allowed to set out on his own. As such, he left her relatively late in life, at almost 5 years of age. Since that time, he has tried the best he can to venture out on his own, and become more confident, but he has found this difficult, and circumstances at times have not helped, as the copper and teal stallion has gone through several incidients that haven't helped his self-esteem and at times he tends to brood or get a bit depressed. Nevertheless, Sàilean still endeavours to try and live the life of typical plainsdweller to the best of his ability, having a love for travel and a desire to explore Alma's wide world.
Vaiori - Retired

Name: Vaiori
Gender: Stallion
Age:10 summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Vale
Abilities: Originally hailing from the plains, Vaiori has how taken up residence as a valedweller residing in the vale under the rule of Calydor and Ses, Vaiori is a capable warrior, and although peace-loving, is really to defend himself.
Family: Brother - Rannor
Other Relations:
Description: Base black coat, with patches of bright peach and lustrous metallic copper in it. On his head and legs the copper shades from lustrous metallic copper to a darker red-copper, and similar the peach shades from bright peach to a darker shade of orangey-red tinted peach. particoloured mane and tail consisting of black, copper and peach hairs with the copper and peach again shading from bright peach and metallic copper to the the darker shades of red-copper and orangey-red peach. His horn is also particoloured in peach, copper and black while his hooves are alternating black and peach
Personality: Vaiori is a kind, caring and loving stallion, but also tends to be a bit on the cautious and serious side - a fact that often causes arguments between him and his slightly younger brother, Rannor who is the exact opposite in personality, although the two are in fact, extremely loving of each other and more often than not, Vaiori's scolding and admonishing of Rannor is due to concern and protectiveness. Also loves his comforts - although born as one of the free folk of the plains, Vaiori was never at ease with the roaming, wondering life of the plainsdwellers and is now very happily settled in the vale.
Background: Vaiori is the slightly older brother of Rannor - the two were conceived together as a result of their dam loving two different stallions at the same time, and dancing longdances in close sucession, she also then conceived twice in quick sucession becoming in foal with both Vaiori and Rannor - so to all intents and purposes the two appeared to be unidentical twins, although they are in fact half-brothers. Vaiori was born first, and then Rannor came out a couple of days later, born prematurely - a fact that adds to Vaiori's protectiveness of Rannor. The two left their mother and then travelled the plains together, before parting ways when Vaiori finally wished to seek a more settled life, in contrast to Rannor's restless adventuring spirit. Although completely content in the Vale, Vaiori misses his younger sib very much, and very much looks forward to the day when they can be reunited and even holds on the vague hope that perhaps one day, he might persuade Rannor to cease his travels and stay with him for at least a while.


Name: Toloran
Gender: Stallion
Age: 7 summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Hallow Hills
Abilities: Currently living as a warrior in the Hallow Hills
Family: Sire - Petran, Dam - Undine, Sister - Nymph
Mate: None
Other Relations:
Description: A first generation dayan unicorn/unicorn cross, Toloran is heavily built, with large hooves that are heavily feathered as a result of his dayan ancestory, although he has all the features of a unicorn - beard, cloven hooves, tail tassle etc, although his tail is a bit fuller than normal. A pied/paint tobiano stallion, his base coat is mainly deep blue, but it shades from deep blue to light lilac in a roughly diagonal line from his withers and shoulders, then from light lilac to deep lilac at the top of his head. He has patches of bright metallic copper over his coat, in both the deep blue and shades of lilac, and he has four copper socks and a copper blaze. His feathering shades from the metallic colour of his hooves into blue, and then light lilac at the tips His tail is entirely bright metallic copper, and his mane shades from light blue to light lilac, and his beard is deep lilac. He has bright amber eyes, copper hooves and his horn alternates between deep blue and copper in the twists.
Personality: Toloran is noble, with a strong sense of independence, and also that of duty to his people. He's fairly aimable and friendly as a rule, although he doesn't respond well to those he deems ill-tempered and objectionable, or evil hearted. He has a strong sense of loyalty to those he is close to, and especially to his sister Nymph, whom he misses greatly
Background: Originally living in the Vale with his dam Undine, sire Petran and younger sister Nymph, Toloran was always curious about the Hills from the short time the family went to the Hills with the rest of the valeheard, before they returned, and that curiousity grew when he finally became a half-grown and become initiated, and finally as a result, he expressed a wish to go and live there full time, partly out of a wish to live in and know more about the ancestoral home of his folk and serve as a warrior under Queen Tek and Battleprince Aljan, and partly out of a disagreement with his mother, Undine who although loving enough, was rather overmothering and wished him to stay with the folk and mate with a mare she deemed suitable, while he wanted his freedom and independence. Finally, when it looked likely that Undine might be about to persuade Petran to support her in her wishes, he left, before he could be forced to stay and bow to her will. He misses his sister greatly though, having seen her only once since he left and they said their farewells, when she was finally initated, and worries and is anxious for her, knowing from what she told him that Undine now controls her life as tightly as possible to stop any chance that she too might leave and seek her freedom. He often thinks about going back and ponders how he might best help her to break free from their mother's iron grasp. Recently he met and offered shelter to the dayan unicorn mare Sol, intending to act as mentor and teacher to her. However, after he requested she be allowed to come with him to the Vale, Jan denied his request and he and Sol separated so she could find another mentor and he was left on his own again


Name: Gaiara
Gender: Mare
Age: 33 summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Family: Sisters - Tapiti, Leeha
Mate: Mafelu
Children: Rohar plus 4 unseen older others: 2 mares (twins): Vaiara and Vahara and 2 stallions: Traian and Kaiao (formerly named Katan after his father, Shakata before she broke away from him)
Nephew - Tahar, Niece - Sahana
Other Relations:
Description: rose-shaded peach coat, with grass-green mane, tail, feathers beard, crystalline horn and stockings that shade from rose-peach to green. Deep purple-blue hooves
Personality: Gentle, loving and kind. Gaiara is very much a family minded mare, and as such she has tended to be a little overprotective and overmothering towards her children and in particular towards Rohar, her youngest son and the child of her life-partnership.
Background: Gaiara has had a mixed and sometimes rough history in life. Before she met her life-mate, Mafelu, she tried to engage in the traditional way of relationship on the plain, resulting in several children sired by different stallions, although she never felt at ease with the nature of her relationships, and her last prior to pairing with Mafelu was particularly traumatic, as she had the misfortune to mate with a stallion, Shakata who turned out to be abusive and domineering. Now though, she is happily paired with Mafelu, although she often wonders how her youngest son is faring and longs for the day when they can be reunited.