Real Name (Nickname): Jordann (nicknames: Jordy or Jo)
Age: 14
Location: Great Britain (Scotland)


Name: Jyoti
Gender: female
Age: 6
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Near Plains
Abilities: Singer, but can fight well if need be
Family: parent, unknown as of yet
Other Relations: friends: Coulea, Sailean
Description: Jy is of plains dweller type, though very sure footed. For the most part, her pelt is a soft ocean, but atop her back, painted over her blue pelt, it is as the golden sun, as are her hooves, mane, tail and horn. Her eyes are a jade green. Her ears are tufted atop, and this mare carries herself proudly.
Personality: Sweet, caring, if she ever found an orphan, she would surely take care of it as if it were her own child. She longs one day to find her parents, and to find her love at the summer sea.
Background: When she was a filly, Jy's mother kept her away from all other foals, but her father let her go play behind his mate's back. when Jyoti was almost 2, she ran away. She realised too late that a pard was chasing her, so she jumped from a steep cliff, and landed heavily on her shoulder. An old mare found her, and cared for her for a couple of years. Ever since Jy left to find her own way, she has been searching for her mother and father.


Name: Naava (nickname Va)
Gender: female
Age: 8
Species: half dayan unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: singer and dancer
Family: none
Other Relations: none yet
Description: Va is a rather thin set, fine boned mare, and looks rather like a very tall Connemara. She is tri-coloured, blue, pink and white. A blue splotch covers her head and neck, and another all the way down her left hind leg, and from halfway down to the bottom of her right foreleg. Pink covers her belly and her left foreleg down to the knee, as well as her right hindleg from the hock downwards. The rest of her body is white. Her mane is full like her mother ( a plainsdwelling unicorn) and her tail is full like her fathers (a Da). Both are a mixture of the pink and blue hairs. Her horn and hooves are purple. She has no feathering or beard.
Personality: Va is a straight to the point kind of girl, if she doesnt like what you're doing, she'll say so. She adores children, of all species though, and would offer to babysit for anyone quick as a flash. Va may sometimes have a fiery temper, but only if someone is doing what she considers is wrong. SHe has a very definite sense of right and wrong.
Background: Va had a very sheltered life, in the Vale, but when she was 6, she decided that she would have a better chance at life dwelling the plains, so she stepped out into the wide world. She's had a peaceful life, save the odd jeer at her jovial colouring. but she soon put a stop to that. Naava's hoping one day to find true love, but until then, she's happy with the longdances.