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The International Firebringer Appreciation Society came into being on 28 April, 1997 and was co-founded by its first two members, referred to as "Calydor" and "Ryhenna." At its outset, the group was a small fixture on the IRC network including Firebringer Trilogy fans predominantly located in the United States and Canada. Over time, the #firebringer chat slowly grew to include a larger, more diverse population of fans from many other countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Sweden.

Two years after creating IFAS, Calydor and other founding members chose to shift the mostly informal group to the burgeoning collection of forums on, then known as “MSN Communities.” At this location, the members of IFAS developed “Unicorns of the Vale,” an unofficial fansite dedicated to the Firebringer Trilogy and other Meredith Ann Pierce works. Through Firebringer fansites, fiction and art created by Calydor, Ryhenna, Skywater, Cavni, Alayha, Jah-Lila and many others, both Firebringer fans and unicorn enthusiasts alike discovered what members now affectionately call “The Vale.” When MSN Communities became MSN Groups around 2004, the population of Unicorns of the Vale was a patchwork of many different age groups, countries, levels of experience and varied talents, and has grown in diversity and interests since.

On October 23, 2008, MSN Groups officially announced its permanent closure in February 2009. As a result, site staff worked diligently for over two months to complete a full website and forum that will house IFAS and Unicorns of the Vale. was officially released to members on Sunday, December 14, 2008.


Joining IFAS is simple. By reading the Firebringer Trilogy and by joining the Vale, you become a member of the International Firebringer Appreciation Society. Lifetime membership is free, and you'll still be a member even if you leave the Vale. As a member, you can help IFAS by sharing the Firebringer Trilogy and by sharing the Vale with friends - our purpose is to raise awareness about the books and bring fans together!


"To Wage Constant War On The Wyverns of Obscurity & Ignorance so our beloved Trilogy may be returned to it's rightful place in the Hallow Hills of limelight and glory!"


Co-Founder and Battleprince: Calydor
Co-Regent: DV-Skitz
Co-Regent: Scylla
Assistant Manager:Arushitomo


The following IFAS members listed here have earned this title for their hard work and service to the society and the Vale. Though many are no longer active in the community, they are honored for their inspiration and talent.

Co-founder of IFAS, maintainer of one of the first Firebringer Internet fansites
Manager of the Vale and senior member of IFAS, talented writer and maintainer of Alayha's Nest, home of fanlistings for The Firebringer Trilogy and Meredith Ann Pierce
Manager of the Vale and former regent of IFAS, also a very talented writer and maintainer of Skywater's Mere of the Moon (no longer active)