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The Story...

"Several years have passed since the unicorns reclaimed their ancestral homes from their arch-enemies the wyverns and Wyzasukitan flew forth from her lair to claim the wyrm-king Lynex and remove his menace from the world. In that time the unicorns, under the rule of Queen Tek and prince Jan, have led peaceful and prosperous lives. The strict laws of Korr's time have been repealed, and the Free People of the Plains, once despised as "Renegades" may now freely mix with the Moondancers of the Hallow Hills.

Also in these years, a number of both plainsdwellers and Moondancers have returned to the Vale. In the case of the plainsdwellers, many of them desired a new home but were wary of the Hallow Hills. Valedwellers sought their old home for a variety of personal regions. Mindful of the peace agreement that had been made between the Unicorns and their old rivals, the Gryphons in order to seal peace, and not wanting a fresh conflict, the unicorns sought Tek and Jan's counsel. After much thought, they contacted Malar, Queen of the Gryphons.

The result? A fresh pact, that the unicorns might re-settle in small numbers, so long as they ensured the population did not breed out of hand and drive out the sacred goats now residing in Ishi's Vale, once again depriving the gryphons of their prey. In light of this, it became clear that there was a need for guidance within the Vale. Jan and Tek asked Ses and Calydor to accept this role, seeing them as an ideal pair - their union symbolised the growing bond between the Free Folk and the Ring. Ses accepted readily enough, while Calydor remained reluctant, unwilling to be tied down in an appointed position. However, eventually Calydor was persuaded, and so, Calydor and Ses took up the role of honourary prince and princess and Guardians of the Vale.

Although the guardianship has been so far a peaceful one, there are tensions over the new arrangements. Not all the gryphons are happy with Malar's decision to share Ishi's Vale. Some gryphons even openly oppose the wingleader of the Gryphons. Bit by bit, the days of peace and leisure seem to be running out."