The Purpose of this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is to provide new members with important information about this Group and to answer any questions they might have.

Please note that this is not an 'all inclusive' list, and is merely intended to provide general direction for newer members (as well as old ones who are curious about something.) If you have a question that's not in this FAQ - Please e-mail one of the Managers. They will be happy to help you out. Or, you can post your question to the Vale Topics - Questions and Anwers thread on the Vale Topics Page. This FAQ will be updated as necessary!

Because of Space Constraints - This FAQ will be broken down into Seven (7) sections. The First Section is about the Unicorns of the Vale Group as well as any questions you may have about posting or introductions or creating characters. The Second Section deals more specifically with Role Playing at the Vale. The Third Section addresses issues of behaviour, Art and any other miscellaneous information. The Fourth and Fifth Sections answer specific questions about Creating your Character. The Sixth Section addresses the issues of Etiquette in Roleplaying. Each are accessible through the links below. Last Updated July 5, 2011: Canon character relationships with original characters clarified on Section Five. Number of character slots per player updated to 22. Clarification and 'housekeeping' changes made to overall content.

Update May, 2010: Section Six and Seven were condensed into one Roleplay Etiquette section. Further information regarding relationships between unicorns and gryphons is outlined in Section Four. The Valley of 1,000 Birds and the Delta were added to non-canon locations available for character histories, and Narwhals and Herons were removed from the playable species list. A few small changes for clarity have been made across the board, but no other major changes at this time.

Again - We ask that if you have a question that's not addressed here on the FAQ - Please e-mail one of the Managers for Help or Post in on the Vale Q&A Board. Thanks for reading!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This FAQ was written especially for the Unicorns of the Vale by its manager DV-Skitz ... Copying of this FAQ for use at other sites is strictly prohibited! It is the intellectual property of this site - and this site alone! DO NOT STEAL THIS FAQ! If you would like to 'borrow' some of the questions/wording/etc... you MUST contact DV-Skitz for permission.