With the creation of our brand-new Vale forum, many features are extremely different. You've probably noticed by now that there is no image gallery feature. Unfortunately, we simply don't have the funds at this time to provide a full-fledged gallery for you to host your character images. However, there are alternative options if you would like to post your artwork on the forum, include an image in your signature, etc. The process is very simple, and practice will make it even easier. So let's get started!

STEP 1: Upload Your Image

Your first job is to find a website where you can host your image. If you're lucky enough to own your own hosting space, good for you! You probably don't need this tutorial. If you're like the rest of us and need to rely on free hosting space, you're still in luck! Here are a few websites currently offering free hosting of images:


Note: DO NOT use ImageShack and TinyPic's anonymous photo upload. These sites offer free registration for basic service, so take advantage of it! By registering, you'll have all of your photos in one place. Anonymous upload means that if you lose the link to the image, it's probably lost for good. Additionally, some sites offering this feature have a time limit on how long the photo will be available. Don't take the risk.

Check the site's Terms of Service before you register. Chances are, if you're under the age of 13 you will need your parents' permission.

Follow the site's instructions on how to upload photos. This process differs greatly from site to site, so we can't walk you through that. Thankfully, these sites are typically straightforward and very easy to navigate. If you have trouble, grab a member of the Vale staff, either by email or through PM! We'll be happy to offer advice.

STEP 2: Get The Link to Your Image

Again, this process varies from site to site, but as soon as your image is uploaded, by clicking on the picture, you should be able to find a series of link codes associated with that image. Photobucket, for example, arranges their codes something like this(your background colors may vary):

You're looking for the direct web link to your image. It will probably look something like this:

Look for the code that STARTS with "http://". Highlight the entire string of code - it may be long, but you want all of it! Use your mouse or "CTRL+C" on your keyboard to copy it.

STEP 3: Post Your Image

Go back to the forum and open up a new reply post in the thread where you want to post your image. You'll notice the handful of buttons at the top of the posting page. These will generate BBCode that you can use - regular HTML code won't work on this forum.

Click the button that says 'img.'

The following code should immediately pop up in your post:

Now all you have to do is paste that image link you copied earlier between the bracketed tags, like this:


Then when you're finished editing the post, click "submit." Your picture will show up in your post!

That's All There Is To It!

For more information on using BBCode...
Wikipedia BBCode Page
The Vale's Forum FAQ

Don't Be A Thief!

Remember, never direct-link a picture that doesn't belong to you and that you don't have permission to link to. If you direct-link an image that is hosted on someone else's website and you didn't receive permission, every time someone views the image you posted on our forum, you're stealing bandwidth from the site actually hosting the picture. If lots of people view your picture, or if lots of people steal bandwidth from the same site, it can cost the owner of the site money for going over their allotted monthly limits.

Additionally, NEVER post images that aren't yours that you don't have permission to post. If we receive complaints about bandwidth theft from a site owner, or art theft from the creator of the original image/photo, we will take steps to remove the image from our forum. Be a repeat offender, and you could be banned. Have common sense and common courtesy, and we'll all get along just fine. :)

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