IFAS - Over 10 Years of Imagination and Play!

The International Firebringer Appreciation Society (IFAS) is the leading organization devoted to Meredith Ann Pierce's young adult fantasy novels, “Birth of the Firebringer,” “Dark Moon,” and “The Son of Summer Stars,” known to its many and diverse fans as “The Firebringer Trilogy.” Now over a decade old, The Infernational Firebringer Appreciation Society provides a respectful, friendly place for sharing “Birth of the Firebringer,” its attendant sequels and other Meredith Ann Pierce titles with fans of all ages.

Experience the World of the Firebringer Yourself

Unicorns of the Vale is the official community and website of IFAS, home to a wealth of information about The Firebringer Trilogy as well as discussion forums and ongoing roleplay boards wherein members may create characters and experience Meredith Ann Pierce’s world as unicorns, gryphons, pans and more.