Section Five - Additional Character Creation Information

Q. Are there any limitations as to what my Unicorn character can look like, wear, etc.

A. As it states on Page One of the FAQ, Yes, their are several rules about what Unicorns can look like. The specific rules of the colorations allowed are as follows:

Black and/or White Unicorns. As of this time, we will be allowing NO more black and/or white Unicorns. This includes combinations of black/white as well as black/other colors or white/other colors (with the exception of pied characters - as explained below).

The body of the Unicorn cannot be black or white, or a color design made up solely black and white. Color patterns including black, white and a third color ARE allowed. **see the following limitations:

If a character's coat pattern consists of black, white and a third color, apply the rule of thirds - each color must appear in equal amounts, or the third color must appear in a greater amount. In the case of a character with a questionable coat pattern, final jurisdiction is in the hands of the staff.

Characters can be pied with black OR white with a secondary color. Therefore a black and blue pied character, or a white and red pied characater would be okay.

The reason for this decision is that in the world of the Firebringer Trilogy, Black and White were both VERY rare colors. There are many other wonderful colors to choose from... why not stretch your imagination?

Markings & Patterns: There will be no 'naturally-occurring' flank markings beyond appaloosa blankets or paints. Those belong to a 'My Little Pony,' and have no place here. Additionally, regarding coat patterns, only 'natural' patterns will be allowed. This includes all naturally occurring equine patterns, as well as patterns of other creatures (i.e. if the pattern occurs on a natural creature, it will probably be allowed - but please refrain from combining a multitude of natural patterns).

Geometric shapes and sharp-lined, unrealistic patterns, tribal markings or other things of a man-made nature are not allowed. Additionally prohibited are shapes and patterns that go beyond just being suggestive of something in nature. (i.e. If someone were to have a character with a very specific flower-shaped paint spot - that would be unrealistic, but if it were 'suggestive' of a flower, then that might be alright). We will not limit color variety (except as stated above) but please keep in mind that Unicorns were not outlandishly colored/patterned in the books, and a large variety of multi-colors are not very applicable. Also, please try to keep scar markings realistic (and consider the circumstances that may have caused those scars); there will be no markings that were 'placed by Alma'.

Remember, there exists unlimited potential for color combinations without the need to be too outlandish. Please don't stifle your creativity, but do please consider the world in which these characters will be played. If you have any questions about the feasibility of a color combination/pattern, please contact a manager and we'll be happy to provide our feedback.

Jewelry, adornments, etc: There will be no jewelry, armor, saddlery or other ‘man-made’ types of adornment allowed. Unicorns in the FT have never worn crowns or coronets or necklaces. It is completely unfeasible for Unicorns to have created these things. And, as we have specified, there will be no contact with Humans allowed in histories (with the except of Dayan from the City of Fire), so application of these types of ornaments or embellishments is quite impossible.

General Note About Colors: Again, (with the exception of Black/White) the choice is yours, but please review the Member Pages or the Character Quick Reference Guide to see if you’ve just described another character. It’s rather annoying for one person to intro a specially colored character, only to have it repeated by someone who hasn’t done enough research. For example: the combination of blue and silver is VERY common... NOTE: If an existing member asks you to change your coloring or name or description because it is too close to their own - please be respectful ...and comply. If you have 'doubts' about the similarity - ask a Manager, and they will decide.

Powers: See below.

Q. How many characters can I play?

A. The character limit has been updated to twenty-two (22) characters. You may not play more than twenty-two at one time - UNLESS otherwise specified by Management. If you wish to 'retire' an old character to make room for a new one, you may - but an no time will you be allowed to exceed the limit.

In regards to foals: Foals resulting as the offspring of mated pairs played by the same player are subject to the limit. Regarding mated pairs who are played by different characters - if the intention is to have a single pregnancy resulting in 1 (one) foal, there might be an exception. Pregnancies resulting in multiple foals, or multiple pregnancies are subject to the limit.

NPCs: The only other situation where an exception could occur would be with temporary NPC (non-player character) characters. These would be character’s that would be used on an extremely limited basic, and generally only for the purposes of forwarding plot or developing characters. (Please note: If a temporary/NPC character becomes ‘more than temporary’ – that character will then count towards your limit!)

Q. What are the 'Approved Locations' Mentioned in the Rules and on Section Four of the FAQ?

A. As it states in the Official Ruling, as well as Page Four of the FAQ, certain types of characters will only be allowed if they come from approved backgrounds. Right now we've got only two locations that aren't canon to the FT that are approved for Background use (and for the first 2 - you MUST contact a manager for permission before selecting those backgrounds):

The Lost Desert. Developed by Co-Regent DV-Skitz. Based upon the idea that there are three different Blessed Meres of Alma, the Lost Desert is the home of the third. The desert lands are far beyond the Salt Wastes and beyond a virtual sea of sand. Unicorns from this area are extremely similar to Vale unicorns except that they tend to be longer legged and more slender. Currently, information on this area is limited, so if you'd like to have your character come from this area, contact D.V. to discuss the details. ETA: There is now a Fact Sheet for the Lost Desert available.

The Delta. Developed by Co-Regent Scylla. Click here to read more.

The Valley of 1,000 Birds. Developed by Vale Staff Member Kinaheso. Click here to read more.

Q. You mention that the use of 'Powers' is limited to what is canon to the books. Can you please explain this further?

A. There are several 'powers' that are canon to the Firebringer Trilogy, though for the most part, Unicorns of the FT are much like wild horses. They must graze and drink and defend themselves from physical harm. Be aware that any special powers you give your character may be subject to staff approval. ALL special powers that affect other characters can only be acted upon those characters with their players' consent.

Dreaming Sight. This would be very much like the ability to foretell the future - predominantly in dreams. This is not an exact gift... meaning that a Unicorn would not be able to foresee the results of a specific event or something they choose to see. It is a very vague power and also rare. Often, singers are gifted with this ability. If a character is strongly affected by this ability, there must be consequences.

Magicking. Despite how it sounds, this is not an all powerful ability to do magic. Magickers simply use tools such as herbs and points of focus like pools of water, to perform extremely simple tasks such as Scrying. They cannot change the weather, or control minds, or do anything of that nature. Additionally, these tasks take extreme mental effort and are not performed without consequence. A Unicorn would need to recover from making any sort of attempt at Magicking.

Healing. Healing is NOT a 'power' or a magic of any kind. It is simply an understanding of the physiology of Unicorns as well as an extensive knowledge herbal-lore. All healing is performed via the use of herbs, poultices, etc. If a Unicorn breaks his leg, the healer would fashion a splint (using their horn and teeth and hooves) and apply herbs and mud and other 'ingredients' to heal it. If a colt takes sick with a cough, a healer will make them chew the proper herbs.

Lay Singer. While singing isn't necessarily a 'power' it is an ability that some Unicorns may be good at. Singers are the ones who tell (sing) the stories (or Lays) during occasions such as Moondance, or Gathers. Singers have a good ear and a good memory for picking up Lays and tales. (Oh! And here, you'll need this for later: "J*(" When you register, you'll need to answer one of the questions with those three characters, without the quote marks.

Q. What is the "Herd" Structure and/or Hierarchy. Who's in charge?

A. The Hallow Hills are ruled by a King or Queen. The oldest offspring of the King or Queen is considered the Battle Prince (Princess) and is next in line to rule. Royalty is never challanged in battle or otherwise and the line can be traced quite far back. The current Queen is Tek. Her mate, the Firebringer rules beside her as Prince. Their offspring, Aiony & Dhattar are next in line to rule.

The Vale, which is also home to Ringdancers as well as Plainsdwellers, is under the Regency of Calydor and his mate Ses.

Upon the Plains, there is no 'structure'. Groups of unicorns may join together to form small bands, and these bands may be 'guided' by a particular mare or stallion, but these groups are loosely formed and may change frequently.

REMINDER: "Herds" are not known amongst Plainsdwellers. Neither are 'lead mares' or 'lead stallions'. There are no 'Rulers' on the Plains. Any reference to a 'herd' must be from a pre-approved background.

Q. Can my character be related to a canon character?

A. No. We have many players, and only a few novel canon characters. We know that lots of people would love to have characters related to Jan, Tek, Ses, Korr, etc. But the moment someone adds a sibling, a mate, a child, it becomes 'canon' for the forum. Logically, there's only a finite number of siblings Korr can have. It's unfair to choose who is allowed to have a relative and who isn't. However, your character is allowed to be an acquaintance or friend of a canon character!

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