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Writing Challenge #1: Summer Nights

Original Thread

"Tyrbird & Lyssa" by Bluey
Summary: It's Moondance, and someone needs to keep watch. Vale warrior Tyr is happy to do so... but why? When his shoulder friend Lys comes looking for him to find out just that, things are bound to get even more complicated.

"Alone" by Alcyone
Summary: Weaning isn't supposed to be quite this painful. A lonely filly spends her first night separated from her mother, dealing with the issues that jaded lady left her.

"Recall the Season Gone" by Firefeet
Summary: Vale warriors and dear companions Ra and Conn reminisce over summers past as they while away another frigid winter in the Vale.

"Shatter and the Summer's Children" by Gehenna
Summary: Shatter spends a pleasant evening with his new companions - a trio of friendly siblings. After trading tales and amiable jibes, Shatter and his band discover an even more interesting way to pass the evening.

"Twilight" by Scylla
Summary: When a sudden tragedy tears open the web of dependence Twilight has fostered on her former mate Highflight, she is forced to come to grips with what has befallen her. Change may be a rapid thing sometimes, but realization is rarely so.

"Interlude" by Sorchafyre
Summary: A young pan toils in preparation for the evening's gathering.

"Falling Inside the Black" by Arushitomo
Summary: Tsoulus encounters a nightmarish jungle filled with all manner of nocturnal noises, but the real predator is the one you can't hear coming. Or... is it?