Real Name: Tori
Age: 20
Location: Australia

Name: Ránn
Gender: Stallion
Age: 9
Species:Scout of Halla
Most Likely Found:The plains
Abilities: Warrior
Family:Parents that live in the Hallow Hills
Other Relations:
Description: Navy blue roan minimal marked tobiano; he has a bold white face and a couple of darker spots around his body. His mane and tail are a mix of dark blues that fade to white at the tips and has white cutting through them when his markings hit. His beard is much the same blue with white cutting though it from his chin, are the same colour as his markings but the same blue as his mane/tail. Golden eyes with his horn and hooves a swirl of blues with a thin cobwebing of gold through them.
Personality: Somewhat flirtatious for his size, he tries to flaunt himself whenever he’s around a mare. He’s happy-go-lucky and loves a good chat and laugh. Often thought as annoying most just try and brush him off which he seems to be quite oblivious to; he is hard to anger but quick to fight or defend (especially mares).
Background: Born on the plains as his parent were moving from their home in the Smoking Mountain to the ancestral home of the unicorns, he spent his first year and a half travelling to the Hallow Hills and where he picked up on the plaindwellers care-free nature from those they chanced upon. When they reached the Hallow Hills and grew old enough he was disciplined in the warrior arts, but never really fully cared about what he was being taught. He was initiated and took his first step to freedom by travelling back to the plains where he stayed for a few months before returning solely for the trip to the Summer Sea. Unable to find a mate he returned to the Hills and stayed for a year until he finally decided the vast plains where more for him and he once again set out for them.


Gender: Mare
Age: 12
Species:Plains born, full blood
Most Likely Found: Anywhere on the plains
Abilities: Laysinger/warrior, Loves Children
Family: Dam- Shira
Other Relations:
Description:She is an inverted dun that fades from magenta down to a pale pearl pink and then to an opal. She has an opal broken stripe ending in a snip that stretches right down to her chin and opal eye patches, a few white bird catcher spots scattered around her neck, withers and barrel. Her mane and tail are emerald and her featherings and beard a pale pink, her beard is broken by white as the snip runs into it. Her horn and hooves are opal and eyes are emerald.
Personality:Bright and cheerful but also quiet spoken. She enjoys company and loves foals. She can have quite a bite to her words if pushed and is able to hold her own within a fight. She’s somewhat inquisitive and a little flirtatious. Could seem she has a wild imagination.
Background: Born an inquisitive foal she was always curious about everything and found her first love for tales one night at a longdance with her mother, from then on she grew up listening to Laysingers and seeking them out to hear all the stories she could and building up her knowledge of the arts. When she was old enough she separated from her dam at another longdance to seek out her own tales to tell and make up. Each year she returns to the longdance to meet her mother and to babysit the foals and tell them the tales she has made or heard of within the year. Is often too busy with entertaining the young to actually attend the dance.


Name: Ellilth
Gender: Formel
Age: Full grown
Species: Gryphon
Most Likely Found: Pan Woods
Abilities: Is somewhat lacking abilities due to sustained injuries throughout her life. The most noticeable is her limp on her hind right leg and she is blind also in her right eye.
Family:As far as she is concerned she has no family.
Other Relations:
Description:Her featherings a mix of kingfisher, crystal and navy blue, with a collective few iridescent feathers that decorated her cheeks, chest and her flight feathers. Her feline quarters are a very pale tan with dark burnt umber painting her underbelly, the insides of her legs and have created bars upon her upper legs and base of her tail, her paws and tip of her tail on the other hand, looked as if it had been dipped into black paint. Her beak is light tan on top and dark umber on the bottom with a black tip. Her ears and pale tan and black tipped as are her fore-talons, with black claws. She has a bright golden left eye, where as her right is not clouded over. She is also quite large for a formal; all brawn and hardly any brains. Has many scars throughout her body ranging in size both from gryphon and unicorn; talon, hooves, beak, teeth and horn. She has a large talon rack scar across the right side of her face and across her eye (rendering it blind). Her right ear has been torn in half and her left missing a few chunks. Has a limp in her right leg due to a horn attack, which has left its own scar.
Personality:The easiest way to describe her is “sadistic”; she doesn’t give a care in the world for anyone or anything, not even herself. She is somewhat maddened and loves the joy in battles, often causing one just for the sake of the thrill it gives her. She hates all things and can often be caught mumbling complaints to herself. Unicorns are her pet hate, she can’t even stand the sight of them and will run into a bloody rampage just to try and eradicate the foul sight.
Background:he was born and bought up in the old ways where the gryphons used to fly over to the Vale and terrorise the unicorns that had moved into their sacred valley, she revelled in the hype it gave her when finally she too was allowed to go and was always eager to be the first over there; but when Jan finally made a pact with her Queen, Ellilth found it hard to quit the way she had always been bought up with and continued to struggle.
She soon made a nuisance of herself, starting petty fights and rallying with the other unicorn haters and arguing their distaste in the matter of the pack. Soon she got too far out of hand, and was caught in the act of decimating a group of plainsdwelling unicorns to quench her thirst and madness on the matter at hand and was bought back to the mountains to sit council with Malar and her guards. Queen Malar came to the verdict of casting her away, and so sent most of the flock to chase her out. Ellilth kept up a good fight, but soon numbers outweighed her and with Malar sending in one final swipe she was sent plummeting to the earth where finally the Queen called off the chase a headed back thinking that she was through. But alas, Ellilth landed in a great lake and survived her fall but her recovery was long and she huddled the plains in a state of madness. Her lesson was not learned, and any horse or unicorn that got in her way was subjected to her fury, but due to her outwardly state many were lucky to survive her and managed to flee. Her slow healing travel ended up bring her back to where it all almost started, she was at the pan woods and remembering a grove that she had once passed when flying lowly over she went out and sought for it. She found it after some time, and soon made her home in the large cave that carved its way through a cleft near the grove. Here she spent gaining strength, recovering and falling ever more into her maddened state, until at chance Kolquhar walked into her grove and strong enough now she proved her allegiance to him and was now part of the renegade gryphons that sought out the same thing she did.


Name: Tori (Torika)
Gender: Mare
Age: 9
Species: Plainsdweller
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Can most likely talk under water with a mouthful of pebbles
Family: Sir- Unknown (deceased), Dam- Unknown (deceased), Sibling- Unknown (twin, whereabouts unknown), Foster Dam- Umadey (deceased)
Other Relations:
Description: She is rather slim-lined and petite with a deep purple appaloosa body, mainly spotted with white and hints of peach, she has a blue/purple mane, tail, featherings, beard and ear-tips. Her eyes are ice blue, horn silver as are her hooves all except her left hind which has a peach cornet and a tan hoof.
Personality: Young in heart and she is out going and not the least bit shy. She loves to joke and muck about, but also likes to make friends and hear of their exploits if they seem different. She is a bit of a troublemaker, but once you get to know her she is very loyal and would jump into harm’s way to save a life. She sometimes has a bad temper if pushed and prodded, but that rarely boils up to an extreme.
Background: When she was at a young age Tori lived upon the plains with her family, it was one day that they were ambushed by a pride of pards, her father died trying to save her, her mother and her twin brother. They grieved for a long time, but little did anyone know, the pards were still after them. It was soon after that they got separated by another attack, in which Tori tipped amid the fray, the force of the fall was great enough to both knock her out and make her loose her memory. When she next woke up she was surrounded by members of another band and had no recollection of her past. She was welcomed into the band, taking up a foster dam for she was still too young to be without one; her foster dam named her Torika and since then the name has stuck.

As she grew the ways of the plainsdweller soon took her and once she was old enough she separated from the band to wonder the plains and meet new people. She has since grown and still wonders, sticking sometimes with intriguing characters but more often than not she is driven away and goes back you walking the plains.


Name: Fox
Gender: Stallion
Age: Halfgrown
Species: Plainsdweller
Most Likely Found: Anywhere exciting.
Abilities: Kit- Mother, Reynard- Father (Open for other siblings)
Other Relations:
Description: Built for the run, with well developed muscle and long limbs his body is a mix of reddish brown and cream/white, red being the dominate colour whereas the cream marks his tender areas, points and gives him urajiro-like markings. His mane, tasselled tail and ear tassels are a mix of reddish and cream strands the same colour as his body with cream tips, whereas his beard and featherings are cream with reddish tints. His hooves are cream with a reddish tint as is his horn and his eyes are moss coloured.
His markings a similar to that of a red Shiba Inu.
Personality: Wild and outgoing, he is all about living his life to the fullest with a cheerful persona; he likes company and loves to talk, often either entertaining or driving off people with his chatter. He is often easy to get along with and rather playful, he is extremely loyal to his friends and would dive in to save them without any thought to himself.
Background: Unlike most plainsdweller Fox’s parents were ones that lived separate lives but came together at the dance whenever they saw one another, they were a couple like no other and yet loved to live their own way afterwards, often only staying a day or two, a week at the most together before going departing once more. Fox was a product of one of the dances and so he happily lived his life and often looked forward to meeting his father any chance he got and so when he was old enough to leave his mother’s side a day or two to begin with, but always extending he went and travelled with his sire and had him teach him his ways before he met up with Kit again to exchange.

He went like this for years and often followed his mother to the longdance to watch her and his father cavort before finally he ventured away to start his own life and to give his parents a piece of mind, and so now here his adventure begins.

He has a small hobby of chasing fox’s and other small critters.