Section Two - Questions About Roleplaying

  • You mentioned Role-playing. Where can I do this?
  • I’d like to do a different RPG. Can I suggest one?
  • I don’t like any of the areas in Alma’s World. Can I create a new one?
  • Is there anything I should know about roleplaying on Alma’s World?
  • What about Power playing and God playing?
  • I've been RP'ing with someone and they haven't posted in a while - what do I do?
  • Q. You mentioned Role-playing. Where can I do this?

    A. Sometimes there are active RPGs established on the "Closed FT Role-Play" board, however, usually these are games in progress and cannot be joined once they have started. An alternative to those (and much more popular) is the ‘Open RP’ at Alma's World. Alma’s World is made up of several areas that are based after the world created in the Firebringer. There are currently 10 areas that are available (with 1 additional area that will only be available as specific times of the year). They are: The Vale, The Near Plains, The Far Plains, The Hallowed Hills, The Smoking Mountains, The Mere of the Moon, The Pan Woods, The Gryphon Mountains, The Lookout Knoll and The Salt Flats. Additionally, a board for The Summer Sea will be made available during the Summer. Back to top

    There is also an 'OOC RPG' Thread available on Alma's world. Please try to confine all OOC discussions to this thread.

    Q. I’d like to do a different RPG. Can I suggest one?

    A. You may. Suggestions for RPG can be posted at the RPG Board on the "RP Plotting & Discussion" board. However, please keep in mind that you cannot arbitrarily start an RPG. If enough people like the idea of an RP, one of the staff members will likely make the arrangements and organize it. It is very important to keep in mind that organized RP on the RPG Board is given limited joining ability. This is to make sure that there aren’t random characters just joining up whenever they feel like it.

    Also - if you have an issue that you feel cannot be covered in the scope of the Alma's World boards and you'd like to take it to a separate RPG thread for a period of time, this may be possible. However, it must be for a legitimate reason, and it also must be approved by Vale staff. Back to top

    Q. I don’t like any of the areas in Alma’s World. Can I create a new one?

    A. No. The areas of Alma’s World are specially created by staff to be based on the world of the FT. If you’d like to suggest a different area, you may do so by noting the staff or posting under the "RP Plotting & Discussion" board on the Alma’s World Forum. PLEASE do not start a separate thread of ANY kind on this board. It will be deleted by a manager. Also – please keep in mind that the areas that are available for the open RP were chosen because they are specific areas from the books. No areas will ever be added that are not within the boundaries of canon. If you do make a suggestion, it will be discussed by all staff members and if the general consensus is ‘yes’ – it will be added. But, it is important to note that we already have many different areas to play in. It should be enough room for all. Back to top

    Q. Is there anything I should know about roleplaying on Alma’s World?

    A. First and foremost – your character absolutely CAN NOT be on more than one board at once. You must appropriately state that your character is ‘heading’ to one place or another before posting there. It’s as easy as saying: "Tas decided it was time to leave the Vale and he headed for the Vast expanse of the plains at a steady gallop." - Also, please keep in mind that these places are not all right next to each other. You may need to pass through one to get to the next. You must consider the time it would take to get from one to the other. For example: The Summer Sea is several days travel over the Plains (The Near Plains) from the Vale. Here's a map to get you started. Back to top

    Exercise good judgement before launching your character unannounced into someone else's ongoing scene. Read some of the back-posts if need be to get an idea of the situation. Don't be afraid to approach another character, but if there are characters involved in a fight, it's probably a bad idea to interrupt.

    Be prudent and read carefully! If a character makes a note that they are involved in something private, please don’t intrude. Remember to be polite and considerate of others characters and situations. And don't take offense if you aren't immediately included in things. Some of these storylines go way back... and are also planned out for some time to come. (Yes - *grins* We take our RP pretty seriously!) Just be patient and polite and you'll be sure to get the hang of it in no time.

    The roleplay taking place everywhere except the "Closed FT Role-Play" board is 'open' roleplay. So you should keep in mind that any character within 'hearing distance,' or close to your character can respond to your posts. Your character is of course entitled to refuse to be with someone else's, but please don't ooc'ly cut other people out of playing with you.

    This is a community, not a place for exhibitionism. If you only want to involve a particular group of people, then ask a moderator if you can move your roleplay scene to the "Closed FT Role-Play" board. Get in touch with a mod first - we need to know what you're doing and who's involved. That said, hey, remember that you (hopefully) joined to be a part of the group at large.

    For a much more detailed list of Role Playing Etiquette at the Vale, please refer to Section Six of the FAQ! It's chock full of very important information that will help you to not only understand how things work here, but also to be a better Roleplayer! Back to top

    Q. What about Power playing and God playing?

    A. Power playing is taking control of someone else’s character without their permission. Keep in mind that just because you want something to happen, doesn’t mean that the other party does as well. You CANNOT take over another character’s actions without the other player’s permission.

    God Playing is pretty much what it sounds like. Your character is not God! Nor is he or she perfect. If your character gets involved in a fight, you cannot say "Tas stabbed Leerah with his horn and gouged her along the side deeply, then reared and stove his hooves into her ribs, cracking them." This is also sometimes referred to as "Godmoding" or "finishing an action."

    If you do get in a fight or some other situation, you may take an action (i.e. Tas stabbed at Leerah’s neck with his horn and gouged at her sides with his hooves.) but you must wait for the other player to respond with the results (i.e. Leerah dodged Tas’s strike with his horn, but wasn’t fast enough to duck his flailing hooves and they drove into her sides, cracking a rib). See the difference? If you are caught doing this, you will be warned. If you ignore said warnings, you may be banned. Back to top

    Q. I've been RP'ing with someone and they haven't posted in a while - what do I do?

    A. Sadly this happens on occasion, so we've implemented a rule to deal with it.

    If a player does not post for a period of 2 weeks without any prior announcement of their absence, then their RP partners have permission to NPC their character to further the RP. There will be limits to the types of actions that can occur of course, (No injury, death, other major issues) but the character CAN be written out of the RP if the absence extends beyond 4 weeks.

    One caveat to this, however, is that someone (either an RP partner, or a manager - if the RP partners prefer it) must make an attempt to contact that person! And such contact must be noted. A character cannot be written out of the RP without any notice being given to the Player.

    This means that if you leave for over 2 weeks and do not let anyone know - then you can expect that your characters have been either moved along or written out in your absence. Back to top

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