Section Three - Miscellaneous

Q. How do I get a Member Page?

A.To get a member page, please post the requested information under the "Member Pages - Official Requests", located on the Official Character Requests Board. We will try to get your member page up as quickly as possible, but you must understand that this takes time and may not happen over night. Please do not pester managers about this. Replying to Ďwhen will I get my Member page?í messages will only slow down the time it will take.

Additional Info: To get a Member Page, you must have been an ACTIVE member of the Vale for at least 1 Month. Requests made before that time will be noted, but no page will be made until the appropriate time has elapsed. Please note that if you are not 'active' (either on the RP Boards or other Forums) - your request will not be fulfilled.

Also, if you want a picture for your member page please post the applicable information at the Thread "Member Page Portrait Requests." The Unicorn portraits were created by our staff member Losmios and will be recolored by Losmios or DV-Skitz. The Gryphon portraits were made and will be re-colored by our member Starhorse. Remember these are real people, with real lives, so it may take some time to get your request done.

Lastly - if you are not active... and fail to post within the span of 3 Months - your Member Page will be deleted. (As will any picture albums that you've posted!)

Q. How can I join the Staff?

A. At this time, we are not searching for any additional staff members. However, we may approach members from time to time to help us run special projects, handle festivals, etc.

Q. Iíd like a picture of my character. Where can I get one?

A. For a Member Page picture, please see the first question on this page. As for some of the other pictures you've seenÖ if you check out the Creative Arts Board, or some of the other messages on the General Board, you are likely to find an artist who would be willing to do one for you. Some do re-colorations, others do original pics. It depends on what you are looking for. Remember though Ė be polite when asking and keep in mind that the person you ask might not always have the time to help you out.

ALSO - If you're a new Member - PLEASE wait a while before requesting a picture. Get to know the Vale and its members before you start asking people to take their own personal time to draw your character. Images of your characters are not necessary for participation.

Lastly - there are 'blank' pictures available for you to color yourself if you'd like! They can be found on our Downloads Page.

Q. What about those cute little Character Quick Reference Guide pictures?

A. The image used was created by staff member Losmios, and they are colored by Co-Regent DV-Skitz - Please post your request in the thread: "Character Quick Reference Guide - Official Requests". There is no waiting period before you can request one of these.

Q. I really like some of the art Iíve seen on this site. Can I use it somewhere else?

A. NO. Not without permission. All of the art on this site, as well as much of the information, is copyright to its creator. You absolutely may NOT use any of the art on this site without permission. Even if an image was created here for you, you MUST ask the artist if you can use it on another site. Basically, if you want to use any of the art on this site for any reason other than just admiring it from the privacy of your own home Ė Check with the artist.

Q. Iíve found all of these really awesome unicorn pictures on the internet. Can I post them to share with you guys?

A. This is very important! You may post them ONLY if you have permission from the Artist/Creator to do so. For Example: Any pictures from Elfwood - you may not post here unless youíve asked the artist if itís okay. (Thereís a copyright statement on every page of Elfwood which explains this). Also Ė you need to provide a link or other info stating that youíve gotten permission. Most pictures on the net are copyright to their creator. We donít want to start ANY trouble with artists here. If you REALLY want us to see the pretty pictures Ė Link to themÖ Itís less hassle, and Iím sure the artists would appreciate the advertisement.

Q. I really like this site, and I'd like to create my own site just like it. Can I do that?

A. The bottom line is that we can't stop you from creating your own site. In fact, we enjoy seeing other, original takes on the Firebringer Trilogy. However, we ask that you DO NOT PLAGIARIZE THIS SITE! The layout, boards and much of the information posted here was created SPECIFICALLY for the Vale. If you feel the need to make a Firebringer based site - we respectfully request that you try to be original and refrain from lifting ideas, boards, threads, text or pictures from this site.

If you feel you MUST 'borrow' some of the ideas that were originated here (Like Member Pages) we also request that you acknowledge that the Vale was the source of those things. Additionally, please don't claim to be 'affiliated' with us unless your site actually is.

Q. Iíve done something stupid and got banned for it. How do I get back in?

A. Contact one of the staff members and explain the situation. He/she will then contact the other staff members and you will only be allowed back in if a general consensus can be reached. It is a complete Ďjuryí decision. Basically Ė itís probably best not to do anything to get yourself banned. We are a VERY tolerant group and it will take a lot to get you banned (beyond the obvious spamming, racial or derogatory slurs, etc.), so please try and act in a civil manner! We really donít like to ban people.

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