Characters In the Trilogy

Here you can find all about the various characters in the FT books, their history and descriptions, and relations. Since we are also using the characters in the AW's world, there is also information on our reckoning of what has been occuring in most of those character's lives that were still living at the end of TSoSS as according to our backstory. For easily reference we have split the characters in to fours sections. The first three are classified according to how important they are in the books (but also possibly by their revelance in the on-going open RP): Major, Intermediate, Minor.

Note: any character in italics is deceased at the end of the FT. The Last Section is one for historical characters - i.e those characters who are referred to in the history of the unicorns.

Major Characters

Aiony, Aljan (The Firebringer), Alm'harat (Alma), Calydor, Dagg, Dhattar, Illishar, Jah-lila, Korr, Lell, Malar, Ryhenna, Ses, Tek, Teki

Intermediate Characters

The Chon, The Daicha, Lynex, The Mistress of Mysteries, Oro, Pitipak, Sa, Sismoomnat, Tlat, Wyzasuitakan

Minor Characters

A'a'a, Ashbrindle, Bluewater Sky, Culu, Crimson, Gayasa, Goldenhair, Khraa, Kilkeelahr, Leerah, Moro, Shreel, Tas, Ushuk

Historical Characters

Aras, Caroc, Ellioc, Halla, Jared, Mellintellinas, Scouts of Halla, Wenfedh, Zod