The purpose of putting together this Encylopedia is to have a central location in which to house all of the information about the Firebringer Trilogy, the Vale and any other resources that might be useful.

What makes this 'interactive'? Well that's where you, the Member, come in. We want your input. We know there are lots of details in the books that we don't have documented which could really be of use to players, or just general knowledge about equines or botanicals or what have you, that would be of use during the RP.

At the moment, we can't treat this like a wiki and have people do their own editing, but what we can do is ask you to post your information and then a manager will add it too the appropriate page.

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Please remember that the Interactive Encyclopedia is - and always will be - a work in progess. We're always looking to update with more information, so please don't hesitate to help us out!