Dark Moon: A Brief Synopsis

Dark Moon takes up the story a year after Jan's accession as prince and tells of his mating with Tek and how, due to a gryphon's attack, he is swept out two a land of two-foots where he discovers fire. Meanwhile, at home in the vale, with Jan given up for dead, Korr's madness wreaks havoc and allows starvation to decimate the herd. Due to Korr's venomous threats to her, Tek is forced to flee to her mother where her and Jan's offspring are born before events in the vale overthrow Korr and allow Tek to return home. Jan escapes and is reunited with Tek.


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1992 United States hardcover, published by Little, Brown & Company/Joy Street
1996 Spanish paperback, published by Anaya
2003 United States paperback, published by Penguin Putnam/Firebird