Lands of the Firebringer Trilogy

Here you can find all about the various locations in the FT books, including descriptions, information such as their climate, flora & fauna, etc..., and specific passages from the books. These are divided into three categories: Canon Locations - Playable (those locations that are mentioned in the books and that can be found in the Alma's World RP), Canon Locations - Non-Playable (those locations that are mentioned in the books but are not playable) and Non-Canon Locations (those locations that are not canon to the books but were inspired by the books and created by members or managers and approved for use for character backgrounds)

Canon Locations - Playable

The Vale (Including the Pan Woods, The Lookout Knoll and The Grottos), The Hallow Hills (Including the Mere of the Moon), Alma's Back (Including The Near Plains, The Far Plains), The Gryphon Mountains, The Smoking Hills.

Canon Locations - Non-Playable

The City of Fire, The Summer Sea

Non-Canon Locations

The Lost Desert, The Delta, The Valley of A Thousand Birds, Alma's Heart (part of Alma's Back, but not canon), The Lake**, The Slave Herd

**Location not currently available for use for character backgrounds.