The Son of Summer Stars: A Brief Synopsis

The Son of Summer Stars takes up events two years after Dark Moon. The book features events which accumulate with the early decision of the unicorns to regain the Hallow Hills. However Korr's madness rears its ugly head once again, dragging Jan off on a chase which ends in Korr's death & revelations which threaten to undo Jan's and the unicorns' destiny. In Jan's absence, Tek takes charge - and the herd sets off, bringing the 400-year stalemate war with the wyverns to an impending fierce and bloody end. Meanwhile Jan, shocked by his newly found knowledge of Korr's dark secrets, is left desperately wondering how to cope with the situation, and continues wandering and discovers a tribe of unicorns descended from scouts of Halla, the unicorn princess who is his ancient ancestor and who led the new-exiled herd following their defeat at the hands of the wyverns. The unicorns now serve the red Dragons that they visited of behalf of Halla, and with the help with Wyzasukitan, the dragon queen and the daughter of Mellintellinas who originally met with the scouts of Halla, Jan faces up to his responsibilities and the book & trilogy ends with the defeat of the wyverns, the recovery of the Hallow Hills, the resolution of Jan & Tek's paternal sires and the beginning of a new age ....


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1996 United States hardcover, published by Little, Brown & Company/Joy Street
2003 United States paperback, published by Penguin Putnam/Firebird