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Name: Alo (Truename: Alcyone)
Gender: Mare
Age: Full grown, but young
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller) with 1/4 Dayan blood
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Abilities: Abilities: Minimal skills in healing (secretly wishing to be an “official” healer), good tracker.
Family: Dam - Ceyx (½ Dayan), Sire - Unknown
Other Relations: Shoulder Friend with Lycarius
Description: This mixed blood mare is built like a heavier type of arabian, with a slightly concaved profile. She has a bright metallic blue splashy pattern extending over her back. The face and the legs are reddish-brown, the colour of rust or oxidised iron. Right frontfoot is white. Her eyes are deep sea blue. Her ear feathering are the same metallic blue as her markings on her back. Her mane is a mix of different shades of blue, seagreen and black, looking much like the waves in a restless sea. Her hooves, fetlock feathering and horn are in a similar color to her face and legs, maybe with some shades different.
Personality:She has a cheerful and inventive nature, though somewhat shy towards the ones she don’t know. She is a swift runner and a good tracker. Know how to blend in her surroundings. She loves to hear stories/lays but is a bit sad over that she don’t hold those skills herself. She isnt afraid of trying tho, even tho she knows it can sound bad. She loves the water and don’t mind a good swim. Since she carries herself proudly she may come of as snobbish but are far from it. She loves foals and take every chance she can to play with them.
Background: Background: Her dam was a reddish-brown dun half-blood (dayan/unicorn) mare, and her sire so far unknown to her. Due to her mixed heritage her hooves are more round than a “normal” unicorns and don’t look like a “true” unicornhoof at first. Her mane is also slightly brushlike.


Name: Azi (Truename: Azimoon)
Gender: Mare
Age: Half-grown
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller, with origins in the Lost Desert)
Most Likely Found:The Near Plains
Abilities: None as of yet
Family: Dam: Marama (Mara) – Plainsdweller, Sire: Ort'zi (Tzi) – The Lost Desert
Siblings: Newborn colt with a unknown name
Other Relations:Etesia (Sia) – foalhood friend
Description: Azimoon’s primarily base colour is a dark sage, which extends from her rump, over her back and belly, extending up her neck and into her head and into her face and just above her knees. From her knees and below, her colour shades from dark sage to deep, dark blue. The same shade of deep blue covers much of the bottom half of her face, extending from her nose and muzzle to a line that reaches the front of her violet eyes. Her mane, tail and beard are also the same shade of blue as that on her face and legs. On the left and right sides of her body there are several white scars, including a prominent line of 4 parallel claw marks scoring down her flank as a result of an desperate struggle for her life against a pard. Her hooves are much the same violet as her eyes, and her horn is a mixture of the shades of brown, ranging from the colours of coffee, hazel and wheat brown.
Personality: Azi is a cautious filly. Even more so after her meeting with the pard. But if Azi’s mind is made up she stays with her decision. When she is with her friend Sia she tend to act as the others fillys conscience since Sia a bit of a dare devil.
Background: Her sire (who was a “sand-stalker”) fell in love with a laysinger plainsdweller mare and pursuaded her to go with him to his deserthome. Azi (and a newborn colt with a unknown name) is the result of their love. Azi left her home (as a halfgrown) to find her friend, who in return had left to find her sire. When she finally came to the Far Plains she got attacked by a pard when taking shelter from a storm. This has left her not only scars but has also made her a little skittish, especially for dark shadows.


Name: Mai (Truename: Masaya)
Gender: Mare
Age: Full-grown, just about reached adulthood
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found: The Far Plains
Abilities:Great tracker and swift runner.
Family: Dam: Rawiya, Sire: Gahray
Siblings: twinsister Talyana (Tal)
Other Relations:
Description: Masaya's coat is striking, being remarkably similar to that of an cheetah's in appearance. Her base coat is a light sandy brown, covering almost all her body except for her underbelly and her 4 leg stockings, which are a pale cream. Oval black spots of various sizes cover her body except for her belly, lower legs and the front of her face. Striking black eye markings surround both of her golden eyes, which also extend down in two roughly triangular stripes down her face, touching her lips on both sides. Her hooves and horn are a darker russet-brown in colour. Her mane, tail and beard are all a sandy-yellow, darkening to black toward the hair tips.
Personality: Mare with iron will and a temprament to match. Doesn’t bend easily and the only one she really listens to is her twinsister whom she travels with. Can be somewhat impatient if things take to long or if others don’t “cut to the chase” quickly. Hardheaded. But she can be sweet and nice too – if she wants too. Is very straight forward and isnt afraid of anything. Cocky stallions just challenge her. She is kind of a coltfilly – never dares a challange. She hates to admit that she has lost and can come up with many excuses to hide it.
Background: Being raised on the hoof Mai knows how to survive on the plains. She is a bit tougher than her sister, and is very protective of her. Her parents favored her abit over her sister, over reasons she still don’t know why. Even tho Mai is the younger twin she still tend to act a little bit like “the big sister”. She can never really settle for being in one place to long. Mai hasn’t really found any stallion yet that she feels is her worthy enough. In secret she wants to be soft and gentle like most other mares (like her sister) but life on the plain can be rough and it might have formed her ways to be. She still hopes for someone to come and sweep her off her hooves but this is a secret she hasn’t even shared with her sister.


Name:Rach (Truename: Racharkin)
Age: Full-grown
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller but born at The Vale)
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: He can’t remember, but can at times sense things but they are very unclear
Family: Unknown
Other Relations:
Description:Rach's coat is striking, being remarkably similar to that of an poison dart frog's in appearance. His lower half is metallic lightblue with a spotted pattern covering it. The front upper half are reddish-brown. His eyes are deep blue. His ear feathering are the same fiery orange as his mane. His tailtassle is the same blue as the blue on his lower bodyhalf. His hooves, fetlock feathering and horn are in a similar color – a very light icey blue – altho his horncolor is a bit duller in shade.
Personality: Rach is a bit of a joker but doesn’t have a mean bone in him and has something that could be described as a natural charm. He doesn’t really do anything special – he doesn’t pretend – he stands for who he is. Like it or leave it!
Background:Rach doesn’t really know who he truly is. He only know that he some time ago woke up close to the border of the Salt Flats, stained with blood, the ground covered with the signs of a fight and a couple of dead sanddogs around him. Some tracks with blood splashes led out to the Salt Flats. He has no memory if he has a family, friends or where he came from. He only remembers his name. He suspects that he has Valeorigin but now claims himself a plainsdweller. From time to time he still wakes up with sweaty from nightmares from the attack. In some dreams he think he sees a companion but can never see a clear image of how this unicorn looks like. He can only see a blurry image of yellowgreen running away with sanddogs chasing after. In these dreams he always gets the feeling of big loss and sorrow. He tries to keep his mood and hopes up that he someday will remember or that he will meet someone who know him and maybe can share some light over his identity and past.


Name: Balios
Gender: Stallion
Age: Full grown
Species: Scout of Halla cross (50% Scout of Halla/50% Plainsdweller Unicorn) (aprox. 14.5hh = 147.3 cm)
Most Likely Found: Wanders around
Abilities: Laysinger, Wanderer
Family: Sire: Hari Dam: Melia Mate: Razi Sibling: Nani
Other Relations:
Description: His coat are chocolate colored with golden highlights. If the rays of the sun hits just right - his shaggy coat glimmers as if it had been sprinkled with golddust. His luxuriant mane and tail are yellow like gold and shimmers and sparkles in a similar way as his coat. His eyes are big and almondshaped, the color of them is green. His eartassle, beard as well as feathers are the same color as his body except for both hindfeet that has creamcolored socks. His horn are matte golden. On his forehead, starting just above his horn and ending abit above his nostrils he has a large white star.
It seems like the genes went to the small side of the genepool in Balios case. He is abit shorter in hight against most other "Scouts of Halla" unicorns. Balios isnt a "pure" "Scout of Halla". Both his parents were "half-scouts" ("Scout of Halla" x "regular" Plainsdweller unicorns) – and both were kind of petite in height – but not as small as Balios.
Personality: “Small on earth, big in words” – that is one way to describe Balios. Despite his mere hight he is a good laysinger. Most don’t think so but changes their mind when they hear him. He isnt a warrior but can defend himself and what he lacks in size he makes up for in agillity and speed. He prefers singing before fighting though. He is quite the charmer (by nature – he isnt “fake”) but no mare has (so far) taken his courting attempts for real. They usually laugh and have fun with him, think he is cute and all – but when it comes to the point – they usually say they rather just be friends. He never gives up hope though. He knows that Alma must have someone special in store for him – or at least he hopes so. He just have to be patient and keep on trying.
Background: Balios has been wandering a lot since he became fullgrown. He left the company of his parents and started his own path. Not much more is known yet.


Name: Wasp
Gender: Mare
Age: Full-grown (15)
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Near Plains
Abilities: None
Family: Sire – Unknown Dam – Wayra, several unknown halfsiblings (dam was a real flirt)
Other Relations: Shoulderfriend - Kysali
Description: Yellow (lemon) base, black front, yellow muzzle, half of her beard is black, other is yellow. Under her eyes she has yellow markings. She has yellow “socks” on all legs, but on her backlegs she have black shorter “socks” (up to the pastern, “pointy” towards her belly) as well. Hoofcolor on fronthooves are olive and the backhooves are darkgrey. On her back down to her tail she has three black stripes as well on her tail and on her wither she has two yellow stripes. Mane and tailtassle are mixture of yellow and black. Where her yellow stripes are on the wither the mane is all black. Feathers are yellow, on the hindlegs they are partly black. Horn and eyes are bright orange.
Personality: Wasp can have bit of a temper. She can get mad quickly, but just as quick she can be nice again. She hasen't the best of patience, and can get impatient if things don’t go her way. She is quick to defend (kick first – ask later) anyone she see as her friend. Her friends aren't that many though since she have somewhat a hard time trusting anyone but herself.
Background: Wasp has a feeling towards her dam that could be described as hate since her dam didn’t really care for all the foals she has brought to the world. Most of them, like herself, had to fend for themselves at the earliest age possible. Because of this some of them died early. This had made it somewhat hard for Wasp to trust others. She is afraid to let anyone real close because there is always a risk of her getting hurt. Despite of this she doesn’t mind being in on a longdance – she just doesn’t stay til the end.

This is how Wasp's story began...

It was early. The sun stallion had barely come up over the green hills on the mares back. Wasp stretched her legs. A bug tickled her on the nose and she sneezed. She opened her eyes, blinked a few times. Wasp could see her dam, Wayra, with her latest companion. Last night Wasp had been dragged to yet another gathering, longdance her dam called it. There had been no other youngsters there so it had been quite boring. But it seemed like her dam had fun. The stallions had formed a circle around her, two of them had even gone into a heated argument and there had almost been a fight. An older stallion had stepped in and ended it. Even though some parts of it had been boring there was other stuff that was fun to watch. Wasp liked seeing the couples dance. She admired the stallion’s strength and their prancing. The mares moved so gracefully, like they were floating on air.

Wasp rolled up on her belly. What fun things would Alma show her today? She nibbled a little grass as she laid there. Wasp looked over towards her dam. They where still sleeping. She sighed; she didn’t dare go and wake her. Wayra had a bad temper and Wasp had gotten chomped many times. It had been quite a lot recently, even if Wasp hadn’t done anything at all. Her dam seemed to be angry at her all the time. Wasp couldn’t figure out what she had done wrong. She looked up at the sky; some of Alma’s eyes could still be seen. The youngster lay down again. She continued to think about the night before. Her dam had finally decided to end the dance with a very nice stallion. Wasp wanted to say hello but her dam had chased her away.

Hours later her dam and the stallion finally woke up. Wasp was happy but her smile went away when she saw her dams pinned ears. What had she done now? Wasp backed up, away from the couple. She been standing nearby, watching over them for awhile, patiently waiting for them to wake up.
"What do you want? Haven’t you pestered me enough already?" Wayra hissed. She quickly got up and walked towards her. "Go away!! I don’t want to see you no more. GO! LEAVE!" Wayra tossed her head.
Wasp blinked in surprise. What? Go? Go where? Then her eyes grew wide and quickly turned as her dam charged at her. She ran but didn’t know why her dam was this angry. Suddenly she felt a pain on her rump. Wasp glanced backwards and saw her dam aiming for her again. She acted automatically and kicked. It didn’t hit but it made her dam slow down. Wasp didn’t see that Wayra stopped but she continued to run. The mare yelled after her. "Yeah - you better run - you wont be as lucky next time you little brat!"

Wasp ran all day. When the night came she crawled up against a large bush. Utterly confused and scared to death the little filly spent her first night alone on the Great Plains, shivering and jumped at every sound. She was all alone...


Name: Patollo
Gender: Stallion
Age: Fullgrown (17)
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller) WARTIME CHARACTER
Most Likely Found: Far Plains
Abilities: some sort of healer, great knowledge of herbs (good and bad)
Family:Son: Perus (x Weyra)
Other Relations:
Description: Patollo is of many colors. Starting at the crown of his head, a deep blackish blue “bonnet” covers his ears and the top of the crest of his neck. Excepting his tassels, which are dark moss green. Around his nose and more faintly around his eyes, he has a rust red marking, shading into the main green of his body as they approach his cheeks. His eyes are a deep green and over his left eye four scars, as a result of the trauma from these wounds, his eyesight on his left is extremely bad, to the point where he is almost blind. He has also a total of four “dot shaped” scars, two on each side of the throat, caused by a near successful pard attack. His horn is blue-green, blending harmoniously into the rest of the green and blue of his face. Below the base of his horn, down his nose and over his left nostril he has an off-white blaze. Patollo’s head, neck and chest, to his knees are a grass green, while his foreleg’s knees are grey, almost matching his hooves. Of his barrel, the middle section is a thunder cloud blue, while as you go farther back, it fades into a paler shade of the same. On his hind legs he has thin markings of dark red that points up towards his belly. His mane is deep maroon, and his tail abruptly shades into a blackish blue at the hair of his tail tassel. Four off-white stockings decorate his legs, all of them angling back towards his barrel, shading into an off-white marking covering the underside of his belly.
Personality: He is quite grumpy. He prefers that you stay on his seeing side. He tends to walk with his head a bit to the side so he has some sort of view over his surroundings. He has some sight on his left side, but mostly light and shadows. If you make friends with him he is loyal but this is something you must earn.
Background: Not yet known


Name: Aia (Truename: Alkaia)
Gender: Mare
Age: Fullgrown (16)
Species: Unicorn (Ringdancer) WARTIME CHARACTER
Most Likely Found: Far Plains/Almas Heart
Abilities: Tracker/Scout/Messenger/Warrior
Family:Sire "Dai" (TN: Andai) *deceased*; Dam "Ala" (TN: Alala)*deceased*, Foal: “Pan” (TN: Pantalaimon), Cousin: Thesi (TN: Penthesilea) (sire “Ric” (TN: Doric, brother to Ala] dam “Thia” (TN: Orithia)).
Other Relations:Friend: Teraduix
Description: With a finely made head, long legs and long body, Aia has been graced with a runner’s body. Graceful and long strided, she eats up the ground, no matter the pace she sets. Aia is earthy toned in hide, ranging from dark brown, darkest at her back, to tawny at her belly, ranging from there to just above her knees and hocks, curved towards her belly. Her legs, up to just above the knee and hock are spotted with uneven brown dots, while her belly is covered in tawny markings of the same look, while each hoof is dark cream in color, a band of white sits above on each ankle. Her graceful muzzle is banded in tawny, while dark brown markings encircle her eyes. Her tail, mane, beard and ear tufts are a rich maroon. Her horn is encircled, creamy gold and brown, settled between her large, brightly greenish blue eyes.
Personality:She is a powerful mare and is very protective of those she cares for. She is brave and will stand up and fight for them no matter what it takes or who she has to fight with. She speaks without doubt her mind if something is bothering her. However she guards her emotions and does not let her guard down easily since she is scared to get hurt again.
Background:Aia was born and raised in the Vale, to a recognized and esteemed pair of warriors. She almost didn’t make it past the winter when Korr went mad, but thanks to her parents she survived. She was educated by her father and the other warriors of the Vale, who trained her how to fight and be a warrior and acquired a skill for tracking. She had already made a name for herself as a swift and very strong runner. This made her perfect as a messenger and a scout. She was initiated the year before Ending Fire. She fought alongside her parents and witnessed the deaths of many, among others her parents. She also lost the one she was about to pledge with. This resulted in that she heartbroken left the Vale after Ending Fire and ran out to the plains. There she eventually met an enticing stallion at a longdance and she found some comfort with him. Their thyst bore fruit and she later gave birth to a colt that she named Pantalaimon (“Pan”). The sire of her colt then left, without any hard feelings between them to go with his brother. The colt held the same great skill as herself to blend in. Aia stayed on the plains for some years, teaching her son everything she knew as a warrior as well as to be a great tracker/runner and some skills she had picked up from her colts sire. She doesn’t really want to return to the Vale since it still brings back too many unhappy memories.


Name: Ketu
Age: Fullgrown (15)
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller) WARTIME CHARACTER
Most Likely Found:Far Plains
Abilities: Laysinger/Dreaming sight (very little, more of a vague feeling)
Other Relations:Sire Rajnish; Dam Streamsilver, Various brothers and sisters (Kyla)
Description:The coat shades from lightest at the back; crest of the neck, to black at is belly, ranging in color from light blue to a deep midnight. His horn and hooves is blackish blue. Mane and tail are black and purple. His body is covered with white specks much like a snowflake appaloosa.
Personality:Straightforward and bold Ketu doesn’t back down from much. Sometimes his candor make him seem careless and having lack of emotion but he is far from it. He cares too much and wants to help as much as he can. He has something that makes mares/fillies getting drawn to him but he is still searching for that somewhat special. He likes to take part in longdances and is quite the talented dancer. He is curious about the southerners and is very interested in those he stumbles across on the plains. He isn’t so sure if their strict ways but don’t judge others how they choose to live – just as they don’t force him to their way. He also don’t stand much for nagging, the more one nags the less Ketu are willing to go along with it.
Background: Free like the wind Ketu roams the Mares back, the breeze playing with his mane and tail. With powerful strides he covers ground quickly. He has no special course; he goes where ever Alma directs him. Every now and then he participates in longdances, if lucky he spend the night with a mare, perhaps travel with her for a few days before they go their separate ways. He has met some southerners and are somewhat intrigued by their way making vows to just one mate. It is not the way of the Free Folk. There is no band that holds you to just one. Part of Ketu likes it that way, but another wonders how it would be like to be with just one – the rest of your life.


Name: Berezi (meaning ‘special’)
Gender: mare
Age: 6 years
Species: Da
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: -
Family: Sire: Arrats (‘afternoon’, ‘dusk’) Dam: Bedisa (‘its fate’)
Other Relations: None yet
Description: Berezi has a color that could be described as a silver dapple. She has a dark face with an irregular white star. The silver dapple color ranges from dark to light shades of brown and gray. Her pasterns are creamy white. Mane and tail has a mixture of these colors but tend to lean towards the lighter scale; however the tail has some dark hairs at its base. While her knee and hooks is a dark grey her cannon bones are lighter with shades of brown and cream white. Across her back there are many scars from whips and tethers across her hide. There are also lines of white and missing hairs on her face from a too-tight halter that was left on for several years, cutting into the flesh.
Personality: Shy and timid Berezi don’t make a lot of fuss. She does what she is told. The mare doesn’t talk much and when she does she speak softly and with afterthought.
Background: Berezi’s life was a struggle from the very beginning. Her owner was a cruel ruthless man who valued only two things - money and making profit. As soon as she was considered capable, she was put into work and forced to carry larger loads on her back or behind her in a cart. Despite her heavy burdens, she did her best; simply because that was the words of wisdom her dam had given her when they parted. If a Da did its best, there wouldn’t be anything to complain about and ones home would be secured, you would be loved and taken cared of for as long as you lived. Berezi soon learned that not all were as lucky as her dam. Her new owner was cheap man who saved money where he could. His animals received as little food as possible but were forced to work twice as hard. The meager grass they scavenged couldn’t support a goat and certainly not a fully grown Da.
As she grew, her halter seemed to become smaller and smaller, growing tighter and tighter, but the owner didn’t take it off or bought a new one, either from lack of caring or notice. Eventually, the thick strap over the bridge of her nose slowly grew into the flesh. The pain was excruciating, but as everything else she learned to live with it. So the years past, her back displayed more than her fair share of scars from her owners whip. There were times when she simply couldn’t move the heavy chart, no matter how she tried, no matter how she wanted it to move; often it wasn't her fault at all, but due to a slippery road where the wheels got mired in the mud.
One gray morning, the owner had business in the large city, and as always Berezi was used. The mare, which as a yearling had been highly valued by her breeder due to her specially hued coat, was covered with mud and dust. It was doubtful if her breeder would have recognized her, or ever again. She was very skinny; her mane was shaved off and made into brushes, leaving only her forelock. With fresh wounds the tack hurt more than usual, but the mare fought to show no reaction, staying stoic in the face of pain. Berezi had never fought back after that one time when he had beaten her. She had shied for a bird that had flown up in front of her, just as her owner was fastening the cart to her harness, rearing, then falling backwards to break one of the shafts. As she got up the whip had parted her flesh for the first time. The shock of the sudden pain had startled her, and the mare had snaked out her head and bit him, despite what her dam had told her. It had only resulted in more beating, constant whippings and more scars. Her owner was only going to be in town over night and as he took in at the tavern she was handed over to a stable boy.
When she was placed in a stall that was cleaner than her own, it had felt like she was in heaven. To be able to lay down in fresh bedding that wasn’t over filled with old dung was something new to her, not to have to avoid soggy patches, or moldy piles was a dream. Berezi hardly twitched when she felt someone approach her. It was the stable boys younger sister. The girl's gentle hands stroked her and the mare couldn’t help the surprise when she felt the girl’s tears dropped onto her shoulder. Did the human foal cry for her? Even though it hurt, the mare held still as the girl removed the halter. It was something familiar with this human. With a tender hand she cleaned the mare's wounds as best she could, taking care not to damage the wound more than it already was. Despite the pain it felt good. But all good comes to an end. Her owner, drunk and angry due to a lost dispute at the tavern, came back. The girl pleaded with the man to let his horse rest for just a little bit more. The man who was cruel even to women turned on her and slapped her before making advances at her.
Berezi who never had been a vicious mare didn’t want her new friend to get hurt so she reared and struck the man down. She didn’t kill him only knocked him unconscious. The girl however knew what would take place when the man woke up, he would surely kill his horse and she couldn’t let that happen. She took the mare and led her out of the stables, took the rope off and let her free. Urging the mare to go, but Berezi had never been let loose like this before so she stood still, looking with doubt at the girl. The sound of her owner waking made her nervous but she didn’t stir, she was too afraid to do so. The girl had to, with tears in her eyes, smack the mare hard on her rump with the rope to make her move. She knew how cruel the man was to his horses and had seen him beat a horse to death. This horse was special. She had recognized the mare. It had been her grandfather that bred her and she was the one who had given the mare her name. The girl simply couldn’t let that happened.
The da fled with no real goal. Somehow she ended up at the top of the cliffs, slipped and fell down in the big sea. The strong currents took her further and further away from land. Finally she couldn’t see land anymore. The salt burned her wounds and she struggled to keep her head above water. After a good while creatures surfaced beside her, strange looking things with just one nostril that was placed on the top of their head and a spear on their nose. The creatures were friendly and spoke her tongue. They introduced themselves as narwhals and let her rest on their backs. She heard them talk about a land where there were no twolegged people but there lived other creatures there. Unicorns they called them and they had a horn like the narwhals own on their brow.
Soon enough Berezi sighted land. The narwhals took her as close to land as they could and she came ashore on shakey legs, just like a newborn foal. As the sun and wind dried her coat the salt stung in her wounds again, making her shiver in remembered pain. After gathering as much strength as she could the mare moves along the thin beach to a river and comes upon something that has to be the biggest field she ever seen. There were no fences as far as she could see and the grass was so green and lush. It was hard to control her self but she ate nonstop for one whole day without looking up. Then she continued walking, following the river. The weeks passed and the mare begun to fill out but is still very emaciated.


Name:Ra’iarii (can be translated to "Prince of the sky")
Gender:Male (Tercel)
Age:Full Grown (7 years)
Most Likely Found:mostly the Plains
Abilities: Very swift and nimble flyer (much more than his sister), efficient killer, stalker.
Family:Father – Ra'shrik, Mother – Ma'shre, Sister – Melipha, unknown sibling
Other Relations: Open
Description: Ari is slightly smaller than the average tercel, due to the lack of food as a chick. His eagle half is a very dark green. The tercel’s chest has a lighter green and shimmers in a green yellowy shimmer, his head feathers has a similar gleam. A nearly black shade of green surrounds golden eyes with green specks in them. He is evenly green colored with his chest being the only thing that differs in coloration. The skin of his legs is a muted yellow and his beak is a few shades brighter than his foot skin. His pard half is caramel brown as well as his ears (but the eartips are hairless due to his sister). Ari’s belly is slightly lighter caramel brown (fudge colored) with his tail tip being in a similar color. His claws are light grey.
Personality:Ari is silent, thoughtful and slightly skittish around his sister. (To be developed further)
Background: Ra’iarii was laid as the second of three eggs by his parents, Ra'shrik and Ma'shre. He hatched about two days after of his older sibling, a formel named Melipha and he had to fight for the smallest scrap of food from day one. Ma'shre had to hold Melipha back to allow him time to feed; such was Melipha’s greed and viciousness over anything edible. The third hatchling, which either Ari or Mel know precisely where it went, only that their sibling disappeared sometime in that first month. Ari didn’t think of it much since it gave him a chance, as slim as it was, to get slightly more food. The lack of enough food made him grow slower and even as fullgrown he is small, even for a tercel. He had not much to gain in the mountains where the gryphons have their home. Therefore he left and followed his sister for awhile before flying off on his own. (To be developed further)


Name: Tari (Truename: Avataria)
Age:Fullgrown (approx 11 years)
Most Likely Found:All over
Family:Sire: Nantang Dam: Amanti Siblings: Na’vi (halfbrother), Pa’li (halfsister)
Other Relations:
Description: Blue grey/storm grey with a black mane with a minty green stripe at her wither and one at her poll. She has cream paint markings, pale lavender spots and blue stripes. All her hooves but one are similar to her body color, the left fore is black. She has a little sturdy but yet very lithe body and is a swift warrior and dancer.
Personality:Tari is an easy-going, carefree, and friendly, if a little on the naive side perhaps, and absent minded. Ever the romantic, she doesn’t have a problem flirting with the colts, perhaps a little too much to her sires and brothers despair. Being the youngest, and having been spoiled ever since her birth by the ones around her, Tari is slightly territorial and selfish at times. She has a highly impulsive drive when it comes to things she wants bad enough.
Background:A perfectly normal foalhood with loving parents and siblings. Tari has always adored her older brother and have mimicked him in practically everything he does. Tari usually tagged along with her brother either he wanted too or not. She is intrigued by the adventures that the plains seem to hold and takes every chance of getting out there. The messages she delivers are often short due to the fact she isn’t so good at concentrating – not when there is so much to see and so many colts to meet. Her flirting has always been one of the things that have made her sire and brother to worry.


Age:Young fullgrown (approx 10 years)
Most Likely Found:Most likely Far Plains
Abilities: None yet discovered
Family:Sire: Imashaghen Dam: Candika. Other family/friend ties open
Other Relations:
Description: Basecolor is a pale purple but her whole body is covered with wine red spots that are so close together that they form an almost solid blanket, and that makes her base color hard to see. Her mane, tail, beard and feathers are an icy blue. Her horn is of a pale pinkish/purple color, her hooves have a dark grayish purple, and her eyes are light grape purple.
Personality: Chai is sensible by nature, friendly and assertive but can be short-tempered. She is very scared of birds, especially big dark ones.
Background: Her sire was said to be half desertblood so Chai has inherit a very petite, graceful body, soulful eyes and a soft silky mane and tailtassel from him. Her dam Candika claimed that her own sire (Chai’s grandsire) was a Valedweller that gone renegade but if this was true Chai don’t know. Being her dams first foal Chai was well cared for and got rather spoiled although still within boundaries.
Chai’s fear of birds comes from when she was little, about a year or so and came upon a young crow. The filly was curious and came close to investigate and the young bird of course called for help. The grown birds attacked the filly several times, diving and picking, flapping at her with their large wings and grasping after her with their feet. Chai ran from the scene squealing in fear. Ever since she gets very nervous when she see birds and especially crows, the closer they are the worse her fear gets.

Name: Djinn
Age:Fullgrown (15)
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found:All over
Abilities:Exceptionally good dancer
Family:None he wants to talk about
Other Relations:
Description:His body is slender and hints about the build of a desert unicorn. He has a silver coat that holds tints of brown and darker grey with blue highlights. His lower legs are lighter, almost a creamy white and shellcolored hooves. Mane and tail are light flaxen and just at his wither there is a white tuft. He has a white marking going across his wither and on his face he sports a ‘badger face marking’. Yellow eyes like the sun that can shift from a gaze warm and tender like a spring sun to the scorching one in the desert when his eyes finds the thing he desires. His horn is in a similar color as his mane and on the ridge of his nose he is darker. Most likely that is his original color before it faded.
Personality:Softspoken stallion. His voice is of that character you just want hear it more. He is quite feminine and doesn’t like to fight. He rather backs down than spar with anyone. He has never really found any interest in any mares but that hasn’t bothered him that much. Some stallions however have sent tingles down his spine and have made something in his belly flutter. Being a unicorn that doesn’t really show how he feels, he hasn’t reveled any of what he had felt for those stallions he have traveled with.
Background:He had almost spoken the words out loud. Perhaps it was lucky something had stopped him. They had met up with other stallions. All of them had been so beautiful, so strong and they all smelled so divine. Djinn couldn’t help that he let his eyes wander over their bodies, couldn’t help that he admired them. He looked different compared to them. His own body was slender, not as heavy. One of the strange stallions, the green mottled one, had spoken about a freak stallion, at least in his opinion. When they had asked why he had told them about the stallion on a longdance that clearly had expressed his desires to dance, but it hadn’t been with mares. The others had cringed, expressed their loathing and disgust, and the one he had been traveling with, had reacted the most. He had even spoken that stallions like that were some sort of abnormity of Alma and should be put out of their misery as he called it. It had broken his heart and part of him hated himself. Why had Alma made him so different? Why had she made him feel the way he did? He had not shed any tears. What good would that do? He had bid the others safe travels and left. It was impossible to stay near someone that you knew would kill you if he knew about how you felt.


Gender: Female (Formel)
Age:young) Full Grown (5 years)
Most Likely Found:mostly the Plains
Abilities:'Inventor' in that sense that she likes to try new things, she doesnt really "invent" things.
Family:Father – Anshar, Mother – Shina
Other Relations:Open
Description:: Khis is small for a formel. She is still larger than a tercel but she will never be a big female. Her overall impression is petite and delicate. That shouldn’t however fool you. She is fast and quite lethal. Her coloration can be summed up in one word – pale. She is not white by any means but it’s like Isha didn’t have any color left for formels when she came to Khishara. Her feathers are a very pale, almost sky blue and her pard half is also quite washed out. Her beak and talons are just as pale as the rest of her. Her eyes are babyblue.
Personality:Friendly, curious and most of the time happy. She is still so young that she is more playful than serious.
Background:She didn’t remember much from when she was a chick. One faint memory was being picked up by her neck. She had probably squeaked, made a noise, something between a meow and a pitiful peep. Then she had been dropped down the nest again, heard loud screeching, the nest had moved and then someone had grabbed her. Strong talons, that could rip a deer to shreds with claws and beak, held her so tenderly. Mountains passed under her, an even colored mass grey, cliffs and rocks. Eventually the grey changed into green.
Another memory was being pursued by ragged beasts and how she in the last minutes with the help of strong hindlegs and a few flaps of her smallish wings, that at the time wasn’t any good at flying, had managed to get to safety in the old tree. How these creatures came closer to her for every jump they made. She remembered how they all scattered like leafs in the autumn wind when her cries finally got answered and how one of them ended up as her meal that day.
Her father had left her a year ago. She missed him but he had missed his mountains more. He hadn’t said it of course but she had seen it in his eyes when he spoke about it. He had said he sacrificed so much for her, so when he told her he wanted to go home she couldn’t guilt him to stay. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t come with but he had said it was better that she stayed behind…said it was for the best… The next day when she woke he had been gone. Anshar never told his daughter the real story. How he fell out of favor with the clan leader and his mate banished him to save her self. He never told his daughter that he ‘stole’ her as retaliation. When he left he was going back to try to get into a new clan to start fresh. To start fresh he couldn’t bring his daughter. He therefore came up with a lie that he fed her, making her believe she was something worth less.
With her growing up on a place without the ‘gryphon upbringing’ she never got to know about how the formels ruled over tercels. For her it was natural to follow her father, even if he was smaller than her. Anshar thrived because Khis mother had been quite harsh with him.

Dawnstar- Hiatus

Name: Dawnstar (Vale callname: Shrav Vale truename: Shravanam (=Light blue))
Gender: Stallion
Age: Fullgrown (14)
Species: Unicorn (Valedweller)
Most Likely Found: The Far Plains
Abilities: none
Family: Looking for one! Shoulderfriend: De (in the Vale)
Other Relations:
Description: Light “thunder blue” overo. Both eyes are 50/50 dark/light thunder blue. Big star and snip, all markings in an offwhite color, lower legs are dark thunder blue darkening to almost black. Mane and tail is in a dark thunder blue color as well as his horn and his hooves are dark blue, almost black.
Personality: Very regal and composed, he is coming across as slightly dull because he's so reserved and quiet.
Background: hrav or Dawnstar as he calls himself now - fled his life and his friends in the Vale after seeing a vision in the Mere at his initiation – to live a “renegade’s life” on the plains among the “Free folk”. In this vision he had seen that he was chased by something, an unknown predator in form of a big dark cloud. De had come to his rescue. The dark cloud had stopped it’s pursue of him and started to chase her instead. Dawnstar had been unable to move, just standing there like his hooves had been nailed to the ground, just watching. In the end his shoulderfriend was about to get swallowed by the darkness. The vision had ended with something he couldn’t understand; a ray of gold and a laugh filled with mischief chased the darkness away. Either way he couldn’t bare the vision he had gotten and believed that if he ran off De would be safe.
He don’t really hold back that he is a Valedweller or that it’s a secret and it’s not something he is ashamed off but he don’t really like to talk about his past. Dawnstar misses his colthood’s shoulderfriend greatly and thinks of her a lot.

Parus- Hiatus

Name: Parus
Gender: Stallion
Age: Halfgrown (7)
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found: Somewhere on the Plains
Abilities: Seer (novice) - Clairsentience (feeling/touching). He can sometimes see important events and objects surrounding the one he touches. Talented dancer
Family:Sire – Patollo Foster dam – Dendroica (Dam – Wayra), some unknown half siblings
Other Relations:
Description: He has a black head with off-white white cheeks, one black ear (right) and one white (left), the black goes as a stripe between his frontlegs on the underside of his belly. He has an olive green back with a grayish blue stripe below the green (his sides), a yellow underbelly, grayish green rump and grey lowerlegs. He has dark grayish green hooves, medium brown eyes, twocolored mane and tail in gray bluish black and yellow. Eartassels are yellow. The horn is in olive green, the horn tip in yellow. His beard is dark (the same dark color as his mane/tail) with thin streaks of off white. Have an off white patch along his flanks (both sides, somewhat similar), covering the blue stripe and little of the green.
Personality: Sociable and confident Parus makes friends easily. It’s something about him makes unicorns around him feel calm, vale and plainsdweller alike. They relax and don’t feel the need to try and be someone they are not. Lately he has begun to feel or sense different things. Especially when touching someone else. At times there are like visions in his head. He hasn’t been afraid of it even if he wonders why. Because of this he doesn’t speak a lot; he prefers standing at the sideline observing before stepping in. He are a good dancer and don’t lack a partner, however he doesn’t mind talking instead of dancing. It often leads to that he finds out a mare’s past, or at least glimpses of it. This is not something he had taken advantage of. If possible he has tired to help when it has been something wrong.
Background: Alma must have smiled over Parus when he was born. Being abandoned by his dam just hours old he would have faced a cruel fate if not the mare Dendroica had found him. She had just given birth to a stillborn foal. She felt for the stray colt and she took him as her own. Thanks to this he was spared both being killed by predators and being raised by his biological dam, Wayra, who had dumped him at birth since she thought him to be too ugly. Dendroica found this out herself when she met Wayra when Parus was about a year old. His real dam recognized her colt. But she wasn’t exactly happy to see him. Little Parus suffered a swift kick from his real dam as a “parting gift”. “Roia” as his foster dam call herself have told him that she wasn’t her real dam, and told him about Wayra. He doesn’t really care much about it. Other than being dumped as a nursling he has lived a normal plainsdweller life. He has only recently left the only dam he has known to live on his own.