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Instant Messenger Information:
Name: Scylla (Truename: A'scyllarya)
Gender: Mare
Age: 14 Summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Abilities: Healer, Laysinger
Family: Dam - Lunara, Sire - Neoro, Mate - Vari, Children - Vall, Fia (in utero)
Other Relations: Cousin - Cocoro, Shoulder Friends - Dace, Sirius
Description: Bright orange with red points and dark red hooves, green eyes/horn, and a red-and-yellow particolored mane.
Personality: As bright as her coloring...generally bubbly and playful, but capable of being serious and focused in a tight situation. Loving and easily friendly, and loyal to those who earn her trust. Scylla also has a temper, and while it doesn't emerge often, it is fairly formidable.

Of late she has become a much more sober soul, but is still capable of her earlier good cheer and antics. With the burgeoning Vale population, Scylla rarely finds reason to leave - as a matter of fact, she is often forced to divide her attention between her duty as a healer and her growing family. She's fortunate to have found a match in the ever-patient and loving Vari - a support and great comfort in spite of her somewhat flighty schedule.

Scylla is estranged from her parents and other relatives - she has not seen her elder half-brother Cade in some time, nor her father who resides in the Hallow Hills, and her mother passed on some time ago.

Name: Lealta (Truename: Letian'al)
Gender: Mare
Age: 9 Summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Far Plains
Abilities: Navigation by the stars
Family: Dam - Gia, Sire - unknown
Other Relations: Alma's Stars - Glisterhoof, Riverdark, Naveed, Cirrus, Iris, Aspen, Apple, Ebondancer, Smokestep, Tesserae Moonbow
Description: The color of red earth, rusty chestnut with orange tones in her coat. Her points shade to deep green - ears, face, legs, and the tip of her tail. Her mane and tail resemble nothing so much as autumn wheat, yellow and brown-red and green equally mixed. Her eyes are the blue green of the Summer Sea, hooves vivid spring green, and her incongruous horn is strikingly red. While Lealta is not tiny by any stretch of imagination, she is built lightly and for endurance, neither for power nor sprinting speed. In addition, she has a white crescent on her front left cannon, a scar given by her peers on a long-ago night.
Personality: A staid creature, responsible and even-tempered, with a spark of humor on sunny days and bravery still within her heart. She has accepted her fate, openly admitted her fault, forsworn the Longdance and now avoids those with youngsters at their side. Secretly, she worries that Alma has punished her for - ironically enough - a lack of faith; that she wavered under Alma's testing. Why, she does not know, but in reaching - understandably - for some reason why one has miscarried three times, one often makes more of a sin than it ought to be, or imagines unnamed and forgotten treacheries where there is none, in a desperate attempt to make toxic logic of something one cannot understand.

Name: Neo
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10 Summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Far Plains
Abilities: Navigation by the stars, warrior
Family: Dam - Clearmorn*, Dam - Morning*, Sire - Summerhawk*
Brother - Vray*, Brother: (unknown)
Children - Rainier* (xMist*, NPC), Unnamed colt (xBibble)
Other Relations: Current Bandmates: Brig, Levkii, Sikerra
Previous Bandmates: Gearran*, Caspia*, Indri*, Cocoro*, Boz*, Kybra*, Reto*
* denotes name of a Plainsdweller. Neo knows them by these names, but has not seen them in some time, thus they may not still have these names when and if he meets them again.
Description: Bright red with orange-yellow dapples. Legs, eartips and muzzle shade into black - Neo has a truly black hide, and so where the hair on his body is fine, it will show through. Mane and tail are banners of sunny orange. Neo's eyes are orange as well with black sclera, and his horn and beard are black.

His build is tall and lithe with a sharply chiseled head, powerful legs and a deep chest for his strong heart and lungs. Neo is young, just on the cusp of his prime.
Personality: Originally quite shy among strangers, Neo has since grown out of his paralyzing social fears and can hold his own with small groups. He stutters occasionally in the grip of great emotion. To control this problem, he has retreated almost entirely into silence when not among companions. This sometimes gives him an aura of mystery or standoffishness when in contact with strangers, but once familiarity is established he can be counted on to tease and laugh and hold a decent conversation.

Name: Breakwater (Truename: Unknown)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10 or thereabouts... he's not sure. Others have guessed as much.
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Along the river running from Alma's Heart to the Summer Sea
Abilities: Built for speed, clever, good at comprehending difficult problems and incredibly intuitive when he allows himself to be. He can't sing traditionally, but the people he spent a year and a half with taught him a lively alternative to the chanting of blank verse at which his rich and somewhat breathy voice excels.
Family: Unknown
Other Relations: Current Bandmates: Krypto, Biri
Former Bandmates: Oddfoot and Sedum (both NPCs), who he's adopted as both sisters and shoulder-friends.
Description: It apparently took the whole decade for Breakwater to grow into his legs, but at last, he's a well-proportioned fullgrown, and tall as the day is long. Unexpectedly, Breakwater is quite graceful, moving with an ease and economy of motion as if he were born to be so long-legged.

A dapple of the most extraordinary colors, Breakwater is crimson along the topline, shading into tree frog-green midway down the belly. At first thought that would seem terribly unattractive, yet Alma wielded her brush lightly, and as a result Breakwater's appearance is more that of a ripe mottled mango or--well, you get the idea. His eyes are the yellow-green of tourmaline, odd but bright, and his mane and tail, beard, tassels and feathers are vibrant green at the roots, fading into equally vibrant crimson. Breakwater's horn is green and his legs shade dark red from the knees and hocks to the hooves. His hide must be crimson, as the finely-haired soft points at the muzzle, around the eye and velvet ear are red as well.

Were he of the culture to understand what was meant, if one were to call him a 'Christmas ornament,' like as not he'd laugh, pleased, and agree with you.

Marring this attractive layout are a few scars - assumably picked up when he was washed downriver to the delta of the Summer Sea during a flash flood.

His build is tall and lithe with a sharply chiseled head, powerful legs and a deep chest for his strong heart and lungs. Neo is young, just on the cusp of his prime.
Personality: Somewhat shy in a crowd of strangers unless he has a specific purpose, Neo has grown out of his paralyzing social fears and can hold his own with small groups. He stutters occasionally in the grip of great emotion. To control this problem, he has retreated almost entirely into silence. This sometimes gives him an aura of mystery or standoffishness when in contact with strangers, but once familiarity is established he can be counted on to tease and laugh and hold a decent conversation.

Name: Van (Truename: Van'lerial)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 15 Summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: In the Vale, generally being social on the valley floor, biding his time, awaiting his next runners' assignment.
Abilities: With a long-legged, lithe body created for speed and endurance, Van is an excellent messenger.
Family: Dam - Tassia (25 Summers, NPC), Sire - unknown,
Unnamed Colt (xSirius)
Other Relations: Shoulder-friend - Amrunroch
Description: Van can easily be marked by his bright colors. He is vividly blue with splashes the color of an orange peel rolling down his chest in rough waves down to his legs. A patch lays over his croup (his hips) and another covers his forehead down to his muzzle like a blaze, arcing over the ridges of his eye sockets. Three of his four legs are blue, with paler orange hooves. His right hind leg is a splash of orange from mid-gaskin to coronet, where the hair turns white and his hoof is white as well. Van's mane, tail, fetlocks, beard, and tassels are all the same hue - orange. His eyes are brown. His horn is deep blue at the base, shading upward to cyan at the tip.
Personality: Gregarious and friendly, charming...the epitome of what it means to be a well-mannered child of the Vale...but it's a facade. In reality he's rather reckless, and was the exasperation of his elders as a child. Capable of concentration when needed, but easily distracted, Van has a short attention span. He's genuine, but he has a tendency to laugh a bit too much. At night, he can often be found on the Lookout Knoll, watching the gryphons fly. His father is a Plainsdweller (he does not know), his mother a Valedweller.

His hobby is telling tales. He's not a Laysinger, mind you. He's a storyteller, and because there is no 'place' in the Vale for a teller of stories, he is a fleet-footed runner, carrying messages to and from the Vale to the Hallow Hills, where he can also occasionally be found.

Van's parentage is half a mystery to him. He was born to the mare Tassia in the Birthing Grotto of the Vale twelve years ago, when the Hallow Hills were yet claimed by the wyverns. He suffered at the will of the mad King, a youngling then, and hardened his hooves and horn in Ryhenna's fire. Young when the unicorns went to war - only seven, a little past the age of full warrior and yet untried in battle, Van nevertheless took part in Endingfire. The first blood that slicked colorless upon his horn was that drawn from a wyvern's breast.

Van believes himself to be fatherless, raised by only his mother, who said that he did not have a sire. Naive, Van assumes that this means his sire was a stallion of the Vale, dead before his birth, and as it pains his mother to speak of it entirely, he does not speak of it. Any of the colts he might have sported with in the Vale will only know that "he does not have a sire," as that is all he would ever say.

The truth is very different. Van's sire is not of the Vale, but of the Plains, and his wild coat speaks it. His mother Tassia is a solid red as a wild strawberry, with a mane and tail the color of rich cream. She forsook the Ring as a young mare, leaving but for a few weeks, and returned in disgrace. None know this tale but the stallion with whom she trysted on that late summer night and the companions he ran with upon the Plain.

The tale that Tassia gave upon her return spoke of being sprung upon by pans and routed deep into the tangled heart of the woods. Lost and alone, dodging predators and the hoots of the goatlings' horns, it took her the full span of time to return.

So she says.

Misled by his dam's lies of self-preservation and her shame, Van has never known his sire.

Name: Adaro (Truename: Andamian'aro)
Gender: Filly
Age: 4 summers old
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: In the Hallow Hills
Abilities: She has a sweet voice, but probably will never be a professional laysinger as right now she lacks the drive to pursue it above all other things. This isn't from laziness, but mostly because her aunt Marela's common sense teaching leads her to believe that she can't, because that sort of thing doesn't happen to 'ordinary' people. Her primary talents lie in developing the stories, not performing them.
Family: Sire - Wallen (deceased), Dam - Berta (deceased), Aunt - Marela, Uncle - Mathis
Other Relations: None
Description: Champagne sabino with rainbow spotting on her withers. Four white stockings that mostly end just below the knees and hocks - except her near hind leg, which extends up the thigh a few inches, giving her the appearance of a little girl with uneven woolens. None of her markings are clean-edged - her socks and all her spotting is daubed at the borders as if by the fingers of pans. Her horn, mane and tail are all white.
Personality: Like her coat, Adaro is fairly ordinary... but with a rich fantasy life that she rarely shares. As a child, Adaro babbled incessantly about her dreams and imaginings, which were a filly's rainbow-hued imaginings - and as a result, she often scandalized and exasperated her traditional aunt, Marela. As an adult, she learned to curb her tongue, but her wild, glowing inner life is like a bright bird masked in the fall hedges. If Adaro ever gets the courage to fly, she will join the ranks of the legendary storytellers.

Adaro's head is in the clouds. She lives on an idealistic plane, where everything shines and life is always joyous. Despite her situation - an orphan, raised by an aunt who initially saw her as an inconvenient burden - Adaro still sees largely nothing but the beauty of living.

Name: Cade (Truename: Cadabryn)
Gender: Stallion
Age: Prime of life - he's lost track
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: In the Hallow Hills
Abilities: Warrior
Family: Sire - Neoro, Half-Sister - Scylla, Nephew - Vall, Niece - Fia
Other Relations: Shoulder Friends - Dom, Shaysie
Description: Champagne dun with a pale pinkish horn, pinkish hooves, deep brown eyes, white knee socks that cover his dun points, white fetlocks and a large white blaze that covers his entire forehead and nose. Mane and tail tassel, eartips, ear tassels and beard are cherry red. He's a great deal leaner than he was in younger years, which makes him look even rangier than he already is. Some of his muscle tone has slipped away, and his knees and hips are sometimes stiff on a cold morning, or before a bad storm.

His father's line traces back to a spare daughter of Halla's line which was responsible for the great difference between Cade's colors and that of his sire, who is a rich mahogany red. There are many families in the Hills and Vale by now whose ancestry is muddled with Halla's line as well as a number of Plainsdwellers, which certainly helps to explain the propensity of odd coats.
Personality: Cordial when spoken to, stoic and silent when not, and with an occasionally sarcastic sense of humor - Cade was alive to witness the Battle of Endingfire. Having seen numerous deaths at the talons of the Wingcats prior to that, and having aided in the killing of Gryphons himself, Cade still bears ill will against the Gryphons in spite of Battleprince Jan's successful peace. He is an old warrior, and a good one, and has yet to see the worth in the feathered pards. Somewhat still bound by the old Law of Halla's Circle, though his horizons have broadened quite a bit in later years.

In the Hallow Hills, Cade is one of several senior warriors in charge of training and leading the youngsters. He has discovered a talent for instructing children and enjoys the work. Most times, he can be found surrounded by his pupils, and buries himself in his efforts with a passion and sense of satisfaction he has gotten nowhere else in life. Cade's past as a fighter is long behind him, though he still enjoys friendly sparring. He emphasizes teamwork, trust, intuition and common sense as well as agility and fitness.

Cade is extremely circumspect about his personal life. He currently shares living space with his father, Neoro, and his nephew, Vall. Sometimes one of his students will come to spend the evening with his family, but more often Cade takes little groups out on 'camping expeditions' to strengthen their legs and bonds with their companions.

A few years ago Cade learned an awful secret about Lunara, Scylla's dam and his father's second mate. Scylla doesn't know, and Cade is determined to set things to rights if he can.

Name: Deen (Truename: Denecon)
Current Plainsdweller Name: Redemption (not used much)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: In the Pan Woods
Family: Dam - Maren (deceased), Sire - Winn
Brother - Shem
Mate - Cast
Mentors - Singer, Ell
Description: Muted warm greens, easing down into greenish tans at the tender points of his neck and flank. Deen's muzzle, eartips, and legs shade to black. Numerous scars, including one very conspicuous patch on his withers. He has a star on his forehead and a crooked stripe, white. Deen is of average height, but athletic. His mane is golden brown, and kept deliberately shorn short, because he dislikes it in his face. Cast does a meticulously neat job of 'trimming it,' however. His eyes are hazel green, horn is denim blue, and his hooves are black.
Personality: Deen's default is wisecracking insolence. His second gear, then, is focused sobriety. Deen approaches life with a sense of humor, for the most part, but he has a severe blind spot for his family and a Big Damn Hero complex that's probably going to get him killed one of these days.

Then again, that's probably why Cast stays around.

He's not gentle, though he does have the capacity for gentleness. Deen tends to be forceful and aggressive, with a definite swagger, preferring nips to nuzzles. Underneath every layer of his personality, however, is a deep-seated fear that drives every other action. Deen covers it, and covers it hard, but his sibling and his mate know it exists.

Deen was just weaned when his mother, Maren, died mysteriously only two seasons after the birth of Shem, presumably from a grotto fire caused by the family fire sparking on tinder, fodder and bedding. It was midwinter solstice, the longest night of the year, and the family kept warm by a bonfire in their grotto.

Deen and Shem's sire was out on patrol that evening. Deen was asleep in the secluded, smaller room behind the main grotto, while his mother and tiny Shem slept beside the fire.

Deen awoke at his mother's scream and his father's bellowing, and flung himself into the outer grotto. The outer grotto was ablaze, all their stored tinder, fodder and bedding casting pain-bright fire and choking smoke to fill the low-ceilinged room.

"Take your brother outside, Deen! Go!"

Deen chivvied a terrified, bawling baby Shem out into the snow. As he and Shem passed the spot where the grotto fire had been, he saw a large, charred lump and smelled the reek of burning hair and cooking flesh.

It was the first time Deen witnessed death; the first of many times.

It was his dam.

Wracked with grief over the loss of Maren, Winn rounded up his boys and left the Vale as soon as they were able to travel, convinced it was no longer safe. Trouble seems to follow this family; in their broad travels Winn, Deen and Shem have encountered the mad, the strange, the murderous. They don't have any reasonable explanation for it, other than that evil exists and corrupts the minds and hearts of their kind. As a result, they've chosen to stand against it wherever they find it. They've made friends and allies along the way, including Singer - a greying stallion who serves as a father figure for Deen and Shem in the absence of their sire, and Ell - a wise mare in the late prime of her life who mothers (and badgers) them when they run across her.

Shem and Winn never really did get along, and after a horrible fight when Shem was five, he went his own way, leaving Winn and Deen to travel alone. Deen reunited with his brother a few years later when Winn went missing, and the two young stallions picked things up where they left off.

They have not, however, found their sire.

How Deen Met Cast:
As far-faring prey animals will do sometimes, Deen and Shem met up with a hungry wolf pack. They ran the already exhausted stallions down somewhere near the verges of the Hallow Hills, and once again Deen and Shem were separated. Deen drew off the wolves, intending Shem to escape. The wolves dragged him down and had nearly done him in, when an unseen rescuer stood off the pack. The scars on his withers are from Cast literally dragging him away from the wolves.

Cast, apparently, is quite the fighter.

Cast nursed Deen while he floated in and out of consciousness and fever, surviving only by the toughness of his Plains-raised constitution, his desperate, nearly psychotic attachment to living, and the knowledge that he wasn't sure if Shem was alive. When Deen finally woke, he was suspicious of Cast, but over time formed a bond of... somewhat antagonistic friendship, deepening into love long after Shem was finally found.

It was in Cast's presence that Deen chose "Redemption" as his Plains name. But old habits die hard. There's only a handful of folks who even know that name, much less call him by it.

Dewfire - Retired
Name: Dewfire
Gender: Mare
Age: Middling years - she won't say more
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: A healthy dose of common sense
Family: Son - Sunhawk (NPC)
Description: Blue roan with a bone-white horn and hooves, amber eyes, and a deep, dusky orange mane.
Personality: Dewfire is a mare in the prime of her life at sixteen years of age, her body passed from foalhood with the bearing and raising of a son of her own - now seven and gone from her. Long-limbed and lithe, a runner, a dancer, just as the Old Lays say how the Unicorn was made in the image of the Mother. She is a calm soul, and has seen much - and tends to answer questions with yet more questions. There is no bitterness in her; no dark past...only peace.

Sahana - Retired
Name: Sahana
Gender: Mare
Age: 12 Summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: Sentry/Warrior
Family: Cousin - Rohar, Cousin - Tahar
Other Relations: Shoulder Friends - Kaiara and Ororn
Description: Allover pink, with lemon yellow points, blue eyes, hooves, and horn.
Personality: Bubbly and sweet--and at times overbearing--Sahana can come on as a ditz. She is not, however, that easy to navigate. Deep within her is a natural talent for leadership, which she doesn't get to use often, as she's usually part of the sentry, rather than the orchestrator, thanks to her sharp eyesight. While Sahana will give advice easily enough, she's hard pressed to admit her own feelings, and generally has to be encouraged to give anything away.