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Name: Smokestep
Gender: Mare
Age: 9 1/2
Species: Plains Dwelling Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Far Plains
Family: Sire - Crimsonstep, Dam - Ashendance, Sister – Ebondancer, Daughter - Petalwind
Other Relations: Other Relations: Glisterhoof, Riverdark, Naveed, Cirrus, Iris, Aspen, Apple, Lealta, Tesserae, Storm
Description: A glistening ruby and charcoal bay. Along her belly and other tender areas are faded the soft petal pink akin to her sister, with the only mark to her pelt the crescent scar left by a friend as a promise.
Personality: Personality: Is the motherly type, if ever. She is the kind to look out for everyone and protect them. She is rather bold and certainly speaks her mind, though is ever conservative and guards her emotions and is not one to let that guard down easily. It's extremely difficult to earn her trust though she will always put other's needs before her own welfare. She is one that is highly respected for her valor and good-nature and she is unselfish and extremely courageous. Background: After the Alma’s Stars scattered, Smokestep traveled alongside her mother learning the ways of the plains folk. A chance meeting when she was five brought her into contact with her sire once again. And she chose to leave her mother’s side to venture with him, and learn the plains from ‘a stallions eyes’. Her sire soon found her more strife than company, as she berated and belittled the foolhardy acts to prove his virility. In annoyance she wandered from his company, and into a raiding party of the Slave Herd. Being young and female, she of course garnered immediate interest. She spent some years in captivity before her sire found her, and she no longer made fun of his stallion-ish antics.

Hadrian Sandhart

Name: Hadrian Sandhart
Gender: Stallion
Age: 11
Species: Slave Herd/Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Alma’s Back
Abilities: Warrior-ish (Black Feather)
Family: Sister - Trouble MourningDove
Other Relations: Significant Tryst – Khafre, Foster Dame – Riverwind, Friend – Tjaw, Aunt - Firelake
Description: More of a lover than a fighter, Hadrian is slim of build akin to the dancers frame of the Firebringer. His coat is the creamy color of sunlight shining through clouds and his points are the smoky blue of a distant cedar fire. While he is relatively lean, it cannot be attributed to athletic ability, rather for an absence of thought to his daily nourishment. Three of his legs are dipped in white socks, and his face is bisected by a snowy blaze.
Personality: Hadrian is softer and more effeminate than the average stallion, though he admires the warrior build in others of his gender. He is often soft spoken and painfully shy, and common place social intricacies have a tendency to pass him mentally by.
Background: Hadrian was born in the confines of the slave herd, and in the tradition of the warrior herd he was mostly left to fend for himself for the majority of his foal hood. But even through the isolation and persecution he always retained a strong bond with his twin, and a firm hold on the kinder aspects of himself. His warrior potential always seemed lacking until a direct threat to his sister extracted skill from him that no one imagined he possessed. He escaped with his sister, leaving the sorry excuse for a family far behind, but in the rush of the flight lost her as she collapsed. He has wandered the plains ever since, wavering between a desire to search out his wayward sister, and living his new freedom to it’s fullest.


Species: Plains Dwelling Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Alma’s Back
Family:Twin – Envy, Son - Ennui
Other Relations: None that she has not driven away.
Description:Spite is lean from lack of both fat and exercise. Most of her time is spent badgering her sister and little time taken for food. As her body slows down with age she is finding that it matters not what she eats, she is not gaining any weight. She has maintained an underweight form, two steps away from emaciation.
Spite is all over grey, the color of heavy thunder clouds. On her legs and belly it looks as if sunlight has broken through the clouds leaving pale pink and cream splotched amidst of all the slate. Spite suffers from a disease she contracted from her twin that instigates the loss of the short body hairs across her body, but leaves the longer coarse hairs intact. Spite has a snowy mane, shot with streaks of silver. Her gaskins and forearms are thin, with little muscle tone, the generous might even call her svelte, her cannons are white and the matching feathering is slim. Her eyes are a pale crystalline blue that seem to only reflect sardonic humor and malice.
Personality: Vindictive and cruel, Spite has a sarcastic streak that just hurts. She can’t stand her sister, Envy, and takes every opportunity wreak vengeance for a long list of unspoken faults. She is also very vain, and after the loss of her pelt, Spite took extra care not to scratch or sunburn herself so that her sleek body would be shown without flaw, save for the obvious one.
She hides how she longs for someone to talk to and be close with, she has ostracized her sister so often and so long that she would not know how to bridge the gap that she’d fertilized and let grow. Loneliness eats at her, making her more bitter, and continuing the cycle of snark and pain.
Spite has grown to accept her condition as something she cannot change, and slowly has found beauty in her appearance. Her skin is hairless and smooth, with only a few scars to mar it, and though she sometimes feels bare inside or cold, she finds the ability to hold her head high.
Background:Spite was the firstborn twin between the two, and in her first moments of life, somehow pissed her sister off right off the bat. Spite had always assumed it was because her sister was jealous of the fact that Spite was born twenty minutes before herself. Either way, they grew up fighting, and eventually drove their dam away, leaving them alone in sorry states, despising the very scent of each other. But, through obligation, and commitment issues, they stay together, wandering upon the plains. Poor Spite watched and laughed at Envy, after she contracted a strange disease which had caused her to lose most of her fur, and this resulted in another fight, leading her to lose her own fur. Thunder rode the plains one night, separating the sisters for a time. Spite wandered the plains alone, ill from the cold and rain. It was only by the grace of a stranger that she survived to the next day. Delirious with fever she did not have the opportunity to warn the gentle stallion the dangers of contact with her, and by the time that she could stand again, patches of his blue pelt fell like rain.
The stallion, IceBounder, would have stayed at her side, but Spite drove him off, fearing her sister’s retribution. When the sister’s reunited Spite was alone, somber and not as sharp for a time. For the next few months she showed an uncharacteristic wish to meet other unicorns, especially mares. For the first time in years Spite grew fat, to the endless amusement of Envy.
Spite dropped her first and only foal soon after and immediately gave him to a Vale mare that had recently lost her own foal. Even though her son was strong and with a full coat of hair, Spite feared that prolonged contact would lead to him also losing his coat, a potentially deadly outcome.
Spite has returned to her wanderings with Envy, burdened with the physical pain of the disease that grows under her skin, and the emotional sorrow of willingly giving away her only child..

Name:Naphtali (Ennui)
Gender: Stallion
Species: Plainsdweller/Hills Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Most Likely Found: Hallowed Hills
Abilities:Developing Mimic
Family:Dame – Spite, Anut – Envy, Mother - Nanase, Father – DarkSnow
Other Relations:
Description:Ennui is young, still growing into long legs, his charcoal blue mane still a little fuzzy at the base. His legs are spotted with ice blue splash paint markings and scars of his stubbornness. His lanky body is gunmetal grey and sports a horn and hooves that are a shade darker than his splash markings.
Personality: A typical young boy, Ennui is rebellious and a bit of a trickster. He generally poses to the world a face of indifference and apathy. An outwardly well behaved colt, he has a tendency to let, sometimes encourages, his mind wander at in-opportune times.
Ennui is full of teenage conflicting emotions and desires. He wishes to be close to friends, but he also wants to avoid the pain that he knows will eventually follow when they leave him. He does not know for a fact that the mare and stallion he calls sire and dame are not his. But he suspects this to be the case. He knows his dame would tell him the truth, were he to ask, but Ennui has yet to pose the question.
But like in any colt, there is a small, tiny, miniscule mischievous prankster hiding. But don’t worry, it rarely every shows itself.
Background: Ennui has been raised on the fringes of the Moondancer and the Free Folk world. He’s lived a little of both and found neither superior to the other. He follows his parents placidly, radiating boredom and disinterest whilst he goes. DarkSnow has often voiced his annoyance in Ennui’s apathy, and had often expressed his wish that Nanase have another, happier, foal. Ennui has to force himself to maintain his mask of indifference when this conversation arises, but inside he hurts. And that in turn fuels his desire to keep his distance from all bonds.


Name: Na’vi
Age: 16
Species:Vale Unicorn originally, now of the Hallowed Hills
Most Likely Found:The Vale, The Hills or somewhere in between
Abilities:Warrior and Messenger
Family:Half-Sib: Tari
Other Relations: (open)
Description: Na’vi is ropey with long, lean muscles. He is not lithe and elegant like the dancers of the Plains, nor is he large and thick, full of bulk like a Vale warrior; Na’vi has the deep chest and strong haunches of a runner. All over blue Na’vi has long ropey shadows of color that melt down his sides. His face and body are overlaid with milky cream dots that accentuate the length of his legs. His mane and tail are obsidian and often reflect the blues of his body, making the already dark hair seem deeper. His horn is a darker indigo, and his hooves are a deeper shade of azure than his body. His eyes meld into the background of his body, a darker cobalt shadow among his face.
Personality: Na’vi enjoys the solitude that is allotted to him in the long treks between Vale and Hills. He’s a natural dreamer, the rhythm of his own hoof beats often lull him into daydreams where his active mind reigns. Though he enjoys his time alone, he always welcomes the relief and comfort that the end of a journey brings, but before the moon phases change he longs to be out and running again. Na’vi is often uncomfortable with some of the emotional responses his messages inevitably bring, be it joy or sorrow, and no matter what the adage, it will be taken out on the messenger. Unless the message sender is specific about the wording, Na’vi tends to be very blunt, issuing forth news with as much concise fact as he can manage. He’s not suave in any sense, and is oft described by others a ‘flighty’, but he makes casual acquaintances easy enough and rarely lacks for a partner on a night he is not on duty.
Background:When he was younger Na’vi delivered messages and missives to unicorns all across the Vale, his memory for words was reminiscent of lay singers and story weavers, though he has no rhythm or musicality to speak of. In the intervening years between the reign of Korr and the Endingfire, Na’vi was sent alternately to the Pan Woods and the Gryphon Mountains to help the then Consort Tek with organizing and peace keeping. After the Endingfire he began running circuits from Hills to Vale, and occasionally to the Plain, bringing news and personal messages alike. After years of making such treks Na’vi is ready to settle down and begin the belated business of starting a family. The trouble is that his constant travels have allowed him to know many, but not very well. Not well enough to spend the rest of his life with.


Species:Delta Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Wandering the Plains
Family:Sire – Leoben; Dam – Cloversnip; Half-Sibs – Egret, Sandhill, Mallard, Heronblue, Jonquil, Rushlight
Other Relations: Freewind, Dayspring, Skygold
Description:Shaded like an early morning mist over dark water, Seaspray is varying hues of cool grey. White roaning dominates most of her barrel and neck, while her head and legs darken to a bluish slate. She has white socks of varying height on all four feet, and her face is bisected by a white stripe. Her horn and hooves are pale graying taupe, while her mane and tail are a dark blue-black color. Her face and neck are also lightly freckled with white birdcatcher spots.
Personality:Likes: heather, strategy, the color cream, romantic lays, sunsets
Dislikes: mistletoe, blue, battle and war, birds, morning
Deadly Virtue/Sin: Fidelity/Envy
Seaspray is a quiet mare, but not shy. Highly introverted she thinks everything through at least twice before speaking. She has no fear of others and does little to avoid interaction, but she is reticent and speaks infrequently. This leads to her being inferred as shy or forgotten in conversation, sometimes even left out unless she makes herself known. She is outwardly calm, serene, and competent in her aid of others with her healing. Cautious, and highly aware of her own mortality, she will normally skirt the fringes of mock battle or rambunctious play, watching and waiting for the end so she can mop up any injuries that had arisen. Though she avoids participating herself, she enjoys the strategy involved in mock fights, and has been known to coach a colt or filly who will listen. Her humor is over-thought, and is want to confuse more than entertain; and her explanation will often make it all the more muddled.
Background:Seaspray has a close relationship with her half-sib Rushlight, and a slightly strained one with her father. The strain was her encouragement to leave the Delta, but by no means the only reason. She struck out on the plain to see who and what lay hidden in the long grasses. She met up with groups often, wary of wandering on her own, but did not stay for long. Longdances served only as a means of safely shifting companions, not that she ever danced. The roan was content to heal where she could, and wander with the Free People, yet be emotionally apart.
That is until she met Allegro. Seaspray had never thought of a permanent life bond until she met the mottled cream and lavender mare. Several seasons older, and born a Ringdancer, Allegro treated Seaspray as a daughter or younger sister. The young grey mare wished for more. In Allegro she had found someone that understood her wit, her silence, and her desires, to the point that the elder mare refused to be more than close shoulder friends with the young grey roan.
Persistence was not enough to win over the elder mare, and when Seaspray lost her companion to a cold winter and wolves, the misty mare knew exactly what she’d been missing in the companionship of another. She tried once or twice to find another; she even danced to the end of a Longdance with a stallion she thought might be the companion she desired. But those of the plains were not meant for life-bonds and her companions were too soon gone for her liking, on to greener fields and better winds. Seaspray soon found that she was having the same problem on the plains as she was with her father, she wanted – needed – a pair bond with only one other, and felt betrayed at even the thought of cavorting outside that vow.
Time has eased the memory of Allegro, and now Seaspray wanders the plain still searching, now with a more open eye.


+ Name:Cynster “Redleaf”
Species:Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Alma’s Back
Family:Sire – Tethys, Dame – Honeykiss, Sibs – Antillia, Taara
Other Relations:Shoulder Friend - Prat
Description:Long and lean, he looks more like a Free Folk wanderer than the Ringdancer parents he was born of. Cyn was born a rich dark cherry chestnut, but his color rapidly changed with age, becoming paler until he was predominantly a warm cream. There is a large splotch on his right shoulder that never really ‘creamed’ out, and just recently his mane has started to go cream at the roots. Over the years little flecks of the red color began to return, and now he is sun kissed with cherry chips across his body. He has a single ecru sock on his right hind leg and a matching star around the base of his horn.
Personality:Likes: aimless flirting, black, thunderstorms
Dislikes: rude foals, bright yellow, snow
Deadly Virtue/Sin: Diligence/Wrath
Cyn is a mass of conflicting thoughts and ideas that he cannot always justify. He loves the plains life, the freedom and lack of commitment. But he cannot abide by the flitting emotions of the plains folk. He does not expect all stallions to stay and help raise their foals, but he still resents his father for not being near in his youth; for even avoiding he and his mother at times. He is also very awkward around foals; an unfortunate incident with his youngest sister violently reminded him of a foal’s delicate build and lifespan. He has a temper that can on occasion turn violent. He is aware of it, but has some trouble controlling it well.
Background:Honeykiss fled the Vale under the reign of Battle Prince Korr. She tired of the constant hate and talk of war. But for the first years the life on the plains was hard for her. In the Vale she had family, security, and a promised mate, out on the plains it was only wind and plains cats. She blundered into (searched for) a Warrior initiation group and found Tethys again. Promises made as foals held little weight in adult life, but he still snuck away under cover of darkness to ‘dance’ with her. And left at the rise of the sun to return home.
Months later Redleaf was born. Honeykiss could not help but feel indignant that she had been left to care for their foal alone, having grown her whole life expecting to raise him with her mate, and unfortunately some of that animosity transferred over into her son. Redleaf grew learning a mesh of values, both Vale and Plains, most of them conflicting.
With time Honeykiss mellowed, even met Tethys again, but the foundation of anger had been sturdily built in Redleaf’s mind. He treated his father with distant and forced politeness. He hates how his infrequent visits secretly tear at his Dame’s emotions, and for her sake both wants him near and for him to never come back.
Cyn changed his name to something more of his suiting after the Ringdancers retook the Hills. He wanders the plains now that he’s older meeting new souls and chasing the wind, but he dances infrequently. His conflicting values leave him feeling obligated to help a mare raise any foal he might get, and he is not quite ready for that kind of commitment at this time.


Species:Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Vale/Grottos
Family:Sire – Tethys, Dame – Honeykiss, Sibs – Cynster, Taara
Other Relations:Shoulder Friend - Zu
Description:Antillia was born a dark indigo-violet chestnut and small for his age. But while he grew at an alarming rate, like all foals, his coat stayed the same the deep purple blue color of his birth until his horn began to grow in. From then on his coat began to rapidly pale, first to a cinereous brown and then as he became an adult, a moon grey color. His mane and tail retain the cool bark tone of his colt years, though it is beginning to pale as well as he ages, along with his legs below the knees and in flecks throughout his body. In fading bands around his pasterns and on the tip of his horn a small amount of the indigo color of his youth still remains.
Personality:Likes: hummingbirds, honeysuckle, purple, rivers
Dislikes: bees, ducks, apples, pessimism
Deadly Virtue/Sin: Humility/Greed
lor of his youth still remains. Personality: Antillia is a bit spontaneous, following his dreams and intuitions. He has no problem speaking his mind, his dreams, and of the ‘aura’s he sees around others. He has a sometimes nasty habit of purposely using cryptic wording and prose to confuse and mislead his fellows, though mostly it is in jest. He’s only ever had one ‘true’ dream vision, and he has used that brief interaction as a springboard for his fake dreams.
Antillia is mischievous and playful but incredibly naive. He doesn’t see the dark side of life, and doesn’t know how his ‘dream’ tricks can sometimes hurt and scare more than amuse.
Antillia is also privately concerned about his lack of enthusiasm in life; he sees those around him with hopes, dreams and plans, and then looks at himself, his lack of motivation, and wonders what is wrong with him.
Background:It was his parents’ second inauspicious meeting that resulted in Antillia’s birth. That time Tethys was accompanying an initiation band, not in it. He spirited away a few nights in a row departing Vale gossip of the once sable colored heir of the Prince, and news of the family Honeykiss had left behind, along with what would one day grow into Antillia himself. Though by this time Honeykiss had better adjusted to her chosen way of life and Antillia grew with little concern for his absent father, to the point that Cynster’s animosity baffles him most times.
He returned to the Vale with his mother after the battle of the Endingfire, and has lived in the Vale most of his life. He spent a lot of time around the Gryphons and Warriors, learning the ideology of the cat-birds and watching the unicorns train, but never partook of either debate or training. Healing had little calling for him and the sight of blood makes him vaguely queasy besides. He spends most of his time following around his sister Taara and her beau Zu,like an annoying little brother despite the fact that he is the older sibling.
For a year he wandered the plains, meeting with Cynster, and drifted across Alma’s Back. He was unimpressed with the life of the Free Folk, pointedly with the distinct lack of fire and shelter during inclement weather. He purposely avoided the Hallowed Hills, and the Mere, afraid of what he might see in the still waters.
He found himself wandering back to the Vale, less out of desire and more out of a lack of idea of where else to go.


Name: Dulcinea “Thistleweb” “Copperset”
Species: Lost Desert Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Far Plains
Abilities: Sandstalker
Family:Sire – Rafiq, Dame – Annai (deceased)
Other Relations: Ex-Mate – Shihab
Description:A mare of strong thin limbs and a proud bearing, Dulcinea is shades of cream and caramel. Mostly a mare of a pale coppery hue, her dappled barrel and head fade to warm cream. At her knees she cools to a dusky lavender color, right above her four white socks. Her mane and tail are a shade darker than the caramel on her body and frosted cream at the tips. She has slight tobiano markings that crawl up her legs to her shoulder and hips.
Personality:Likes: wind, autumn, iris, dreaming
Dislikes: serpent clouds, lightening, sand, deep water
Deadly Virtue/Sin: Honesty/Lust
Dulcinea has a strong mind and opinions, and if they differ from another’s she will not hesitate to voice them, nor will she hesitate to voice her opinion on a stallion’s physical appearance. She’s not quite negative, but defiantly not bubbly and happy the whole day through. Once you gain her loyalty though, you have it for life. And she will twist herself in knots trying her best to help out a friend. But she does not give out that position lightly.
Background:Dulcinea was born in Amaha’s desert, a small and slight filly, and a blessedly easy birth for her dame. She was a very eager foal, always energetic and flitting around the adults. As she grew she became highly disappointed that she was not gifted as a Visionary, which was her foalhood dream. She shunned Sandstalker training in spite until one late evening her dame, heavy laden with foal, was murdered by a Sand Boar. In guilt she took to Sandstalker training with relish, and almost too much enthusiasm.
A filly with a wandering eye, it was with much difficulty that she chose a mate. She did not want to be tied down to one male for life, but the expectations of her father forced her to submit to the charms of Shihab who became her mate.
Shihab was verbally abusive; he would repeatedly cut at her confidence and used her mother’s death (and Dulcinea’s guilt of it) against her as often as he could. Outside their private moments he was charming and polite to their friends, her father, and anyone they met. But Dulcinea was too strong of a personality to bow so low for long. She tolerated his words for only briefly, refusing to be cowed she left him before he could start the same pattern physically. One night when he reared at her in anger, she ran from her home in the desert, fleeing blindly into the sand.
Her weeks in the desert left her weak and almost dead. It was a miracle of the Mother that she wasn’t killed by pard, haunt or serpent in that time. Now she has come to a land of plenty but has yet to see another soul. She wanders the fringes of the plain close to the sandy flats that she is so used to.


Most Likely Found:Pan Woods or Near Plains
Family:Sire – Rosegold (deceased), Dame –Nacre(deceased), Uncle – Blackgold, Cousin – Bluebriar
Other Relations:Second Cousin – Natality (deceased), Uncle – Asmodeus (deceased)
Description:Saltgrass is mostly a khaki grulla. He’s very thin and lanky, still growing into his beard and limbs. His slender body is taupe and legs, face, and tail warm to a milky chocolate and then to further to deep marroon. He has a chocolate dorsal stripe that runs along his spine. Patches of his face, belly and neck are off white with overo markings, along with three of his legs. His horn and the three hooves that are marked are dark silt brown, and the unmarked leg has a garnet red foot. His mane and tail are the same milk chocolate color that silvers out towards the ends.
Personality:Likes: berries, grass, water, shade, birds
Dislikes: hot days, rain, snow, strong wind
Deadly Virtue/Sin: Honesty / Gluttony
Skittish and a little lost, Saltgrass’ parents died shortly after he was weaned, he remembers little of his dame other than she had a spotted coat, that he obviously didn’t inherit. His grasp of language and etiquette is tenuous, and worsens the more stressed he gets. He has trust issues that have never been addressed because he spends a lot of his time running and hiding from everything. He is a very gentle soul, and often the local birds know him on sight and will take rides and search for food on his back. He also had the same impairment as his mother, but does not know of it yet because of his limited interaction with others.
Background:It was all really a blur to him. Pounding rain, a flash of light, hurtin’ his eyes and blinding him, the scent of dog musk, sickness and death. And then he was alone. So he hid. Because that’s what you do when you want to stay alive. You stay still and you stay hid. You lay quiet and let it all walk by you, ‘cuz if they don’t see you, they can’t hurt you.
And that ment from everything. Well, ‘cept birds. Birds was okay. They sang the ‘all clear’ and quiet up when ‘sumin came. Didn’t matter what it looked like. Smelled like. It could be his water twin, you don’t cum out. Because some of them Hornies were helpin’ the dogs an-….no. Just no.
You don’t stay down then you run, and don’t run straight. You go one way ‘den the other, but you run. And you don’t let them catch you, or you end up red open on da ground.
So you hid, you stay hid and let no body see you. Got it?

Sa’jani Nighthawk - Retired

Name: Sa’jani Nighthawk
Gender: Mare
Age: 10
Species: Lost Desert Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Alma’s Back
Abilities: Midwife, Some Warrior Training, Visionary skills gleaned from observation
Family: Dame - Sa’bine, Sire - Nishanth, Brother - Shaurya, Aunt - Ra’dhika
Other Relations: Shu’kaku Quicksand
Description: Sa'jani is literally the black sheep of her family. She is broader of body, and thickly (for the desert folk) covered with hair. Her coat is the deep blue grey of water in shadow, and holds none of the pale light reflecting tones of her parents. Striping her body is a slate brindling, making her relatively thick body seem more stocky in comparison to those mares that she might contend with for a mate. Her mane is silky and long, but relatively thick. Her nose is small and trim and cobalt blue eyes are rimmed by the thick lashes of the desert folk.
Personality: Sa'jani is outwardly quiet and complacent, but hidden beneath is a abstinence for convention and seeming limitless patience. She will do what she is told, but in her own time pursue her own chosen exploits. She is not given to brash comments, or bold gestures, and finds that characteristic in others tiresome.
Background: Sa'jani was joyously welcomed at birth, even though her odd coating did make her parents concerned initially. Sa'jani was raised with love and two years later blessed with a younger, paler, brother at the cost of her dame. It was her sire’s great discontent that Sa'jani did not grow paler with her continuing years, but despite his misgivings, continued to prepare Sa'jani in the ways of the warrior. Upon reaching her majority, Sa'jani fled the oppression of her sire and began an apprenticeship with a midwife, though her secret desire was to be a Visionary. Sa'jani often found herself on night watch as a midwifes apprentice. Her dark color was better suited to the night, away from the heat of the day. And her stocky build a better shield from the deserts cold night air. She was the witness to many a midnight labor, and was a gentle and comforting presence to the new mothers. Even thought she had seeming found a place in the desert valley, her sire stilled hoped to see her become a warrior. Her father called a favor of a Sandstalker friend to train her, and have her patrol at night. But her fathers dreams for a little warrior daughter conflicted with her midwife duties, and even though it saddened her to disappoint her father, Sa'jani decided to forgo the way of the warrior to help her sisters give birth. Sa'jani began watching the visionaries and their apprentices in the evenings from the shadow of the cliff walls or under the darkness of the palms. She was rarely ever seen, as suited to the darkness as she was, and she soon found that even when she was seen by Tik’tik, his routings were less harsh than the other Visionaries. She would haunt his lessons, forgoing at times even her own midwife duties. But when her lack of attention caused a mare her life, and the life of her foal, even Tik’tik became caustic and her people shunned her.

Shukaku Quicksand - Retired

Name: Shu’kaku Quicksand
Gender: Stallion
Age: 14
Species: Lost Desert Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Salt Flats
Abilities: Sandstalker
Family: Dame- Le’ku, Sister – Tem’ari, Brother – Kan’koru
Other Relations: Sa’jani Nighthawk
Description: Shu is the color of the sandy dunes of his home, a creamy solid base darkens along his top line to umber. His mane is a fiery scarlet that he often tries to dull with a vigorous roll in the sand to blend it into the rest of his coat. Shot through the sandy monotony of his coat is crackish lines of vibrant cobalt blue that he also often tries to dull out with sand and dust.
Personality: Shu’kaku is often thought of as overbearing and crass. He knows his job and is very exuberant about it. He has been known to enjoy the squirmish with the boar of the desert lands more than he should.
Background: Shu’kaku was born for the duty of sandstalker, not only in color but during his childhood. From an early age his father taught him the ways of the warrior and became a little socially inept as he missed a lot of the socialization with his peers in these early years.

Callistus -Wartime - Retired

Name: Callistus
Gender: Stallion
Age: 14
Species: Plains Dwelling Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Pan Woods
Abilities: To be the most annoying person within hearing distance.
Family: Mate - Hateya
Other Relations: Conspirators – Mu, Barix
Description: A fairly rugged plains dweller with sturdy white legs that support a pied burgundy red and white body. The majority of his lower half is a deep berry red with drippings of boney white that cover his top line. His head and tail are the majority merlot and fairly refined.
Personality: Cynical and Sarcastic, not really the greatest of combinations, makes you wonder why Hateya puts up with him.
Background: Born on the plains Calix lived out the most normal and basic of a plains dweller life. Then all too soon there was talk and rumor of Ringdancers and war. Being free and beholden to none he’d never heard of such things and being young and curious of such things went to join those kindred. There he met a sand painted mare full of fire and wit. Once the battle was won he departed, seeing little point to stay past he initial revelry. Rejoining the plain he soon found that he had been followed by a mare of bone splashed sand. In a flurry of activity and circular dance she pronounced him bonded to her in marriage, and to humor her, and with intentions to dance a long dance to the end with her before the next morning, he agreed with her proclamation. Only to be find that he was affectionately shackled to fire that refused to relinquish him.

Mordred - Retired

Name: Mordred “SilverTongue” “Gordie”
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5
Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Alma’s Back
Abilities: Budding Laysinger
Family: Brother - Dennis
Other Relations: Shoulder Friends – Chris, Teddy, and Vern
Description: Gordie has the stocky warrior shaped body of his ancestors and is warm creamy taupe that deepens on his legs of a brickish red. A non primitive dun, the brick red continues along his topline and over his face. During the summer months his coat dapples a little, but it is often faded and hard to see. His mane is thick for a stallion and falls in cream waves across his face and from his tail. The only thing that sets him apart from his father and brother in terms of color is the shade of red and the placement of the minimalistic icy white tobiano markings.
Personality: Always being told he was second best has lowered Gordie’s self confidence. Though even though he was always compared to his older brother unfavorably, he never turned that repressed emotion into jealousy or anger towards his brother, and looked up to him. Gordie is mature for his age and intelligent; with a love of lays that often kept him awake listening avidly, while all his other friends had drifted off to sleep.
Background: To his parents he was always second best. They had their heir, he was just the spare. But when a rouge gryphon took their heir away from them, he became less than second best. He became the reminder of what they lost. When with his parents, Gordie stays on the fringes, out of sight as often as possible. When with his friends he is just as introverted, but less morose.

Shi - Retired

Name: Shi
Gender: Stallion
Age: 23
Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Alma’s Heart
Abilities: Warrior of the Ring
Family: Niece - Aoi
Other Relations: Sky mares - Miranna, Ashmer, Odena,
Description: A stallion of fine warrior build. A trim barrel with varied blue brindling, long tapered ebony limbs set to a body the blue of midnight and at the end of long neck crested with an ebony mane rests a fine boned head, with an obsidian horn and emerald eyes, and a lip scared by Wyvern sting.
Personality: Shi is an older stallion, well on his way to becoming an elder, and with age has brought him much knowledge, both on and off the battlefield, and the need for the security of the past. And yet he still enjoys adventure.
Background: Shi grew up in the Vale under the reign of the Battle Prince Khraa, learning many of his lessons flank by flank with Korr. Though they never grew to be fast friends, Shi made sure to stay on the prince’s welcome side and not make enemies of his future ruler. His menthe colored sister did catch the princes’ eye for a time, but it was a fleeting foalish crush. It did give his sire a brief glimpse of the power that might be had if he could be tied to royalty. Seeing as his daughter had already inadvertently tried, and failed, he pushed Shi towards a theoretical place of power. His father’s insistence culminated into Shi becoming one Korr’s enforcers during that dreadful winter, and Shi was forced to stand by and watch as his father died of cold and hunger. It was only his loyalty to his duty that kept him from running from the Vale and going Renegade. But once the Hills where re-won he vanished into the plains to hide from those that knew his history.

Trouble - Retired

Name: Trouble MourningDove
Gender: Mare
Age: 11
Species: Slave Herd/Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Alma’s Back
Family: Brother- Hadrian SandHart
Other Relations: Mate – Khafre, Foster Dame – Riverwind, Friend – Tjaw, Aunt - Firelake
Description: A mare of yellowed cream, faded to smokey grey to four white feet. Her tail is also grey, yet her mane remains the same color as her body with only a token streak of grey close to the withers. A sizable snip graces her smokey mussel, wall eyes and tufted ears are surrounded by more smoke grey pelt. Another smoke ring surrounds a cobalt horn.
Personality: Crass and abrasive, Trouble is outwardly bitter and cynical. She comes upon it honestly when you factor in her history. After being pressed down over and over, now that she no longer lives under those constraints she has an unfortunate tendency to lash out. She really just needs someone to see past her defenses and treat her with the kindness she’s been lacking all her life.
Background: Trouble grew up knowing she was property. She belonged to one stallion or another through all of her young life. And it was not the happy belonging of finding family or a life mate; it was the hateful belonging of slavery. Against her will she was bartered and traded, forced to breed. Her only solace was in her twin. She’d thought that she’d found all the happiness she was allowed when she was given to Khafre as a gift. She had a mate that cared, and her twin. But when Khafre betrayed her and her twin, it made her bitter.

Cath'er - Retired/NPC

Name: Cath'er
Gender: Stallion
Age: 8
Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Alma’s Back
Abilities: Warrior
Family: Sire – Dieter, Dame – Can’dida, Sister – Dietlinde
Other Relations: Shoulder Friend – Cloudstripe, Acquaintances – Kozenbue, Clio
Description: The thick warrior body full of muscle covered in a pastel shade of brown. Cath’er is a bay with the champagne gene of his father giving the distinctive brown and black pattern a creamy sepia wash. Cath’er is unmarked by any sort of sock or stripe, though some scars mar the smoothness of his pelt.
Personality: Built like his father, Caht’er has more of the personality of his mother. He is secretive and quiet, often getting pushed around by his younger sister and father just because he finds it easier to just go along with their whims than to fight against them. As long as their desires coincided that is. But after years of being pushed and pulled around he’s ready to start feeling and finding things of his own.
Background: Cath’er was raised and trained to be a warrior of the Ring. He did not fight in the Endingfire, as he was too young, but that did not mean his father would let him shirk his warrior training. As soon as he was able Cath’er left the Hills in search of ‘adventure’. Or that was what he told his sire, his dame knew the truth that he just wanted to be free of the domineering personalities of his sire and sister. Though Cath’er’s luck out on the plains of Alma’s Back has been less than fruitful at times.

Ravenous Dusk - Retired

Name: Ravenous Dusk
Gender: Stallion
Age: 14
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Family: Radiant Dawn
Other Relations:
Description: A violet/navy and black smutty bay, splash paint with cream markings and navy tender points. His horn and hooves are a pale reflection of his coat color, eyes of dark purple and dark skin that shows through the cream on his muzzle. He also has multiple ermine spots that stripe his hooves with black, and blot the cream of his legs.
Personality: For the right person, Dusk will do anything. Dusk used to be joyous and fun loving, now he shadows Dawns moods and is often called sullen and withdrawn. Dusk also acts as Dawn's intermediary, spinning tales of fantasy and wonder to deter inquisitive inquiries into their collective past; though Dusk's efforts are often met with mixed reviews from Dawn.