Real Name (Nickname): Real Name (Nickname): Sarai (like sarah).
Age: 17 years old.
Location: Texas
Other Info: A crazy 17 year old barrel racer who loves her horses, rodeos, small towns, and writing.
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Name: Rat (Truename: Rhenata, meaning reborn.)
Gender: Female
Age:Older half grown, 10.
Most Likely Found:The vale.
Abilities:A runner with endurance; she’s an excellent scout.
Family:Mother- Aderyn (Meaning Bird)
Father- Saar Darksky
Brother- Rowtag (Meaning fire)
Other Relations: No close shoulder friends.
Description:Rat is a dark, chocolate brown seal bay, with jade colored tinder areas instead of the traditional tan or bronze hue seemed in normal bay coats. Her long, tapered head has a star and snip, white in color, while a golden horn crests her brow, and a small scar crosses over her right eye; the scar is white in color as well. Her mane, tail, and beard are the same jade hue as her flanks. Rat is a very lanky, streamlined mare, not built for battle. What she lacks in strength though she makes up for in speed. She has become a valuable scout for the vale in her late years because of her long legs, and it’s the one talent she posses. Her tall body is hardly slender in a feminine way, but she doesn’t lack good looks. Rat is a very pretty mare, not drop dead gorgeous, but noticeable in a simple, less eye catching way. Like her horn, her eyes are a bright amber-gold, and her hooves also retain the same golden color. Overall she is pretty plain, but she prefers to keep it that way in order to avoid any attention.
Personality: Truly young at heart and a completely hopeless dreamer. Rat is for the most part incredibly shy and withdrawn, but not with any malice or ill will involved. Even when she was young she had a hard time fitting in with others, not for lack of trying of course. Her sweet, yet quirky nature is probably due to her shady past. She lacks self confidence due to the cold shouldering she received as a foal in the Vale by her peers, as well as her elders, due to her Plains heritage. That brittle self confidence was only weakened further by her mother’s premature abandonment of her for the open Plains when she was barely half grown. Used to being on her own and confiding in herself, Rat is a surprisingly strong willed mare, despite all her doubts and worries. She often quarrels with herself however over making the right decision, and has a hard time making the most important decisions because she doesn’t believe in herself.
Background: NA

Name: Jer (Truename: Jericho, meaning city of the moon. Also called “Jer Blindeyes”).
Age: Young half grown, 6.
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller X Scout of Halla)
Most Likely Found: The Near or Far Plains.
Abilities: Surefooted, but not as well as his dam or sister. Jer is a surprisingly adept dancer on stable ground however, and though inexperienced in the area of battle, he plans on broadening his knowledge.
Family: Fythirtao (Taos) is his dam, a bay roan Scout of Halla. She fought alongside the Valefolk in the battle to regain the Hallow Hills.
Father- Jer’s sire is a Plainsdweller who calls himself Magpie, a dark blue and white minimal Overo.
Sister- an older sister named Levkii (Ki)
Other Relations: Sia
Description: Jericho is a predominantly white marked Tobiano, with the classic shielded chest, blaze-face, and four white legs. The most noticeable marking however is the half moon oval on the right side of his face (said to be a symbol of good luck). Jer’s base coat is that of cobalt colored seal bay, with tinder areas being a strong bronze in hue that nearly over power the blue tones of his coat. Jer’s beard and mane at the forelock and poll are ebony in color, with a slightly blue tint, while the rest of his mane to the shoulder is white. His tail follows a similar pattern with ebony hair making up a third of it at the base and the last two thirds being white. Jer’s horn and hooves – except for the hind left, which is a white-tan color – are ebony as well. Jer has silver eyes, like his sister Ki. In overall build Jer takes after his sire and sister, resembling the lankier and taller Plainsdweller unicorn. He will benefit from the Scout blood in him however once he’s full grown, being tall as well as sturdily built and surefooted. He is hardly slender in his height, but not in an overly stocky way.
Personality:Jericho is the youngest of only two children between his parents joining, and unlike his well mannered sister, he is rebellious, obnoxious, and all things capable of a younger, sheltered brother. Though at heart he knows the best decisions aren’t always the popular ones, he remains a belligerent trouble maker despite his sister’s warnings. Even through all his rambunctious-ness he is still very close to all his family, though he’d never admit it aloud due to his arrogant nature. Jer’s ambitious quirks are not being helped by his sister at the moment however. Always having been one to stay close to home, Ki’s sudden wanderings are drawing her brother along with her, and he too longs to leave his parents and roam the Plains for adventure at his young age. He is of the mind that he doesn’t need anyone’s help to get by, and hopes to find something more exciting out on his own and take a magnificent journey. Obviously in that regard Jer is naïve of the real world around him, and has a lot of growing up to do before anything becomes truly magnificent.
Background: NA

Name: Mo (Truename: Zosi’meora, meaning prevailing light).
Gender: Female.
Age: Full grown, 13.
Most Likely Found: The Hallow Hills or the Vale.
Abilities: A brilliant warrior, quick, strong, and level headed.
Family: Eleorra (meaning light), Deceased.
Father- Zhesiro (meaning first born).
Sister- Unnamed, Deceased.
Other Relations: Shoulder friends with Desdemona.
Description:Mo can’t be missed. Though her parents were relatively average sized unicorns, she somehow got the genes to become tall. Her thick and sturdy legs, long in the gaskin and canon, are the reason for her impressive height. Mo is broad in the chest, withers, and hips, with well balanced conformation from nose to croup. She is neither pretty, nor feminine in her looks however. In fact the only think pretty about her is her head, with a long and elegant taper to it, upon which her ivory colored horn rests. She has made her way through the ranks of warriors with an uncannily natural ability do in part to her sheer size, but also her ability to keep her balance, as well as her speed. Mo is plain in color, taking after the older Vale bloodlines; she is a relatively fiery sorrel, with a flaxen mane. She has a white sock on her hind left and a white cornet on her hind right, as well has a jagged white blaze upon her face that fades to pink outlined with gray, accenting her chocolate brown eyes. All of Mo’s thick hooves are a dark gray, and they’ve never cracked a day in her life. Mo has three noticeable scars she bears from the battle of Endingfire; one on her left knee, on on the inside running the length of her right gaskin, and one on her hock, all being spidery white tendrils of hair over healed skin, while a few small strips remain uncovered where the hair could not regrow revealing the nearly black skin beneath.
Personality: Mo is a quiet soul, only speaking when she needs to, lest she be speaking with a close friend. She enjoys being a warrior more than anything, and has ever since she was initiated. That being said, it’s really the only thing she ever gets excited about, and it’s really the only thing she’s ever known. She considers herself a master at what she does, but she isn’t one to boast unless the occasion calls for it. She enjoys a good spar, and though she’s known for her silence, she enjoys teaching others as well. She’s of the opinion that you can only learn through experience. When she was younger Mo was fiery in personality, but the losses to her family she suffered in Korr’s winter, and then later in the battle of Endingfire, have mellowed her out significantly. Her temper lacks its young explosiveness, but it’s no less formidable; just harder to arouse. She has an odd since of humor, mostly due to her warrior experience, and sometimes it is confused with her biting sarcasm she reserves for the ignorant (whom she can’t stand). Overall she’s humble and agreeable, guiding herself by her head and her morals rather than her heart, the later being something she’s always been hesitant of doing. Mo, oddly enough, harbors a disliking for Plainsdwellers. She claims it’s due to their blatant lack of structure and formality, but maybe there’s something else.


Name: Kyla (Truename: Almkala.)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Far Plains
Abilities: None
Family: Sire - Atl Sunsmoke
Dam - Leilah Hazewater
Various brothers and sisters
Other Relations: Sneek
Description:Kyla is a myriad of colors that mimic the northern lights. Various soft blues, greens, and purples saturate her coat. She has a faded green-blue horn, right fore-hoof, and beard. Her long mane and tail are very similar to the coloring of her coat in color and variety, except near the withers where streaks of white highlight certain strands. Kyla has a white cornet on her left foreleg, a white stocking on her left hind leg, and a white sock on her right hind leg. Most noticeably is Kyla’s blanket appaloosa marking, which is also white, sprawling up toward her withers and down to the beginning of the gaskin on either hind leg with a multitude of scattered spots. Kyla also has a few belly spots near her elbow just beneath the line of her withers, as well as a few spots near the corner of her left eye. In overall build Kyla is lean and lithe, built with a runner or dancer’s body, making her quite attractive. Her sapphire blue eyes are soft and kind, hardly ever betraying how she feels if she can help it.
Personality:Kyla is strong willed mare, her age hinting at a once young, fool hearted filly, who is now more subdued because she knows better. She tends to be more uplifting and amiable around others, however she does have her moments of brooding to herself.
Background: NA

Name: Larkspur, Truename: Aphrah Larkspur
Gender: Female
Age: half-grown (around 7)
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Plains
Abilities: if nothing more a dancer at heart
Family: Sire- NA Dam- NA
Aunt- Kys
Uncle- Shatter
Cousin- Kitegold, Delita
Other Relations: none
Description: Lark is a tall and lanky classical Plainsdweller. She is not too tall, and not too short. Unlike some of her Plains cousins she is not at all streamlined, and perhaps carries a little extra weight, but nothing that’s extremely noticeable at first glance. Her coat is that of a dark blue bay with black points, a white cornet on her hind left, and two strange creeping socks on her fore legs that reach just below the knee. Lark’s eyes are a stark gold, and the horn upon her brow is a darker blue than her coat, brindled and flecked with white up and down its sharp length. Lark’s hooves are the same dark blue, except for the one without a white marking above it; that hoof is gray. Her mane and tasseled tail are also a similar dark blue color, darker than her coat. She’s quite pretty overall.
Personality: Lark is a strange girl. Her quirky and intelligent nature has always put her in second place for the boys when in competition with her Palomino cousin, mostly because she makes them work for what they want. She is a free soul like any other Plainsdweller, a lover of the Longdance that she has finished to the end a time or two. Despite her free natured spirit and often amiable personality Lark at times seems unapproachable and quiet, and sometimes finds herself questioning the loophole that is her life, though not often. A bit of a restless soul, she feels like she should be searching for something –like she’s running out of time- but for what she’s not quite sure.
Background: NA

Name: Ra (Truename: Rajan, meaning king.)
Gender: Male
Age: full grown at 17
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Abilities: An excellent warrior, one of Korr’s infamous wolves during the time of Korr’s winter
Other Relations: Silvana, a younger ring dancer whom he is acquainted with through a series of unfortunate events.
Description: Ra takes after the ring dancers well, thick of body and bone, strapping and strong. He is of a medium height, well built with a strong neck that ties into chest. His legs are sturdy and square, as well as very thick through the cannon. He also has a well defined hip that ties into his powerful gaskins smoothly, allowing for flawless maneuvers that are often required in battle. Like many of the vale he sports a less flashy coat, a dark ashen dapple gray with flame hued tinder points, much like the dying embers of a fire. Ra has pale orange eyes, seemingly icy for their warm hue, and a dark near black horn spirals outward from between them. The stallion’s mane, ear tassels, beard, and tail are all the same ash gray color at the base, fading to a strange pale orange color at the tips. He has one white sock on his right fore foot, and all his hooves are gray except for the right fore which is tan. He has a slight stripe beneath the base of his horn.
Personality: Ra is the steely and arrogant type. He lacks patience and compassion, often in the most crucial of moments, and is known for his hot temper and biting sarcasm. Instead of changing his ways he simply ignores the affect his harmful personality can have on others, choosing to forgo ignorance for the sake of pride and dignity. Ra takes great stock in his ability as a warrior, and despite his affiliation with Korr’s wolves – and the subsequent driving out of his herd mate Silvana’s father – he still takes the position as a protector of the Vale seriously, and he will often put his duty before everything else, including things for himself (something one wouldn’t expect of him). He is very diligent when at work and in a way it makes him feel as if he’s making up for his past mistakes.

Name:Eisha'ami (Eisha’ami the Great, she plans to be a great warrior someday.)
Gender: Female (Formal)
Age: Fledgling, 7 months or so.
Most Likely Found: The Gryphon Mountains, Pan Woods, May wander into the Summer Sea.
Abilities:Surprisingly charismatic for her young age, though when she’s not sucking up to you she is very much like her brother; loud, obnoxious, and full of all things troublesome.
Family:Father –Yehleah, Mother – Jane’el the Fierce, Siblings – Karamvir (brother)
Other Relations: Various other siblings, age-mates, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.
Description:Eisha, like her sibling, is in the last stage of her mottled baby feathering. The white blue feathers of her new born days have faded away to a beautiful pale blue, much like the fresh waters of a cool, clear stream. She still retains her fluffy babiness however, something that doesn’t bother her so much as it bother’s her brother. The pale blue that will be her adult coat ranges in hue with her chest, face, and lower and under wing feathering being of a lighter color then the rest. Eisha’ami’s eyes were blue at birth, but they have faded to a bright quick silver as she has grown.
The cat half of the young formal is a pretty, tawny silver color. It fades to a lighter hue at her flanks, the top line of her tail and back, as well as her paws. When she matures she will be averaged size. She is a pretty little thing now, and this is something she will carry with her into adult hood.
Personality:Eisha is strong willed and full of mischief, and has wild dreams of becoming a magnificent warrior under the Gryphon Queen. Her aspirations have not limited her ability to get herself into trouble however, and she is often eager to help her brother in any fool proof plan he may conjure at any given moment. She can be sneaky and conniving, and when she isn’t bothering her brother she often turns her mischievous ways on others. She is hardly ever angry, and prefers to make light of even the worst situations. Her cheerful spirit and ability to persuade have kept her out of any severe punishment. Despite her sometimes inflated and boastful Ego, Eisha is quite bright and quick to pick up any skill, showing promise for her future.
Background:Eisha’ami is one of two eggs – Karamvir being the second - born to a gryphon pair, Jane’el, his mother and Yehleah, his father. This was their smallest clutch, a faint sign of worry to them, as they’d never been without four eggs. A strange desire grew in both to make sure that both of this litter lived to adulthood, knowing that perhaps they’d never have a chance to raise more. They WERE getting a little older than was normal for a brooding pair. Little did they know precisely how hard keeping these two alive would be. Both of these kittens were rambunctious, loud, strong and capable of getting into the worst trouble they could imagine, and come out smelling like roses. They’d never had four, let alone TWO! Kittens run them into the ground, make them so exhausted and negligent of their duties to their offspring out of sheer exhaustion, that they’d actually lost track of the little brats before. Twice now an uncle had to bring the little things come from their wanders, squalling for meat and not in the slightest bit chagrined for escaping their parents. It wasn’t for lack of meat that they wandered, for deer was plentiful around this time, the kittens were always well fed, and grew rapidly, attaining respectable sizes by their current ages, which lessened some of the worry with Mother and Father. Though as Karamvir explained, rather haltingly, as he was a tiny bit shy around these parents of his, that he just wanted to see “what was out there.” The sentiment was immediately echoed by his sister. Twerps.