Real Name: Arielle
Other Info: I am an artist on Deviant art; I love horses, wolves, unicorns and dragons; I am currently writing a book (just for fun!)


Name: Tala
Gender: Mare
Age: Nine (9) years
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Far Plains
Abilities: A bit of a Singer and trained as a Warrior
Family: Left her family in the Vale; Mate - Crow
Other Relations: Those she meets
Description: She is lightly built but very strong. She has a dusty blue coat with black paint markings. Her black markings are surrounded by a lighter blue and then a slightly darker shade of blue. She has two black legs (front and back on the same side), a blue front leg and a black ring on her back fetlock. She has a flowing blue mane and tail and bright green eyes. Her horn is a light blue, laced with hues of purples, greens and teals.
Personality: Tala is very shy and reclusive after the loss of her love, Thane, but reuniting and pledging with Crow has helped her recover. She is kind-hearted and will not kill (even a pard) unless she is forced to. She is very hard to lie to and doesn't lose her head easily.
Background: Tala and her family were grazing near the outskirts of the Vale when Thane returned home from a trip into the Pan Woods. Not long after his return the group was surrounded by haunts that out numbered them easily. Despite Tala's begging not to, Thane galloped off to tear the haunts away from Tala and her family. Tala tried to follow but her sister's mate and brother hald her back. Only when she nicked both of them with her horn could she escape. She followed the pack and Thane, attempting to gain ground. Only when she reached the treeline near the cliffs did she see them. The haunts had backed Thane up to the edge of the cliff. There was a great rumble and the cliffside fell into the abyss below. Tala ran, unable to bear the though of Thane lying at the bottom, his body crushed by the rocks with the pack he had led away. When Tala finally reached the Plain she fell into depression. Only when Crow came along did her recovery and dreams begin. Despite her happiness at finding a friend she was haunted by a reoccurring dream and always woke up muttering 'Thane'. She and Crow traveled together until they came across a Longdance. Still pained by her loss she told Crow to go and that she would wait for his return. She did not expect a grasscat to chase her away. At dawn when she returned the dancers had gone and Crow was nowhere to be seen. After two years they found eachother once again and took the oath to become mates. Only when she and Crow pledged, a rare thing for Plainsdwellers, did the dreams cease and she felt the tear in her heart mend. She now travels with Crow and who ever they meet, no longer troubled by her dreams.


Name: Crow (Truename: Croixon)
Gender: Stallion
Age: Eight (8) Years
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Far Plains
Abilities: He is a skilled warrior and gladly spares with those he meets. He says he cannot and does not dance but once you get him going, there's no telling him to leave!
Family: Lost track of his sire and dam; Mate- Tala
Other Relations: Those he meets
Description: Crow is built much like an Arabian, but a bit heavier. His finely sculpted head and muscles are accentuated by his fiery coat and silver-blue mane and tail. He has one stocking on his left front leg (when your looking at him from the front) and paint markings, the color of his main and tail, crawling up his sides and finally looping his body once around his flank. A gold horn adorns his brow, just below it a slip of silver-blue in the middle of his face and a snip on his nose. Half of his lower lip gleams silver along with his silver beard. Three of his four hooves are a deep, fiery red while the third is the color of new-fallen snow, muck like the leg it is attached to. Deep orange eyes peer at you from beneath his long, smooth forelock.
Personality: Fiery tempered but fiercely loyal. He never turns down a challenge and usually wins his battles.
Background: Family: Lost track of his sire and dam when he left them; Tala- dearest friend
History: He was born on the Plain. Not long after his birth his dam took him to see his sire who was the get of a once-Valedweller. He taught his colt, just his father had taught him, to spare and battle. He told him the stories of wars past but Crow never took much interest in wars, only one-on-one combat. When he was old enough to leave his sire and dam he set off to explore the great expanse of the Mare's Back. During his travels he came upon a mare, bedraggled and alone. Once she recovered they traveled together for the better part of a year.
ne night, they heard the drumming of hooves from a Longdance. Crow wanted to go but Tala stayed behind, saying she would wait for him. He couldn't find a partner; his mind always wandered to Tala. He left the dance to return to her but found her gone.
Later he heard tales of a pied blue mare that had been chased across the Plain by a pard. After that he heard no more of her until they met once again before a storm. That night they pledged. They have not parted since.


Name: May (Truename: Mairead)
Gender: Mare
Age: 11 years
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: Healer/Dancer
Family: Dam- Rhos; Sire- Guri; Sister- Kyle
Other Relations: N/A
Description: She is built light, somewhere between a Morgan and a Warmblood. Her coat varies in color from light teal to a purple-blue. She has light points and dark dapples running along her back that sweep down her shoulder and her rump, only one at the dock of her tail. Her beard is a solid blue along with her feathering with the exception of a teal streak of a back leg. In the middle of her neck, blue gives way to teal and so there is a large patch of teal in her blue mane. At the top of her tail tassels a tiny sliver of teal can be seen above the blue. Staring at you from under a night-blue forelock are two sapphire blue eyes. Rising from her brow, a spiraling blue horn eventually twists into a mint green.
Personality: May is very outgoing and tells it like it is. If she doesn't like you, she'll tell you. She is sometimes considered rude but she doesn't have a mean bone in her body.
Background: May was the first foal of her parents. She grew up happily without much excitement in her home, the Hallow Hills. When she was old enough she journeyed across the Mare's Back, seeking excitement. Along the way she learned much about herbs and the practice of a healer. She found she had a gift for healing and took her knowledge to the Vale to learn more. Once a year she journeys back at summers end to see her family, especially her younger sib.