Evil Kitty
Age: 20
Location: Sydney, Australia


Name: Salies
Gender: 9
Age: Male
Species: Desert
Most Likely Found:
Family: Dam - Nightgale (plains mare) Sire- Skahra (Rakish warrior, also sire to Seirli) Siblings - Seirli (half sib)
Other Relations:
Personality:Strong silent type, he hardly speaks unless it is purposeful towards him. He comes off arrogant and rude, but he cares little. He is always battle ready, somewhat from his sire’s teachings. He can be forcefully polite if he wished to gain something. He is proud and allows little aid unless truly dire. He angers quickly. If someone wants to sway him to the ‘good’ side they have to try really really hard.
Background: After Fle’s escape, Skahra was enraged, he sent one of his best after her with simple instructions. Get her back, if she resists, then kill her. His warrior returned a year after, unsuccessful in bringing the mare back but succeeded in killing her. He also had news he was driven from her body by another and also that she had bore a foal. Enraged once more, Skahra attacked the stallion, scarred him, but did not kill. Instead he let the other live, vowing that one day he will regain his progeny of the beautiful Fle and him.
So he waited and sired another, this time a colt with another beauty he had won at the Spring Equinox. He then taught Salies everything, for he being the favourite of all the other colts he also learnt quickly and studied well.
He grew fast and into a cunning warrior, Skahra was pleased when Salies turned 8 summers and gave him a new quest, by now others had left Rakish as well, Salies was to leave and find the ones that had got away and return them or kill them. The halfgrown took on the order and left the safety of the well known sands that was his home and into the dangers of the unknown. He barely made it through the waste lands of the salt flats, dodging the poison serpents and the desert hounds.
He made it through, thin with malnourishment onto the plains, there before he started his quest he restored his health. During this short period he had to defend himself of the grass cats that had sensed his weakness, but again he escaped with only scars and a murderous glint in his eyes for now the cats lay dead or dying. Almost a year later his quest seemed to be falling apart, he could not find any one of the mares that had escaped until one longdance one of Rakish's runners found him and gave him an even bigger role, that of the find the sacrificial mare Najda and take her back to Rakish himself.

Name:Sky Summercloud
Gender: Mare
Age: 9 ˝
Most Likely Found:
Family: Mate - has had 2 so far, Children - 2 colts
Dam - Lynette – frame overo Sire - Unknown – Marbled Sibs - Kapp (˝ sib), would have more out there somewhere
Other Relations:
Personality:: Like most plain mares, Sky is a flirtiest happy character. Playful and wild she is also cheery and happy. When faced with danger she would jeer and gloat, the grasscat finding the blunt of her horn before they swipe. She is aware of her surroundings and always on the lookout for more fun and excitement. She flirts with stallions, is on good terms with other mares and plays with the young. When it comes to it, she is mature, quick-thinking and resourceful. She is easily befriended, but has no ties. She hates being tied down, a permanent mate she dislikes, but foals are okay until they grow old enough to fend for themselves. She is a pretty mare, and often finds herself an object for contests with stallions. This though very much pleases her.
Background: She has had an uneventful life, and to put it simply; she was born, raised and then let go. It is by this nature she has been based around and now continues. She has been to a few longdances and has since then had two colts that have long since left her side. Other than that she has just ventured over the plains, encountered many dangers but have always managed to escaped. She has just recently stumbled upon Naveed and Iris and has been trying to help them out.