Real Name (Nickname): Sarah
Location: Rocky Mountains


Name: Hoirah
Gender: mare
Age: 10 summers
Species: Half Unicorn, half Dayan-Unicorn
Most Likely Found: traveling the plain
Abilities: An agile and powerful fighter
Family: Sire- Galway-a Daya who escaped form the city of fire and made his way to the summer sea, there he met a beautiful young mare Dam: Pippen- warrior mare of the ring, full unicorn. Siblings: kashet
Other Relations:
Description: Hoirah is a stockier mare with strong powerful legs built more for powerful blows then long distance running. She takes after her mothers coloring, she is a vibrant shade of green getting darker at the head and legs and getting lighter, almost white, at her belly and inside legs. Her head is the darkest shade of green almost black until you get close enough to recognize the difference. Unusual white markings and stripes across her nose adorn her face. Her eyes encircled by black are the brightest shade of amber giving her a devilish appearance. Her mane and tail are a soft silver. Her legs are black with two white cocks in the front, and above every dark point she has the classic zebra molting.
Personality: Hoirah is a fighter at heart, she lives for the thrill of the fight. She is a loner and has a difficult time relating to other unicorns, being a bit to self conscious about being half daya and inheriting her fathers solid hooves. She has a hot temper and usually will e reluctant to show emotion until it is too late, that is when everything comes flooding out at once. Hoirah often does without thinking and being a bit of an aggressive mare she finds herself in more trouble than she is without. But she has a sweet nature as well; she is just reluctant to let that side of her show. She has been betrayed one to many a time. There are few who get let into her circle but when they are in is hard to get out. She can be clingy to the few friends she has, and lacks a few social skills to make new ones readily.
Background: When she was very young she ran away from the safety of the vale to run renegade on he plains where she encountered others like herself, some even beardless like her father. Often being mistaken for a stallion at a distance there are few who readily welcome her in. She is She loved only once and that was short lived when the stallion was killed by pards. Being young she hopes that one day she can find love again.


Name: Morgain
Gender: mare
Age: 7 summers
Species: unicorn
Most Likely Found: the vale
Abilities: dreamer
Family: Sire- Kale Dam- Ashura no siblings
Other Relations: shoulder friend- none Mate-none
Description: she is a deep lavender with a deepening belly almost black, her head is black woth unusual white markings and a long thin blaze and her eyes are green, her legs have dark black stockings and all but one have a small white sock below it. Her ears are fringed with white and her mane and tail are black eventually fading to white at the ends.
Personality: She can be a shy gal, not opening up to many, she is emotional and hot headed often keeping to herself/ She has a difficult time accepting others and can be very untrusting. When she was young her mother passed away leaving her father to care for her. She was well loved but her father having a short temper rarely found the time or patience for her, she grew up alone and shy. Fearing to leave the safety of the vale but yearning for the freedom of the plain she may one day plan her "escape" although there are none keeping her back other than herself.
she is open to any kind of rp with any kind of character. She needs to get out of her shell and an outgoing personality may help.


Name: Kashet (truename: Ashkashetley)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6 summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Anywhere on the plains in search for his sister
Abilities: heightened ability to seek out water
Family: Sister Hoirah, Dam_ Pippen-a warrior mare of the ring)
Other Relations: none
Description: a foresty green base coat with dark brown stripes along his hide with a deep brown mane and tail. His body is slight and lith with long limbs and slender features. An opposite to his stallion like sister.
Personality: Shy and non confrontational. He enjoys his company with other unicorns and often he if found in the center of a group, but when his sister left the vale in search of a new life he followed. Unfortunalty he was never the best tracker so he easily lost her and has been searching for her ever since. he now roams the plains knowing that this is where he will one day find her.


Name: Ahseleneiar most just call her Selene
Gender: Mare
Age: 20
Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: anywhere on the mares back
Abilities: None
Family: Mother-Lakura Father-warrior of the ring Foals: one is deceased and the other is a strapping young colt named Haraket. Mate: never pledged, she has been to only a few longdances and the only foal resulting form them died. The sire was a tall dark stranger ? The sire to her living colt is a devious stallion named Coresan.
Other Relations:
Description: Selene is made up of various grays and blacks. She has a VERY dark gray head, almost black, with the slightest hint of black markings underneath, around her eyes and muzzle, which is long and elegant. The black markings on her face then extend down her neck in splotches and rosettes ending at her chest. Her body is much like a Friesian, with a proud head carriage and a thicker yet slender frame with thick leg feathering. Her dark head then gradually fades into a slate grey body with black stockings and zebra like leg stripes. On the back legs these stripes turn into intricate patterns of striping similar to a kings cheetah that run along her flank. Her mane and tail tassels are a bright green and her eyes are a molten mixture of blue and brown sort of swirled together. Her horn is black along with her hooves.
Personality: Selene fancies herself forever young. She is flirtatious and canít get enough of the boys. She is a trickster and loves to run free on the plain even though she was born to the vale. Unfortunately Selene is not the most sure footed unicorn out there and tends to be a bit uncoordinated. But she has a relatively good heart, but she is far from without flaws. She is spooky and jumpy, and when alone she would run from her shadow if she missed it. Itís just her over caution kicking in. She tends to be very wary of new situations but wanting desperately to be the adventurer she knows she is. Her mother always told her that she should never travel alone and that one was only safe when traveling with others. There was wisdom in that but Selene often defied her motherís words just to defy them. Now free to do as she wishes and she travels alone but welcomes company, she is just wary of company and it may take her a bit to warm up to it. Unfortunately her biggest fault is she can blow up like a firecracker with only the slightest agitation.
Background: She stayed with her mother till she was 5 then got separated at a longdance. She tried desperately to find her mother then , but soon figured her mother no longer wanted her and left her on purpose without so much as a goodbye. This left Selene a bit bitter for some years as she searched in vain for her mother to try and ask her why she left. Being young then she hoped to find her, eventually she just figured her mother had perished. Alone in the world Selene searches for any kind of kin, or anyone who knew her mother. She is a curious sort and the adventure gives her something to do with her day. Soon she grew out of it and now searches for suitable companionship. She traveled to the vale once and found a stallion to love her and cherish her but he grew mad in his quest for power and life in thevale to constricting.From her pairing at the vale cmae a foal. She had the colt when she was just 13 and she liked the company it brought, but that too only lasted for a while. The foal decided to live alone as well and Selene never looked back. She had her second foal at 19 and in the chaos of a wild dog attack she killed her new born foal. It was in a strange sense an act of kindness, she didnít want it to be killed by the dogs and the foal was too weak to out run them. She regrets the decision, she wishes she had tried harder to fight them off but the chance of coming out alive was not good, she is not a great fighter and there were to many dogs. Now her decision haunts her as she travels in a mist of regret.


Name: Ket (Truename - Haraket)
Gender: Stallion
Species:Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Family:Dam: Selene Sire: Coresan. Siblings: had a younger sister but the filly is now deseased. May have other siblings he doesn't know of
Other Relations:Shoulder friend: open
Description: Is 18-19 hh (at the age of 4 he was 16hh) - he grew far larger than expected. At 19 hh, his body type is similar to a warmblood or friesian. With long legs and thick build. His developing neck becomeing rather extrodinaty in arch and curve. He likes to keep him mane and tail in shape and loves to take care of it, thus it has grown rather long. His dark steele grey base coat fades into a dark wine red neck and rump and he has shoulder stripes the same dark red. They are irregular and long. Hia mane and tail are a light silver. He has one white stocking on his front left that extends to his elbow.
Personality: Ket is easily influenced and strives to be like his father. He is often blind to the bad and want to see the positive in things even if there is none. His father is devious and has Ket following in his devious ways. But Ket only wants his father to be proud of him. He tends to be shy and a bit selfish at times but his heart aches for something he can't describe. More often than not, he can be a little rude, but he never really means to be.
Background:When Ket was 3 he set off on his own away from his mother Selene to find his father. He now travels in search of him, trying to learn more of his father, why he left, and what kind of stallion he really is