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Kinaheso is a 25 year old Ceramic Artist, who dabbles in pen and ink artwork.
Her favorite thing to do aside from carving clay is reading, playing games, and running around teasing her cat.
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Name: Kahain, Childhood name: Firerose
Gender: Mare
Age: 13
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Laysinging, Dancing (she is very agile and acrobatic in nature)
Family: Dam- Summerwind, Sire- Crimson Rain, Brother- Starstrider
Other Relations: Heartsister- Nightwalker
Description: Her main body is a deep blue with green markings like fire on her head chest and legs. Her mane and tail are a particolored blue and green a few shades darker then the colors of her main body. Her horn and hooves are both a rich gold. Her eyes are a royal purple.
Personality: Very playful and mischievious if you catch her at the right time. She is loyal to a fault and will always stand beside a friend. She loves her freedom to much to allow herself to be tied down by anything beyond the bonds of friendship. While she has had a few flings from time to time she will never settle down with a mate and children. It it is rare for her to stay in one place for a long amount of time.
Background: Her childhood was a good one, until tragedy struck and had her running for the plains for freedom. All she knew perished except for her brother and her heart-sister. She wandered lost and alone on the plains untill she ran across Nightwalker and later Starstrider. Since then she went with her brother to explore most of the known world. The plains always seems to call her home, and it is there that she runs free.


Character Name: Starstrider
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found: He travels far and wide searching for stories. He is more often found on the plains then naught but if the whispers of an adventure reaches his ears he's off like the wind.
Abilities: Laysinger
Family: Dam- Summerwind, Sire- Crimson Rain, Sister- Kahain
Other Relations: Friend- Nightwalker
Description: White body with copper spots on his rump, copper hooves, horn, mane, tail, and legs.
Personality: He has grown into a renown laysinger always searching the horizon for knowledge and adventure. He is kindhearted, with a silver tongue, and is willing to talk to any and all. He is also extremely loyal to any he calls friend. His bond with his sister and his sister's friend are strong, since they are the only ones left from his childhood. He is avidly curious and believes that everyone has a story to tell that is worth listening too.
Background: Ever since he took refuge on the plains from the same tragedy that struck his sister, he knew in his heart that she lived. He spent the rest of his childhood searching across the plains for her. When he finally found her he ended up dragging her with him on many adventures to explore the wide world, including spending a year with the Warriors of the Ring after the battle of Endingfire. The rest he has spent alone learning all he can about all the cultures and peoples that call this world home.


Name: Kina'heso, Callname: Kina or Kina'he
Gender: Formel
Age: Adult
Species: Gryphon
Most Likely Found: Plains at the moment
Abilities: Fighter, Laysinger (of a sort), A little knowledge of healing picked up here and there, Survival skills
Family: Mother- Israfil (deceased), Father- Name not spoken (deceased), Brother- Khirar, Cousins-unnamed
Other Relations: A few brave plainsdwellers who befriended her on her journeys whom she calls friend
Description: Her pinions are a deep and rich cobalt blue. At her throat and chest the color lightens to a pale silvery blue. Her cat half is a light tawny brown that lightens to a pale silverish tan (nearly white) on the belly and inside of the legs. Her eyes are a deep green with silver flecks.
Personality: She adheres to a code of honor that her mother instilled in her. When she gives her word to someone she will always do her best to honor it, so she generally only gives her pledge when she knows it is something that is within her power to give. She always tries to help those who are weaker then she. She is loyal to friends and clan, holding neither above the other. Her loyalty to Malar is without question, though she hasn't been within the territory of the Gryphon Mountains for years. She will always try to fight fair though if she is outnumbered she fights to win, and she never runs from a fight. She will not abandon any she deems friend. Any honor done to her she will try her best to repay it. She is rather outgoing, and loves to meet new people. At first she might seem a little distant to those she doesn't know but she is always warm and polite unless someone does something to anger her. There have been times when she can get overly excited though it is rare for her to show it around anyone she is not comfortable with.
Background: Her mother was once one of the fiercest supporters of Malar. Her father a traitor from a rival clan who snuck his way in through her mother. She and her brother were the only two to survive her parents first and only clutch. Her father tried to betray them all by stealing Kina'he to raise on his own. Her brother was the one to warn their mother, and though she was young she watched her father fall under her mother's talons. She was raised by her mother and under her mothers shadow Kina fought her way up through the heirarchy to stand wing to wing with her mother. Her mother fell during the war of the clans, but her sacrifice did not go unavenged. Kina'he fought all the fiercer, earning her a spot with those Formels that traveled to the Vale to treat and trade stories with Jan.

It was that night that a new world opened up for her. She was already struggling on the inside (though none could tell from the outward calm she showed) from the death of her mother. As she listened to the tales that the prince's mate spun part of her ran with the unicorns through the treachery or the wyverns, in exile across the plains. She traveled home to the mountains and her cold nest where her mother and she once roosted together. After months of prayer and quiet contemplation alone a dream came to her of open plains. The thirst for knowledge planted the night of the peace parley bloomed, and she wished to travel past the confines of the Mountains and Vale to see and learn of the world beyond.

She sought out Malar. Speaking to her alone of the feelings that burned in her chest, and the good she could do to increase the knowledge of the flock. With her leader's blessing she left behind the Mountains that morning as the sun crested the peaks. She has flown the last years far seeking knowledge and stories from the plains and beyond. She travels still on the plains, slowly making her way back home to share what she has learned. Her brother stayed behind content at the side of his mate.


Name: Puck, Truename: Parúnivat (Secret from the Mountains)
Gender: Mare
Age: 9
Species: Unicorn (Valedweller)
Most Likely Found: In the Hallow Hills
Abilities: Warrior of the Ring
Family: Sire- Krense, Dam- Tali, Sibling in the womb- Unnamed
Other Relations: Shoulderfriend- Dom
Description: Her main body color is a rich purple along the top of her back, along her legs it fades to a cornflower blue and then into navy along the bottom. She has paint markings in pale gold along her body as well as down one leg. Her mane is mostly navy with large amounts of purple and light blue intermixed. Her tail follows the same pattern as her body. Her horn and hooves are swirled with purple and blue, except for the one light leg that bears a deeper golden hoof. Her eyes are a deep blue with flecks of light gold.
Personality: She is a rather light hearted mare, and she absolutely loves the rain and storms in general. There are times when it just amuses her to act mysterious, and she is often apt to sneak up on people and then just disapear just a quickly. Life is all about having fun, and so she always looks at things with an optimistic outlook. She is calm and solid when she needs to be, and she was also trained to fight. When she does slip into 'warrior' mode the change often takes others by surprise becuase she becomes instantly serious and level headed, focusing all of her sharp mind on the battle ahead. She lets very few unicorns past the polite mask she wears for those she doesn't know. She has even fewer confidants that she considers trustworthy enough to talk to about her thoughts and her dreams. Those unicorns she does talk to keep their mouths closed when it comes to talking about her. So this had lent her a mysterious reputation in the hills, something she takes delight in perpetuating.
Background: She grew up under her father's wing, practically acting as his shadow as she followed him in all his warrior duties. She was initiated young, and was full of pride as she finally followed in her father's footsteps. Her parents both adored her, but were careful not to let her be spoiled as she grew. While young she took to the habit of ghosting through the woods and wandering off to spend time alone. Her father encouraged the behavior figuring the world could always use another scout, and would often quiz her about what she learned on her 'forays' into the woods. She kept few close friends. Between her being an 'enigma' as well as starting up trend of 'mud-sliding' and various acrobatic feats for competitions amid the younger crowd, she seems to have collected a few younger warriors that look up to her and call her friend, much to her chagrin.

Iris Snowspot

Name: Iris Snowspot (known as Iris)
Gender: Mare
Age: 8
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: Healer, Extensive Knowledge of Random Things
Family: Dam- Malachite, Sire- Alizarin, Siblings-Unnamed
Other Relations: Alma's Stars
Description: Mulberry to plum bay splashed with a snow white rump and spatters along her barrel and flanks. She has a white crescent on her front left cannon, a badge of honor that she has carried in memory of a long ago pledge. Her mane and tale fade from plum to green, her horn is the same green. Her eyes are a lighter shade of green.
Personality: A true plainsdweller at heart she prefers to run rather then fight. She can be quite shy in any situation where she doesn't feel at ease. Yet there is an edge of steel underneath the timid exterior, when a unicorn is hurt or needs her aid she will do anything and everything she can to provide it. She can also be quite fearless in the pursuit of knowledge of any kind, she is something of a walking encyclopedia about things that strike her interest (which the subject can change with the rising of the sun).
Background: She grew up with her mother and no knowledge of who her father was other then a vague coat description. When she was a young filly she got involved in an adventure with several other young unicorns, and thus became one of 'Alma's Stars'. After the adventure and the pledge that followed it she returned to traveling with her mother, and their band. She set out on her own when she grew old enough and confident enough in herself to follow an old healer, acting a little as an acolyte for a few months. Since then she has wandered from band to band picking up knowledge like a sponge.


Name: Coyote
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Dancer, Trickster, Is a good mimic of nearly anything he hears
Family: Twin Sister-Wolf, Dam-Isra, Siblings-To numerous to name, Sire-Unknown
Other Relations: None
Description: He main body is a metallic blue reminiscent of the blue morpho butterfly. His coat darkens along his legs, head, and tail to royal blue, indigo, and then black right above the hooves. Her mane and tale are a royal blue that fades to indigo and then black tips. He has three silver leg markings, the left front marking ends right above the pastern, the right front ends midcannon, the rear right ends halfway up the pastern. The legs with silver have silver hooves, while the other leg has a black hoof. He has a silver interrupted blaze on his forehead, reaching up around his horn. His horn is silver. His eyes are a light silver.
Personality: He has a very wicked sense of humor, and sees himself far more clever then he is. He seems to never have outgrown the recklessness of youth, and coupled with his impulsiveness he gets himself in more scrapes then his sister cares to get him out of. He is highly curious by nature, and can be easily excited about things that just make his twin roll her eyes.
Background: He and his twin were both born on the plains. Their dam was once from the Vale but she ran for the freedom of plains as soon as she was old enough to escape. She named the twins Coyote and Wolf for the fact that from the moment they were born they ran about, a pair of troublemakers, eerily similar to one of Gale's favorite lays. As soon as they were old enough they parted from their dam's side at the next Gathering and traveled with friends they picked up from there. They have moved from group to group but always stayed by each other's side.


Name: Wolf
Gender: Mare
Age: 10
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Laysinger, Dreaming Sight, Tracking
Relations: Twin Brother-Coyote, Dam-Isra, Siblings-To numerous to name, Sire-Unknown
Description: She is a metallic blue the exact shade of a blue morpho butterfly, that darkens along her legs, head, and tail to royal blue, indigo, and then black right above the hooves. Her mane and tale are a royal blue that fades to indigo and then black tips. She has a silver stocking that ends below the knee on her right front leg. She has one silver hoof (on the leg with the stocking). The three remaining hooves and her horn are black. Her eye is a light silver.
Personality: Much like the wolf in mythology she is wise and good natured, and loyal to a fault. She has a good sense of finding trails or other unicorns in the vastness of the plains, from time to time using her abilities to find those lost from their band. She has a knack for generally being in the right place and right time. Her twin is constantly getting himself and her into trouble leaving her to get them both out of it. Sometimes when there is someone lost nearby her she dreams of them, she has found many a lost soul that way. Those are the only dreams that Alma seems to grace her with, and other then that generally leaves her be.
Background: Same History as Coyote.


Name: Hokkaido (goes by Kaido)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 7
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: None
Family: Dam- Larkspur, Sire- Slate, Several siblings unnamed
Other Relations: None
Description: He is a bright orange that fades to a lime green on his legs and head. His mane, tail, and horn are the same lime green. His eyes are a turquoise blue. He has one raven feather and several pale white iridescent feathers woven into his hair.
Personality: He is not nearly as energetic and excitable as his bright coat would suggest. His is a playful soul, with a wicked sense of humor. He loves and lives with a light heart. While he knows how to defend himself, like any plainsdweller, he would rather use distance as a weapon then his hooves and horn.
Background: He grew up with his mother's band, a group of four shoulder-friends that stayed together despite all the gathers they went too. His father stayed with the band for several seasons as his son grew, and then when he figured that he had passed on enough knowledge, then disapeared after a gather. Growing up he was never left alone. Finally he realized that in order to see the world he would have to run on his own two feet. He said farwell to his Dam and his friends in the band and then headed off on his own.


Name: Iseryn (means: Traveler and Protector of the night) He goes by Is, or Eryn
Gender: Tercel
Age: Adult
Species: Gryphon
Most Likely Found: Currently wandering the plains
Abilities: Fighting, Laysinging/telling tales, a very good memory, Dreaming Sight, Aerial Dancer
Family: Taliesin- Father of his heart
Other Relations: Various friends he has met on the plains
Description: His eagle half is a deep jade green. The color pales to a light jade green at his throat and flows down growing wider as it goes. His whole underside is that pale green, with some spotting and speckling of a deeper green on his chest and under wings. His flight feathers are banded with a dark green. His beak/talons are a pale silver, darkening at the tips. His eagle forelegs are a pale silvery green with slightly darker scaling. His pard half is a light gold that deepens on his underbelly and legs. His eyes are a light blue with a silver inside.
Personality: He has always been something of a dreamer. His dreams are vivid and colorful and often involve great adventures (for as long as can remember). He grew up seeing magic under every rock, or a story in each cloud. Even after all that has happened to him, he has never lost that. He is a lot like a plainsdweller wrapped in a gryphon's body. He loves deeply and freely, cherishing the bonds of friendship but never holding on to tight to those he cares for. His actions and mannerisms are more like the plainsdwellers then they are of his homeland. He has also made something of a name for himself as a Singer, and aerial dancer. He has taken what he learned from fighting, and combined that of how the unicorns dance at the Gathers. Sometimes he will even put on shows if he is asked at a Gather, or by his current companions.
Background: He grew up in the Gryphon Mountains a dutiful son. His parents belonged to one of the clans that wished to continue to fight the valedwellers. His dreams started and warned him of the battle that lay in the clans future. After he tried to warn the clan he became something of an outcast, eventually he moved away from the Mountains and out onto the plains.
When he first came to the plains he was lucky to meet an old laysinger (Taliesin) who saw past the strangeness of feather and fur. Iseryn was an avid pupil and soaked up both the love and the songs that the plainsdweller gave him. He stayed a little bit after he learned all that he could. Soon he felt an itch in his wings, and with expressions of love and gratitude he flew off on his own. He has been on something of a quest since then, searching for more stories, more songs. Along the way he picked up more then he ever knew of the customs of the Plainsdwellers.

Nakor- Retired

Name: Nakor, Truename: Nekaneanor (Sorrow's Heart)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 20
Species: Unicorn (Valedweller)
Most Likely Found: In the Hollow Hills
Abilities: None
Family: Dam- Hes, Sire- Salu, Mate- Lanei (Deceased)
Other Relations: None
Description: He is a summer green with splotches of bronze randomly thrown onto his coat (sorta like someone threw a bucket of paint on him is spots). His mane and tail are white with strands of a light yellow green interspersed within. His horn and hooves are white with light tan and flecks of green that reflect when light hits. His eyes are a deep emerald.
Personality: Ever since he gained his sanity back he sees the world through new eyes. It takes a lot for him to trust another unicorn but once he does he is very loyal and would lay down his life for them. To those he doesn't know he can be either lighthearted and friendly or quiet and reserved depending on which mood he is in. He is always willing to pass on his knowledge and with the coming war he worries about all the younger warriors who have no idea what it is like to be in a battle. He has a big heart even though it is closed off to most unicorns at the moment.
Background: He served as a warrior, and fought alongside all the other unicorns during the battle of Endingfire. After the battle he fell in love with a Plainsdweller mare that had decided to join the warhost. She returned his love, but after the horrors of the war she wished to return to the freedom and peace of the Plains. He joined her and was content though his heart always longed for his Hills. When she died he lost all not only his heart, but the best parts of him. He ran insane across the plains. There is a lot of things he doesn't remember from the time, though he still bares scars. Eventually he found his way back to the Hills and with the return to his homeland, he started to remember who he was. Eventually he became as he was before he found his mate. He ran as a runner but the stress of the war caused him to leave. Eventually he found his way back to the Hills again and stands once more ready to serve Jan and Tek.