Real Name (Nickname): Natta
Age: 18
Location: South Africa
Other Info: Studying at the moment and am involved with real horses - teaching, bringing on a youngster and eventing my own TB mare that's pretty much my life hehe. When I do find spare time I draw, write or read.
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Name: Lycarius
Gender: Stallion
Age: 12
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Plains
Abilities: Somewhat of a Seer
Family: Sire - Isku, Half-brother - Rus'eslkatet, Maelona – unknown daughter
Other Relations: Alcyone (shoulder friend)
Description: Body is covered with white, black and tan blotches which were inspired by the African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus). Tail changes from tan to black to white at the tip. Hooves and horn are black. Ears tipped with tan but tassels are white. Pale blue eyes, right eye is half blue half reddish-brown. He has a small white snip. Lycarius is fairly tall and built like a light warmblood.
Personality: Lycarius is a very straightforward, bold and can act very coltish so can sometimes border on arrogance. He experiences depression episodes at times, especially when thinking about his dam but he's learnt to control and hide those emotions from others. Since his dam's death he's led a very carefree lifestyle but it's been plagued with thoughts of guilt due to his emotionless reaction to Kae's death as well as anger towards her for "stealing" his half-grown years. He enjoys his solitudes and is quite happy to travel by himself. He's a quick leaner and enjoys listening to Lay Singers. Finds his ability as a Seer more troublesome than anything and doesn't worry himself with it unless the meaning or message is blatantly obvious.
Background: Lycarius was born in the Pan Woods so he sees them as a place of sanctuary where he can think and have "Lycarius time". His dam, Kae, was prone to psychological problems which were enhanced further after his sire left her. He stayed at her side until she passed on. In the days that followed he galloped across the Plains, this mad galloping was eventually replaced by aimless drifting before he finally travelled to the Summer Sea and then onto the Pan Woods where he was reunited with his childhood friend Alcyone. He's been gone from the Vale for 8 years. His Dreaming Sight ability has given him an acute ability to sense changes in the weather.


Name: Etesia (call names Sia, Sia Greenhorn)
Gender: Mare
Age: half-grown, nearing full-grown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Far Plains
Abilities: none
Family:Cirocco (sire), Vera (dam)
Other Relations: Azimoon (friend, almost like a sister), Marama (surrogate dam, Azi's dam)
Description: Lime green coat which is slightly paler at her tender areas and her points are dark green. Sia has a white face, the marking extending over her left eye, four high stockings and sabino belly markings. A dark green "bloody-shoulder" marking extends down her shoulder on her near side with 2 separate smaller patches, marking extends minimally on her off side. Mane and tail tassel are predominantly white but have streaks of various greens and are silkier and softer than the Vale folk. Hooves are white with dark green striping. Her horn is white with pale green striations which had darkened as she aged. She has a dished profile with very large teal-coloured eyes and long eyelashes (though not as long as pure Desert dwellers have). Her slender build generally resembles an Arabian but she's much taller, inheriting the long legs of the Desertfolk.
Personality: Pretty much never backs away from a challenge or dare (I foresee this coming in handy to make some er... shall we say interesting RPs). Witty, inquisitive & intelligent and loves to just have a good time, most of the time she's joking around. Loves stormy weather and the rain. Doesn't act her age and doesn't really care what others think of her. Free spirited like her sire and hates being tied down or controlled. She's learnt to stand up for herself as she was often picked on for her "strange" characteristics (ie. Ones she inherited from her Plaindwelling father such as a full tail tassel and bright colouring)
Background: Sia was born in the Lost Desert but had to be raised by a surrogate mother, Marama. Her mother had died only a few months after the filly was born. Growing up the other youngsters constantly picked on her as she was so different from them all with her Plainsdweller characteristics, primarily her vivid colour, her only friend was Marama's true daughter, Azimoon who was also half-Plainsdweller. Marama often relayed the stories about her dam and sire and the Plains as she was a loreist. When Sia learnt that her sire had abandoned her mother after promising to return she grew ever more determined to find Cirocco and discover his reasons for not keeping the promise he had made to her dam. When she felt she was ready, Sia snuck away from Marama and left everything she'd known to make the tedious journey towards the Plains.


Name: Cirocco (call name Coco)
Gender: Stallion
Age: Adult
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Where ever the wind takes him
Abilities: Lay Singer (kind of...)
Family: Etesia (daughter)
Other Relations: his "desert-love" Vera
Description: Cream body with maroon extensive "bloody-shoulder" markings across his shoulders with a 4 smaller, separate patches on his body - on his near side he has one at the base of his neck and two below his croup, on his off side he has one on his gaskin. Mane, tail tassel, feathers all begin maroon and change to an off-white tinted with pale blue. Ear tassels are white. Muzzle, hooves and horn are maroon. Eyes are a deep indigo/purple colour. He's got a build similar to a tall, fairly heavy thoroughbred.
Personality: Free-spirited, can't find it in his heart to settle anywhere so is always on the move - Vera called his wind-like nature a curse. Gets incredibly agitated if he is forced to stay in one place for any longer than he wishes. Very easy to befriend but has no close relationships because of his need to be on the move. Enjoys relaying his adventures, always seems to have a story for any event, sometimes he sings at gatherings (on the rare occasion he attends). Often drops "pearls-of-wisdom" that he has gathered over the years into conversation.
Background: As a young stallion Cirocco, soon after he left his dam's side, he fled into the Flats to escape from a storm on the Plains. He somehow managed to find his way through the Flats and found himself at Amaha's Valley. He met a desert dweller mare named Vera, he was taken in by her family and once he’d recovered from his journey Vera taught him in the ways of the desert. To the disapproval of Vera's parents their friendship developed into love. He sired his only daughter, Etesia, with Vera though he's unaware of the filly's existence as his heart was drawn back to the Plains before Vera foaled. He promised but did not intend to return before the foal was born, as his heart started longing for the rolling grassy Plains he had left behind – he was after all not suited to surviving in the desert. The mare died soon after the little filly's birth, it was said she died from the heartbreak of Cirocco not returning to her as she thought of him as the love of her life and she wasn't aware of the difficulties of the journey between the Plains and Desert. Cirocco has been plagued by guilt over abandoning the mare and foal but it never grew strong enough to give him the willpower he needed to make the trip again.


Name: Talyana (call name Tal)
Gender: Mare
Age: Just reached full-grown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Far Plains
Abilities: none
Family: Rawiya (dam), Gahray (sire), Masaya (twin sister), Tlaloc (half brother)
Other Relations: None yet
Description: Her design is based off the marbled spotted pattern of a king cheetah. Mane, tail and beard are a mix of the colours in her coat and her ear tassels are black. Tal also has sabino markings over the marbled spots, these include socks on her forelegs and stockings on her hindlegs all of which have ermine spots around the coronet. Dark horn and hooves. Her eyes are golden like an eagle's. A black stripe runs from the corners of her mouth, over her eyes and around her ears to join the stripe that runs along her topline. Her build is like a tall hunter-type thoroughbred.
Personality: Tal is an incredibly quick learner and is really intelligent, paying great attention to detail making her a good strategist at whatever needs to be done. She's extremely self confident bordering on overconfidence, though she's not as outspoken as her twin and tends to keep "behind the scenes". She doesn't follow authority unless she agrees with what is said herself and has a habit of questioning everything. Tal is loyal & protective to those few she cares about and often does things without regard of how they may affect her. Tries to do everything herself and so avoids relying on anyone for anything if she can help it. Good at concealing emotions and uses it to her advantage - especially to entice and capture all those "untouchable" stallions
Background: Tal grew up in her sister's shadow despite being Mai's elder. Even though she is independent and perfectly capable of looking after herself, she indulges Mai's protectiveness of her. Loves storms and listening to lays and tales.


Name: Calanthia
Gender: Mare
Age: Half-grown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Pan Woods
Abilities: learning Healing
Family: Dam - Trichilia, Sire - Dregean
Other Relations: Apollos (mentor)
Description:Her main body colour is a deep purple which in bad light could be mistaken for black while her markings fade from red to yellow at their centre. She had a distinctive heart-shaped mark within her belly marking. Thia's horn is black. Her mane, tail and beard fade in the same manner as her markings while her ear tassels fade in the other direction (from yellow to red). Her left eye is olive green streaked with yellow and her right one is dark purple streaked with yellow. Her hooves are dark olive green.
Personality: Her main body colour is a deep purple which in bad light could be mistaken for black while her markings fade from red to yellow at their centre. She had a distinctive heart-shaped mark within her belly marking. Thia's horn is black. Her mane, tail and beard fade in the same manner as her markings while her ear tassels fade in the other direction (from yellow to red). Her left eye is olive green streaked with yellow and her right one is dark purple streaked with yellow. Her hooves are dark olive green. Personality: Calanthia is in essence a complete romantic and is in search of her "true love". She follows her heart more than her mind and so can appear not overly clever at time but in fact she is a deep thinker and can be rather philosophical. She has a charming aura about her that seems to lighten any situation or mood.
Background: Just leaving her parents side, she's heading out into the world to chase her dreams.


Name: Silvana
Gender: Mare
Age: 15
Species: Unicorn (Ring Dancer)
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Abilities: Magicking (primarily Scrying), excellent warrior
Family: Chayna – dam, Arden – sire (presumed deceased), Rheneta – unknown cousin, Maelona – adoptive daughter, Mawiyah - sister (deceased)
Other Relations: Rajan- (long story, see background), Bleddyn – mentor, Kae – close friend
Description: She’s a tall but fairly stocky mare. Her coat is olive grulla, her mane, tail and ear tassels are a mixture of various greens. She has a small white sock on her off-fore, a stocking that ends half way up her cannon on her off-hind and a tobiano marking extends to just below her dock. She has a small white spot on her tail. Silvana has a triangular shaped star situated beneath her horn so that only its base and peak are visible but the entire marking is ringed by a halo of white hairs, she also has a snip that lies to the right of her muzzle. Horn is dark grey. Eyes are an olive green colour. The hooves on her white legs are light olive green and on her dark leg it is black.
Personality: Silvana is a temperamental mare, it doesn’t take much to set her off but over the years she’s disciplined herself to control her emotions. She’s secretive and keeps most things to herself as a result of Rajan’s betrayal when she was a young mare. If you get on her bad side, expect to stay there for a long time.
Background: Silvana was born and raised in the Vale and has never left its borders. Silvana’s upbringing was rooted in old beliefs and has left her with a lingering dislike of ‘Regenade’ Plainsdwellers. Chayna’s sister Aderyn, ran off onto the Plains to follow her mate Saar Darksky – this lead to Chayna disowning her sister so Silvana is unaware of the presence of her cousin, Rhenata within the Vale. Both her parents opposed Korr during his reign. Rajan was a unicorn the young mare idealised and in passing seasons grew to love but he betrayed her loyalty by becoming one of Korr’s wolves and driving her sire from the Vale after turning him in due to his beliefs. Arden was never seen again and both Chayna and Silvana have since presumed him to be deceased. In the years that followed Silvana tried to convince herself that she didn’t ever love Rajan, burying the feelings deep in her heart. Silvana was initiated young and rapidly became a highly skilled warrior under the mentorship of Bleddyn, who also included in his teachings the improvement of her natural magicking abilities. During her teachings she befriended Bleddyn’s daughter, Kae who possessed Dreaming Sight. The three spent a lot of time together until Kae left for the Plains with her son Lycarius after Isku abandoned her.


Name: Maelona (Mae, often called Stareyes or Mae Stareyes)
Gender: Filly
Age: Just became a half grown
Species: Unicorn (Valedweller)
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Abilities: none as of yet, possibly Dreaming Sight
Family: Mawiyah – dam (deceased), Lycarius - sire, Silvana – aunt/fosterdam
Other Relations: none yet
Description: Mae’s a caramel coloured grulla with a very dark chocolate coloured topline which extends down her shoulder. Her belly and tender areas are a pale green. Socks on both front legs, stocking on her off hind, blaze with kissy spots (think that’s what they’re called). All her white markings are bordered with black. Lower lip is pink and all her leg markings have dense ermine spots. Hooves are dark green, the dark leg’s is a few shades darker. Mane, ear tassels and beard are snow white, tail is black and streaked with bright green. Horn fades from dark green at its base to white at its tip. Her eyes are perhaps her most distinctive feature for they are the colour of the night sky and sparkle with life to give the impression that they constantly reflect Alma’s eyes. Mae is small for her age, and always will be, due to the problems her dam had during pregnancy.
Personality: Maelona can be stubborn beyond belief, always thinks she’s right and will fight for her views. Though she occasionally lets up her opinionated side to become incredibly inquisitive to the point that her questions and challenges of given answers can make even the most patient grow irritable. Mae is intelligent and a quick learner, being quite abstract-minded she can often see solutions to problems where others can’t. She also has a fun loving streak in her.
Background: Mawiyah, much to her Silvana’s disgust, left for the Plains when she was but a half grown. On the Plains she met Lycarius at a longdance, neither were aware of their families intertwined past, the dancing developed into a more passionate night than they intended and Mawiyah returned to the Vale in foal. She hadn’t told Lycarius of the pregnancy and didn’t divulge who the sire was to her sister when they were reunited.
Tragically Mawiyah’s pregnancy was plagued with problems and the young mare died while giving birth to the young filly. Silvana promised to raise the foal as her own which she has (though she did have to find a mare to nurse the filly in her early days) and the filly is still unaware of her true parentage.
Since then she’s pretty much been at Silvana’s side, learning the ways of the world.


Name: Galinda
Gender: filly
Age: half grown, about 7 or so
Species: Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found: Plains wherever there are unicorns to impress (ie Longdances here we come)
Abilities: Singer and dancer
Family: Sire & Dam unknown as of yet, Pfiver Frostflank - half brother
Other Relations: none yet
Description: She’s the ‘perfect palomino’, caramel coloured body with lighter tender areas and a snow white mane and tail. Four white stockings adorn her legs and she has a perfectly symmetrical blaze running down her face and a white bottom lip. Her newly grown beard is also snow white and her eyes a sparkling emerald green. Galinda’s horn and hooves fade from white to hot pink. Often wears flowers or feathers in her mane or tail. Galinda is a lithe limbed individual, standing just over 15.3h though she’ll probably grow to about 16h when she’s mature. The head is fine and slightly dished. Both her mane and tail are long and silkier than the average Plainsdwellers.
Personality: Ok I totally based her off Galinda (later Glinda the Good) from the musical Wicked. She’s a very bubbly, popular unicorn, she knows she’s beautiful and thinks that’s all she needs to get ahead in the world. Galinda often seems vain and superficial but there are aspects of her character she keeps hidden. She’s used to getting what she wants, when she wants it and thrives on being the centre of attention and is under the impression that she’s the best thing since sliced bread and so it naturally follows that everyone loves her. Galinda is also an ambitious character and if she put her mind to it could be rather intelligent.
Background: [Still in progress] Galinda was spoilt in her early years by all the elders around her. Other than that she’s had a fairly ‘normal’ foalhood. In her early adolescence (including the present) she flitted between infatuations with stallions she deemed worthy of her attentions.