Real Name: Mara (meaning goddess of destruction, so don’t mess.)
Age: 17, almost 18
Location: The Middle of Nowhere, USA
Other Info: I like long rides in the moonlight and Italian dinners.


Name: Nuria (Nickname-Ria)
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Plains
Family:Dame -Never met, Sire-Never met
Other Relations:Wet Nurse- Cadence
Description: Nuria is a flaxen chestnut. Her body is a deep crimson red accented by four white socks. The front two socks reach her knees and the back two not past her ankles; the left hind sock is longer than the right. All four socks fade into black before blending into the red of her coat. Nuria’s mane and tale tassel are a curly pale gold. Her hooves, horn, and eyes are all purple, though her hooves are darker than her horn and eyes. She is lithe because of her Desert dweller father.
Personality:: Nuria is level headed and witty. She enjoys playing pranks every now and then and when she does they’re normally well thought out. She enjoys company and easily makes friends, unless it’s a stallion. Because she isn’t much of a fighter she enjoys challenging stallions to races in an attempt to bring them down a few notches. Despite all of her bravado though, Nuria just wants to find a stallion to run the Plains with. She secretly envies the Vale dwellers their Summer Sea courtships and though she isn’t sure about such commitment she would like to find someone who respects her.
Background:Nuria was born on the Far Plains near the desert. She has a few blurred memories of her mother, but before she could ever even take a good look at her she left. She was left along with a wet nurse, Cadence, and never saw her mother, or her father for that matter, again. She hated being under her wet nurse and especially hated how Cadence had a very biased view on mares. She had always felt that they should submit to stallions and rely on them for protection. At the first chance she got she left and a thunderstorm and pard attack later she was on her own. The rest of her life up till now she has spent wandering the Plains. She shortened her name to Ria in order to cut herself off from any family ties. However, she sometimes looks up at the stars and wonders whatever happened to her sire and dame.


Age: 14
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Hills or Far Plains near there
Family:Sire - Reidar, Dame - Lynette, Mate - Balios
Other Relations: None
Description:: Razi is a golden palomino. Her body is a light yellow and her mane and tail tassel are both pure white. She has four white socks, each ringed with a neon blue stripe before blending into her yellow coat. Her face has a large white blaze which covers her muzzle and forehead. This too in surrounded by a neon blue stripe which runs over her eyes. Her hooves are white and her horn is a blend of yellow and neon blue.
Personality:Razi is loyal, but shy. She enjoys making friends but finds that most mistake her shy attitude for cockiness. Once she is friends with someone though she lets loose and is able to let her sense of humor and caring attitude show.
Background:Razi grew up a warrior in the Hallowed Hills. When she was younger she fell for a Plains stallion and since his departure she has wondered if she will ever find a stallion for her. Not much else is known yet.


Gender: Male
Age: 10
Species: Dayan/Unicorn cross
Most Likely Found: Adventuring on the Plains
Abilities: Warrior
Family: Sire- Hathan Dame-Karis Sister- Ailis
Other Relations: Half-sister- Roxanne
Description:Makan is a stormy blue in color. This color is only broken by a pattern of black spots on his rump. The most prominent of these spots is a rough tornado pattern surrounded by three large spots; these lie in a triangle pattern. His mane and tail tassel are white with alternating black and gray streaks. His horn is silver stripped with black and his hooves are black. His eyes are a stormy gray.
Personality: Makan has been called bi-polar, by others and by himself. He can be arrogant and self serving one moment and the next he can be reluctantly kind. He attests this to his impulses, and, indeed, he is impulsive.
Background:Makan grew up in the Vale learning how to be a warrior. However, he always had a problem with authority. He never listened to his instructors, father, or sometimes even Calydor himself. He became a great warrior anyway and besides that gained the hearts of many of the local mares. He became bored with the Vale, though, and left in pursuit of adventure. As he headed out he ran into his elder half sister, Roxanne, and after a few biting remarks from both sides they decided to travel together and visit the Plains.

Phantom - hiatus

Gender: Male
Age: he isn't quite sure
Species: Dayan/Unicorn cross
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: Sporadic Dreams and Some Healing
Family: Sire- ? Dame- Al’kahi
Other Relations: None
Description: Phantom is a pale storm purple, almost white. His stomach is white as well as his mane and tail. His mane and tail are tipped with black as well. He has a grey sock on his left hind leg that reaches just past his ankle. His muzzle is the same grey. His hooves are black and his horn is white with a pale purple pattern.
Personality:Phantom is highly intellectual and could be considered the UTOV Socrates. He likes questioning the world and motives of others in order to further his knowledge. For all this he has a sense of humor, if not at a higher intellectual level than most.
Background: Phantom was born on the Plains in a blanket of mist. His mother mistook him for a ghost and since hasn’t fully gotten over this. When he was old enough she forced him away from her and Phantom began his journey. In the many years of his life he has traveled all over the world and has even seen a little bit of the two legger’s activities.


Name: Apollos
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Singer, Dancer, Healer
Family:Dame - Maeve Sire-? Twin- Kokopelli
Other Relations:None
Description:Apollos is a bright red for most of his body, but his stomach is white. His back has a fiery pattern of red, yellow, and orange that covers from the base line of his mane to the beginning of his tail. It breaks only twice; a tear drop shape on each sides on his rump and three dots separate from the rest of the fiery mass also on both sides of his rump. His hooves, feathers, ear and tail tassels, and mane are all a midnight blue. His horn is a gradient starting at crimson at the base and moving up to yellow at the tip.
Personality:Apollos is brave and loyal. He enjoys helping people with his healing knowledge and often will rescue fellow unicorns from perilous situations. He is also prideful and enjoys the praise he gets.
Background:Apollos was born somewhere on the Plains. He was the eldest of twins, Kokopelli being his brother. However, he found himself taking back seat to his more assertive and mischievous brother and was his sidekick on many a prank. As they grew older they left their dame together. They traveled together, dancing and singing their ways into many a mare’s heart. After a time, Apollos got tired of following Kokopelli around and they split ways. Now Apollos travels the Plains helping and healing his fellow unicorns.


Name:Kokopelli (Nickname- Pelli or Pel)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Singer, Dancer, Warrior
Family: Dame- Maeve Sire-? Twin- Apollos
Other Relations: None
Description: Kokopelli is a medicine hat paint. His body is a midnight blue highlighted with twilight purple on his legs, stomach, and neck; his knees are midnight blue however. His mane and tail are also midnight blue, but his tail blends into yellow then red at the tip. His spots, one at his chest and one at his groin, are a mix of red and yellow. His face has a diamond pattern. The outer diamond is red, the inner yellow. The red part wraps around and over his ears. A diagonal pair of his hooves is midnight blue and the others are a mix of red and yellow. His horn is a gradient of crimson at the base to yellow at the top.
Personality: Kokopelli is very mischievous. He enjoys playing pranks and overall being naughty. His favorite things in the world are Longdances and fights, both of which he takes eager part in. He knows how to be charming but overall is just seductive and arrogant.
Background: Kokopelli was born somewhere on the Plains. He was the youngest of twins, Apollos being his brother. However, he found that he had quite a bit of sway over his more docile brother. Together they terrorized their mother and any mares and foals they would meet with their pranks. As they grew older they left their dame together. They traveled together, dancing and singing their ways into many a mare’s heart. It wasn’t to last though, and after Apollos left Kokopelli was on his own. He now occupies his time with battles and chasing after mares.


Name:Kaiholotiki (Nickname-Tik)
Age: about 8
Species: Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Family:Dame-Sandtassel (born Hina'ea) Sire-Varun (presumed deceased)
Other Relations: None
Description: He's a coral and teal paint stallion. His spots are a mix of light, dark, and medium teals. One spot covers half his face causing one eye to be teal and the other brown. His horn is a dark teal as are his front hooves. His hind hooves are darker orange. His mane, tail, and socks are orange rimmed with yellow.
Personality:Tik is fun loving and wild. Like his father he is unpredictable like the sea, but his mother taught him gentleness. Because he grew up away from the Plains and his mother had little recollection of it he acquired an accent and type of speech far different than most. He is very out going and friendly.
Background: Tik's story begins with his mother and the Summer Sea. Hina'ea had traveled to the Sea, drawn by the mystery of the vast water. She had heard songs, lays, stories, but nothing could satisfy her curiosity. Eventually she made it there, leaving the Plains and her family, a young mare, wild at heart like the breakers in the water. As soon as she stepped over the crest of the sand dunes she knew she would never leave that place. The salt air tickled her nostrils, exciting her. She ran down to the water's edge, feeling sand slip between her cloven hooves. She crashed into the waves, the white crests bashing pleasantly against her chest as she strode forward. She let loose a laugh and in return heard a chuckle from behind her. Hina spun, water flying around her legs. In the shallows looking at her with laughing eyes was a stallion. His colors were beautiful, teal, white, light and dark blue, greens... They all swirled in his pelt looking like the ocean itself.
He stepped forward and hailed her calling himself Varun. She greeted him back giving him her name, then asking him what he was doing here. He replied in turn with the same question, but proceeded to answer that he lived here. Hina'ea's heart lept and she asked permission to stay with him at the sea. He laughed, but accepted. They swiftly became friends, and even more quickly became lovers. They pledged each to each other love deeper than the sea and longer lasting. However it was not meant to last.
A year after her arrival at the Summer Sea, Hina'ea found herself with foal. She vowed not to tell Varun until the right moment. Then, one day while they played in the surf a strong wind picked up. The sea swiftly grew angry and the waves rose high, crashing onto the cliffs and drenching the hapless unicorns. Hina'ea and Varun were able to make land, but found themselves trapped against a cliff wall with the water rising a growing more violent by the minute. Hina clung to her mate, tearfully telling him of their foal, before the water tore them apart and threw them into the torrent. Hina struggled to keep her head above the water, looking for Varun, but suddenly her head struck against a rock and all went dark.
The mare woke, battered, bloody, but alive. She raised her head, but feeling a sharp pain there she lowered it again. Her amber eyes looked around at her surroundings. They seemed familiar somehow... What was this place? How did she get here? She threw her head up in shock, causing more pain, but she ignored it this time. Who was she?! She remembered nothing! Nothing at all! She stood, frantically trying to remember, grasping at slivers of what she thought were recollections of her life. There was nothing. Then she felt something strike her side. She looked around but there was nothing there. She winced as it struck again. She looked at her stomach and realization dawned on her. It was coming from inside. So, she was pregnant? But how? Who was the father? Again a faint recollection of sea, sand, and sun came to her. This place held happy memories for her apparently. She walked up to a grove of trees and lay down stiffly, looking at her swollen side in awe. She remembered nothing, but her child had lived through whatever her memory hadn't. It had to be a miracle of some sort. She would be thankful for that.
A few years later Tik ran the same shores his mother and father had once courted upon. His mother had taken to calling herself Sandtassel, a name she thought suited, and something temporary so that her foal could have something to call her by. She had never lost hope she would remember though. When Tik was born she hoped he would spark something. His teal markings did trigger a memory of a vague face, but nothing more. But she still looks out on the sea, hoping the stallion of her past would come back.
Tik himself grew up at the sea. He learned it's ways and because of the sand his legs became powerful and lean. However, though he loved his mother, he felt he wanted to travel the world. He left at the age of 12 to travel the Plains, greeting all and every unicorn with his strange sea born accent and language. He fully embraced the free living of the Plains and that is where he lives today, roaming, looking for the father he had never known, and anyone who knew of a mare of gold, red, and sunset orange, hoping, like his dame, to reunite his family and bring back her memory.

Name: Varun
Gender: Stallion
Age: 20
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains now
Abilities: Warrior
Family: Mate- Hina'ea (now Sandtassel) Son- Kaiholotiki (Tik)
Other Relations: None yet
Description: Varun is a blue cyan roan. His head is a darker blue and fades into his body which is a shifting sea of blues, teals, and greens. His legs below his knees are dark blue like his face and his front two legs have white socks. His front left leg also has a white mark on the underside of his elbow. His mane and tail are a vibrant blue fading to black at the tips. His horn is a blue steel color swirled with the vibrant blue of his mane. His hooves are deep navy, nearly black, and his eyes are a pale purple.
Personality: Varun is kind and humorous, but keeps to himself for the most part. He enjoys running and being free which is why he loves the sea. It's deep waters are mysterious and boundless at the same time much like himself.
Background: Varun was born in the Vale and trained as a warrior. He enjoyed the life but felt something was missing. He eventually came of age and traveled to the Summer Sea with the rest of the unpaired unicorns and for a few days that piece of him was filled. The sea called to him, it's crashing waves and shinning sands felt like home, more than the tall trees did. He looked forward to the Summer Sea trip every year until one time he didn't go back.

Varun lived as a loner at the sea, staying in the grove near the water's edge. He lived alone, except for the company from the Vale dwellers once every summer, but that was how he liked it. One day that changed though. As he strode down his golden beach he heard a shout and looked out into the water. He saw a mare there, her coat painted the color of sunset, frolicking in the waves. Her joy at playing in the waters mirrored his own and he felt himself fall for the fiery mare. He strode into the waves and haled her, startling her. She greeted him back and at his request to stay she accepted.

Varun and the mare, Hina'ea, became mates. After a few months of being together they were playing in the surf when a storm picked up. It chased them into a cove where they were trapped, the water rushing in on them. Before they were swept apart Hina told him of their foal. The water closed in on them then, sweeping them apart. Varun tried to stay up but was washed away out to sea.

Varun woke to blinding sun. He tried to remember how he got there. He remembered storms, a golden mare. he jerked up, Hina! He looked around and saw nothing, no one. His family was lost. He looked out at the calm sea. No longer could he live there and feel the same joy, but he wouldn't return to the Vale either. Instead now he wanders the Plains, hoping beyond hope for some redemption from his loss.


Gender: Stallion
Age: 15
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: In seclusion
Abilities: Warrior
Family: None
Other Relations:
Description: : Navaho is a roan stallion. His color starts as a deep crimson at the top of his back and neckline then fades to red orange then pink before turning into white just above the knees. A similar thing happens at his tail tip. He has a bald face broken only by a red diamond shape across his eye. This occurs on both sides. He also has a snip in the rough shape of an arrow head. His mane and tail are black as well as his horn and three of his hooves. The front left hoof is red. His eyes are black.
Personality:Navaho hates being social. If he can avoid interaction he will. When you do get him in a group setting he isn't any better. He tends to be seclusive and sarcastic, never saying what he means and hardly ever being genuinely nice, unless it's an accident. If anyone can stand him long enough, he can be a very loyal friend. However, most people don't hang around him long enough to get to know this side of him.
Background:Navaho stood at the edge of the Plains where it met the Smoking Hills. He stared out at the rolling expanse with no emotion. A passer by would not have been able to glean any information about what he was thinking from his features, except indifference from his ears which were perpetually kept cocked backwards. The roan and black stallion scanned his eyes once more over the swaying grasses where he had been born. He had been normal, at first. He ran and played with the other foals, until the other foals turned on him. They said he was different, too different to play with him. They teased him for wearing a mask like a primal warrior and many attacked him, goading him to fight. If he cried, they laughed. If he yelled, they beat him. If he had acted in anger, he only convinced them he was a savage. Thus he had been hardened. He taught himself to show nothing, be nothing. His dame was the only one who could coax anything out of him.
As he grew he stayed that way. He became a skilled warrior thanks to his past and roamed the Plains trying to find some purpose. He had failed at that, only finding that the Plains dwellers were too care free to be good company for him. They were frivolous fools, talking too much and saying too little. He had wandered, first to the Vale, then to the Hills, but found both were structured in ways that did not suit him. Thus he had come here. To the mountains. Objects as cold and barren as his face, yet rumbling with fire inside.
Navaho turned his eyes away from the living grass and onto the rocky slopes. These barren slopes, these deep ravines. These would be his home now and he would not return to the Plains. Not unless he found meaning.


Name: Kitai
Gender: Mare
Age: 15
Species: Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Dreamer, Empathy, Rudimentary Healing
Family: Cousin- Navaho, Dame-Candid (presumed deceased)
Other Relations: None yet
Description: Kitai is long of leg and fair of step. She has a fine dished face and intelligent eyes. Her coloration is a light green with a dark green back. Her mane is a russet red and her tail is the same green as her back, broken by darker areas and tips. The beginnings of her legs are marked by stripes. The part of her face above her mouth is masked by a pattern of dark black and russet red. Her horn is olive green with irregular yellow lines. Her hooves are black and her eyes are a light tawny gray.
Personality: Kitai is the closest it comes to altruistic. Her ability to feel the pain of others has driven her to try and help them the best she can and ease their suffering. She has a deep regard for life and the living spirit of all things and is at ease with her surroundings, not really fearing for tomorrow or worrying about yesterday. She has a rather sober nature, but she enjoys laughter, even if she herself is not all too funny. She tries to see the best out of everyone and every situation, never considering anything a hopeless cause. When it comes to love she doesn't let herself go that far, but instead tries to love everyone. This is made slightly easier since she is able to tell how a stallion feels about her. Thus far she has been safe, on her end and on the stallions. But life has a funny way of bringing those kind of things your way even when you are trying to avoid them...
Background: Kitai was born upon the Plains and gained her empathy link with others rather early. This ability caused the young foal to grow up fast, feeling the hurt of others as well as their joy. When she was a year old her mother and her were separated during a pard attack. She was too far away from the skirmish to tell which it was, but a life was extinguished that night. She has hoped for years it was not her mother but they have not been reunited since. As a yearling she traveled the Plains with a small group she met up with soon after and eventually followed them to the Vale. She felt great hostility there against her and the Plains folk and spent a few years trying to convince as many as she could that the Plains folk were just as civil as they. Feeling overwhelmed by the still present hostility she fled to the Woods where she ran into, befriended, and stayed with a group of Pans. She learned their language and helped them to the best of her ability for a year before returning to the Plains once more. Curiosity drove her to visit the Hallow Hills but once, but she stayed for but a moon and was back to the Plains traveling, healing, and being a councilor to the best of her ability.


Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Vale
Abilities:Warrior, especially agile
Family:None listed as of yet
Other Relations:None as of yet
Description:Kinfe is a rather well muscled, compact stallion. His chest is rather broad and his haunches powerful, allowing him to reach high speeds quickly and turn easily. His head is rather rounded and fine and he is overall a rather generically bodied stallion. As for coloration Kinfe is a deep russet brown through his entire body except for his chest and cheek which are white. Between the russet and white lies a few violet mahogany lines that break up the solid cut between the two other colors. The stallion’s face has a peculiar blaze upon it which wraps around his lips from his chin then up to the base of his horn. Two triangular shapes protrude from this white line creating what sort of looks like wings and a tail of a great bird from the side. Kinfe’s tail is a bright orange with dark brown streaks while his mane is a dull brown with darker brown tips. His mane he keeps short like that of a Da’s by rubbing it on trees. This is to keep his mane out of his way when battling. Kinfe’s beard is white with brown tips. His hooves and horn are both golden yellow with navy tips and his eyes are the same gold as these.
Personality:Kinfe was a carefree stallion in his youth, playing as a trainee in the Vale and chasing after mares as any young stallion would. That was until things started to change. As a warrior he had devoted himself to his king and battle prince, but when they were torn asunder he learned that life is not all fun and games. His personality after the war has thus changed dramatically as most war veterans do. He is serious, easily enraged, and suffers from a slight case of PSD, posttraumatic stress disorder, which causes him to be jumpy and distrustful of others. He lacks the ability to tell neutral faces from hostile ones because of this which can get him into trouble and has kept him from acting normally around the Vale. He mostly keeps to himself or among groups of other veterans.
Background:I wasn’t always like I am now… Once… before the war… I was carefree. Happy. Content. I was born like every other, given my truename, raised by attentive parents, trained by warriors, and brought on a pilgrimage. I was honestly happy with my lot in life, but Alma wasn’t… She brought turmoil in my day, splitting Prince from King, brother from brother. I had to pick a side… and though it wasn’t hard to side with Prince Jan it was difficult to turn aside from my comrades who followed Korr… including my shoulder friend, Keen… I was only mildly annoyed then though compared to now. It was only after Keen nearly killed me… exposing me as a traitor to the king… that I became cautious. I had to flee… me. I had to flee my home. The land I loved and cared for most… I decided to wait on the Far Plains then, each snap of a twig sending me spinning, each face hostile and in full judgment of me. I knew I had no friends then. It was only when the troops began to arrive again that I found purpose once more. I trained with them before the day, and ran with them into battle on that morn. Many a wyrm bloodied my horn. Many a time I saw a comrade fall or nearly fell myself… Keen was there even… And I trusted him no longer. It was good I didn’t either. The bastard… created an avalanche near the base of the cliffs that killed fellows and enemies alike. Almost killed me. I think he was trying to kill me… But that is of no matter. The battle was won and I now sleep once again in my home, my place of birth. Keen is still out there though… He took to a life on the Plains. But I know he’ll be back… Sometimes… sometimes I feel him watching me. Just waiting for me to let my guard down so he can finish what he started all those years before. And I still see the hostile faces; no one is truly my friend. The enemy lives on in traitors to the Queen and her mate… I will not be fooled again… not again.


Name:Ohanzee (Zee)
Species:Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Longdances
Abilities:Nothing really, but he's pretty strong
Family:None listed as of yet
Other Relations: Adopted Father-Liam Lightfoot
Description:Zee's coat is a rich brown accented by purple along his sides and on his face. His legs and cheek are marked with deep brown as are his leg and ear tassels as well as his beard. Along his body random tan lines lie in an almost tiger print pattern. Tan also graces the tips of his ears and brow. His mane, tail, and horn are a gray teal. His eyes are an entrancing deep navy. As for bodily figure Ohanzee hides strength behind his lithe build. Every inch of his slim body is muscle, toned to be a fighting machine.
Personality:Imagine a mob boss; smooth in a slimy kind of way, crude, and prone to violence when annoyed. Got that picture? Well then transfer that to unicorn form and you have Zee. Ohanzee is a smooth talker but everything he does, he does it for his own gain. One moment you're his friend or lover, the next you could find a horn in your chest if it suits his needs. If you are a part of his plans then he'll guard you and treat you like the most important person in the world. Few have actually gained his true friendship however, hot headed Kokopelli being one of them, but it is hard to do especially for mares which he views only as tools and entertainment.
Background:The graying stallion stumbles backwards towards the edge of the ring that had formed. He pants facing his younger opponent, a grin on his face.

"You've learned well..."

The striped stallion snorts, "Yeah, well. I had a good teacher," he lowers his horn, "too bad he was too stupid to get rid of me sooner, eh Liam?"

Liam dodges his charge, the cheers of his followers in his ears. He grins again as they turn once more to face each other. It had been a long time since that weak little foal had stumbled upon his gang, no name, no past. He had been attacked by a few of his other students but held his own and thus been accepted into the band. It wasn't long until the spunky kid had won a place in his cold heart and the choice of his own name. He became Ohanzee, The Shadow, and was respectfully called 'Zee' by his comrades. Liam had trained him personally, had watched as he fought against older stallions of the gang and got beaten down only to rise again to fight another day. But now he stood before him, a victor amongst everyone in the band. Everyone... except him. He knew this day would come, but that didn't mean he would just hand his throne over to his protégé. He steps aside and slaps Zee's hind as he charges again.

"Focus Zee. Surely you don't think I'll be that easy?"

Zee smirks but takes his master's advice, slowing down and circling patiently. Finally the two meet in combat, they move swiftly, Zee's movements focused on power while Liam's focused on speed and strategy. A horn lowers, a loud crack sounds, then silence as Zee stumbles back and crumples to the ground. Liam looms over him looking at him askance.

"You're good Zee. But you're not ready to lead this band quite yet."

The brown and purple stallion shakes his sweat matted mane and flattens his ears.

"I've waited long enough..." he slurs through gritted teeth, "I'm not waitin' any longer..."

With that he stands shakily before bowing to his former leader shallowly.

He turns to leave, "I'll run my own path from now on. Thanks for the boost though... sir."

With that he kicks out at the circle surrounding the fighting pair, causing the others to cry in indignation and scatter from his flying hooves. The graying stallion simply watches him go. He would let him go for now... Let him loose upon the Plains… but he felt sorry for those who would get in his path.

Age: 10
Species: Da
Most Likely Found:Wandering
Family:Daughter-Avida (aka. Da)
Other Relations: Unknown
Description:A bay dun basically. His base coat is a golden brown with lighter points under his chin, front legs, and hind legs. His legs are dark brown as well as his nose which has a stripe going up the nose and along the cheek. He has a dorsal stripe and a cross across his withers as well as leg stripes. His eyes are bright blue. His mane and tail are black and he keeps his mane very short.
Personality:Andreas has a deep sense of justice. He knows right from wrong and feels it is his purpose to help those he can. It was this that ultimately drove him away from the land of the two legged ones. He could no longer stand the brutality. This has also caused him to be rather kindhearted, and fiercely loyal to those he seeks to protect.
Background:The small crowd cheered, well... more like let out a primal roar, their desire for blood insatiable. The young stallion shook his head. He hated it... They cheered for him and admired him but not because he was the greatest of Da... No... They cheered and admired him because he was the greatest at killing Da. Andreas shifted in his ceremonial cloak. It was all for show, the blanket tailored to hide his scars. Andreas sighed and looked out at the cliffs. So near... a voice in his head whispered to him.

'You can do it you know... even in your blanket... run... jump...'

He paused, his eyes scanning the great water that mirrored in his own clear eyes. He wanted it... he wanted to run... A look across the area at his young challenger sealed his mind. Every year his breeder pit his best stallions against each other to see who would be kept as top stallion of the farm. His opponent now was young, too young. Andreas guessed he was just barely at siring age and the fear in his eyes was hard to miss. He would not kill this young soul. This was wrong. This whole world was wrong. He shut his eyes, willing it to change, but he knew he had no power against it and that no matter how hard he wished the evil here would still live. Thus, when his eyes reopened, they were full of new purpose. His master was drunkenly slapping his hind, bragging of his great strength as attendants went to work to undo his blanket and harness. Barely had the leather slid from his head than he reared and sprang away, towards the cliffs, towards oblivion. He knew it was madness, the blanket still clung to him back, the fitting too good, he only prayed it would fall off soon enough in the waves that it would not drag him under. He leapt, his master wailing at him, begging him to stop from where he had fallen on the ground, but he didn't he simply leapt into the air, flying in the wind. He felt the nothing around him, the freeing sensations of the free fall, then...

*SPLASH* All was water and choking salt. He snorted struggling to get to the surface as the waves pulled him back to shore. He broke the top, already meters away, and kicked, trying to rid himself of the leather gear on his back. The blanket and harness didn't fall for a while, he wasn't even aware if they did, he simply kicked, swimming through perpetual circles of submersion, coughing, and gasping until he felt his knees knock hard against stone. He stood, but collapsed soon after onto his side, breathing hard. He noted the blanket wash up beside him, slight pride filling his features that he had made it all this way with such a burden. It signified something else too... A new life away from the restraints. He knew he had to rise, to find food and water, but he couldn't. He simply smiled and let dark oblivion take him. His last waking thought was:

'I am free...'


Species:Dayan x Unicorn
Most Likely Found:On the Plains
Family:Mother-Ceyx Sire-Halycon Sister-Alcyone
Other Relations:None
Description:Diallo has an orange brown pelt with a tan underbelly. His back his a vivid blue. Diallo's face has a blue nose mark and facial marking accented by a pale purple bald face. His legs are also the same pale purple. His mane and tail and hooves are deep purple fading to dark purple at the tips. His eyes are brown and his horn is pale purple and blue.
Personality:Diallo is goodhearted and has a good sense of humor and chivalry. However, he has a quick temper and fierce pride which he inherited from his sire. He is very unlike his sister and is instead bold with his words and actions and is more prone to seeing things as black and white than gray.
Background:"You don't think I can handle it?!"

The yearling watched the dayan mare cower as his sire’s voice crescendos at her comment. What was happening? The mare made a feeble apology, but stayed firm to her decision making the blue backed stallion even angrier. Was she leaving? Why? Why would she leave him? The young colt backed up from his arguing parents, but his ears stayed pricked to hear their words.

"I should have known... I should have known not to be with such an old... an old nag! At least I got a son out of the deal! And another, but it seems you don't think I can handle two, do you?"

The mare backed away as the stallion bore down on her, but her head shook. Fear was in her eyes, both for her and her unborn. The colt simply watched as the stallion slumped in defeat, anger still burning in his eyes. He nodded towards the horizon where the Pan Woods were already visible.

"Fine. Just go. Go live in your little sanctuary, nag."

He turned away from her, refusing to watch her leave. The colt however did. She seemed like she wanted to say something, an apology? Perhaps to ask him to come with her? But nothing came. Instead she just turned and ran. Ran... away from him... away from his father... Didn't she love him? He called out after her but his father lashed out at him.

"Stop your crying Diallo! She's not worth it... She never wanted this life..." with a little more gentleness, and sadness, he adds. "Come... nothing more we can do but move on..."

And move on they did. Across the Plains and as far away from the Vale as Halcyon could get. It wasn't long till Diallo grew to be old enough to fend for himself and as soon as that was possible he set out on his own. His first stop? The very Vale his father avoided. He wanted to see her... See the mother who had left him. Perhaps she was saddened by the choice? Maybe she would come back and they could be a family again? But as he approached the Vale through the trees of the wood he saw that wasn't the case... There she was, grazing peacefully as a filly played around her heels. His sister... She looked like him... So innocent. But his mother... His heart was filled with instant loathing. She wasn't worried for him. She didn't care at all. All she wanted was the comfort of this... this... prison cell they called the Vale. So he turned, turned away from that life and disappeared back into the forest from whence he had come.


Name:Azor’alq or Azor (God of Light, Purity, Courage and Strength)
Species:Plains Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Hallow Hills
Other Relations:Old Love-Razi
Description:Azor is a well-built young man. He is lean and full of muscle and strength. His pelt is a bright red at the head that fades to white then black towards the rump. His front legs have crimson socks while his hind legs have white socks. His front hooves are deep crimson while his hind ones are tan. His face has a white stripe on the chin and on the nose. His tail is crimson and black while his mane is copper. His eyes and horn are also the same copper of his mane.
Personality:Azor’alq has always been a kind soul, normally too kind. Too often in life he has let people use him, and known it was happening. Despite getting hurt by all of this he continues to let it happen considering the help he provides as more important than his own health, desires, or even sanity. This martyr complex has led to him breaking bones, taking a job he hates, and ultimately losing the greatest love of his life. Underneath all of this is a growing vanity. He feels that he is better than everyone for all of the things he has sacrificed. He also knows he is handsome. More than once he has felt he could steal back his love. This vain growing darkness has not led to anything serious yet, but may in the future.
Background:Azor’alq was born in the Hallow Hills and was raised as a warrior by his father. His father was the busy military type and focused his time upon new recruits. Azor was taught diligence and chivalry by his sire but beyond that he was mostly ignored. When he was old enough to train he strove to impress his father with his abilities; however he was never more than mediocre. It wasn’t until he took a fall in place of another rookie that his father took notice. He lauded Azor for his sacrifice and that started the young colt on his martyr’s path. He took on more work to allow ease for others; he stepped in harm’s way to keep others safe or help the injured; he kept his own injuries a secret to allow ease for others and more. The approval from his father kept him going, escalating his actions. Not only this but it caught the attention of his long time crush, Razi. She was a gentle soul like himself and he saw her as a girl that his father would be proud of. She was grace and kindness embodied. He began to court her and he felt like he had her as his mate already when he decided to take a week long pilgrimage to the Vale. However, while he was away she met another stallion that swept her off her feet. When he returned to find her away with this stallion he felt the strongest pain he had ever felt. However, it was less his heart than his vanity that was injured. He convinced himself that it was loss he felt, not egoism, and he consoled himself with the company of other mares while she was away. With her return he tried to forget her. That only led him to think of reasons she should be with him and not the other, small, fuzzy, weak stallion. He began to talk to her more after they began to fight. When her mate snapped into a depression with the loss of his voice Azor hatched the plan to win her back. He has designed to steal her from her mate and raise the child she carries as his own. He rationalizes this as what was best for her and the child. When this fails to work he will see the loss of Razi and the child he considers his as the greatest sacrifice of his life; the most unfair sacrifice of his life. This will lead to his ultimate vanity. How this will show itself only time will tell.