Real Name: Em
Age: 20
Location: BC, Canada


Name: Berinhard, called Berin
Gender: Stallion
Age: Late half-grown
Species: Full-blood unicorn
Most Likely Found: Anywhere on the Plains, though he desperately longs to return to the seaside of his birth and upbringing.
Abilities: Strong warrior, extremely skilled in battle. He has a strong baritone voice but would never sing in front of others.
Family: All NPCs deceased in a plague
Other Relations:
Description: Berin is built along the lines of an Andalusian, power and elegance all in one, with a massy figure and thick curving neck. He is a metallic silver that deepens into a seafoam teal along his spine, at his legs, face and ears, eventually darkening to near black. His tassels are platinum-white, as is his thick mane and tail. He has no distinct markings save for a crooked silver snip on his dark nose, and the white coronet band of his left forefoot. His eyes are deep green-black, and the horn that spirals out from his handsome face is the same.
Personality: Berin can be something of a moody teenager, extremely brooding at times. His temper is volatile, erupting at the slightest hint of insult, and simmering long after any episode has passed. He is reclusive and unable to properly socialize with others, feeling extremely awkward when placed in situations involving lots of conversation. However, when his loyalty is evoked, it is unwavering, to the point where he will put his own life on the line for the sake of whomever he is protecting. He is a unicorn of extremes, passions that lead to one side of the spectrum or the other.
Background: Berin comes from a decimated Plains tribe that was wiped out by a sickness. His dam loved him dearly though he never knew his sire, and took him often to the sea to gaze out upon the foamy waves - he had always felt a kinship to the ever-moving waters. He was just growing out of colthood when the plague struck. Though there were but four of them in the band including the colt, the illness was violent, swift, and deadly, taking his dam, his sister and her own father. As this group had been without other contact for some time, it kept the illness from spreading to other tribes, and Berinhard himself was absent at its birth. He came home to them one afternoon after one of his common expeditions to the ocean to discover the bodies strewn upon the ground, a ground that was torn by their thrashing as the sickness consumed them. They were all long dead upon his return, and he approached only long enough to discover the cause before he turned tail, the instinctive fear of plague boiling his blood. He fled to the Plains, where he now wanders, trying unsuccessfully to deal with his past.


Name: Vare'kahn (means 'shileded one'), called Kahn, Darkeye, Duneshield
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6 years old (full grown)
Species: Desert unicorn
Most Likely Found: Somewhere near the Salt Flats, as anything that resembles the desert of his home draws him.
Abilities: Sand-Stalker, extremely skilled warrior
Family: NPCs - father Tel'risvar, mother Ilu'ena Desertflower, brother Tarvahal, sister Ehnaris.
Other Relations:
Description: Kahn is the colour of ever-shifting sand dunes. His skin fades in all shades of tan, from light to dark to neutral, in no distinct pattern, so that with every movement, his skin does in fact appear to be shifting sand. His mane, tail and tassels are fashioned of the same colours as his hide, though his horn and hooves are slightly darker than the rest of him. Unheard of in his clan, Kahn was born with black, shading circles around each black-brown eye, which act as a sunblock to prevent sunglare from blinding him. His muzzle and eartips are dark taupe, near black at the tips. As the desertfolk are, Kahn is more slender than Alma's moondancers, with slim legs and a strong, lithe figure. His horn curves slightly backwards, and his hair is far more silken than those outside of the desert. The desert-dwelling unicorns are elegant and possess great stamina - Kahn is a perfect example of their kind.
Personality: Very devoted to the cause of the Sand-Stalkers and to the worship of Ahama, Kahn is a gifted and determined stallion. He is extremely determined, setting goals to be seen through no matter the cost. He is very chivalrous, especially towards mares, and seeks justice in everything he does. Sometimes a bit compulsive, he can act before he thinks - but not often.
Background: Following in a line of great Sand-Stalkers, Kahn grew up in the desert with a content family, training most of his life to be inducted into the ranks of the sand scouts. He spent much of his youth playing at war-games with his shademates, and began his training by the age of four. His progress was startling to his mentors, and he devoted himself to the work at hand. He and his little sister Ehna were enthralled by one another, spending many hours talking and playing in the shade of the palms. One day, however, Kahn was on patrol when a sandstorm hit, driving him far past the ranges of his home and out onto the Salt Flats, stranding him.


Name: Avenahar, called Aven
Gender: Female
Age: Weanling
Species: Full-blood unicorn
Most Likely Found: Eventually in the Vale
Abilities: Strong healing aptitude, a loving heart that knows no bounds, minimal dreaming sight, eventually a bit of a magicker.
Family: NPC deceased mother, living father who she has never met
Other Relations:
Description: Aven is a silver dapple filly, with the deep chocolate base coat and silver-gold mane and tail. She is quite slender in build, unusually so for a Vale-bred foal, and even in full growth, her beard and tassels will be wispy and scant. Very delicate and sometimes seeming breakable, like glass. She has a crooked white stripe down her face and her right hind limb is stockinged almost up to her hock. Her eyes are dark, not the uniquely bright-hued eyes of many unicorns, and although she has always felt as if they (and she in her entirety) were boring, they are quite lovely - dark and somewhat mysterious. Her horn is pale honey-coloured and her hooves are dark grey. She is not flamboyant in her colouring - all her life she will see herself as dull compared to others - but instead, rich and warm.
Personality: Avenahar is a fragile thing, whose greatest desire is to bring comfort to others. As she becomes older, she develops a passion for healing, inhaling all the knowledge she can from anyone who knows anything of the craft. She will literally aid anyone or anything in need, in whatever way she can. From a very young age, as some are wont, Aven has had some dreaming-sight, although it comes on her only when she is utterly calm and collected. It does not yet come at will, and she has had no one to train her in its way. Neither is she a warrior of any kind; she is too delicate and frail to be any use in battle, and nor does she really have any desire to be such. Indeed, she admires those with strength, but it is not something she yearns to share. Her voice is clear and sweet, though she is no great singer, and dancing she does simply for fun. She loves to run, however, beneath the sun, and her legs can carry her swift and long before they tire.
Background: Aven's mother met her father one night upon when the Plains, when the mare broke the Ring and snuck out to dance with the Renegades. However much infatuated the mare was with the dark stallion, he cared nothing for her, and took his pleasure of her before abandoning her. The mare became bitter from her unrequited love, and hated the babe that grew in her womb. Once Avenahar was born, the mare spurned her, giving her only enough milk as to survive, and lavishing no care on the filly. Aven grew up adoring her dam, even though the mare hated her, and followed her everywhere. Almost the moment the child was weaned, the mare took her own life, leaving little Avenahar to wander on her own in search of companionship.


Name: Artax
Gender: Stallion
Age: Full-grown
Species: Full-blood unicorn
Most Likely Found: Anywhere on the map. He's a traveler at heart.
Abilities: Decent fighting skills, average lay-singing, pretty good dancing, amazing sense of humor and adventure.
Family: NPC sire and dam in the Vale.
Other Relations:
Description: Artax is a light dappled grey, fading from silver-white on his face, to faint dapples on his shoulders to darker ones on his flanks. His mane, tail and tassels are white at the roots, darkening out towards the tips until they are deep silver. His hooves and horn are all darker grey. Very monochromatic boy he is. His eyes are deep grey, almost black. He's lighter in build, very elegant and swift, almost arabesque.
Personality: Artax loves nothing more than to go on crazy advenutres with his lifelong shoulder-friend Atreyu. He is often the instigator of random excursions that usually end up with the two of them nowhere near the desired destination. He is high-spirited and acts much like a colt, loving life, and doesn't wish to waste a minute of it. He works in tandem with Atreyu; one is never seen without the other. Although many see him as carefree, Artax is able to buckle down to business as soon as it is needed, setting every effort at his disposal (and many at Atreyu's) to win to the goal. He is very gallant towards mares and friendly towards other stallions, and can find the good in any situation.
Background: Artax and Atreyu's parents were friends before the Battle of Endingfire, and the two colts grew up inseperable. Although they were too young to participate in the battle, they oft pretended wars of their own make. Once the Hallow Hills had been won back, both sets of families decided to return to the familiar Vale, and so it was there that Artax was raised. The two colts spent much time wandering off on adventures, and came to know the areas in and around the Vale extremely well. Older now, they still travel all the time, still together.


Name: Dragon, truename is a secret
Gender: stallion
Age: full-grown
Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: the Smoking Hills, or the Far Plains near the Hills
Abilities: warrior, dancer, singer, you name it, he’s best at it.
Family: Bibble – foster mother / Urutan – foster sister
Other Relations: none
Description: Something like a Thoroughbred athlete of the greatest lineage, with legs strong and lean, muscles that border on magnificent, and a head of unparalleled beauty. His carriage is regal, as a king holds himself above his subjects. He is tall and fair with masses of silken hair and the great spiral horn. His coat is an ashen, charcoal grey, whose underbelly lightens to a dim grey-gold, with darker limbs and face. Slashes of vibrant fire-red adorn his body, with a thin line upon his face that marks the base of his dark horn, to the thick stripes that begin above his withers and march down midway along his spine. His forelimbs are marked as well, the left marked from elbow to knee, and the right with fewer lines upon the knee and the pastern. The right hind hock bears the gold markings too, a slender line that wraps around it many times. His eyes are the most striking; the red-gold of lava, and as flat as a serpent's gaze, piercing and hypnotic. He is beautiful, unearthly almost, like the dancing cobra that entrances before it strikes.
Personality: Cold and distant, mysterious and uncaring, he is a prince of guiles, able to enchant and lull. Most often, he passes over others with a scorn worthy of the greatest warlord, and is like a dozing viper: negligent of your presence until you disturb its rest, whereupon it simply dispatches you with the most careless of ease. He loves to manipulate and coerce others, enjoying the simple act of breaking weak minds. There is no real reason for why he is so sadistic. He simply is.
Background: Born to an old, renegade Vale mare upon the slopes of the Smoking Hills beneath the waxing crescent moon, Dragon was rescued on his second day of life by Bibble, who was descending the mountain in search of an herbal remedy. At the time, her year-old daughter Urutan (then Ehis) was weaning off of her dam’s milk, and so the green-splashed mare had enough to sustain the newborn colt. He went to her, and was immediately smitten with this warm and mothering presence – and he remained at her side for many years. They descended to the Plains where Bibble imparted her knowledge to the colt and taught him survival; fighting, dancing, lay-singing, herb-lore, whatever she knew became his. He loved her fiercely and jealously, growing to a creature of astounding looks and skill beneath her caring eye. Urutan, however, caused much strife between her hotheaded self and her foster-sib as they grew together, the fights and squabbles growing more violent with each day. Eventually, once the two of them were half-grown, the battles came to a pitch in a verbal fight that swiftly turned physical, leaving both bruised and cut. It was then that Dragon left them, cold and nursing a distinct hatred for his sister, and returned to the Smoking Hills of his birth. It was there that he’d always felt a distant tug on his heart and mind, and succumbed to that call. There, on the high slopes near the dragonsflood, he grew to stallionhood, solitary and arrogant, avoiding the contact of ‘lesser beings’. Mystery shrouded him, and it was said that not a heart beat in that great breast, but a lump of volcanic rock hardened with the ages.