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Real Name (Nickname): Stephanie (Stevi)
Age: Born October 9, 19??
Location: Northwestern Wisconsin, USA
Other Info: Wife (married July 7, 2001) and mother of three little girls (so far), Love to write and spend time with family. Own two horses and one dog.

Name:Evren (Meaning: The Cosmos)
Gender: Stallion
Age:Fullgrown (17)
Species: Plainsdweller
Most Likely Found:On the Mare’s Back
Family:Sire - Unknown; Dam - Heaven; Sisters – Nebula, Itzel.
Other Relations: Shoulder/wing friend: Ilderim
Description:Eyes of blue topaz set to an indigo roan with the blue cosmos layered along his back, sides, and rear legs. There are highlights of sea green and purple on his face, neck, and rear end. These are also littered along the ebon of his mane, tail, ear tassels, and beard. Patches of white are scattered along his body as well, along one side of his neck, his withers, shoulders, and belly. Each of his legs are splashed with white, though ending at random different heights. There is a white strip on his face of random design, and it also marks his lips, as if he had been eating too much ice cream. A small white spot adorns his left cheek. A sea green strip spirals its way up his horn until it meets with the tip.
Personality: Confident. Carefree. Though serious when the need calls for it. Can be very perceptive at times as well.
Background: He doesn’t know how old he is, and doesn’t keep track of the years. He has only ever kept track of how long it is between times of new adventures and company. He remembers seeing the unicorns of the Vale traveling across the Plains when he was younger… though he’d still been traveling with his mother at the time, he’d just barely been a fullgrown then. But he’d had no intention of joining the war party as they went on towards the wyrms.

Evren is well traveled, to say the very least. He has traveled to the sea, to the edges of the Salt Flats, to the base of the Smoking Mountains, visited the Pan Woods and the rock outcroppings where the herons raise their young. He has seen Alma’s Heart, the milkwood grove, and the Mere. He has even seen the Gryphon Mountains, though only from a distance. Yet despite all of his many wanderings, Evren is happiest when his feet are upon the Mare’s Back. It would take a mare of wonders to convince him to pledge and settle anywhere differently.

He is well liked at the Longdances, and never has he left the dance without a partner, unless he so chose to do so. But he is a Plainsdweller, and as has been the tradition for many a year, he would share his night with the mare, and travel with her for a time before they would part ways and begin the cycle anew.


Name:Ilderim (Arabic: Lightning)
Gender: Tercel
Age: Fullgrown - 8 years
Most Likely Found:Soaring over the Plains, and alongside of Evren
Abilities: Scrying, some herb-lore, some healing
Other Relations:Open
Description:Dark hunters green with paler green bib and belly, deep green wing tips. Forelegs are dark golden. Ears and rump are both deep rich burnt gold. Tail tip is dark brown. Pale blue eyes.
Personality:(To be determined)
Background:He was born to a lower clan, though his abilities acquired him a nesting point near to Malar's position. He never seemed to mind that he was lowly in position, and he mostly lived to serve, so when it had been requested that he be near the queen formel, he hadn't refused. He nested there for two summers, coming at the formel's call, and doing as she bid. Though he was well sought after, however, he felt the need to leave the mountains. He spoke with his clan leader, as well as Malar, and eventually left with their blessings.


Age: Fullgrown (11)
Most Likely Found:On the Mare's back, though like her mother and brother, she goes where the wind may take her
Abilities:: Empathic, in both directions. While she may feel and experience the feelings of others, she may also project. Though when she does project it is almost always a feeling of calm and serenity.
Family: Sire - unknown; Dam - Heaven; Brother - Evren; Sister – Itzel; Other - unknown/open
Other Relations:unknown, she has yet to dance with anyone
Description:A deep dark blue that fades to silver white around her belly and under her neck. She's drizzled with brindling along her back and upper neck. A few random little spots are littered randomly across her coat among the brindles. From the base of her horn, a pretty little strip of white runs down past her nose until it meets with her upper lip. Three of her legs bear white socks, meeting her hooves. A spot of white, looking much like eyeliner, encircles the eye on her right side. Her eyes are a shade of blue not unlike her dam and her brother. Her ear tassles, featherings and beard simply match whichever color is nearest. Her mane and tail start with a dark blue at the base, but are frosted out at the tips, giving the illusion of her hair slowly fading to the sky when she runs.
Personality:She is a very peaceful sort, and would rather sort out one's feelings to avoid a fight. Swift of feet and agile however, she is not an easy target. Faithful, kind, serene.
Background: Nebula. Her coat mirrored that for which she was named. The mist; the fog; the frost; the sparkling colors that adorned the night sky.
Unlike the older brother who breathed his first amidst a tempest of a storm, Nebula came to earth in the peace and seclusion of a fog. One so thick that it cut all sound but those of her and her dam.
As the warm tongue of her mother began to dry and lick away the afterbirth, the glowing silver brindling strips that littered the filly's dark haunches, back, and neck were revealed.
"Frosted you are, oh daughter," the mare's gentle voice made the filly's ear perk up and she soon struggled to find her feet.
Once stable, she took her first few steps to find the nourishment that was her mother's warm milk. All the while she nursed, the silver dappled gray mare continued to groom the filly. A few small spots of white adorned the filly's dark body, among the drizzled silver. A white strip traveled from her horn bud down the tip of her muzzle. A ring of white, like eyeliner, outlined the eye on the filly's right side. But the base color of her body would show itself better as she grew older. What now simply looked to be a dark blue that bordered on black would show to be a beautiful hue of blue that faded to shades of silver and white under her belly and neck. Three feet would boast stockings that eventually danced up to meet the blue tones of her legs.
She was a thing of beauty, from the silver frosted tips of her dark blue mane and tail, to the taupe of her horn and hooves, and the silver drizzled blue body.
And though she was raised as a Plainsdweller, in their carefree ways and lifestyle, there was something about Nebula that simply spoke of a very serene and peaceful nature.
Her youth and the start of her adult life followed the serenity that surrounded her. It was as though her very presence would calm the others as well. It was that reason that she was never without company after she left the side of her dam.


Name:Kimimela Wya'net Lilylove (called Kimi, Pinky, Bloodyback, Lily)
Gender: Female
Age:4 years
Species:Desert/Vale Unicorn Hybrid
Most Likely Found:Far Plains and Near Plains Abilities: Weather lore, tracking, minor herb knowledge, Agile dancer
Family:Sire – Sancti Pearlsheart (unknown), Dam – Ellenti OddEye (Unknown, On “walkabout”), Siblings – Sundew Opalhide
Other Relations:Open
Description: Kimi is a flea-bitten pink grey with the bloody shoulder marks along her back. Her hooves share the colors of white and red, and her mane, ear tassels, beard, and tail are all a very pale pink. Her belly, face, and hind legs are white, along with the insides of her ears. Her eyes are a crystal blue that can sometime look rather distant.
Personality:Many think it is simply her acting superior, but it is simply because she is ‘feeling’ the earth around her. Or so she says. While she is a pretty thing, she can come across as rather ditzy, but that is simply who she is. Not really the blond-mentality, but rather the mentality of a typical hippy. A very pretty, opalescent pink, hippy.
Background:The day she was birthed held no note of uniqueness about it. Her dam stood, cleaned the filly, and urged the young one to her feet so that she could nurse before they began to wander the Plains once again.
Over the years, Kimi listened to stories told by her dam of her family. Of her sire and how magnificent he was, as well as her sister, Sundew, who was a living jewel who could outshine the purest opal. Ellenti spoke of Sundew often, but when Kimi had inquired further of her sire and sister and why Ellenti had left them behind, she’d never gotten a straight answer.
She was taught how to read the weather, though the talent came more easily and naturally than her dam could have predicted. She was also taught the herblore of the Plains, what could help, what could harm, and what was to be avoided at all costs. Kimi’s dam had scolded her on more than one occasion, drilling into her that she would not have a filly that was dependant on the hallucinating herbs that so many unicorns became addicted to.
Something else that Kimi was rather skilled at was dancing… and it was something that Ellenti had encouraged greatly, though she had never specifically said why… even so, the skill would come in handy when dodging the predators that stalked the grass of the Mare’s back.
Though, one morning when she woke, she found that Ellenti had left her, and despite how long she had looked, she never found a trace of her dam. Thus, she wandered the Plains on her own, sometimes joining small groups that wandered back and forth.


Name:Rus'eslkatet (called Tress)
Age:10 years
Species: Vale unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Abilities:Tress's abilities remain in his skill to remain calm and high tolerance level
Family:Sire – Isku; Dam – Mylee; Half-brother – Lycarius
Other Relations:n/a, Open
Description:Tress is a tri-colored mix, predominantly with an orange base coat with blotches of white and black all over his body, mostly on his torso. His eyes are a striking amber.
Personality:Tress is a rather mellow stallion and it takes a lot to provoke him into anything. He still retains a coltish curiosity and often finds himself in a pinch once in a while because of it. He is a smooth talker, though is uninterested in mares, which in turn makes him a terrible flirt but he doesn't mind a mare for company
Background:Tress's life was well on it way to be something he would have been content with, spending his life with his parents and possibly settling with a mate, had it not been for one fateful event. Usually, Tress was fine when it came to avoiding contact and conflict with other stallions, ignoring their taunts and jokes at his unwillingness to compete, often distracting them with riddles to keep them busy as he left. However, this didn't always work and he end up coming face-to-face with a few gathered stallions intent on having a spar with him, and it wasn’t the type of fun spar. For times such as this, his father, Isku, was never far off to bail him out of the fights and walk him home to tend to any scratches he attained. Though, as time passed on and days turned to years, Isku weakened rapidly and the other stallions became more robust. And dangerous.
Tress feared more than ever for himself and the safety of his father, who suffered from an illness in his muscles and strength was beginning to seem like a dream. At this time Tress had taken over his father’s trade and learned the art of Healing, looking after his father when his mother left to have consul with The Red Mare to ask if anything could be done about his father's weakness, a trip that she never returned from. While alone, the small band from earlier years had strengthened and were back up to their old games of trying to provoke Tress into a spar, taking advantage of his Sire's illness to mess with him since his sire could no longer intervene, though Tress held fast. He often would encounter them most often at riverbeds and herbal patches in the Pan Woods, at which times he was out to collect more water for his father and to re-stock his herb supplies.
This went on for months and sometime the young stallion would come home with a limp and bruises on his body from there beatings whenever they took to ganging on him, instead of the usual one-on-one, and couldn't get away. During this length of time, Isku became worried and infuriated over what was happening to his son and often asked to accompany Tress whenever he had to leave. It was tempting offer, but Tress knowing that his father was not in any state for travel and that his strength was not was it used to be, refused to let him come and often asked a friend of his to watch over the brute while he was away to make sure Isku did not follow. However, one day, when Tress left in a rush after an early frost, Isku managed to escape from his guard by sliding out of the back of the grotto on a rock ramp that had iced over during the night and followed his son to the Woods, somewhere close to the Lookout Knoll.
It was there Isku witnessed his son being knocked off his feet as the Band aggressively charged at him from all angles and beat him as he lay there, knocking him over again every time the young stag got a foothold on the earth. Instantly, Isku took off at a charge with as much strength as he could muster and threw himself at the band, creating a ring around his fallen son, who took to his feet as soon as the moment was given to him. Things started to look in favor until a brightly colored stag spoke that the band would not stand this interference and reared to match Isku and grappled with the old stallion, holding him whilst another Band stallion, a grey and red abby, rammed into Isku's side, goring the bearded warrior in his shoulder with his horn and sent Isku tumbling down the slope where he laid still at its foot. At this, rage such as demons speak of rose in Tress and the tri-colored half grown lunged at the grey, grasping it's throat in his teeth and the slammed the grey into the earth, his horn to his throat. But he did not kill him. Instead he turned and left the young grey to flee as he walked over to his father, who laid still - mortally wounded.
Tress spent the depth of the night lying by his father’s side as his breaths became thinner and thinner, till at last he asked Tress to ease his passing. Isku knew there was no way to heal him and Tress accepted the bitter truth after promising he have no regrets and dealt the finishing blow to his father’s chest. Though, with his father gone, the grief he felt was too much for him to live in the Vale and he fled to the more remote areas of the Far Plains to wander till he healed enough to go and live his kind in the Hallow Hills, never to return to the Vale for fear of raising old wounds.

Name:Skygold (Called Gold)
Gender: Mare
Species:Delta Unicorn (sire is a Plains Unicorn, Dam a Scout of Halla)
Most Likely Found:Born on the Delta, but now wandering the Mare's Back (tagging along with Duck and Free)
Abilities: Complete foal-like faith (kinda like that 'child-like faith that you always hear about). She would be a great singer/storyteller, once she has stories of her own to tell
Family:Sire - Kickdust, Dam – Ara. Older half-brother (by Kickdust x Cloversnip) Rushlight; Older half-brother (by Kickdust x Karreyah) Freewind; Older half-brother (by Leoben x Ara) Mallard; Older half-sister (by Kickdust x Stasya) Dayspring; Younger half-sister (by Leoben x Ara) Heronblue.
Other Relations: Shoulder Friends: She pretty much was friendly with anyone in the family group. The ‘family’ group: Karrayeh (Dayan-Unicorn Mare), Stasya (Dayan-Unicorn Mare), Cloversnip (Plains Mare), Leoben (Dayan-Unicorn Stallion). Non-siblings from the family group: Seaspray, Jonquil, Egret, and Sandhill.
Description:Her eyes are the color of liquid gold and her hide bears the color of the sunset. A beautiful and warm orange. Her brindling is the color of liquid gold, as if Alma herself had drizzled it over her back and let it run down her sides. Points of granite made the golden of the orange and gold stand out even more, framed by the granite of her mane and tassel of her tail. Her two hind legs bore socks of creamy white. for all intents and purposes, Skygold was simply a combination of two colors in different shades along her body, with the exception of the voids on her hind feet. Her horn and hooves carry the granite color, except for those two hind feet once again, where the hooves are colored by bronze. Her beard is also the color of that same dark granite and also shows some of the traits inherited from her dam, by being more fuzzy and traveling further up the jaw than most average unicorns. She's got a creamy and jagged strip that travels down the center of her face that breaks into all the orange and granite as well. She is a bit stocky (another Scout trait), but has always found that it added to her endurance rather than subtracted.
Personality: Skygold, while she isn't the youngest of the family group, is still young. She has a rather innocent personality and can often be easily teased. It isn't hard to convince her of a story. And yet, despite how often she has been the brunt of practical jokes, she still has a very sweet and loving disposition, and easily forgives those who have tricked or played with her. She has always sung to herself, but doesn't consider herself to be a great singer like some of the laysingers that she has heard tell of.
Background:Born into the family group of the Delta Unicorns, she was second from the youngest. Her innocence made her the target of more than a few jokes and pranks, as well as the susceptible one who would believe the stories that were merely fabrications to begin with. Very naive. Yet despite this, she always forgave, and always set herself up to be duped again. In all honesty, she didn't mind. It made the others smile or laugh, even on days when the weather was gloomy.
She was always the one to tag-a-long with the older unicorns of the group, and though with some she was merely tolerated, she was never an obtrusive one, or one to get in the way. Most of the time, she simply went along to learn, or to keep company. She was always the imaginative sort as well, making up stories as she went, or as she drifted off to sleep at night. Her dam would only smile when Gold would tell her the stories and the dreams she'd come up with, and simply encourage her to do whatever it was that she felt that Alma was leading her to. It was a logic that only added to her innocent faith in Alma and the creations that surrounded her every day.


Name:Heaven's Night (called Heaven)
Gender: Mare
Age:Fullgrown, in the Autumn of her life (Near 25)
Species:On the Mare’s Back
Most Likely Found:Plainsdweller
Abilities: n/a
Family: Sire - Unknown; Dam - Cosmos; Son - Evren, Daughters – Nebula and Itzel; Other sons and daughters: OPEN
Other Relations:Open
Description:Eyes of blue topaz set to a dappled silver coat, with black points on her legs. Black mane, tasseled tail, ear fluffs, feathering, and beard. Her horn is a silvery gray to match her coat.
Personality:A weather-worn and hardy traveler. She is your typical Plainsdweller, though not as rude to the Ringdancers as some can be.
Background:Born and raised on the Plains, Heaven never had much of an extraordinary life... with the exception of the birth of Evren, during that horrid storm and threatening tornado. She wanders as the wind may take her, and simply follows her heart’s desire when it comes to directions.


Name:Itzel, meaning Star of the aurora sky
Gender: Mare
Age:Halfgrown (5)
Most Likely Found:On the Mare's back
Abilities: If given the chance, she could be a healer… but she hasn’t sought out the knowledge just yet.
Family:Sire – Patollo; Dam – Heaven; Brother – Evren; Sister – Nebula; Other - unknown/open
Other Relations:Wisdom, shoulder-friend; Unknown, open
Description:The base of her coat, the majority, follows as her mother’s and is a grey dapple. There is a small portion of her hind quarters that seems to be a darker grey that fades to a blue-ish hue, while the dapples retain their grey color. Her front shoulders and neck changes to a grey-ish blue with darker dappled spots until it merges with her face which fades from a light green to a dark green, leaving a void of white, just below her faded out horn. Her front legs are grey, fading to black and her dark green featherings and hooves. Her hind legs are touched with red, that meld with black near her dark rose hooves. Her tail is much the same, ending with red, mixed with black, hair. Her mane is red, like her father’s, though brighter in hue. Her eyes were those of her mother’s, with a touch of green around the pupil. A small smattering of white splashes her belly.
Personality: Calm like her mother, though prone to fits of anger when justly prompted. She never seems to get angry unless completely justified.
Background:She remembers looking up into the topaz eyes of her mother, and then turning to see the deep green eye of a stallion regarding her from a short distance.
Her first few weeks of life were peaceful at the side of her dam and sire. One might say it was perfect. Her childlike mind brought forth questions of her sire, about his scars and his eye, to which he had huffed about initially… but eventually laid down next to his daughter and explained. Well, he explained the eye and the wounds around his neck, but never mentioned his leg. Not that Itzel minded. She simply enjoyed time with her father.
It was around the time when Itzel was nearly two months old, when the happy family wandered into the territory of a rather ruthless pack of wolves. Ruthless enough that they dared to attack in the middle of the day. Her sire on one side and her dam on the other, the unicorns spoke quickly and quietly on what to do. They each nuzzled each other in the smallest moments of tenderness as young eyes watched.
In a flurry of movement, Itzel suddenly felt the teeth of her dam sink into the flesh of her rump, and the filly took off in flight with a squeal. Heaven followed on her daughter’s heels, with hardly a glance back. All Itzel remembered of that hurried and fearful run, was the sound of wolves and her sire’s battlecry.
Heaven and Itzel found friends in a brightly colored mare and a few of her own offspring. Logic was a different sort of mare, and Itzel found it rather intimidating. But she found friends in Chivalry (Logic’s oldest son), Honor (oldest daughter), Truth (another son), and two more daughters, Patience and Wisdom. Though being that Itzel and Wisdom were nearly the same age, separated by only a few months, they were closer friends that the rest.
Grown now, and apart from her mother’s side, she wanders the Plains with her shoulderfriend, Wisdom.


Name:Chivalry (called Chiv)
Gender: Stallion
Most Likely Found:Wandering Alma’s Back, with family
Family: Logic (dam); Ferdy (sire); Honor (full sister); Patience (half-sister); Truth (half-brother); Wisdom (half-sister); Common & Sense (half-brothers; twins)
Other Relations:Chiv took on more of his father’s genetics with a smattering of color here and there from his mother. Though he was a grulla dun, with the smatterings of rainbow colors, his coat held the metallic sheen of his father.
Description:Chiv took on more of his father’s genetics with a smattering of color here and there from his mother. Though he was a grulla dun, with the smatterings of rainbow colors, his coat held the metallic sheen of his father.
Background:Ever have that meddling older sibling that simply got on your nerves? Well, that wasn’t Chivalry… No, he wasn’t meddling. Not directly. He was protective, though perhaps that was due to his upbringing. With a carefree mother that attracted stallions with ease at the Longdances, it was often Chivalry and Honor that were left to tend their younger siblings. He was lucky that his own sire had remained around long enough for Chiv to grow as much as necessary to hold that responsibility himself.
In all honesty, Chiv didn’t mind looking after his younger siblings. He felt he had purpose… so when they started to wander from Logic’s side, Chiv found himself frantic with worry. It was only the constant company of his sister, Honor, which helped to level him back out… and the twins as well, Common and Sense.
He’s also a complete virgin. So consumed in looking after his family, Chiv never found the time to pursue any mares at the Longdances when he had come of age… not to mention he was rather mortified when his brother and sisters partook… one by one. Only a single saving grace is that the twins hadn’t quite reached that stage yet… and Chiv was VERY grateful for such mercy.


Name: Avida (as of yet, unknown), Called ‘Da’
Age:3 years
Most Likely Found:None as of yet.
Abilities:On the Plains
Family:None (that she can remember)
Other Relations:None as of yet
Description: Light brown/buckskin/dun in color with muddy brown muzzle and feet. There are two small white socks on two of her feet, and a white band that separates the brown of her muzzle from the rest of her head. Her ears are tipped in the same muddy brown as well. There is an odd shaped white star on her forehead, and her nose is speckled in little white dots… literally, only on the front flat of her nose. Her mane and tail are a lighter shade of black.
Personality:To be developed…
Background: Background: Memorys…

~ ~ ~

The dust of a warm stall. The sound of her mother’s voice, welcoming her to the world and urging the young filly to her feet. Guiding her to the succulent warm milk from her mother’s teats.

~ ~ ~

The meeting of her sire. His steady blue-eyed gaze before a brief nod of approval as he moved on to flirt with mares who were in heat.

~ ~ ~

The kind hands of the two-legged as the checked her over. The murmur of kind voices and strange words as they too, seemed to approve.

~ ~ ~

As she now stood on the shore of the great water, she shouted her thanks to the aquatic creatures that had born her so far and so long. Safety they’d promised… and freedom. Herons sailed above her, held aloft by the strong winds that traveled across the water. Some shouted greetings. Some told her which direction to head, so that she might find others. She bowed her head in thanks, and headed off through nearby trees, thankful for the shelter and the foliage to eat.

She was content to be alone. Her time in the sea with the creatures that carried her had taught her that. Though when they had asked for her name, she did not give them one. She wasn’t being rude or unconversational, but she could not remember. Her dam had given her a name, but something in the way that she came to be in the sea… only bits and pieces of her memories would come to her, and only when they so chose to come. She was not bitter for the lack of memory, nor frustrated… but blissful, if that were possible. She knew not if she had left on bad circumstances or good… All that mattered at this point was the here-and-now.

And she would enjoy it.


Name:Timearaih (called Tim)
Age: 9 summers
Species:Vale-born Unicorn
Most Likely Found:None of note. Fairly good sense of direction.
Abilities:Currently on the Mare’s Back
Family:Kenra (sire - deceased), Barbrieb (dam - deceased). Other relations: OPEN
Other Relations:Shoulder-friend (OPEN)
Description:A light brown base, covered in random splotches of creamy white and muddy brown. Topped with cotton candy pink mane, tail, featherings, and beard. Eyes of emerald green are distant most times when she surveys something… anything really.
Personality:She is a very quiet equine, and mostly keeps to herself. Though traveling alone, she has encountered (and sometimes travels with for a time) other unicorns on the Plains, and has done her fair share of disposing of grasscats when the feline would not simply leave well enough alone
Background:She is a melancholy creature at times. It isn’t that she despises all those around her. It isn’t that she didn’t find the comfort of friends among the Vale unicorns. She remembers. She remembers the Ending Fire. She wasn’t a warrior yet, and so had been left on the Plains with those who were like her, too young. Along with those who were pregnant, foals, or those who had not yet weaned their young.

She remembers watching her parents gallop off with the rest of the… war party. Tek was a great warrior, and Tim knew that she would lead their people to victory. But despite that, Tim felt dread fill her heart as the last unicorns disappeared over the farthest hill in her vision.

When the group had been brought to the Hallow Hills, to join those left after the battle was over, Tim was allowed to help the Elders lay out her sire and dam. They had fought bravely, and while the sting of the wyrms’ venom had not brought them down, the grievous wounds of one or another bites had. Many sought comfort among each other for what losses had been endured. Tim had simply… shut down. There had been no tears. There had been no breakdown of emotions. She had held up as soundly as a wall of bricks. Shock? Perhaps. But whatever it was simply changed her.

The next summer, after her warrior training, she went with the others to the sea shore. But as a few gossip mills had predicted, she came back without a mate. The winter was gentle that year, and the next spring, she found herself drawn to the Plains. She watched a Longdance from the perimeter, denying any stallions the request to dance. She wandered from there, mostly alone. Once or twice she traveled with a few of the Plainsdwellers, but she always separated. Maybe to keep herself from becoming too close?

She always attended the Longdances, but never did she dance. Never did she join.


Name:Dreamer (called Reame)
Age: 4 summers
Species:Plains Dweller
Most Likely Found:The fringes of the Salt Flats, Pan Woods, The Hallow Hills. Dark, silent places. (Not too far from Cinnamon)
Abilities:>Dreaming Sight (very underdeveloped), Apprentice Herbalist and Healer
Family: Sire: Unknown. Dam: Unknown Deceased
Other Relations:Mentor/Guardian: Cinnamon
Description:Have you ever endured a hot summer’s day and sought out the freezer to snatch up a favorite treat? The wonderful taste of a dreamcicle… that little bit of tangy sherbet orange, complemented by the smooth creaminess of the cream flavored ice cream. Take that and wrap it around the flesh of a warm body and you’ll have an idea of what Reame looks like.

Most of his body is covered with the pale sherbet orange, giving way to patches of that cream colored ice cream. The cream spots lie along the entirety of his tail and base, a smooth patch all the way around his middle, a long stocking on one hind foot and leg, one spot on the curve of his neck, and two patches on his face - one eye, and the opposite cheek and jaw. The only exceptions to this yummy pattern are the dark purple markings. Though few, they stand out as a stark contrast to the rest of his coat. The very tip of his tail, the fringe of his ears, short stockings on both front feet, one eye, and a small patch – just in front of his withers. This dark purple also invades the hairs of his mane and tail, sharing space, once again, with the sherbet orange and cream.
His hooves share two tones of blues, and his horn appears a pale sister to the dark purple that marks his appearance. His eyes are also a shade of blue (with small flecks of light purple), and can be piercing at times, and at others, very gentle. It is the only place where you would have any chance of determining the hidden emotions.
Personality:Sweet and frozen. Satisfying and cooling. He mimics the traits of the same frozen treat. He can come off as impersonal, but after the horror he endured as a weanling, He learned to shut his emotions off. Many times, it has helped him to survive. However, he can be the most caring and sensitive being possible when the need calls for it, and once ‘cooled’ the tempers between two arguing companions. They walked away feeling that each had been heard by the other… they were satisfied.

He still has much to learn and much to grow into however.
Background: For the first months of his life, he remembers running alongside the golden side of his dam. He had not a care in the world. He had no knowledge of his father, but knew that in time, if his dam thought fit, that he would meet the stallion who sired him. Such was the life of that they lived. He was a careless thing then, and would sometimes ignore his dam’s words when she told him to do something… It usually got him the flat of her horn across his rump, but he still paid little heed. His lesson would come soon. His dam named him due to the vibrant dreams that he would describe to her the mornings after he had them. She’d never considered that they might predict the future, nor he. So when he’d dreamt of a pard creeping upon the both of them in the night, she only comforted him and soothed him from the nightmare. It was nearly two weeks later, as mother and son slept in an open glade, that the growl of a pard in the nearby grass woke Reame with a start. With a squeal of fear and rage, his dam scrambled to her feet beside him, and charged towards the beast with her horn lowered. All that mattered was to protect her young. Amidst the short and bloody battle, despite her screaming at Reame to run, he only stood and stared… too frightened to move. He still stood, with his eyes wide, when both mare and pard lay bleeding on the ground having drawn their last painful breaths. He lost track of time and himself in the hours that followed. It was only the sound of approaching hoofbeats that drew him from his shock, and when he turned his shock and fear-filled eyes towards the stranger, all he remembered of her at first was the chocolaty brown of her face, and the evergreen of her mane and tail. “Follow, young one,” she’d said to him, “If you want to live.” And she’d turned and left, without another word or a backward glance. She hadn’t even looked to see if he was following until she chose her resting place for that night. As of that day, Reame has been Cinnamon’s constant… tagalong. And she has enforced upon him the same strictness that Sir did for her… though Reame still finds the time to seek out others to rub shoulders with.