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Nickname: Paint, Sandeyes
Location: Northwestern Canada, Alberta


Name: Asa; TrueName: Asamaroi
Gender: Mare
Age: Half-grown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Vale or the Plains
Abilities: Warrior, hopes to one day become a healer
Family: Mate: Chase; Children: Eir
Other Relations: Shoulder-friend: Briar, Hespera
Description: Asa is a short mare, with a fine build, much like that of an Arabian or even a very fine quarter horse. She has a slight roman nose, and large,brown eyes. She is a dull red bay, with dark brindling over the whole of her body, it being more prominent on the 'soft spots' on her underbelly, insides of legs and tail base, where the fur is lighter with a more flaxen undertone. Her horn is ebony, set to match her neat,clean hooves, and, unlike most unicorns, her horn isn't smooth or ridged with spiraling bumps, but more like that of a rams, it twines about itself, creating fine spirals. She has three, ragged scars upon her left hind leg, two on her rump, and three upon her belly, that were old scars.
Personality: She is very shy,but is getting better with it all the time. Sometimes though, she stutters because of that shyness. She is very courageous, but also modest, so she rarely takes full credit for important things that she may have done. But she can be fierce, and is she truly cares for something, her shyness is forgotten and she becomes nearly as bold and rude as Chase.
Background: Asa was born and raised in the Vale, though her dam and Sire were older when they bred her, and died only the last winter, due to pneumonia. Asa one day hopes to become a healer, or to become one of the Vales resident healers acolytes, but since she Had Eir, those hopes may go down the drain,not only because she is too old, but since she has to spend all her time caring for Eir, and of course, worrying about her!


Name: Eir (pronounced air); TrueName: Persiana (blind, in spanish)
Gender: Mare
Age: Foal
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Vale or Plains
Abilities: When fully grown she will be a Warrior, Part-time Vale/plains dweller, and therefore traveler, and a Healer.
Family: Dam:Asa, Sire:Chase,Siblings (Open)
Other Relations: None
Description: As a Filly, Eir is a thin-set filly, with ash-chocolate brown fur interrupted only by the odd, golden/copper stripe. She has a white sock on her left, hind leg, and a flaxen mane and tassel. She has a small, crooked stripe and snip.
As an Adult: When Eir is out of her foals fur, she will be a Silver Dapple, with a dark, flaxen mane, fading from dark flaxen to lighter flax, points that fade into a cream-ish tone, as well as her socks, crooked stripe and snip. She is also part brindled, with a few odd stripes upon her girth, neck and rump, all being a metallic coppery tone, with an almost glossy metallic sheen to them, no matter the state of her coat. She is also a neat, short mare, much like her dam, however without her dams fragility, being more sturdy or stout, built almost like a morgan, or one of the spanish breeds, thanks to her fathers bulk. He horn has a slight warp, causing it to curve slightly upward, though only ever so slightly. Her name means Blind, as Asa thought she was upon looking her over, for she has eyes of the brightest sky blue, with pupils, that, instead of being black, as any normal beasts would be, they are icy blue, almost white. However, it only effects her sight minimally, though she has poor sight in the brightest conditions, as her pupils aren't dark enough to really absorb the light to make sight more possible, but it also cripples her at night, because she can't absorb any light at all. Another effect of her strange eyes, she is unable to see true colours, but everything has a blue hue to them, making greens turquoise, reds violet, yellows green and browns sage-brown, because the actual humor in her eyes, is blue. She doesn't have a singers voice like most young mares, but instead a rough, almost ragged voice that has been compared to the croak of a raven or the grating of rock in a rock slide, a low, sad sound that seems wrong for a filly with such exuberance, but fitting for a reclusive mare.
Personality: As a Filly: As a filly she is exuberant and outgoing, very keen for one of her age, and constantly exploring. She watches everything with interest, committing most things to memory, which will serve her greatly when she grows up. She however, notices heavily how many avoid her because of her oddities, and is amused when the grown unicorns go out of their way to not show how unsettled they are by her appearance, and how they go out of their way to make her feel 'part of the group'.
As an Adult: As an adult, Eir will be much more laid back, and reclusive. By her seventh year she will have seen too much of life, for she will be a traveler, too used to the pains of wars and fights, after losing many of her patients beyond help to the reaches of Alma's kingdom. She will be shrewd, and brave, despite her now somewhat quiet nature. She will take on a rougher note, being a tad bit too harsh to those around her, earning her the caution of others, lest she turn her now sharp tongue against them. Because of her strange appearance and how others avoid her because of it, she will have developed a callous towards any notes regarding how she looked, feigning disinterest and carelessness, but really feeling like an outcast, because she is so strange. This feeling of being an outcast is part of why she wanders so, because she feels she has no definite home, and would rather not be subject to the way others treat her. However, for all her changes she is still open minded, and keen, and willing to learn, drinking in every drop of knowledge like a parched desert sand.
Background: After she gets initiated as a warrior, Eir will suffer an accident which will render her permanently lame in her right fore-leg.


Name: Briar; TrueName: Nilo
Gender: Mare
Age: Half-grown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Far Plains or Vale
Abilities: She has the potential of a strange magiker, but because she fears them so, it will never happen. Plants seem to like her, and do strange things in her presence, though she has absolutely no control over it.
Family: Mate: None, though she has a strong liking to Orka.
Other Relations: Shoulder-friend: Asa, Chase, Orka
Description: Briar is a Grey/brown Dun (grullo is the proper term, I think) with an ivory horn. She has honey amber eyes with gold flecks, that reflect light much like a cats, and happen to catch and hold the eyes of any who happen to look her full in the face. She has a creamy white dorsal stripe, which ends at the dock of her tail, as well as striping along her withers (keeping in line with the classic, primitive dun markings) and primitive striping just above each of her knees of the same colour. She has darker, browner points along her lower legs, her muzzle, her ear tufts, the ends of her tail as well as her lower belly. Her mane, tail and feathering fades from creamy white to dark, brownish grey, the same colour that her hooves are.
Personality: She's willing, quick to learn, proud and humorous (she loves jokes!) yet also is somewhat suspicious and wary, unwilling to trust others too easily. She is a shrewd individual, untrusting of herself, but deeply caring. Despite her being a plainsdweller, she enjoys the company of Vale-dwellers every once in a while, and even visits the summer sea with them sometimes. She is sensible, and believes in logic beyond all else.
Background: She was born and raised on the plains under the name, Nilo. When she reached half-grown status, after her dam died, she renamed herself Briar. She was traveling to the Vale, but got attacked by a Pard, and is now in the company of Orka. At the moment she is pregnant, though, without her current knowledge, because of her last shoulder-friend, Sino, who is now deceased. *wink*

Prudence Anat

Name: Prudence Anat (Careful Warrior); TrueName: Innocence
Gender: Mare
Age: Older Half-grown
Species: First Generation Dayan Unicorn Cross
Most Likely Found: The Hallow Hills or Plains
Abilities: Healer, Traveler, Warrior
Family: Adopted Sister to Chase (Firechaser)
Other Relations: Shoulder-friend:open
Description: Prudence is a larger, stouter mare, even imposing, with more unicornian traits than naught. She is a Blue Seal Bay, with black points, and lighter blue tender areas and muzzle. Her base coat is of the darkest shade of blue, making it hard to discern her points, but it is broken up with startilingly bright cobwebbing along the top of her back, in a more diluted shade of the blue of her underparts. Interspersed through this is a stark, orange assortment of Birdcatcher spots, and some socks on her hooves. Upon her foreface, she has a large diamond, along the bridge of her nose in this same colour, much like what can be seen with Muntjac deer's facial markings, and a small white snip on the end of her nose. Her horn is ivory white, smooth of surface, though a little notched with use. She has two grey feathers bound to her mane, and used to have one bright red cardinal pinfeather, but has since lost it. Her eyes are a bright silver, though depending on her mood they may change to grey or even really light silver. Her mane and tassel are black, though on the tip of her tassel all the hair is white.
Because her dam what a Dayan unicorn, she shares some Dayan traits, though they are hardly noticeable. Her dam was a lighter draft Da, used to help breed better geldings to be used for pulling the carts in the city, giving her her size and thicker feathering. She also has a half-tassel, more like an in between of the unicorn tail, where the tail hairs come too high up to be considered a tassel, but are also too low to be a full tail.
Personality: Prudence is an eccentric! Everything about her screams "crazy old mare" because of her antics. She is happy, but has mood swings like nuts, talks to herself, asks strange questions, and pretty much lives in her own world. She is cynical and sarcastic, some would even guess Senile, though she is only an older half-grown, but not by much. She enjoys helping others to an extent, and will talk for hours if allowed to. She is a terrible flirt, though most stallions avoid her because she is so strange, but it doesn't bother her... Much. She can be childish at times, and at others can seem ageless, because of her sometimes strange bouts of insight or wisdom, or archaic advice... But, she does enjoy the privacy of her grotto, which is filled with strange oddities, glowing rocks and her 'family'. she has a thing for fish, and has had several hopeless crushes whom she fell in love with from afar, usually only seeing them or meeting them briefly, before deciding she liked them immensly. (Among them,Adiuro, Loch, Ataraxe, and Herat)
Background: She was born on the Plains, and raised till she was weaned, before her Dam took ill, and transferred her care o Chases own Dam, where she was raised in the Hallow Hills as Chase's sister. However, along the way, she developed certain quirks, that now cause her to mispronounce sounds, and prevent her from saying the word "Have",replacing it with "Has".

Nomad - Wartime

Name: Nomad
Gender: Mare
Age: Younger Fullgrown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Hallow Hills or Plains.
Abilities: She is a skilled warrior, healer and tracker.
Family: None, at the moment. OPEN for other players.
Other Relations: Mentor to Prudence Anat.
Description: Nomad is a short, stout mare, standing barely 15hh, with a shaggy coat and a short, rough mane, which she regularly rubs to keep it that way. She strongly resembles a Scout, and would be mistaken for one, if not for her bright markings. Nomad is a flaxen sorrel, with a rich brown coat. Her points are darker, as is her muzzle, and she has a flaxen mane and tassel. She has markings similar to that of a Bongo Antelope, that span in the form of stripes along her back and neck, and leave strange markings on the inside of her legs. Her muzzle is dominated by a large, flax stripe reaching down from her tear ducts to her chin, which, is also flax, as if dipped in cream water. She has a cream snip on her left nostril, and a spot on the right side of her forehead. Her horn is the same colour as her stripes, but is broken up with metallic gold lines and 'scribbles' that shine like polished bronze. At the base of her horn she has a marking, going down her nose the same colour and quality of the horn stripes, with the same metallic colour. Her eyes are a cream diluted brown/gold, with gold flecks in them, that shine brightly in the light.
Personality: Nomad is a happy, normal individual. She has her mood swings, her highs and lows, but is usually pretty easy going and even tempered, though sometimes the mood will catch her, and she will be an exuberant, playful individual. She loves jokes, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Though, she is somewhat eccentric.
Background: Nomad was born a plainsdweller, named Fleckstripe for her markings by her dam. When she reached an age to separate, she did, and left to the Vale, but stumbled across a healer stallion along the way. Entranced by his art, she prodded and bugged him till he taught her, and after several years, she was given the title healer. She took up her trek to the Vale again and she encountered many individuals, including Prudence Anat, whom she taught the art of healing to, even though Prudence was already well versed in it, Nomad added her own knowledge and helped refine Prudence's technique. Afterwards though, Nomad gave up on going to the Vale, and just traveled, aimlessly, around Alma's Back, through forests, vale and stream, doing whatever she could for others. She took up residence in the Hallow Hills, but hasn't stayed there for any real length of time. After she reached fullgrown status, she renamed herself Nomad, in honor of her lifestyle, and has learned a little of the speech used by Pans, though, she is poor by many's standards.


Name: Pard (Truename Grimalkin
Gender: Mare
Age: Newborn
Species: Plainsdweller
Most Likely Found: Plains or the Hallow Hills
Abilities: Tracker, Dancer, excellent mimic and if a very, very fast runner.
Family: Dam: Briar Sire: Sino (deceased, NPC)
Other Relations: 'Uncle' Orka (hurr hurr)
Description: Pard will grow into a lithe, fine limbed mare, the ideal plainsdweller image. She's considered very easy on the eyes (despite the flash) and could even be considered a very beautiful mare. She is a 'spotted' dun, meaning that in place of the usual dun striping, she has leopard spotting, a trait she can thank her sire, Sino for, for he had leopard spotting on his hind legs. Her coat fades from a dark brown, to a ruddy brown, to her dams grey, then finally a cream underbelly and throat. Her coat, like Hespera's, has a strange sheen to it, rather more like bronze, so in different lights, she looks almost metallic. She has four off-white stockings, coming just above each of her knees. There is a single band above each stocking upon her front legs, broken up by leopard spotting, which can be found almost merging from all four of her stockings, and coming up each of her thighs. Leopard spots go up along her back in a 'dorsal stripe' and down her shoulder in the typical dun shoulderstripe fashion (minus the stripe). Smal striped appear under the bottom portion of her eyes, extending a little down her face, tapering into nothing. Small spots dapple her face and forehead. Her face is delicate, her eyes a dark blue, that, when reflected in the light, appear a lighter blue, an effect similar to looking through clear sea ice, with all the entrancing qualities of Briars own, amber and gold ones. Her horn is the same ivory of her dams, but has no twisting warp to it. Like Briar, her mane and tassel fades, from a cream, to a grey, to a dark brown. Her hooves are a ruddy brown, and there are two stripes upon her tassel.
Personality: Pard is a normal girl... Or at least, normal compared to all my other characters. No reason to be either real sad, or angry, or withdrawn. She is a little shy, but after getting to know someone, she soon warms up. She has a great sense of humour, and loves to tease and joke around. She's susceptible to moodswings, like everyone else, and has a relatively short temper, but makes up for it by being very, very self controlled. She also tends to be overly modest, to the point where she'll get mad should someone push the point further. She is loyal to a fault, meaning being a true plainsdweller will be out of the question, so she will spend her life traveling. She gets irritated easily, and truly believes that vengeance is sweet if she thinks she has been double crossed.
Background: She was born on the plains... And is too young to have a history...

Ishkur Stormwind - Wartime

Name:Ishkur Stormwind
Gender: Mare
Age: 6 years
Species:Dayan-Scout cross.
Most Likely Found:Hallow Hills
Abilities:Warrior, Tracker, has excellent eye sight.
Family: Dam: Aduma(deceased) Sire: Omnamu(Presumed Deceased) Siblings: None
Other Relations: All open!
Description:Ish is a tiny mare, standing at barely 11hh, perhaps standing as one of the shortest unicorns known. Of course, this isn't exactly her fault. Ish is built finely, thanks to her dam who was a prized Da from the Chon's stables. A straight profile, with sleek fur, one would hardly think she has any Scout blood in her. She is a blue Dun, having both leg and shoulder barring, although it is immensely hard to distinguish the shoulder bar from the dark patches of fur spattering across her body. In stark contrast to this dark, muted colouring, she has bright blue flecking climbing across her body, creeping up along her left foreleg onto her shoulder, and showing rabicano traits as it ticks along her barrel and flank. As a first generation cross, she is truly an oddity, for her scout traits leaves her with a tasseled tail, feathering, tufted eartips and a small, curly beard, while her Dayan traits add round hooves, and a curious, half-upright/brushlike mane, which flops forward, for the most part standing upright, albeit, knotted and curly, making it clump, before falling forward over her poll, leaving her with a shaggy, curly forelock. Her hairtips on both her mane and tassel, which, while the mane and tassel themselves are dark, nearly black, have that blue shock frosting them.
Around each of her eyes are patches of colour, the right having a darker blue dripping from her lower lid, the left having that shock of bright blue dripping from its own lower lid. Grey eyes are rimmed in white eyelashes. And dripping from her silver and white etched horn is a shock of blue, a stripe, extending to just above her delicate dark nostrils, where a little white partial snip resides between the two.
Personality:Ish suffers from Small Dog Syndrome. Thats right. Small dog syndrome. Which basically means, she imagines herself larger, more menacing, then she actually is. She is bawdy, unpredictable, and loves a good fight. She could care less about how her herd mates feel about her or any of her actions, and he loves getting things going, and joining into every possible spat she can, just to goad everyone one. For all this though, she is a devoted warrior, thanks to her Scout sire, and when she gets down to business, she is as stubborn and hard nosed as any rock. This aids to her tracking abilities, and she has been nicknamed the PlainsDog by some of her shoulder friends, for when she gets on a trail, she gets into the mindset of finding her quarry, regardless of boundaries. And, often times her callous nature leads her to the answers she seeks.
For all her fighting, she enjoy's the company of herself and nature far more than that of unicorns, and spends hours just watching things, exploring and making a mental catalogue of everything. She has an exquisite memory, forgetting very little, and this she uses against others on a regular basis. But, this is of great use, for she often can aid healers in search of herbs, for she knows all the best places to look.
Background: Ish was actually born a much duller, lighter shade of blue, to her freshly turned Unicorn dam, Aduma, who until the hills had been won, had been living on the plain. Her sire, Omnamu, was ever present in her life, and soon after the Hallow Hills were won, they took up residence there, in a grotto not far from the milkwood grove. And, like any other filly, Ish never listened to her dam when she was warned against stuff, such was the case for nibbling the fruit and foliage of the sweet scented trees. A year and a half of snacking on such sacred plants led to the invariable enhancement of her coat colour, much like what happened with Jah-Lila, all those years ago. But, that is of little consequence, as Ish always figured. No, she would rather imprint her growing up a faithfull moondancer, to diminutive parents. Both having been of unusually short stature, such inheritance was only inevitable, for the ornery filly, and while she took to the games with the other colts, she was always won out, for she could never quite stack up. But, sad as she was with the losses, she soon was elated upon the eve through which she would go for her initiation. However, on the short trek back, she was heartbroken to find that by some freak accident, both of her parents dead, although she could find no trace of her sire's remains. This only fueled her bitterness as she realized she must face the world alone, without them at her back like they had been, and honestly, the little mare had doubts whether a little one like her could ever find a niche to fit in... Before she fell in love with tracking.^^
She Silverhide

Name: She Silverhide (Truename: Evurshea)
Gender: Hermaphrodite (Referred to in the female sense)
Age: 15 yrs
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale
Abilities:Warrior, Dancer
Family: Dam: (OPEN!!) Sire: (OPEN!!) Siblings: (OPEN!!)
Other Relations: OPEN!
Description: She is a gorgeous mare, delicately yet sturdily built, if one were to take her as a Mare, they'd see her as a very fine visage on the eyes, though, as a stallion perhaps as a somewhat feminine take... She is decently sized, standing at 16 hands, she is a quick, and adept warrior, and has proven it with her relatively scarless hide. She is a dark, dark sable brown, almost black, with a highlighting of champagne silver upon her underbelly, chest and throat. Her eyes are silver, while her mane, tassel, horn and hooves are all a stark white.
Personality:She is a little on the unstable side, having grown into herself as an It, really. Her name, itself, was a cruel joke played by her mother, who although her child exhibited both male and female... Parts, knew her child to truely be gender confused. However, it wasn't anhonest attempt at cruelty, just a well meaning effort to help push her child in her view of the right direction... Gender wise. However,t his has left She a little unstable, and more than a little bit bitter. Having spoken with various elders, and healers, She knows she is bound to a life where it is unlikely she will ever be able to parent a child, and this leaves her in a more than confused state of mind... Constantly. She is unpredictable, and prone to angry bouts, and violent temper fits (Especially when she comes into season). She overreacts, and often gets into fights.
Background:She was born and raised upon the Plain, to a plainsdweller mare. Her mother, noting her child oddities, struck out for the nearest healer, finding out that her guess was indeed correct, her child was a Hermaphrodite, an amazingly rare occurrence in which there are both male and female reproductive organs (In She's case, she had both a vulva and testes, lol, giving life to the quote "She has more balls than most stallions" *badpun*). Seeing this, she worked vigorously to make sure her child grew up knowing what she was, and being treated as Female, because her mother had always entertained the idea of having a filly. This led to feelings of isolation and fear, and as soon as she could, She departed her mothers side for a life as a plainsdweller, finally deciding to settle in the Vale, where it seemed, misfits might be more accepted, save for the annoying colts. She took part in training as a warrior, and was soon initiated, two summers ago, to be exact, and after taking part in drinking of the Mere, She found out her worst fear: She would never be able to parent a child. Distraught, she almost fled right then and there, but the vision that came next surprised her, and gave her reason to live. (And no, I won't be revealing the secret vision yet, hurr hurr. Its a ssseeecret!XD) Given a new spin on life, she lived somewhat happily for the next year and a half.


Name:Iambe, Be (Truename - Iambe'ic Skygreen)
Age: 16 Summers
Most Likely Found: In the Pan woods or the Plains nearby
Abilities:Skilled laysinger and Dancer, He is also very, very good at sprinting for both short and long distances
Family: Dam: Aegira Sire: Unknown
Other Relations:N/A
Description: Iambe is a tall, lean stallion, bordering on colt-thin. He stands at over 18hh, most of that height due to his long, fine boned legs which allow him to sprint with a reach like few others. He is a navy zebra barred dun, his base coat of a dark, deep blue, broken only by his vivid green dorsal stripe which gradiates from brown at his poll, to green, to a lighter, mistier green at his tassel base, and by a large white spot upon his underbelly, its inside roughly depicting a heart.
His legs are barred with both vivid green and blue striping, which sits just above his bold white stockings which spatter like he's been sprayed with milk upon his knees, dripping down to fade the rest of his legs and hooves snow-white.
His face is kind and has only a touch of a roman nose, which is covered up by the big, flashy blaze which starts from the top of his lips straight up to his horn base. Small spots rest upon the right side of his chin, streaking his beard slightly. His eyes are a deep brown with green flecks spattered about their edges, mezmerizing as a wingcats when seen in just the right light. His mane is short and fluffy, much like a longer, rougher version of a colts, while being broken up by various strands of blue, grey, and brown, much like his tassel, which by sheer luck is somewhat longer and fuller than his relatively sparse mane.
Personality: Iambe is a bright joyous young stallion with an almost childlike innocence about him. He is unable to comprehend honest hate and vehemence, only ever seeing the best in those around him. Although he has the capacity to be angry, or to show anger towards others, he doesn't hold grudges for very long (At the best of times) and will often look to himself to try and see what he might have done to spark such a negative situation in an attempt to rectify it later on, whether it was his fault or no.
He doesn't seem to catch on very easy, at least not onto the dirty jokes that often go around the circles of bands of stallions his own age, and in many cases, older, and he tends to act very naive when it comes to most 'uncomfortable' situations. He is no stranger to humor though, ejoying his own private jokes and pranks, which have oft given him a reputation for not exactly being on the straight side of the stick-- to others of his kind he is seen as off-beat and quirky.
At times he is dead serious, and the shift in his manner is an almost audible 'click' that oft makes one pause and rethink just how deep and understanding Iambe is.
Saying that, his childlike manner leaves him with no boundaries, and he often only sparks worse situations by trying to warm up against those he feels need compassion, getting into their personal space and sometimes leaving the wrong impression. He is much like the character "Lennie" in the story "Of Mice and Men" in that he also feels the need to feel and touch everything he likes-- leaves, bits of feather, grass. He hoards like a dragon, and has a 'secret' grotto hidden away in the Pan Woods where he resides, feeling truly safe from the word that is sometimes all too mean to him.
However, unlike Lennie, he has no mental disability-- Iambe sees and understands things, often understanding more of whats going on around him and between others than he lets on. He is a brilliant puzzle solver, and is very talented at putting two and two together, often spending secluded days building small piles of rubbish in strange and interesting ways (Think about piling random stones atop eachother that don't look like they should stay up).
Background:Iambe was born and raised upon the plains, his dam was a delusionally paranoid mare, and often kept away from other bands of plainsdwellers. Because of this, he grew up preferring solitude and the silence offered of being on his own. When he did finally strike out on his own, he found it hard to fit in with the small bands upon the plains. He'd often stand at a distance, watching and observing their actions, sometimes longing to be near them, if only for their company-- but too shy to ever join them.
This all changed the day he came across a dark mare upon Alma's back. From the first moment he saw her, he was captivated for reasons beyond him. He always assumed that it was her own seclusion which drew him to her, which made him wish, truly wish, for the first time that he could be in the company of another. He followed her for moons, watching her, waiting till she'd sleep so he could move in closer to inspect her closer up. After some time following her, he learned many things about her-- her name, her past, why she avoided others,or, rather, why others avoided her. Despite all he learned, he couldn't help but continue being fascinated with her.
He was surprised when she finally confronted him, telling him she'd known of his following her for a long while, when she'd asked why, he was dumbstruck. So he explained, everything, and was surprised to hear her laugh. The mare he'd followed didn't believe him, she thought him a liar. He was distraught at her mistrusting him, and nearly suffered a breakdown when she suddenly disappeared. He woke up one morning to find her gone-- disappeared.
This one monumental moment set him forward upon his current path. He searches for this mare, desperate to find her so that he could try and 'mend things'. This has brought him from the plains, to the deep clearings of the Pan Woods. He is yet too fearful of others to ever join bands for longer than a day or two, still too wary to even fully join the Vale. He rather watches, and searches, looking for that mare, ever hopeful.

Ask'e Blindsight

Name: Ask'e Blindsight (Usually called just Ask, or Blindsight); Truename: Ask'e
Gender: Mare
Age: 20 Summers
Species: Plainsdweller
Most Likely Found: Wherever she feels she should be.
Abilities: Keen hearing and a strong intuition, she has a touch of the dreaming sight, though in no great quantities like Jan or the Twins. A surprisingly capable fighter, despite being blind in one eye.
Family: Dam: Swiftkite Sire: Heartsong
Other Relations: Cousin: Hespera
Description: Fine boned and lithe, Ask is built like an arabian, complete with a slightly dished profile, arched neck and fairly straight topline. A muted moss green is her coats base colour, fading to a darker shade below her knees, and to a lighter green/gold upon her throatlatch, muzzle, eyes and flank where you can see that she has a slightly dappled coat. Her face is kind and her eyes seemingly beyond their years.... Though her right eye is sightless, scarred from mid-muzzle to withers. Her horn is also chipped and ridged from a severe accident. A peacock feather rests in her long, fine haired, muted violet mane.
Personality: Quiet and serious, Ask is a mare of few words. She follows her own music and is often erratic and unpredictable. She has strong ideals and morals, and a stubborn streak to enforce them. While she is often overly formal and kind, she has a rough side which she has no qualms sanding the edges of on those who annoy her. Ask is generally easy going and unflappable, but it is common for her to be startled when others approach her or speak to her from her blindside. She is however, often regarded as a raving lunatic when she presses upon others what she feels they need to do while acting on dreams or intuition.
Background: Born and raised upon the plains, Ask has a quiet, uneventful childhood, shared in a small band which she was lucky included both her dam and sire. It wasn't until she struck out upon her own that things started getting interesting. For some time the young mare decided that she'd 'find herself' upon the plains, and left the longdance where her family band had stopped for the evening alone and without any inkling of where she was traveling. She did fine for a long time, growing arrogant in her luck, finding good weather, food and days without incident. However, Ask was soon humbled when she sheltered in a small hollow for a severe thunderstorm. She hadn't realized that it had been large enough for more than just a unicorn, and was awakened during the night by searing pain and a yowl above the thunder. An opportunistic pard had attacked her, spurring her to struggle to her feet, its one hooked paw dragging across her face, down her neck and across her shoulders before she tugged away entirely, bolting into the night. Bleeding heavily, she ran through the dark, blood flowing in her eyes, she didn't even notice that she could no longer see from her right eye.
Sometime during that night she had blacked out completely, and awoke to a clear morning, in pain and prone, as a stranger tended her wounds. The mare was brisk and kind, staying with Ask till the gouges had knit back together. Ask never did learn who the mare was that had helped her, she never told her her name. Besides whitening scars and her life, Ask had her to thank for the new feather knotted in her mane as well, though she didn't notice it for some time.
As she learned to navigate the world with one eye, the dreams started awakening within her. Sometimes they would manifest in such a manner that at times when close to sleep or just awakening, they would tug at her vision, lending a temporary sight to her blind eye as it remained ever dark, leading to a double vision that sometimes startle her, jolting her into consciousness.
These visions became known to few plainsdwellers, as she began acting upon them and her growing intuition, seemingly spurred to life by her loss of sight. Ask would seek out those in her dreams, or follow her intuitions guide, giving messages of warning to those she succeeded in finding, earning her the nickname "Blindsight", for though she was partially blind, she often saw truer than those with two eyes.

Foxfire Honeyglow

Name: Foxfire Honeyglow (Born 'Joyous Warmth'); Nickname(s): Fox, Honey, Joy, Bouncy
Gender: Mare
Age: 17 Summers
Species: Renegade
Most Likely Found: The Plains, The Hallow Hills
Abilities: Honey has a beautiful voice and is a stunning singer, and a graceful, charismatic dancer. She also has a good ear for noise and the result makes her a wonderful mimic and storyteller.
Family: Sire: Arista'eus Dam: Ajoc Half-sister to Mosslight (On her sire's side)
Other Relations:
Description: A shorter mare, Honey stands roughly 15.3hh. Built compactly, she has a sturdy, well feathered frame with strong, good legs and a slightly arched neck. The colour of a stormcloud mixed with smoke, she fades from a dark sooty brown to a lighter sooty brown upon her throat and underbelly, nearly black appaloosa spotting freckling her coat infrequently. Pied with large blue patches edged in electric green upon her belly and back, Honey's amber eyes are framed in the same blue and green colours, making her eyes seem much larger and expressive then they actually are. Her nose looks as if the top half has been dipped in snow, the stripe ending just at the base of her nearly black horn. Her forelegs are splattered from the hooves up with electric green. Her mane and tassel are rough and unkept, the hairs course and thick, giving her two tone flaxen and sooty hair a very poofy, spiky appearance at all times, managing to give her a look of perpetual startlement, as if she hasn't had time to clean up or groom herself.
Personality: Foxfire is a very happy, optimistic mare. Almost always unreasonably cheerful, and always able to come up with some manner of loophole to make everything brighter, she is a sweet mare to know, having a very caring and sisterly nature to anyone and everyone she comes in contact with. Being a more established mare, Foxfire knows herself very well, and is confident in herself and her personal views. This experience also means she enjoys every little thing that comes into her life, and is content to bask in the moment rather then worry about the future, or think about the past. This trait makes her very easily amused, and she takes the utmost joy in everything, from walking, to singing, to dancing-- oh how she loves dances! She is a mare who loves dances completely, and in traditional plainsdweller fashion, has no qualms with finishing her dances till their end. For the dances that last a little longer then just one night, she becomes a caring and steadfast companion, and is loyal to everyone to a fault. A people pleaser, she loves nothing more then to entertain and make everyone as happy and as carefree as she herself is.
However, this demeanour has a dark side. Though seemingly slow to anger, Foxfire is easy to offend, and is very, very good at faking her emotions. She can hide all but the worst rage easily, but when that veil finally lifts and her anger is let loose on the world, Foxfire tends to become the most righteous, loud, stubborn and cruel mare on four feet. With Vale warrior training at her beck, she is a terror to behold when stirred, and not above maiming others in her fits.
Background: Born and raised in the Vale, Foxfire had a rough start to life. Her sire was an older stallion, having been one of Korr's Wolves during his madness, Arista'eus succumbed to his own private madness soon after Jan's return. Arista'eus was a self medicating sort, and turned to ghostleaf to ease his depression after Korr's deposition. The ghostleaf, combined with an already potent penchant for violence, turned Artsta'eus against his mate, a beautiful young mare who was with child. He moved their grotto to the fringes of the Vale, to a ratty ravine just on the edges of the Pan Woods, where the Plains and their freedom could be seen for lengths. There he lived with his mate, too terrified of him to leave, Ajoc withstood the beatings, hoping fervently that he'd run out of ghostleaf, and become his old self again. For some time after she dropped their filly, the beatings eased, as Arista'eus disappeared for moons on end, giving Ajoc the respite she needed to properly start her filly's life.
Honey's foalhood was a mixture of many things. For the first few summers of life, she never once faced any negativity from anyone. Hid away from the world, it seemed to her as if she had a loving dam and a sire, who once he'd returned, doted on her as if she was his world. However, before long, this changed. Unbeknownst to Honey, Arista'eus was still using the Ghostleaf, and would wait until his precious little filly was out of ear and eyeshot to take his pent up violence out on his mate.
These tendencies lasted in secrecy for many seasons, until about the time when Honey's beard started fledging, and she caught her sire on a particularly violent tirade. As he ramped and raged, thrashing poor Ajoc and laming her with a vicious kick, Honey came across the scene, and outraged, threw herself between the two. Already an accomplished fighter for her age, thanks to he diligent and surprisingly high level of training her sire had taught her, she managed to distract him from his target.
Needless to say, their relationship dwindled after the encounter. Disgusted with both parents, her sire for the abuse, and her dam for allowing it, Honey struck out to the vale, seeking help in secret. She planned to call upon the elders and healers, a daunting task, for she had never actually been beyond the woods to the Vale, nor met any other unicorns outside of her family, and the odd passerby. Having only the stories told to her by Ajoc of the Vale and its inhabitants, Honey's arrival was a surprise when she finally found the healers grotto. Pleading her case, she was granted an audience with some older unicorns, and they agreed to help..
However, by the time she'd lead a small band of warriors, and a healer back to her home, she found it abandoned. Confused, she searched for her parents, finding nothing, just traces of their departure.
Taking pity upon her, one of the warriors, an older red chestnut, Shaa, offered to share her grotto to the bewildered half-grown in the Vale. Overwhelmed, Honey agreed, and went to live with the elderly mare for another few summers, long enough to be initiated as a warrior. However, after Shaa passed away during a harsh winter, Honey struck out upon the plains, unable to stand staying in the grotto of the mare she'd grown to love like a sister.
She's been upon the plains ever since, sometimes visiting the Hills for short spurts, sometimes aiding in training half-growns in the older fighting styles passed down to her from one of Korr's very own wolves.

Imana Milkfrost

Name: Imana Milkfrost; Nickname(s): Ima, Milky, Frosty.
Gender: Stallion
Age: Fullgrown, 15 Summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Plains
Abilities: A great dancer, full of stamina, a level headed mediator, his insomnia makes him a great night sentry.
Family: Coldfrost's Half Brother, Briar's first cousin.
Other Relations:
Description: A lithe, long limbed form, Ima stands at a meagre 15 hands, despite his build. There isn't much fat to his form, leaving him looking especially thin in comparison to his long legs and delicate neck and head. His face is fairly feminine, with a fine dish to his nose and especially large, pale blue eyes that always seem jovial. He is a pearl stallion, exposure to the sun has leeched some of the colour from his coat, giving him a frosted appearance, his topline being somewhat paler than his middle. Greyish brindling marks his coat, barring him like pale marble, that same grey darkening his points. His right hind leg bears a white stocking, his front legs bearing white socks. His face is covered by an uneven bald-faced blaze, sprouting an equally bone-white horn of a decent length. His tuft-tips, beard, mane and tassel are all a flaxen white, long and fine-haired, Ima has been told by many that he has the finest hair they've ever seen. His body is smattered with white birdcatcher spots, resembling the way stars shine through the early morning while the sky is still pale and new.
Personality: ind hearted and calm, Ima is a reasonable, warm individual, despite his half-brothers cold tendencies. He likes making others happy and will poke fun at anything and everything, including himself, to do so, though he himself is often not nearly as jovial as he pretends to be. He isn't one to tell the world his problems and can remain as tight lipped about the going ons in his life as a mute, trusting only those closest to him with only the lightest of his burdens. Generally boisterous, Imana is in reality an insecure soul, always seeking the company of others, enjoying the sensation of touch and smell and the comfort it gives him, reminding him of the security he had as a foal. While he may never tell an individual what's wrong, one can always tell when the stallion is troubled, for he will quiet and will suddenly be seen plastered to some other poor unicorns side. As with every other plainsdweller, he has a streak that pushes him ever onwards, traveling his world to the fullest extent that he can. A great love of dancing (not to mention his great aptitude for the dance as well) leads him to being a constant fixture in longdances, enjoying his fair share of attention from mares and the odd stallion alike. While he hasn't the voice of a true singer, he does love lays and will belt them out to his hearts content if allowed, despite not being able to hold a note to save his life. Absent minded and somewhat scatterbrained, Imana will talk for hours about whatever crosses his mind, provided others will listen. He has odd interests and does odd things, or so others think, but while he pretends such thoughts of others don't bother him, they really do, placing him apart from those he stands so near to in his mind. Slow to anger, Imana is a voice of reason and a good mediator, seemingly able to calm any dispute with a simple warning touch of his nose or shoulder. A hopeless romantic, Ima is unerringly loyal, and should he ever find a unicorn mare or stallion to strike his fancy, it is pretty much guaranteed that he will stay at their side for as long as they let him.
Background: Born to a brindle plainsdwelling mare, Ima grew up alongside his half-brother Coldfrosts side. Named for the way his underbelly seemed to frost to a lighter tone, unlike his brother who was named for his coldness, Ima took the name Imana once he was of age. Decidedly more 'mature' than his brother, he struck out upon the plains early, choosing to live in larger bands of groups and enjoying the lifestyle that came with it. He brought with him the odd habits he'd developed as a foal, such as his need to constantly make noise and hum in the silence, his recurring conversations with himself, his insecure need to be touching others and a myriad of other queer things that normal plainsdwellers don't normally do. This set him apart from them early on, and while they still welcomed him and what he had to offer into their bands and dances, he was still whispered about and generally avoided by those who knew him, leaving him even more unsure and insecure than before. However, the value he held for others left him untouched and unbothered, the others knowing full well how much they enjoyed the sleep they could have at night with an insomniac choosing to be the sentry of the group, willingly no less.Never once did this decision prove bad for the bands he watched. Always in the company of others, he enjoyed the longdances with other plainsdwellers, having in his lifetime only ever finished one dance to its end, and being heartbroken to be left by that mare the next morning. Since then, Ima was always more careful with his dances, choosing his partners carefully and never going to the end, too careful lest someone else hurt him so. In the midst of these dances, Ima has since learned that he really has no preference as to who he dances with, be it mare or male alike, finding both enjoyable in their own ways. This has been noted by many the plainsdweller and valedweller turned renegade, earning him yet more ostracization, though for this he can only look at it in an amused sort of way. He has had surprisingly good luck considering his life on the plains, having never encountered a pard nor haunt in all of his travels. He is currently still seeking a mate.


Name: Moss, Mosslight; Truename:Mosslight Windspark
Gender: Mare
Age: 16 Summers
Species: Plainsdweller
Most Likely Found: On the Plains
Abilities: A swift runner, Moss is built for speed and enjoys showing her running prowess. She has a great memory and capacity for empathy, and uses this to collect stories from other denziens. She has the makings of a laysinger, but her voice doesn't have the charisma to hold a crowds attention for long-- she is much better at mimicking though, and uses that to her amusement.
Family: Dam: S'tnunai Sire: Unknown
Other Relations: N/A, OPEN
Description: A delicate mare, Mosslight is the epitome of a plainsdweller in build and personality.
Her straight profiled face is marked by a light green scar underneath her left eye, and a small one marking the right corner of her mouth. Despite the scarring, hers is a face used to grinning, as is evident from the laughlines cornering her mouth. Her horn juts out in a myraid of lime greens and blues, the base is often covered by her long forelock striped with hairs of a similar hue. Her eyes are a dark forest green with a penchant for reflecting much, much brighter. Green part brindling marks her forehead and the bridge of her nose.
A dark liver chestnut/chocolate flaxen mare, Moss's base coat is a dark chocolate brown, intermingled with green brindling upon her shoulders and rump. Lime green socks mark her legs, one creeping up her left hind leg like glowing lichen in a grotto wall. Her build is short (Only 15 hands) but sturdy, with well made, strong legs and a short back. Her mane and tassel are a fading brown, growing from dark at the roots to light at the tips, intermingled with greens and blue hairs in her forelock and tailtip. Scars lace her legs, and only recently she has taken to wearing bright yellow and green feathers in her mane.
Her scent is a mixture of cinnamon and mint, having a great affinity for both herbs. Her voice is a decent middletone for a mare, with just enough charisma to it that people take notice of her.
Personality: Moss is a cheerful individual who despite everything strives to see the optimism in everything, to the point of deluding herself painfully. She's lived in some of the most remote parts of the plains, and come through it all with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. She's modest and humble, and doesn't like relating her life to others, but is just as happy to listen to everyone elses tales. She's careful with her words and will choose silence rather than a voice when it comes to other problems-- she finds she is a better listener than anything, and has no problem being the shoulder to cry on for those who need it.
Her need to learn tales from others has left her somewhat vulnerable in other aspects-- being virtually unable to fight or spar, being somewhat dense to the advances of other stallions during longdances; perhaps her innocent lack of knowledge and drive for story telling saving her from any true problems. Her core is protected by only a thin barrier, a veneer of contentment when often times she has much more going on behind her smile.
But the others don't need to see that.
Background: Moss was born and raised on the plains, she grew up in a small nomadic band who was surprisingly closeknit and traveled with eachother for quite a time before members ever left. During this childhood she grew fascinated with the stories told during Longdances, which her dam was partial to going to, being a very sociable mare. While her mother danced her nights away, Moss would listen, rapt for hours as other plainsdwellers indulged the filly with extravegent tales of their vast travels through the Mare's back. The lilts of their voices, the cadences and flow of the words would pull her away into her mind, and Moss thrived on it. While other colts and fillies sparred their nights away and learned traits that would carry them far upon the plains, the little filly would wander away, lost in memories as she replayed the stories in her mind, reciting them to herself to keep the imaginings alive.
An awkward filly, Moss grew into herself with a vast vocabulary and knowledge of those around her and the plain. She struck out upon her own filled with fantastical ideas of what the world would be like--- the knowledge gained from the stories aiding her skillfully. However, it was one thing to have been told something, and to actually do it. Before long Moss fell victim to a pard, which she just barely escaped. A lack of practical knowledge left the young mare skittering away in fear, bolting across the plain, the wounds she'd received bleeding and deep.
A stroke of luck came in that her wounds never grew infected, though, the deeper ones scarred in such a way that lighter hairs grew over the tissue. While many would bear their scars with shame, Moss gave up on that idea, instead bearing them with warning in mind. The pard had taught her a lesson, and while she still sought stories, she is in search of those who can give her a practical knowledge base to work from, to save herself from falling victim to another grasscat.

Pfiver FrostFlank - on hiatus

Name: Name: Pfiver Frostflank (Truename: Apsal'fiver) Gender: Stallion
Age: 13 Summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains
Abilities: Skilled Tracker, a very fast, agile runner.
Family: All are open !
Other Relations: Distant cousin to Chase
Description: Fiv is a smaller animal, only standing at 15.2 hh. He is fine limbed and built lean, like every other respectable plainsdweller, his head is finely shaped sporting a straight profile and his newly fledged beard suitably long. He is a flaxen chestnut, his coat being the classic gold, sporting slightly lighter gold dappling most noticeably visible upon his lower belly and hindquarters. He is a rabicano, as is seen by the stippling upon his flank, as the white hairs crawl up his side like stripes. Upon his withers rests five long, ragged scars, not from a pard as some would guess, but oddly enough, from him having a tree fall upon him several summers ago. When it was finally pushed off of him, it left long ragged wounds upon his back. A stripe rests upon his head, connecting to his light, light skyblue horn. His mealy muzzle and lighter undersides marks him as a true flaxen chestnut. Fiv's mane and tassel are a milky flaxen, almost white, while being long and surprisingly silky. However, in his mane where his scars meet, long chestnut streaks now mark his mane. Tangled just farther upon his crest are two grouse feathers, fashioned after the manner of plainsdwellers. His eyes are a dark, liquid brown, similar to the colour of dark chocolate.
Personality: Fiv is a bright fellow, enjoying life as best as he can. He is somewhat unstable as far as moods go, their not being very predictable. This leaves him as a seemingly unapproachable stallion at times, while at others he is a very sociable sort.
Background: : Born in the Vale, Fiv left home long before he could be marked a warrior. Of course, it wasn't his fault. The year he was due to take his journey to the Mere, there was a storm through which he got himself lost... And ended up on the plains. However, it wasn't long before he decided he liked the plainsdwelling lifestyle, despite the newly, relatively lax reign of Queen Tek and Prince Jan, and he decided to travel abroad. But, well, thats right now. Before then, Fiv was the usual halfgrown, flighty and boisterous, prone to the mood swings of most mammals on the verge of adulthood, although that had only worsened during the last few summers. He would wander about the pan woods, and had the misfortune of having a rather decent sized tree fall upon him, flattening him like a gale over a plain. While he lay there, bleeding and in shock, he was rescued by the efforts of several pans, who managed to dislodge the tree, freeing him. However, it was the ministrations of Vale healers which left him with only scars, rather than the severe limp he could have ended up with, had the tree been larger, and of a sturdier weight, as he had crumpled into an awkward position, his knees just on the verge of extending in the wrong direction (after all, your right Cannon isn't supposed to move directly right from your knee. The joint just doesn't work to that extent.). His parents hardly believed him when he tried to explain that it had been pans who saved him, and he grew to resent their treatment of him, and his 'folly'. His dislike of what they might think of him is part of the reason why he has never returned to the vale until now.

Hespera- Retired

Name: Hespera; TrueName: Hesperethousa (Light of Evening)
Gender: Mare
Age: Half-grown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale or Pan Woods
Abilities: New Warrior, Dancer and Laysinger
Family: [siblings open]
Other Relations: Shoulder-friends: Asa, Chase, (when FRx gets him made up, Gideon)
Description: Hespera is a thin set, fine boned young mare, with a frame similar to a fine boned Arabian. She is a dusky sky-blue with darker, dark-sapphire points. She has two white stockings that rise above the knee, which fade to sunset pink towards her hooves. She is a part-brindle, with darker striping on her croup,flank,crest, withers and left elbow, and the occasional sunset pink stripe. Her mane and tassel are the same dusky blue as her body, with almost tan-peach strands intermingled through it. Her horn is the same colour as those tan-peach streaks, though in certain lights it almost seems white. She has one dark, sky blue eye, and the other is sunset pink, but hold no trace of a pink eye, as one would see in an albino rabbit. She has an semi iridescent coat, which causes her highlighting to look a dusty tan, a shade much like her horn. She has almost no visible feathering, but that is because of a genetic throwback, which giver her legs the appearance of being 'cleaner' than most.
Personality: Hespera is an outspoken, happy individual, who is, despite her occasional outbursts, a cunning, deep, almost philisophical mare. She enjoys hanging with the boys, finding their company preferable to mares. She is full of fire, and loves running, and the feel of the wind against her fur. Though, at the moment she is unstable, as she finds that she is being lost within her own thoughts, and believes that she is going mad. She finds that the more she fights it, the worse it becomes, and she fears what will become of her. But, once she finds out she isn't truly mad, she *should* return back to normal.
Background: Hespera was born on the Plains, but Raised in the Vale, because he dam and sire had been traveling from the Hallow Hills to the Vale at the time. Hespera has undergone, and still suffers from lots of riducule and mistreatment because of her clean legs. Those that knew her parents, when they were alive, and saw their devotion, know she isn't a Dayan unicorn partbreed, and believe her a cruel mistake, calling her Wych's get, and shunning her. Only now, that she is suffering from her 'madness' does she really care what others think of her, for this never used to be an issue.

Chase - Retired

Name: Chase; TrueName: Firechaser
Gender: Stallion
Age: Half-grown
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Vale or Hallow Hills
Abilities: Warrior, Dancer
Family: Mate: Asa; Children: Eir; Adopted Sister: Prudence Anat
Other Relations: Shoulder-friend: Briar, Hespera
Description: Chase is a sorrel with lighter underparts and a lighter muzzle. He has a horn similar to Asa's, though his is a dusty gold in colour, matching his underparts.He has two coronets, on all hooves but his front right, as well as ermine marks on his hind right. He has a blaze that starts at the base of his horn and then ending on his top lip. He has three scars on the top of his neck, three on his cheek/jowl,three on his rump, three on the front of his front right leg, and three long scars on his right side that stretch from his crest to the bottom of his neck, all from the pard that he and Asa fought, they grew in white, leaving him with white streaks in his mane as well.
Personality: He is a bold, joking guy, the complete opposite of Asa, but he is also good natured and protective of her to a degree that could be line in line with obsession. To him, no one back talks, or other wise says anything cross or does anything cross to his mare, because he views himself much like her big brother, let alone mate. He is a fighter, though he dislikes the idea of taking lives.He enjoys his games, and enjoys most the mind games that he can inflict on Vale members, but any kind of game can work, so long as he gets what he wants. He is a sore loser, and is quick to change his approach to suit the occasion.
Background: He was born and raised in the Vale, and before he pledged to Asa, both she and he were attacked by a Pard. They both now bear the scars of that battle, though he more proudly than she.