Instant Messenger Information:
Real Name (Nickname): Ciorstaidh or Ciors
Age: 19
Location: Scotland


Name: Tiatgar (Gar)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 14
Species: Full Unicorn
Most Likely Found:Pan Woods/Plains
Abilities:Skilled Warrior
Family:Father: N/A Mother: Esstora Siblings: N/A
Other Relations:N/A
Description:Muscular and strong, everything you would expect from a Warrior. A regal head with eyes of the brightest green. His base colour is that of a deep purple which is heavily dappled all over his body. Covering his quarters and running along his back, neck and half way down his sides is a blanket of white spots. The silky feathers growing from his legs are the darkest red, like that of the sun as it sets on the world. He has four black socks that start below the knee and a black muzzle. The ear tassels of the stallion are the same red as his feathers and his mane and tail are also black. Gar’s hooves and horn are white like his spots.
Personality:Distant and cold, this stallion often hides himself away in the Pan Woods. If he is not there, he can be found staring at the night sky on the Plains. He strives for attention, love, someone to care about him but he rarely finds such a soul and when he does he does not know how to act. Gar tends to be jealous of those who have found love or have a friend in the world. He is very secretive of his past, often becoming angered if anyone asks. If he finds himself in a large group he will often wander to the outskirts and stand, with his head hung low, observing. Because of this he has never participated in a Longdance, too scared of coming away alone.. On the positive side, Gar is very loyal and will defend his true friends till his death.
Background: Born on an Autumn morning in the Pan Woods, Gar’s mother had her first foal. Being a first time mum the mare did not know what to do but she struggled on, trying desperately to provide and care for her colt. She never spoke of his sire and Gar never asked why. For all he knew, it was normal not to speak of your sire. The mare was quick to push him away, however, once she realised that he may grow into what his sire was.
Alone in the world with no idea of his family, Gar took to hiding in the woods. When he was barely full grown he met his mother again. She had changed, something had corrupted her mind. She was obsessed with the fact that he was like his father, cold and unloving. His mother sought to kill him, but instead, he killed her. He left her lying on the Plains and as he walked away, he wondered ever more of his sire.
From that day forward he has been looking for him, searching the wide open spaces in the vain hope he might find him and ask him what was so wrong.

Name: Agnimukha (Face of Fire in Hindi); Nickname: Ukha (You-KUH)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 13
Species: Full Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found: Far Plains & Alma's Heart
Abilities: None Specialized
Family: Sire - Bantaio, Dam - Polacho
Other Relations: N/A
Personality: This flirtatious stallion has a positive outlook on life and his often found chasing after the younger mares with an easy, friendly approach. For the most part, Ukha is calm and collected preferring to keep away from sparring stallions but his friendly disposition has been known to change. Often without warning he turns suspicious and callous, driving those close to him away. Ukha does not know why he turns other than he cannot control it. It is thought to have originated from his dams side of the family.
Background: Born unto a very caring dam upon the Mare's Back in the moonlight, his sire never stayed after the Dance in which they mated. Ukha first began to exhibit his split-personality at a very young age, often lashing out at his dam. Even then he only turned once in a blue moon. Polacho was worried that he had developed the condition that had plagued her dam and her grand-dam. Although, it was rare for the colts to inherit the gene so she brushed it aside. By the time Ukha was weaned he struck out on his own, seeking out Dances his mother told him about. The young stallions personality continued to switch, more frequently than before and this eventually drove the ones close to him away. He desperately tries to control his outbursts but even that proves difficult.


Name: Ameno
Gender: Stallion
Age: 17
Species: Full Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Pan Woods
Abilities: None Specialised
Family: Sire: Wor'an; Dam: Sonne
Other Relations: N/A
Description: Ameno’s pelt is a dark bay and white paint colour which fades to a light mint green on his limbs. There are still splashes of white on his near fore and hind legs. His tail tassel is also a light mint green as are his ear tassels and feathers. His mane is white with splashes of the mint colour. Ameno’s eyes are green in colour, that of grass, and his horn is a cream colour. His near hooves are the same cream colour as his horn while his far hooves are a dark green in colour. Ameno’s frame is that of a well built stallion, muscular and strong. He is large in height even for a full-grown stallion. The last thing about him is that he is blind in his right eye, which appears white as the midnight moon.
Personality: This stallion is very often quiet and mysterious, he will not speak unless spoken to. People have often called him mute but when he does speak his voice is strong yet calm. He takes every day for what it is and does not live for the next. He rarely gets excited and prefers to be alone or with one other. In a group he will often slowly slip away. Ameno does, however, enjoy being around foals and will readily keep them amused. He can often be found around a great storm, rearing and challenging it. If not there, then he will probably be atop a hill gazing over Alm’harat’s creation. Ameno will never shy away from a fight, often wins and is unpredictable.
Background: When Ameno was born, his mother was worried that he seemed to develop his speech later than other foals she had known. He was silent right up until his first year when he started to find his voice. Even then what came out was hardly worth the breath. It was not that he did not know how to speak, he just did not want to speak. The pied stallion was larger than other yearlings he met with his mother. She said that he took after his father that way. When he was older he gradually left his mother, still growing until he reached his full height at 15. The pied stallion wandered the Plains and often found sanctuary in the Pan Woods. He would often melt into the shadows while watching the few foals that could be found in the woods. Or on the Plains for that matter. Now, however, he has no wants in life. The few Longdances he participated in have long since past and he is quite content with living out the rest of his years.


Name: Chorryn
Gender: Mare
Age: 15
Species: Full Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Far Plains
Abilities: Lay-Teller/Singer - If only to herself and her daughter.
- Father: (Deceased)
- Mother: (Deceased)
- Daughter: Tucana
Other Relations:
- Brother: Open
- Sister: Open
Description: Lithe, a runner and dancer at heart. Her face, black in colour, is slender and slightly dished. The ears of this mare are split vertically, half black and half orange. Her body is mostly orange with large irregular patches of black. She has a sky blue mane and tail tassel. She has four white fetlock socks and her beard and ear tassels are white. Chorryn’s hooves and horn are orange and black striped and her eyes are the colour of stormy skies.
Personality: Chorryn is very quiet and introverted. She does not often speak and when she does her voice is soft and barely audible. She loves to sing, however, but will only do so in front of her foal. She does not like to find herself within a large group or with other unicorns with very large personalities. Often becoming uncomfortable and moving away quickly. Inside she yearns for another love but is terrified of having her already broken heart shattered again.
Background: Born into the Vale to Lyeesta and Vorwar. She was the youngest of their three foals and was therefore the one that was looked over the most. Her brother and sister are twins, but she was born when they were barely weaned. Of course, the twins took up most of her parents time. She often spent her time alone but not too far from her parents.
When she was weaned she spent her time in the Vale, never daring to leave. Until, that was, she met her siblings. They taunted her, bullied her, told her that her parents never wanted her. Chorryn ran, ran away from the Vale as far as her legs would carry her.
On the Plains she wandered, tired and nervous until she stumbled upon a Longdance. She was approached by a stallion called Dralad, perhaps he was attracted by the youth of the mare. He seemed interested in her, something that she had never known anyone to be before and danced with him. Chorryn finished the dance and fell deeply in love with the stallion she had only just met. She tried desperately to persuade him to stay with her after the foal was born but Dralad was not interested. Once he found out the foal was a filly he left, saying that he did not want her or the filly. He told her that the filly was not his.
Chorryn then turned on him, letting out all of the anger and hurt she had kept inside over the years. She chased the already uninterested stallion away from her and her precious foal. From that day on, they have wandered the Plains, Chorryn still heartbroken.


Name: Tucana
Gender: Filly
Age: 0 years
Species: Full Unicorn
Most Likely Found: N/A
Abilities: N/A
- Sire: Dralad
- Dam: Chorryn
Other Relations: Possibly brothers and sisters due to her sire.
Description: Her main coat colour is the golden champagne of her sire. She has the black face of her mother and her mothers white socks on all four legs. Her eyes are the colour of ice just like her fathers. Her mane and tail tassel are white, as are her ear tassels and beard when it grows. Her horn is a light cream and her hooves are black. She has inherited little from her dam.
Personality: This filly is much like her dam, but she has known no other way to be. Fearful and shy of much around her, she would rather stick close to her mother than wander off. She does not talk. If she wants to communicate she will do so with gestures ie eye movements and facial expressions. Tucana may, however, talk when she is older.
Background: N/A


Name: Vylino
Gender: Stallion
Age: 16
Species: Full Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Far Plains
Abilities: Warrior
-Father: Bisran
-Mother: Runejo
-Siblings: N/A
Other Relations: N/A (Many foals he does not know)
Personality: A real gentleman, this stallion could not be nicer. He treats mares with great respect and foals he loves to fool around with. Vylino is a stallion who is very happy with life. He never seems to be sad or afraid of what may happen and always tries to lighten a dark mood. This stallion loves nothing more than to run free over the Plains, the wind in his mane and not a care in the world. He is often found standing atop a hill on a breezy day, smiling to himself. Vylino is also very loyal, particularly to those closest to him and will protect them with his life. He often finds himself in a Longdance, which he loves to finish.
Background: Vylino had the perfect start in life, his mother could not have done more for him. His sire was present too, which was rare in Plainsdwellers. He seemed to attract friends from all around and was a happy little colt. His father taught him everything he knows about his Warrior training, though he hardly finds the need to use it. When he struck out on his own, he was confident with the knowledge he had gathered of the world from his parents and his own experiences.
He was lucky in his travels to never have to fight. Dancing in many a long dance, often finishing them. And so he wanders, still happy in life, making new friends along the way.


Name: Aeronwen; Nickname: The Siren, Sirena
Gender: Mare
Age: 10
Species: Full Unicorn. Vale born but does not recognise that.
Most Likely Found: Pan Woods. Seldom ventures to the Near Plains.
Abilities: None Specialised. Very good, natural dancer.
Family: Sire – Kabal (Deceased), Dam – Calaia (Deceased), Brother – Idueru (13), Sister – Eeta (15)
Other Relations: Niece and nephew from Idueru and Eeta and their partners but has never met them.
Description: A very slender young mare, her head is slightly dished with large seductive apple green eyes. She has a blue marking on her face that touches each eye slightly while running down her slender nose to her muzzle and lips. Her base pelt colour is a dusky salmon pink that is tinged with a light brown and is painted with large irregular spots of a darker shade. From the top of her neck to her shoulders is a large, soft marking of a bright pink and on her rump is a golden yellow that stretches to the end of her tasselled tail. Sirena’s forelegs house two knee-length white stockings while her hind legs house two dusky pink stockings that stop at her hocks. All four hooves are a dark pink in colour. Her ear tassles and horn are a light grey in colour.
Personality: Aeronwen never uses her true name, preferring to be called Sirena. If she is the topic of conversation, however, she will often be referred to as “The Siren” due to her seductive nature. Her usual haunt is the shadows of the Pan Woods but she likes to stay beside the water that gathers in the pools and streams, always watching for her next victim to stumble her way. Even though she is still young, not yet fully grown, she knows her way around the stallions. Sirena is a mare that likes to cause trouble between mated pairs and takes great pleasure in seeking out such souls before taunting the mare by flirting with her mate. Although, deep within the darkest recesses of herself she is plagued by worry and doubt about her old life and the new one she was desperate to begin.
Background: Born to parents obsessed with rules and controlling their children, Sirena still loved them with all of her heart. They did not approve of her ways with love and often scolded her if they caught her flaunting herself to the young colts. Her parents believed in the laws of the Ring while she was fascinated by the ways of the free folk and longed for such freedom herself. While they waved her brother and sister off as they travelled to the Sea each year, Sirena often slipped away from the group and cavorted with the free folk before returning home. She was careful never to pledge herself to anyone for fear of becoming pregnant for that would cause her parents to disown her. Confined to the Vale, the young mare felt trapped by her parents and siblings for they too were true to the Ring. When their parents died it signalled the time for Sirena to cut all ties with her old life and, during one moonless night, she left the Vale forever and settled within the shadows of the Pan Woods. To this day her siblings have never come after her or if they have, they have not found her yet.


Name: Kaile; True Name: Kaile’unne (Kah-lay-OON)
Gender: Mare
Age: 13
Species: Full Unicorn (Plainsdweller)
Most Likely Found: Birthplace: Far Plains; Current Residence: Near Plains
Abilities: Healing and a little midwifery
Family: Sire: Rad’chei (Deceased); Dam: Athlen (Deceased); Siblings: Shy’pola (Sister - 11), Ihata (Sister – 11)
Other Relations: Ath’mos’ont (Shoulderfriend – 14), Veseez (Shoulderfriend – 13)
Description: A slim but strong mare with a straight head adorned with black horn and a very thin black stripe running down the centre of her kind face. Her mystical eyes are the colour of the moon with the only blemish being the black of her pupils. The colour of her beard, mane and tail tassel is the colour of ash created from the dying fires of the Pans while her pelt is the colour of ice water. Adorning each of her four slender limbs are four knee and hock length white stockings leading to four black hooves. Separate black stripes run along the length of her back until just above her hocks.
Personality: Kaile is a quiet mare to those who do not know her, but to her friends she is bright and cheerful and doesn’t let life’s problems get her down. She is very caring and always the first one to calm a situation down or help others when they need help being a natural listener. Kaile is the type of mare that acts like a mother to all despite still being young. She is always willing to offer kind words and a warm smile to those who she feels needs them most as she is very happy with her life. Always on the lookout for new friends and acquaintances as she travels in search of the one she met some time ago.
Background: Born to a healer dam and warrior sire and the oldest of three children, Kaile was always the model child. She would always pay attention to what her mother taught her about her ways and would help to look after her two younger sisters. Never wanting to explore the world outside her mother and siblings, she was content learning the ways of the healers. When their mother died of natural causes the trio eventually decided to go their separate ways and Kaile was now by herself in the vastness of the Plains.
It was there that she met Atmos and Vez, two sisters that had stayed together throughout their lives and she travelled with them between dances where she met many-a-stallion. One in particular Kaile remembers well. A dappled purple stallion with a thick white blanket across his back as if fresh snow had fallen on him and he had not yet shaken it off. They had danced together like they had danced with no one else until she led him away to the cover of some trees, but he ran. The blue mare had never figured out why.
After that night she had never given up the search for him yet as the years passed she had reserved herself to never finding him. Kaile has never heard nor seen of her shoulder-friends either and so she is alone once more, still happy, still smiling.