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Real Name: Erica
Age: 19 [may 1]
Location: NC, USA


Name: Evermore [no nicknames yet]
Gender: Mare
Age: 9
Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Plains/Pan Woods
Abilities: She has dreaming sight but is very quiet about it.
Family: Love: Maltiri
Other Relations:
Description: Her coat mimics the exotic tones and patterns of the elusive Okapi. Her base color is a dark mahogany bay and she has white stripes along her hindquarters and front legs. She also has a white area on her cheeks.
Personality: Very sweet and charming, Evermore is a lovely girl to be around. She is down to earth and easy going but don't let that sweet-heart charm fool you. She has a temper and is known to hold a grudge. Now this isn't to say that she isn't loyal. She's loyal to the end and passionate. She is also very strong and determined. In the wrong hands her extreme loyalty could be her biggest fault.
Background: The daughter of a warrior, Evermore learned two things early in life. 1] sparing techniques, she could easily fend for herself in the most horrendous fight. and 2] To be loyal to the end. For the most part she stays to herself though she loves the company of a friend, or even a nice chat with a stranger from time to time. She can usually be found lurking around the Pan Woods.

Nani Pele'

Name: Nani Pele' [Pele']
Gender: Mare
Age: 10
Species: Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: Wherever trouble can be found
Abilities: n/a
Other Relations: Friends: Wasp, Kys
Description: Her coat mimics an albino corn snake. When she was younger her coat was very pale and her bands were solid. Now she is a golden yellow and brick red and her bands aren't nearly as long as they used to be.
Personality: Outgoing and eccentric, you have to love this girl for her good intentions. She comes across as having no real idea of right and wrong and lets her need for excitement and adventure lead her. She is known to have an attitude from time to time, and sometimes even hateful, but is docile for the most part. Much like her look-alike friend, the corn snake. However, she is as much a leader as a follower, she just knows when to let someone else in charge. Other than being a bit of a bad influence on younger unicorns she's a good girl with a good heart.
Background: From the time she was very young Pele' has been more than a handful for any parent. By the time she was born her parents were on up in age and instead of fighting the young cherry-lemon colored filly they would let her run and be adventurous. Now she is a social butterfly with her closest friends Wasp and Kys always looking for a good time. Wasp, Kys, and Pele' go back ages to their youth, you know what they say... you're best friends are the ones you get in trouble with.