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Real Name (Nickname): Everyone calls me Spirit...
Age: 19
Location: USA
Other Info: Well, I'm a 19 year old psychology major. My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, painting, and role-playing.... Hmm... I wonder which of those gets the most attention?
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Name: Najda
Gender: Mare
Age: 5
Species: 3/4 Unicorn, 1/4 Dayan
Most Likely Found: The Great Grass Plain
Abilities: Singer, Dancer, Warrior, and Dream Seer
Family: Mate: Salies Foals: not just yet Father: Kathina Mother: Autumn Goldfeather
Other Relations: Rhea: Shoulder-friend
Description: Leaf gold and ruby red dance about this mare's coat in intricate patterns of flames, red taking her upper half and gold her lower. Her left cheek bears the golden mark of a flame, which dances up to her emerald eyes, which already gleam with the hard determination that burns in her soul. Her mane and tail fall down in sprays of gentle gold and red (respectively). Upon her brow, she sports a red horn, and she walks on red cloven hooves.
Personality: Najda carries herself proudly, like the warrior she felt herself destined to become, and keeps very quiet. She does not intrude on others' business, and keeps to herself. Others might call her shy, yet she proves very open when she feels like approaching another. At the same time, due to her being raised as a Slave, she has trouble mustering up the willpower to stand up to others, instead more often fighting with her instant urge to become cowed and submit.
Background: The salt flats… not a good place for a childhood. It taught Najda to be a cold, callous creature even at an early age, as there was little love in Rakash's slave herd. It was about fighting, and the strong surviving. She avidly believed in the words and stories of her herd, and followed them zealously. She idolized Rakash's 'Companions', and used to dream of nothing more than earning her own gold feather...
Then, at the pivotal age of five, she witnessed the sacrificial ceremony to Dai-chon, an event which forever altered her view of the society. Unlike most, she lingered for a bit after the ceremony. She was entranced in the lie at first, believing like most that the sacrifice had been taken by the sun... but that was shattered when she nearly tripped on a few rocks and looked down. There lay the unicorn's crumpled body, those coveted gold feathers lying strewn in its mane.
That event changed her forever. The ceremony was a lie, and she debated the rest of the herd's potential lies and the liars that told her the lies. She believed them. She trusted them! No more. The crumpled unicorn did not look much different than she, the gold and red playing patterns on his coat as well, an observation that sent chills down her spine. If it could happen to him, it could happen to her too. It was ceremonial to send those colored like she to Dai-chon... to their demise at the bottom of these very cliffs.
No! She would flee! She would escape into the night! She would not die for a fanatic's lies! That night, after the one who claimed her and the others had went to rest, she made her escape, fleeing to the Vale, the place she had only heard of in song once or twice. It took all the courage she possessed to make the week-long trip, as she left knowing the guards in place at the borders of the land, and that her horn was still blunt. Yet she hazarded the journey anyway, hoping for the sake of hope that nothing would hinder her search for peace.
Eventually, she found her solace in the Vale, meeting up with a friendly circle of unicorns, but still her shyness won the day. After two years alone with little company other than Rhea, her shoulder-friend finally convinced her to leave her seclusion and venture out into the Great Grass Plain... where, it seems, her past was bound to catch up with her.


Name: Anjasa (meaning 'Not Dark')
Gender: Stallion
Age: 8
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Abilities: Warrior/ Self-trained Healer
Family: Mate: - None, Children: - None
Other Relations:
Description: Anjasa's coat is very dark in coloration, being a deep, deep indigo that almost appears black. This color carries to his mane, tassels, tail, and hooves. The only alternating colors on his coat are the small yellow star just under his horn and the silvered scars that offer small flecks of color across his hide.
Personality: Anjasa could be called laid back... or, well, somewhat lazy. He is decently proficient in everything he sets hoof to, just that it takes a bit to get him motivated enough to actually set hoof to it. He's not exactly humble, but nor is he so much of a braggart that he rubs his accomplishments in others' faces. He's a do-it-yourself-er to his bitter end, and loves to go out exploring, if nothing else but to learn something on his own... when he feels like it.
Background: Anjasa's foalhood wasn't that impressive. No cataclysmic events really heralded it, no stars fell from the sky. His parents were perfectly ordinary, and supportive of everything he ever did. Such led to the development of a broad variety of talents, just that he wasn't particularly exceptional at any of them. Certainly, he would outdo himself from time to time, but it took a lot to motivate himself to do anything really.
However, the young warrior did manage to find a rather deep passion in the healing arts as he watched Teki's acolytes tend to those injured in the battle of Endingfire, and secretly aspired to learn their craft by himself, and without much prompting, the seemingly otherwise lazy halfgrown set out to master his craft.