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Name: Altimus (Moose)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 12
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:
Other Relations:
Description: Moose is a thick set male, resembling a gangly draft type though still very much a plains unicorn in stature. He is by no means unsightly in his stature, it perhaps adds to the interest. He has a distinct roman curve to his snout, which is half white, and this leaks into his soft dark beard like white paint through ink, his coat is a rich combination of various shades of Jade and Violet... making him seem to have been dipped in petrol, with accents of white to his legs. His mane and tail are tri-toned, with darker shades of green and purple present, along with a shock of silver here and there.
He has one blue eye and one caramel eye, you'd think it would be blue on white and caramel on darker hue... well you are wrong. Like with everything else, he is a contradiction, and his blue eye is on the side where his mask does not reach.
His horn is well carved, dark and slightly warped along its length.
Personality: Dreamer, joker, lover, fighter. In four words one could describe him as thus. Things, however, are never this simple. Altimus is a two sided coin, like many personalities- though he has a clear divide between his good / not so good sides. Still waters run deep you might say, you'd be accurate in saying so. No one really knows the real Altimus, or what his personality really is like and perhaps people have only seen him when he is happy, or when he is irritated, thus earning him the reputation of being volatile. He can change his personality at the drop of a hat earning him the label of volatile- where as he would rather use the phrase: 'passionate'.
He is a hard book to read, whether it be the fact that there is alot of small print to wade through, or that the pages are torn and battered- he gives very little away, he can be cold, withdrawn and sullen on occassion. This being said, however, he holds much respect for the more feminine creatures, and indeed does not judge individuals swiftly- allowing them to come into themselves and show their true worth before filing them away in the appropriate 'drawer' if you will.
He has a very dry sense of humor, witty and sometimes acidly sarcastic- don't be surprised if you become the target of one of his jokes, or indeed the subject matter!
He is a diplomat, he is a listener and a romantic creature. Moose holds few grudges, believing them to be a waste of time and very counter-productive. He holds his friends close, and his enemies even closer you might say. Once, however, you get past the icy exterior and general disregard, he is a warm and gentle beast, though it takes a long time for him to place his trust in you.