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Name: Ataraxe [Ah-tar-ax-eh]
Gender: Stallion
Age: 25
Description: Seal bay - Black points, body a very dark brown, shining black. Coppergold highlighted in tender areas. Eyes are bright golden, horn is black. White socks on three legs, save for left fore leg. White blaze, four diagonal paralell scars crossing his chin, starting beneath his eye on the left side.
Mate/Children: Mate - Willow (deceased) Childern - Aequus (duaghter by Corynn) Dis - (duaghter by Willow)
Family/Relations: Brother - Kal'lan, Nephew - Finvas
Role in Herd: Exiled, former warrior
Personality: Dangerous, illtempered, easily agitated, bloodthirsty, the worst temper you can imagine, violent. But also very very sad and lonley, full of grief.
Any Other Info: Belives his youngest duaghter Dis to be dead, and is unaware of his oldest duaghters existance. Read to find out more.


Name: Sirius Darkholm
Gender: Mare
Age: Adult
Description: Inverted Dun. Her base color is a creamy steel hue with hints of stormy purple. Her points are a pale creamy golden rose, and her eyes as well. She has some scarring from her battles.
Mate/Children: Her mate died in Endingfire, they had no young.
Family/Relations: Unspecified at this time
Role in Herd: Warrior
Personality: She's a true hunter, who enjoys the art of the warrior just as the laysinger appreciates a good lay performed well. She's talented and have taken a few acolytes through the years. But she's restless and since Ending Fire, she's made a few treks out on the plains to see what's out there.
Additional info: She's been out on the Plains for almost two years, and have just returned to the Vale.

Artphiel Fallfrost

Name: Artphiel Fallfrost
Gender: Stallion
Age: Full grown, but young
Description: "Flaxen Chestnut" in green tones. Dark knees and hocks but lightfading. canons. Extensive but faint cobwebing across his back. Green eyes, he carries shimmering ravens feathers in his mane.
Mate/Children: N/N
Family/Relations: Unspecified
Role in Herd: Healer of the Plains
Personality: A very sweet fellow, who's perhaps been a bit too innocent in the past. He needs to be toucgher and harder, but he's rather meotional and gentle to his nature.
Additional info: He was recently abandoned by what he thougth was the love of his life, so he's naturally heartbroken.

Storm Thunderheel

Name: Storm Thunderheel
Gender: Mare
Age: Young adult
Description: Dark chocolate to coffee chestnut with bronze toning and lighter flanks. Eyes are intensly silveryblue.
Mate/Children: N/N
Family/Relations: Unspecified
Role in Herd: Plainsdweller
Personality: Cool and beautiful, this mare is of the suspiscious kind, as she's had some ugly experiences in the past. Her cool ways can be mistaken for cruelty os a mean nature, but she is just cautious.
Additional info: One of Alma's Stars. One of teh key elements to Storm is her great beauty. It has so captivating that it has made he rlife miserable - chased like a legendary trophy, she ha straversed the plains and found that trust is often misgiven or given too easily.


Name: Aequus
Gender: Mare
Age: Fullgrown
Description: Blue chestnut - mane, tale, beard and ear tassels fade into white at the tips. Has a white jagged band spiraling up from her right hind hoof, ending above her hock. Silver eyes, blue horn marked with jagged wild white lines.
Mate/Children: Future mate - Geist
Family/Relations: Sire - Ataraxe, half sister - Dis , Stepfather - Aerendil
Role in Herd: Plainsdweller
Personality: A bit on the odd end, shifty, can change personality, strange sense of humour but lot's of it.
Any Other Info: Her dam was a seer gone mad, who evetually killed herself. Aequus was raised by the then very young Aerendil.

Dis Darkflame

Name: Dis Darkflame
Gender: Mare
Age: Closing on fullgrown.
Description: Silver blood bay. White socks on all legs save for left fore leg. White dipped muzzle. Black points, horn and beard. Silver mane and tale tassel. Black eyes, with white sclera.
Mate/Children: No
Family/Relations: Sire - Ataraxe Dam - Willow (deceased) Sister - Aequus Uncle - Kal'lan Cousin -Finvas
Role in Herd: Plainsdweller
Personality: Is just now starting to develop a personality, she has been very darkminded before, consumed by bitterness and hate towards Ataraxe whom she blames for her mothers death. Partially, she blames herself though.
Any Other Info: Unaware that Ataraxe is her sire, her dam told her that Dragon (a plainsdwelling stallion) was her sire.

Stillcloud- Retired

Name: Stillcloud
Gender: Stallion
Age: Young full grown
Role in Herd: Warrior
Additional info:

Idrial- Retired

Name: Idrial
Gender: Mare
Age: Full grown, but young
Description: Dark sooty dappled grey, with steely tones. Black points, a white sock on her left rear leg, a big snip on he rmuzzle, and indigo eyes.
Mate/Children: N/N
Family/Relations: Unspecified
Role in Herd: Plains dweller
Personality: Cheerful and flirty, but a fierce and loyal friend.
Additional info: A looker and a flirt - she's a gal with a history, but has never been able to cross anyone for real, even though there's been a battle or two over her favor.