Name: Nightwalker
Gender: Mare
Age: 13
Species: Full Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Plains
Family: Darcarith (Mate,deceased), Daychild, Nightsblood (children, twins), Moon Stalker(Dam), Raven Wing (Sire)
Other Relations: Kahain (heart-sister)
Description: Nightwalker's body is a grey so dark it is almost black, the only distinguishing mark is a four point white star on her forehead that her horn sprouts from the middle of. Her mane, tail, hooves, horn and eyes are all black.
Personality: Nightwalker is normally a quiet soul. She tends to blend in to the background which suits her fine. However, when she teams up with her heart-sister the trickster that lurks within comes to the front. She is also a very protective mother, often to her children's dismay. A sadness lurks still in her eyes, a memory of her lost love.
Background: Her childhood was a good one, until tragedy struck and had her running for the plains for freedom. All she knew perished except for her heart-sister and her heart-sister's brother. She wandered lost and alone on the plains until she ran across Kahain and later Starstrider. The three banded together for a time and roamed the plains along with her mate Darcarith. Her mate was taken from her when a crazed stallion killed him in an attempt to win Nightwalker for himself, he died on Night's horn.


Name: Daychild
Gender: Filly
Age: Foal (2 yearsish)
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: At her mother's side
Family: Nightwalker(Dam), Darcarith(Sire) Nightsblood(twin)
Other Relations:Kahain(honorary aunt)
Description: Daychild has a cream main body she also sports navy stockings that stop at her knees as well as a navy four point star on her forehead. Her mane and tail are also navy. She has true blue eyes and black hooves.
Personality: Daychild is a bubbly child still somewhat shy around strangers but she gets over that quickly. Curious and inquisitive enough for two her mother swears that somehow Alma gave her Kahain's child instead of her own. She seems to have absorbed her "aunt's" penchant for playing tricks as well.


Name: Nightsblood
Gender: Colt
Age: Foal (2 yearish)
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: At his mother's side
Family: Nightwalker(Dam), Darcarith(Sire) Daychild(twin)
Other Relations: Kahain (honorary aunt)
Description: Nightsblood is navy blue on his body. He has one white sock on his left rear leg that stops at midcannon and a white blaze down his face. His mane and tail are cream, his eyes are emerald green and his hooves are black.
Personality: Nightsblood is the quieter twin he thinks before he speaks and it seems to outsiders that his twin is the dominant one. In reality Daychild will do anything for Nightsblood and often he is the only one who can stop her from doing some of her sillier ideas. He is the shyer twin and takes time before warming to strangers.


Name: Alaia
Gender: Mare
Age: 8
Species: full blooded unicorn
Most Likely Found: wandering the plains
Family: (Dam) Meadowsweet (Sire) unknown (Brother) Golden Star, unkown if she has any others from her father
Other Relations:
Description: Her body starts out a deep blue and shifts down to purple then pink then peach with silver paint markings. Her mane and tail are deep blue and silver particolor. Her horn is silver and her hooves are peach save for her right front hoof which is silver. Her eyes are a bright blue.
Personality: Fun loving and whimsical she enjoys finding adventures out on the plains. She is also very much a flirt.
Background: Alaia spent her foal years running with her mother and a small band of other unicorns. She was lucky enough to have suffered no major tragedies in her life. There was the occasional pard attack which sometimes resulted in the loss of a life but that was life in the ever changing band, it was just another way unicorns left. The lost member was mourned but the death was accepted. When she was a half-grown she set off on her own.