Real Name (Nickname): Christy
Age: 23
Location: The Netherlands
Other Info: My name is Christy, though I go by Silawen online, and I've returned to the Vale after a long absence. I used to roleplay here a couple of years ago, so much so that I was frankly obsessed with it. However, due to family circumstances and me having to finish my study, I was unable to continue playing and eventually had to give it up. Trust me, I regret it still.

Now I have a steady job - teaching English at a highschool - and a bit more time, I'm hoping to pick that up again. Though I am not a native speaker, I do hope that my English will be sufficient enough to partake in all the roleplaying. With such a great site and forum, I see it's changed a lot, but I'm convinced the welcoming atmosphere will have remained the same.

My interests center around languages - I can 'speak' a few and am teaching myself Japanese right now - writing, reading, and dabbling in various other pursuits such as sport and the internet. I'm twenty-three years old, of the Dutch nationality, and quite crazy. I look forward to showing this to you all.

Instant Messenger Information:

Name: Wendell
Gender: Stallion
Age: 18 summers
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The plains. (Near or Far.)
Abilities: Wendell has no great talents. While he is not a terrible fighter, he isn't very accomplished either, and he has no talent whatsoever for storytelling or melody. Though he enjoys jokes, they aren't usually to other people's taste, nor does he have a penchant for herbs or finding food. In fact, the only thing he can do reasonably well is swim, though he hardly has to do it.
Family: Dam: Kella, deceased
Sire: Morton, deceased
Mate: T'lan, deceased
Other Relations: -
Description: A tall, thin stallion with angular features. He has a coat of pale yellow, save for the black feathering near his black hooves and the striking markings on his head. His head is covered in a mask of black - what we would call a 'bald face' in equine terms - running from the tip of his nose to just behind his ears. His beard is a golden yellow, the same colour as his mane and tail. The grey of his eyes - the same colour as his horn - stands out greatly against the black of his head.
Personality: Having always been an insular sort of unicorn, he's gotten even worse over the years. Wendell can be arrogant, sarcastic and insensitive, leaving him to prefer time spent on his own. Though he will engage others in conversation, it's mostly because he is bored, hungry, or wanting good conversation. Though he looks imposing, he's very wary of physical confrontations and would rather take the easy way out than fight another stallion.
Honesty is something Wendell values greatly and many of the unfortunate problems he's had with other unicorns have been due to his frankness. If he believes something to be true, then he'll stand behind it to the bitter end. He'll also be very open about his opinion, not shying away from saying something that will hurt others. However, his sarcasm also gives way to an interesting sense of humour, which leads him to appreciate a good joke.
Though he can be very rude, he can be a great ally once he takes a liking to someone. Wendell isn't easily impressed, but when he is he can be a loyal and even kind companion.
Background: The first memory Wendell has is of his mother, fair Kella, telling him the story of how he got his colouring. According to her a great fire raged in the heart of their world and Wendell's spirit, before he was even born, stepped forth to stop it. Engulfed by the flames, he stuck his head forward and breather out as strongly as he could. As a result, the flames diminished and he was born with an ashen head and hooves covered in soot.
Though Wendell figured out long ago that she'd made the story up, her vivid storytelling still had an effect on him. The way she described the fire and its ferocity caused Wendell to fear it, even though he's never seen it up close. The mere mention of fire can make him turn around, or choose another path to his destination.
Raised on the plains, Wendell has always been happy to live in solitude. Once he left his mother and went out on his own, he realized that he didn't relish the company of others the way most did. The one exception? The young mare he met when Wendell was only five summers old. Her sense of humour and intelligence put a spell on him, unlike anyone has done before. When she died - not long after they met, the result of malnutrition after a broken limb, even though Wendell protected her from predators - he started wandering far and wide. He has yet to meet a mare quite like her, though he has hope that there might still be someone out there who will match up to her.
His life has not been as turbulent as some of the stories he's heard, but the years spent alone have left its mark on him. He's become bitter and downright unpleasant to deal with, simply because he's always believed that very few unicorns are worth his time.


Name: Finn, short for Finnea.
Gender: Mare
Age: 6 summers old
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Far Plains
Abilities: Finn has a knack for finding her way around. Though she has no experience with most of the land, something about it tells her where other unicorns are. It allows her to keep on running and usually find her way to a safe haven.
Family: Dam - Maltea (Deceased.)
Sire - Thorn (Deceased.)
Other Relations: Cousin - Calanthia
Description: A purple pansy dun with a slim, nimble build. Finn has a dark purple body with yellow-gold mane, nose, and tail-tassel. The same golden yellow colour runs from her hooves to high above the knee. Other golden markings include spots on her hind left leg, a thin line from the tail-tassel to the base of the tail, and a rather large, blotch on her left shoulder. Her eyes are golden as well. She's been called the 'sunkissed foal' since she was young due to the shapes on her body that resemble a shining sun.
Personality: Fiery and prone to child-like hissyfits. Excessively curious, much like a child, and has a habit of letting her mouth run away with her. Very idealistic and slightly naive, but feisty and willing to defend her stand-points to the letter. Out-going and usually cheerful. She can be a bit skittish, but is usually playful and downright flirty. Being young, however, she's not generally interested in anything long-lasting. With her young age also comes the unfortunate habit of doing things she shouldn't be doing, such as flirting with the wrong stallion, asking all the wrong questions, and going places others would deem dangerous.
Background: Finn was born a privileged young foal. Adored by her parents and whoever she met, she was spoiled from a young age. Running across the plains, she grew up carefree and without a great idea of what the dangers were, because she was always protected by a protective father and a dutiful and intelligent mother. As a result, she remained childlike and prone to a feisty disposition because she never met much disagreement and her father was overprotective.
When she was four her parents died in a pard attack as they valiantly tried to defend her. She ran and kept on running, never looking back, and has felt guilty about it ever since. She dreams about that night, sometimes, and it's lead to her fear of being alone. She tries to be around others as often as possible and has moved from herd to herd trying to find somewhere she feels she belongs. Her behaviour has pissed a lot of people off, however, and most of the time she doesn't hang around for long.
Though she is talkative, the only thing she doesn't like to talk about is her family. She's vaguely aware there is a cousin running around somewhere, but doesn't try to think about it too much, because it reminds her of her cowardice and the way her parents died protecting her.


Name: Whistler
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10 summers old
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Smoking Hills or Far Plains
Abilities: Whistler enjoys making music. He does this by whistling, which has earned him his name when he was still a young foal. Along with the whistling, he also enjoys dancing and pounding his hooves in a particular rhythm. Telling stories he is not good at, but his 'songs' around the fire have amused a lot of unicorns in his life.
Family: Dam - Prancer
Sire - Melner
Other Relations: -
Description: Whistler is a well-built stallion with developed muscles and an elegant gait. This is due to his tendency to move constantly, often running, and his fondness of dancing. Colouring-wise Whistler is blood-red all over. From the tip of his tail-tassel to the tip of his nose he is a dark red, with his mane and tail-tassel a slight tint darker than the rest, but it's hardly noticeable. The only exceptions to this are his horn, which is a striking pale silver, and a round patch of white around his left eye. His eyes, incidentally, are a light brown that looks red in the sun's light. He also wears white feathers in his mane. These feathers he's collected from the birds he watches.
(The patch around his left eye is like the horse here, but Whistler's patch is rounder.)
Personality: Whistler is a dreamer and can be quite erratic. He'd much rather run across the plains and think about flying in the outstretched sky, than stand around and talk to other 'corns. As a result he's not used to all the intricate social rules that herds often have and sometimes says things he shouldn't have been saying. His thoughts run away with him much like his legs do. However, because he's fun, energetic and kind he often gets away with it. He really doesn't mean it and is always willing to make up for it. Active, loyal and strong, he can be counted on when things go bad.
Background: As a young foal Whistler was rather scrawny. Though he already caught people's attention due to his whistling - something that developed over time - his appearance was as such that he didn't really impress anyone, so he was taken as a bit of a clown. Relishing in that role, Whistler grew up an oddball. He talked to birds, followed them as they flew across the plains, and sang and danced whenever there was a chance to. He enjoyed getting attention by doing odd things, as opposed to having to join mock battles, or sharpen his hooves.
After a few years, though, his lengthy running had an impact on his body and he turned from scrawny to lanky. His muscles developed and all his wanderings turned him into a hardy stallion. Though he has no battle experience, he is rather strong and has plenty of courage.
For many years he's grown to like bird-watching and following them around. Though some of his other oddities have lessened over the years, this one hasn't and when one can't find him he's probably off running after his flighty friends.
He left his dam and sire at a reasonably young age, as he couldn't be tied down. He wanted to meet new unicorns and see new places, so he left them behind and journeyed across the plains.
Odd, creative, agile and strong, he's a rather strange mix of qualities.


Name: Anathar, meaning 'Wizard'. Given to him because of his cunning nature.
Gender: Male, tercel.
Age: 36, elder
Species: Gryphon
Most Likely Found: Thar travels between the Smoking Hills, where he generally roosts, and the Plains. When he's fed he'll return to the Hills for a few days, before setting out again to hunt pards or unicorns on the Plains.
Abilities: Thar is, above all else, a hunter. He enjoys nothing more than to soar through the skies in search of prey and then sweep down to catch it. He's pretty good at stalking as well.
Family: Mate - Metai (deceased), Daughter - Emsher, Father - Nargan (deceased), Mother - Limuthe
Other Relations: -
Description: Thar is of average height for a male gryphon and has dark green feathers. His pard body is a dark gold. Compared to most other gryphons, Thar is quite ordinary, except for the scars that run across his back and legs. One large one, the result of talons scratching open skin, runs from his shoulderblades down his back and along left leg. One other stretches over part of his tail. Though it's been a while since he suffered the injuries, they're still pretty noticeable and tend to itch. Because of his age his feathers aren't as healthy any more. He's lost some of them, and others have greyed slightly due to age, leaving his wings to look dishevelled and his head odd. His body, also, is thinner and a bit more wiry than most gryphons. His eyes, one of his more striking features, are black.
Personality: Thar is dangerous and proud. Due to his unfortunate history he has no regard for anyone but himself and absolutely loathes unicorns. He's bitter and angry, with a touch of madness. Anathar will fight anyone he chooses to, especially unicorns, and enjoys the battles way too much. He's taken up hunting unicorns, even though he doesn't like the taste, and can stalk them for days if he feels he has to. Though his blood-lust sometimes clouds his mind, he's generally a cunning and difficult opponent. His experience is a warrior aid him greatly and though he is not the youngest anymore he is certainly a force to be reckoned with, especially for unicorns that aren't yet full-grown. Some say the loss of his mate has ripped his sanity to shreds. He talks to her, sometimes, and it appears that he sometimes even sees her. It's not strange to hear him tell her stories about his day, or ask her for guidance.
Background: Anathar's hatred for unicorns stems from a long history of feeling slighted by them. Raised to see them as either food or pesky problems, they meant nothing to him. In his youth he'd always been great at catching the horned ones and though his mate usually brought home the food, he'd become a mighty warrior in his own right.
All this changed when, on a forage for food, his mate was taken down by a band of unicorns. He was told very little, for the other cared not for a mate-less tercel, but everything changed for him as a result. His mate had held a high position in the gryphon ranks, but due to her death Anathar was banished to the lower regions of the Gryphon Mountains. His pride didn't suffer that well and some mere days after the fact he, perhaps out of sadness about losing his mate, attacked those that had taken his place. Of course he was no match for the pair that now roosted where he'd lived all those many years and he was driven back, banished from the Mountains and left for dead on the Plains. It took him many moons to fully regain his strength and he has not returned to the Mountains since.
His daughter, already a high-ranked formel when this happened, could do nothing. Anathar doesn't know what happened to her and if she's still alive.
He now resides in the Smoking Hills and on the Plains, ever searching for the unicorns who killed his mate and ruined his position. He constantly sweeps over the Plains and attacks any unicorns he sees, because he wants to avenge his mate and finish what she started. He still doesn't like the taste, but will eat his fill and leave the rest to pards. It's actually not uncommon for him to see them everywhere - perhaps he imagines them, or perhaps they've learned to see him as a constant source for food - and he's taken to calling them 'his hounds'. Though he's heard of this 'truce' between unicorns and gryphons, he feels he belongs to neither and continues to kill whenever he wants to. Madness and sharp talons have made him yet another danger making the Plains so very dangerous.


Gender: Mare
Age: 11
Species:Vale Unicorn
Most Likely Found: The Vale. Occasionally wanders into the Pan Woods.
Abilities:Amblyn is convinced that she is a dreamer, but no one has heard anything that confirms that and her 'dreaming' is perceived as crazy ranting instead.
Family:Family: Dam - Utahli
Sire - Unknown.
Amblyn has a brother, but she does not know much of anything about him, only that he roams the plains.
Other Relations: -
Description: Amblyn is a rather tiny mare, with delicate - but fragile - limbs and a finely structured head. Though full-grown, she is almost a head shorter than most unicorn mares, and doesn't help her case any by walking with an awkward, off-beat gait. (Due to her being lost in her crazy mind, leaving her off-kilter.)
Her body is a dark grey, which can look black at night, but looks a lot lighter during the day. Her mane and tail-tassel are a striking lime-green, which stands out vividly against her grey coat. The same lime-green colours the four stockings that run down her legs, leading into hooves and feathering of the same colour. Her horn is grey and her eyes a mix of green and a touch of white.
Personality:Amblyn is scatterbrained and somewhat crazy. She forgets things easily and can jump from one subject to the next at a frightening pace. This isn't because she is trying to be annoying, but her mind is jumbled and too fast for even her to follow sometimes. Her frankness would normally be rude, but she speaks in such a weird way that whatever she says can be very hard to figure out.
Amblyn has dreams and these are ones that she considers to be sightings of the future. It could well be that she is right, but her explanations of those dreams are so unclear and all over the place that no one can identify what she's actually trying to say. As a result other unicorns haven't taken her dreaming very seriously and instead labelled her crazy. Luckily she doesn't realize this, because she's too focused on her own, wild mind.
The grey mare is also a romantic, but a disturbing one. She is the epitome of 'love at first sight' and can decide that she's in love with a stallion the moment they meet. Whatever a stallion does, she can perceive it as a romantic gesture and fall head over hooves in love with him. It doesn't matter that he's too old for her, too young for her, or already taken, because to her love is all that matters. Her already frazzled mind will turn completely to her love-interest and forget all about her surroundings. (Not that she's very aware of the world around her to begin with.) When in love she can get pretty shy, which adds even more to her weirdness.
She's still pretty naive and innocent and doesn't know the world, even at her age. The recent death of her dam, however, might change that.
Background:Amblyn was born in the safety and comforts of the Vale. Daughter of a Vale-dwelling mother and a stallion from the Far Plains, she never met her sire, but heard wonderful stories about him. Her dam, very wise and worldly, realised from the very beginning that Amblyn wasn't the typical adventurous foal. Where most foals would play games and wander from their homes, Amblyn slept, dreamed, and talked to butterflies. Instead of experiencing things herself, the young filly imagined what things would be like, and turned the world into a rich and fantastical place that was vastly removed from reality. Though Amblyn's mother, Utahli, tried to encourage her young foal to explore and find out more about the world, the filly instead remained in the Vale and developed quirks that would get worse the older she got. Eventually realising that things wouldn't change, Amblyn's mother gave up and instead worked hard to keep her naive filly safe. Even when Amblyn became an adult unicorn, her mother kept an eye on her and never left the Vale for long. Even when Amblyn wanted to go find her father, Utahlu urged the mare to stay in the Vale, where she knew she'd be safe.
A few moons ago, however, things changed, as Utahli passed away due to the tough winter months. Amblyn was left alone and is starting to realize that life isn't as perfect as she'd imagined it to be. Problem is, her scattered brain and weird habits don't make surviving any easier, especially as she's started to feel the pull of the plains, where she hopes her sire still roams. As a result, this mare's world is about to change even more.


Name:Truename: Gwendolyn, Name/Nickname: Gwen
Species: Unicorn
Most Likely Found:She moves often from the Vale to the Pan woods, depending what mood she's in and what herbs she's looking for.
Abilities:Her mother was a healer and so Gwen is very adept at recognizing and using herbs. Though she wouldn't call herself a healer yet, she can most definitely make things easier for almost any 'corn.
Family: Mother: Whist, Father: Doreno. Gwen has a half-sister, but the family never spoke of her much.
Other Relations:Gwen has quite a lot of friends, but she has trouble getting close to them. Her memory problems make getting to know others difficult and though she is very pleasant to be around, it's tiring to deal with her illness.
Description:Gwen is an orange mare with four white - and high - stockings, a white 'bald face', a white tipped tail-tassel and various birdcatcher spots. Her mother often said that Gwen carried snow around with her wherever she walked. Her horn and hooves are also white, while her mane and most of her tail-tassel are orange.
Personality:Gwen is nothing if not kind. A friendly, helpful and caring sort of mare, she doesn't make enemies often. That is, unless someone perceives her problems with her memory as an attempt to mock or pester them, which has happened before. She can be a bit evasive, however, especially about her memory problems, and usually prefers to act like nothing's wrong.
Background:Raised in the Vale, she's only been out to the Plains a few times. She much prefers the damp Pan Woods or the fresh greens of the Vale. Though she'll sometimes wander onto the plains in search of certain herbs, she doesn't do so often and is not used to spending such a long time outside. Lately that has changed slightly, as the passing of both her dam and sire due to old age has tempted her to see more of the world.

The most defining moment in Gwen's life happened recently. As she attempted to break up a fight between two young stallions, she was hit in the head by a hoof and remained unconscious for several hours. When she woke it was discovered that she had short-term memory problems. It would take ages for her to remember something and while she had perfect recollection of her younger years, a stranger's name would escape her in minutes. It can take seconds, sometimes hours or maybe a day, but these days Gwen forgets a lot of things easily. Only endless repetition can make something stay with her, which means she experiences a lot of things anew every day.